Yumi’s Cells Episode 3

On a blind date Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) can’t get much interaction from dumbstruck Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun). His inner life cells have all deserted him except for the humor cell that tells bad joke after bad joke.  Yu Mi’s inner cells decide that fake laughter is the best response. They sit down to coffee and things don’t improve. Yu Mi is about ready to declare the date done when her hunger cells make her stomach growl. Gu Woong suggests a local eatery with that Yu Mi isn’t familiar with. More desparate for food than departure, Yu Mi agrees. She’s pleasantly surprised when the food is yummy. She eats with gusto which Gu Woong likes. They talk and eat starting to relax in each other’s company. After the meal, Gu Woong suggests they head to the frog festival. Doubtful Yu Mi agrees. When the entrance fee will be lowered if they are a couple and winning to upload a picture to social media, Yu Mi talks Gu Woong into declaring their couple status. Yu Mi uploads the photo. Her co-worker, Ruby, 6 years her junior, sees the photo and calls Gu Woong, whom she met previously via a shared co-worker in sales, Chae Ugi, 5 years Yu Mi’s junior. Gu Woong confirms he’s on a date with Yu Mi but doesn’t understand why Ruby has called. After the call Gu Woong tells Yu Mi Ruby’s little girl voice is strange. That puts a smile on Yu Mi’s face. The frog festival goes well the couple’s inner cells are happy until Yu Mi’s inner cell Hysterics doubts the validity. He pulls the plug on Yu Mi’s good mood. She tells Gu Woong she wants to leave. She all but ignores him at the bus stop and gets on the bus without a backward glance. Gu Woong is mystified. He texts Yu Mi that he had a terrific evening. She reads it but doesn’t respond.

Gu Woong tells his co-worker Sae Yi, who runs hot and cold with him about Yu Mi’s lack of response to his text. She tells him that isn’t a good sign. Gu Woong’s other co-worker, Louis, suggests Yu Mi didn’t like his beard. Gu Woong is taken aback. He decides to shave the beard. Of course half way through the process, Yu Mi (triggered by sugar to waylay the stranglehold of Hysterics) returns the text stating she had a good time too. Gu Woong suggests meal and shares he shaved his beard.

Yu Mi’s phone is broken at work and she can’t respond. The repair store tells her it will be a day before she gets her cell phone back. Back at work Yu Mi’s inner cells argue that Yu Mi can’t give up on Gu Woong. Her co-worker, Yi Da, notes she won’t be able to respond to his date request.  Yu Mi claims that the guy is good but not great. Yi Da points out this guy may not hurt her. Yu Mi states she’d rather bail early than get hurt later. She muses the broken phone is fate’s way of telling her to stop.

Gu Woong talks things over with Louis and Sae Yi. Yu Mi’s lack of respond to the date request has Sae Yi declare it’s over with Yu Mi. She schools him to texting and emojis. Sae Yi translates what Yu Mi isn’t saying. Louis and Sae Yi decide they all need to drink together. Gu Woong hesitates admitting he’s stubborn sometimes.

Yu Mi’s inner cells turmoil affects her body and brain. She doesn’t feel great. She tells her co-worker, Yi Da, and her boss, Section Chief Nam, she’s going to a doctor then home. Ruby watches her exit too.

As she leaves the building, it begins to rain. Yu Mi sighs and uses her purse to cover her hair. She steps outside.  Ruby stops her and offers to call Gu Woong believing he’ll come and care for Yu Mi. Tired of Ruby interfering in her personal affairs, Yu Mi tells her to back off. Her inner cell Hysterics shoots off a rocket ready to destroy everything. Yu Mi declares she’s used to being alone.

Yu Mi is surprised to find Gu Woong holding an umbrella over her head. He reads her face and sees all is not well. He asks why she’s in the rain. He tells her she’ll catch a cold.

My Thoughts

The emotionality maturity isn’t high. The trio of writers for Yu Mi’s Cells –  Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo and Kim Kyung Ran – who base this kdrama series on the webcomic by Lee Dong Gun, created a foundation for Yu Mi and Gu Woong with a positive first date. But Yu Mi’s inner life cells worried about past hurts ramping up fear and uncertainty. Gu Woong’s emotional maturity seems a bit higher as he fretted about Yu Mi’s lack of response only to bounce back after shaving his beard and pursuing a second date. I like him.

Kim Yu Mi (Kim Go Eun) undermined herself when her inner cell Hysteria took over. Yu Mi is cautious due to the cold dumping she received from her boyfriend 3 years prior. She saddled her budding relationship with Gu Woong with that emotional baggage. I was a bit surprised to see a single cell Hysteria get complete control. Granted when hunger is demanding, that is the high priority for Yu Mi. But that’s a physical need, not an emotional trigger. Can Gu Woong gain Yu Mi’s trust and silence her inner life doubters? Ruby continues to irk, though her willingness to facilitate communication with Gu Woong was helpful, even though it was self serving.

Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) likes Yu Mi. He was willing to shave his beard when co-worker Louis suggested Yu Mi wasn’t responsive because she didn’t like the beard. Gu Woong has his own inner life challenges, but he appeared to be stronger than Yu Mi. So far we haven’t seen any past traumatic events that make him cautious and afraid to trust like Yu Mi.

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Yumi’s Cells Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I like Gu Woong too, but I wish he would have left the beard alone, I liked it.

    When Ruby was gossiping about Yumi and Gu Woong’s date, I totally understood the mines going off in Yumi’s village, I felt the same way.

    I think Gu Woong showing up at Yumi’s office was good and will allow Yumi to see another good side of Gu Woong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When Ruby was gossiping about Yumi and Gu Woong’s date, I totally understood the mines going off in Yumi’s village, I felt the same way.
      Yep, don’t like Ruby.

      I think Gu Woong showing up at Yumi’s office was good and will allow Yumi to see another good side of Gu Woong.
      He seems to be caring. That is exactly what Yu Mi needs.

      Liked by 2 people

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