Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 9

It’s late a night as Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) wraps up her work at the dental clinic. As she walks home, a street light is out. She notices her phone doesn’t have enough charge for the flashlight app. Hye Jin senses she’s being followed. She starts to run. She finds Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) on patrol. She rushes into his arms and buries her face against his chest. Du Sik puts his arm around her. The man that was behind Hye Jin turns out to be a villager. He returns Hye Jin’s dropped cell phone. Du Sik escorts Hye Jin home. Neither have an easy time going to sleep that night.

The next day Du Sik helps a man figure out the new pumps at the gas station. He doesn’t know it but the man is Hye Jin’s father who wasn’t impressed with Du Sik’s casual manner of speaking to an elder.

Ms. Jo assures Hye Jin she won’t spread the gossip that Hye Jin shared an embrace with Du Sik last night.

Hye Jin is surprised when her father and stepmother arrive in the village. Everyone is surprised when Du Sik exits Hye Jin’s bathroom after fixing the showerhead per Hye Jin’s best friend Mi Seon’s request. Hye Jin’s father isn’t happy to see Du Sik in his daughter’s apartment. Things get tense. Du Sik diffuses the situation by claiming he’s Hye Jin’s boyfriend. She’s shocked by the announcement. Du Sik and Hye Jin have a discussion and agree to the pretense for 1 day. Du Sik texts the village about the rouse and asks everyone to play along.

Director Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) and his crew continue filming their new show featuring boy band DOS members one of whom is June. Mrs. Kim and her friends visit the her home (the show’s set) during a break and bring yummy food.

Hye Jin, Du Sik, her father and stepmother stroll the village. Various villagers pretend the couple is the norm. It falls a bit flat.

Sung Hyun isn’t excited to learn Hye Jin and Du Sik are pretending to be a couple. He meets Hye Jin’s father and stepmother. Their interaction is positive.

Mi Seon invites herself to join Officer Choi’s deliver of meals for the elderly. She boldly asks him out on a date. Officer Choi tells her they don’t know each other well enough to date. Mortified Mi Seon asks him to stop the car and starts walking back to the village.

The foursome ends up at Ms. Yeo’s eatery for lunch. Du Sik and her father decide to play a game of Go. Hye Jin’s father doesn’t like it when he loses. Conversation doesn’t flow easily between Hye Jin and her stepmother while they wait for the men to finish the game. The actual lunch goes well until Du Sik reveals he has no remaining family alive. Hye Jin’s father declares he won’t have that for his daughter. Hye Jin points out her father is her only remaining relative, so what’s the big difference. Du Sik doesn’t push back and seems to accept the negative stance.

Mr. Chang get a fruit basket for Yu Cho Hu, his first love. She tells him they need to talk. At Mr. Oh’s coffee cafe, Ms. Yu tells Mr. Change there will be no romance between them. He’s not happy. Ms. Jo and Mr. Oh eavesdrop.

After lunch Du Sik finds Hye Jin’s father who apologizes for his harsh words. Du Sik notes that Hye Jin admits her mistakes quickly too. Hye Jin’s father shares that after his wife / Hye Jin’s mother died, he turned to alcohol to get through it leaving a young Hye Jin to fend for herself. He knows she was lonely and he wasn’t able to get past his grief to be a good parent. He wants her to marry into a big family so she’ll never be lonely again. Du Sik says Hye Jin was loved as a child, that’s how she’s able to give others her love.

Hye Jin apologizes for the harsh words during the meal. Her stepmother accepts her apology. She knows Hye Jin’s father only wants the best for her. She shares Hye Jin’s father stopped at several flower shops searching for the right flowers to bring her. She shares Hye Jin’s father’s phone’s background is a picture of a young Hye Jin. She shares Hye Jin’s father monitors the village’s weather. She shares that Hye Jin’s father boasts about her accomplishments. She declares her father loves her dearly.

Hye Jin’s father asks if Du Sik likes Hye Jin. Du Sik confirms he likes Hye Jin but only as a friend. He admits the day has been a ruse. Du Sik claims he wants Hye Jin to find the right man. Her father suggests Du Sik might be that man.

The foursome reunite and decide to have tea together.

June and his fellow bandmember are being filmed but Sung Hyun can’t get Hye Jin out of his mind. He doesn’t want to lose his chance with Hye Jin.

Flashback…college days…just as Sung Hyun is about to ask Hye Jin on a date, her boyfriend, who Sung Hyun knows arrives. Sung Hyun is taken aback that Hye Jin has a boyfriend. His opportunity to date her evaporates.

Hye Jin’s father and stepmother get in the car to return to Seoul. Du Sik and Hye Jin bid them farewell. Hye Jin’s father tells Du Sik his Du Sik’s casual manner of speaking to an elder really rankled.

Hye Jin follows Du Sik to his boat on top of the hill. Du Sik admits it was his grandfather’s boat and he decided to take it out of the water to overlook the sea and the village, so the boat had a new perspective. Hye Jin notices Du Sik isn’t his normal chipper self. She walks home knowing something is off.

When Hye Jin arrives home, she finds Mi Seon crying over her rejection by Officer Choi.

Du Sik sits on the boat and stares out to the sea.

The next day, during a procedure Mi Seon receives a call from her mother. She’s upset to learn her mother has fractured her hand during a fall. Hye Jin contacts a friend who agrees to treat Mi Seon’s mother that day. Hye Jin urges Mi Seon to return to Seoul to be with her mother. She offers to accompany her. Mi Seon reminds Hye Jin they have a patient coming in that can’t have the dental work delayed. Hye Jin puts Mi Seon in a taxi and tells her to take it back to Seoul. Not wanting Hye Jin to bear the expense, Mi Seon tells her she’ll take the taxi to the bus station and the bus to Seoul.

Officer Choi sees Hye Jin put Mi Seon in the taxi. He asks what is going on.

The taxi drops Mi Seon off at the bus station. Officer Choi arrives and offers to drive Mi Seon to Seoul. She accepts his offer.

Before Sung Hyun returns to Seoul for the remainder of the week he talks to Du Sik. He asks if Hye Jin’s father’s visit went well. Du Sik assures him Hye Jin’s father left the village knowing Hye Jin is building a good life. Sung Hyun asks if Du Sik is done pretending to be Hye Jin’s boyfriend. Du Sik shrugs it may not be over. Sung Hyun isn’t happy as Du Sik strolls away.

That evening, Ms. Yeo and Ms. Jo come upon unhappy Mr. Chang. He snaps Ms. Yu rejected him and blames Ms. Yeo. They argue about why they got divorced. Mr. Change declares he did what Ms. Yeo wanted though he doesn’t understand the real reason for their divorce. Ms. Yeo states he’ll never find out the real reason for their divorce.

As they walk away, Ms. Jo suggests Ms. Yeo would feel better if she confided in someone instead of keeping her feelings stuffed.

Du Sik stares out to the sea.

Sung Hyun calls Hye Jin as he drive to Seoul. He tells her he wants to see her when he returns to the village. Hye Jin agrees. Sung Hyun says he has something to tell her.

Hye Jin sees the street light is fixed.

Flashback…Du Sik pesters Mr. Chang into getting the street light fixed.

Hye Jin smiles at the light. She tells Sung Hyun to call her when he returns to the village.

Hyun Sung feels uneasy. He decides to turn around and drive back to the village.

Hye continues to smile at the light.

Du Sik remembers telling Hye Jin’s father that his daughter deserves to find someone wonderful to love and be loved by.


The doctor tells Du Sik they can lower the dosage on the medicine. He tells Du Sik they need to get to the root of Du Sik’s fears. Flashback…At his Grandfather’s memorial, a young Du Sik overhears guests say that Du Sik is cursed by having his family die. He must bring death to those he loves. Presend day…The doctor asks if everyone Du Sik has loved has left him. Du Sik confirms this. He declares he’s to blame. Tears fill his eyes. He says it’s because of him those he loves are dead.

My Thoughts

Du Sik pretended to be Hye Jin’s boyfriend and ended up grappling with his fear that he’ll lose her too.  Writer Shin Ha Eun took a break from light, flirty, fun and dealt with Hye Jin’s relationship with her emotionally distant father and stepmother. Thank goodness Du Sik was there. He facilitated real conversations between the trio. Unfortunately Hye Jin’s father was openly antagonist about Du Sik’s solitary state. Du Sik didn’t argue the point. We ended the episode with Hye Jin continuing to lean towards Du Sik but now he begins to pulls away. This will leave a gap for Sung Hyun to make a move. I like Sung Hyun. He’d be a positive force in Hye Jin’s life. But Hye Jin’s heart is pulled to Du Sik. Every episode until now, Du Sik has been flirty with Hye Jin and his appreciation of her was subtle but obvious. Now with his fear that his love kills, he may step away from the women he wants. Drat!

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and her father are both prickly hedgehogs. Hye Jin’s father keeps a distance between himself and Hye Jin though he loves her dearly. Hye Jin’s stepmother shared the ways her father showed his daughter mattered. Du Sik was right, Hye Jin does admits wrong just like her father. I liked that her father saw the possibility that Du Sik could be the man for his daughter.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) fears losing those he loves. Du Sik’s visits to Seoul include a psychiatrist helping him get over the trauma of abandonment, loneliness, and fear that he is to blame for those he loves dying. That’s a bitter belief to keep close and hidden. Will Du Sik back off and let Sung Hyun have an opportunity with Hye Jin?

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 relief at running into Du Sik🧰🎣 was palpable. Hye Jin 🦔🦷 was a little chagrined when the nice man told her that she dropped the phone. Was he the one following her or was there an actual stalker❓⁉️ After that scare I was surprised Hye Jin 🦔🦷 didn’t close her drapes.

    Nam Sook 🥡promised Hye Jin 🦔🦷 not to tell anyone about her love triangle, but said it loud enough her parents to hear.

    I felt bad for Mi Seon🪥, being rejected by Eun Cheol👮‍♂️ and then being stuck in the backseat of the squad car 🚔 until Eun Cheol let her out. Where was Eun Cheol’s👮‍♂️ courtesy with his old fashioned values❓⁉️ I think Eun Cheol 👮‍♂️ could have been a little nicer … and then he👮‍♂️ drove Mi Seon🪥 to Seoul.

    Hye Jin’s dad, Yoon Tae Hwa⚫⚪ was really rankled about Du Sik using casual speech instead of polite. Do you think older people get irritated because they spent so much of their lives using the polite speech with their elders and they feel now it’s time for older generations to receive respect from the younger generations❓⁉️ While I’m on a rant … what is up with the SK prejudice against those who have lost their parents aka orphans❓⁉️

    While Du Sik🧰🎣 started on the wrong foot with Tae Hwa⚫⚪, Du Sik🧰🎣 seemed to eventually rise in daddy’s esteem, despite the casual speech. I also thought the moment when step-mom, Myung Shin 🍬 felt Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 concern about her was heart warming.

    I had to laugh when Du Sik🧰🎣 told Sung Hyun📷 that the “boyfriend” job for Hye Jin🦔🦷 may be ongoing … especially when he🧰🎣 already confessed to Yoon Tae Hwa⚫⚪ that he and Hye Jin 🦔🦷 were only friends. Du Sik wants to BE Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 boyfriend. Anyhoo, it was heart warming when Tae Hwa⚫⚪ gave endorsement to Du Shik that he the could be the man for Hye Jin🦔🦷. Now we are on for the race of who will confess first … more importantly, who will Hye Jin🦔🦷 accept❓⁉️ While I like both men, I believe I’m Captain of Team Du Sik 🧰🎣.

    We learned that Du Sik🧰🎣 thinks his loved ones dying is his fault … that must be what is holding him back from going for it with Hye Jin🦔🦷. Who died when Du Sik 🧰🎣 was an adult … his girlfriend … wife❓⁉️ Inquiring minds want to know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Where was Eun Cheol’s👮‍♂️ courtesy with his old fashioned values❓⁉️ I think Eun Cheol 👮‍♂️ could have been a little nicer … and then he👮‍♂️ drove Mi Seon🪥 to Seoul.
      Agree. The dismissal then the reversal was a bit jarring.

      While I’m on a rant … what is up with the SK prejudice against those who have lost their parents aka orphans❓⁉️
      Good question.

      While I like both men, I believe I’m Captain of Team Du Sik 🧰🎣.
      Consider me your co-captain.

      We learned that Du Sik🧰🎣 thinks his loved ones dying is his fault … that must be what is holding him back from going for it with Hye Jin🦔🦷. Who died when Du Sik 🧰🎣 was an adult … his girlfriend … wife❓⁉️ Inquiring minds want to know.
      The missing 5 years continues to intrigue.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ulamax says:

    I chuckled at one product placement shtick at the beginning. When the officer from the village office returned the phone, the duo had a conversation like “the phone is still working, unharmed”, “well, our country produces mighty good smartphones”. An international level product placement.


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