Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 7

After watching fireworks and Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) chat. He tips backwards and loses his balance. Hye Jin and Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) both grab him to steady him. Hye Jin and Sung Hyun lock eyes that widen in recognition. Du Sik reminds them to pull him back to balance. They do so. Turns out Hye Jin and Sung Hyun knew each other in college. Du Sik watches their smiles while they chatter.

Sung Hyun explains he’s a producer and has scouted the village for a new TV show. He notes his assistant director has spent time with Du Sik. Speak of the devil, the assistant director joins them. Hye Jin recognizes her as the unknown woman she saw Du Sik with.

Hye Jin, Sun Hyun and Du Sik end up at his place to drink after the village introduction meeting irks Hye Jin and she leaves with Sun Hyun and Du Sik following in quick succession. Sun Hyun watches Hye Jin and Du Sik banter. Du Sik watches Hye Jin and Du Sik banter while they drink. Sun Hyun and Du Sik engage in games as Sun Hyun tries to convince Du Sik to be his production team’s guide. After Hye Jin brings Du Sik in from the outside, he passes out on the floor near Sun Hyun who is already passed out. Hye Jin falls asleep too. The next morning she quietly leaves. Once again, Ms. Jo spies her leaving Du Sik’s house. But when Sun Hyun and Du Sik also exit, she’s taken aback. The men decide to share a breakfast of ramen.

Du Sik introduces Sun Hyun to Mrs. Kim who treats him to a meal. Sun Hyun loves the location of the home and tries to convince Mrs. Kim to allow his production team to use it for the show. She refuses. He doggedly keeps asking. He even brings the boy band DOS star June to have a home cooked meal. Eventually Mrs. Kim decides a home is meant to welcome family and friends, and though her family in Seoul and America don’t make time for her, she should make space in her life for others.

Du Sik helps the production team scout locations and acts as their guide to the seaside village. Du Sik and Sun Hyun strike up a bromance.

Du Sik helps Mrs. Kim wash her blankets outside. When Hye Jin returns a wallet Mrs. Kim left at the dental clinic, Du Sik cajoles her into helping. They have fun.

Sun Hyun leaves a basket of delectable goodies outside Hye Jin’s apartment door. She’s touched.

Du Sik warns Sun Hyun to treat Mrs. Kim well financially and otherwise during filming. Sun Hyun assures he will. He asks Du Sik if Hye Jin is dating anyone. Du Sik is forced to say no. That puts a smile on Sun Hyun’s face.

Other village happenings:

  • Mi Seon helps Officer Choi remove an illegal post on a pole, gives him a lottery ticket, and he returns the favor giving her a roasted chicken with his winnings. They seem to be inching closer.
  • Mr. Oh and his daughter, Joo Ri, are on better terms. Joo Ri dashes out when Hye Jin alerts her that June is at Mrs. Kim. Joo Ri is bashful and adoring when she meets her idol again.
  • Mr. Chang finds the bracelet he gave Ms. Yeo years ago. He tells her he wants to see Yu Cho Hu, his first love alone. Ms. Yeo won’t have that. Flashbacks reveal the trio was inseparable years ago until Ms. Yu had to leave to care for ailing family. In the present, when Mr. Chang hurts his back and is unable to keep his date with Ms. Yeo and Ms. Yu, they find and help him. Later Ms. Yu tell Ms. Yeo she wants the three of them to be the friendly trio they once were.


A tipsy Hye Jin finds Du Sik outside his home. She cajoles him into going inside. Du Sik puts his head on Hye Jin’s shoulder and asks her not to leave him, tears falling from his eyes. She promises she won’t leave, she’s there to stay. She comforts him.

My Thoughts

Both men vying for Hye Jin are nice guys.  Writer Shin Ha Eun’s seaside village was the backdrop for the start of the love triangle between Hye Jin, Du Sik, and Sun Hyun. Hye Jin knew Sun Hyun during college. Making things complicated was the easy bromance between Du Sik and Sun Hyun. Du Sik has kept his feelings for Hye Jin as a close hold. So when Sun Hyun asked if Hye Jin was seeing someone, Du Sik couldn’t declare he was laying a slow and methodical siege for Hye Jin’s heart, and was forced to admit she wasn’t dating. Sun Hyun’s smile made his interest in Hye Jin obvious to Du Sik. Is Hye Jin emotionally available to date? She has a pull towards Du Sik, but his interest has been wisely subtle and nonthreatening to the skittish Hye Jin.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) had another moment with Du Sik under the influence. Hye Jin remembered Du Sik’s tears and plea not to leave followed by her assurance she wouldn’t. Hye Jin is guarded and doesn’t let people into her heart easily. The sleepy seaside village is chiseling at her reserve with Du Sik as the primary person that is drawing Hye Jin to open up.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) realized he had a rival in Sun Hyun. Du Sik and Sun Hyun hit is off and the bromance ensued. But Du Sik was dismayed when Sun Hyun showed his interest in Hye Jin knowing he couldn’t reveal his own interest. Du Sik has taken things slow with Hye Jin, wisely so. But will his efforts have primed Hye Jin to be ready for Sun Hyun’s interest?

Behind the scenes footage from episodes 3-4:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Jo Nam Sook 🥡 is the gossip queen, she’s in everybody’s business and takes great pleasure letting everyone else know about it. Note to self: Nam Sook 🥡 is not your confidant don’t let Nam Sook 🥡 hear or see anything you want to keep private.

    I had to laugh when Young Guk 👨‍💼knocked himself out prining for lunch date with his first love and ex-wife … did he know Cho Hui👩‍🏫🍎 invited Hwa Jeong 👩‍🍳❓⁉️ I seriously don’t see how he was able to put boxers on by himself with a back injury while lying on the floor, but lucky him. I feel bad for Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, seeing her ex-husband, Young Guk 👨‍💼, pining after Cho Hui👩‍🏫🍎, who wants the three of them to be friends, like the old times. Hmm … is that even possible when marriage, birth of a child and divorce have happened between Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳 and Young Guk 👨‍💼❓⁉️ After 15 years they are not the same people … I think Cho Hui👩‍🏫🍎 will be disappointed that history will not repeat itself.

    I 💗 Sung Hyun’s 📷 shift from dogged persistence to patient persistence in wooing Kim Gam Ri 🌸😁🐙 to use her house for shooting his show … I think he would have won me over too. I find Sung Hyun’s 📷 kindness and broad toothy smile to be very appealing. June seems to be genuinely nice; he remembered Ju Ri 👩🌟, even some details.

    When did Du Sik’s 🧰🎣 teary plea for Hye Jin🦔🦷 to not leave him happen❓⁉️ Hye Jin 🦔🦷 was wearing the clothes when she ended up stayed over after drinking with the friendly rivals for her attention. Was that what Hye Jin🦔🦷 recalled when her head bumped into Du Sik’s🧰🎣 chest when they were washing Ms Gam Ri’s 🌸😁🐙 blankets❓⁉️

    I think Du Sik 🧰🎣 has been wise to take things slowly with Hye Jin 🦔🦷 … she’s tried to ignore him as even a friend, even though we can see she’s more invested in Du Sik🧰🎣 than she wants to admit. I don’t envy Hye Jin 🦔🦷 having to choose between two great guys, although wouldn’t it nice to be pursued by two handsome and kind men … we will have to see where Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 heart leads her.

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    • I feel bad for Hwa Jeong👩‍🍳, seeing her ex-husband, Young Guk 👨‍💼, pining after Cho Hui👩‍🏫🍎, who wants the three of them to be friends, like the old times.
      Agree. She knows they can’t go back in time. She knows it would be painful to watch er ex and former best friend embark on a relationship.

      I don’t envy Hye Jin 🦔🦷 having to choose between two great guys, although wouldn’t it nice to be pursued by two handsome and kind men … we will have to see where Hye Jin’s🦔🦷 heart leads her.
      It’s nice to have 2 worthy men vie for the female lead and like both of them (though of course Sung Hyun has won my heart).

      Liked by 2 people

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