Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 3

Dentist Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) is nervous about an upcoming dental professional gathering. It is her first since leaving Seoul to set up her practice in a seaside village. She orders scads of outfits on-line and has best friend Mi Seon critique them after Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) deliver the many boxes of clothes. She makes her selection and readies herself for the event. She’s taken aback when she exits her apartment and finds Du Sik outside with the elderly village ladies all wanting to go to Seoul. Du Sik tells the ladies Hye Jin can fit all of them in her new car. Irked but not able to say no, the road trip begins. Multiple bathroom breaks later and the reveal that Mrs. Kim’s teeth are tender, everyone is dropped off in Seoul.

The dental professional gathering isn’t what Hye Jin hoped as she exits the gathering. She spies a mother giving her daughter a tender send off. Du Sik watches Hye Jin watch the exchange. He surprises her by showing up. He quips she must be sad not to be married. Irked, Hye Jin pulls him aside so her dental friends don’t see him and get any ideas. Of course, one of them does and snaps a photo and later posts it. Everyone calls the mystery man handsome, much to Hye Jin’s surprise.

As they drive back to the seaside village, Du Sik doesn’t answer why he came to Seoul during the drive home. He falls asleep after Hye Jin declines his offer to share the driving. As he sleeps, Hye Jin adjusts his seat so he can sleep more comfortably. Du Sik smiles to himself at her caring side she doesn’t show freely.

Mrs. Kim comes to Hye Jin’s dental clinic with Du Sik. Hye Jin examines her and explains dental implants are the best option in the situation. It isn’t cheap and Mrs. Kim balks and bolts. Du Sik goes to Mrs. Kim and offers to pay for the implants. She declines. Du Sik goes to Hye Jin and offers to pay for the implants, if Hye Jin keeps it a secret. He points out that Hye Jin could have been more gentle when she gave Mrs. King the diagnosis. He calls Mrs. Kim selfless. Hye Jin snaps that parents are supposed to take care of themselves first so they are around for their children for a long time. She flashes back to finding her mother getting sick during her battle with the illness that took her life when Hye Jin was a young girl.

Hye Jin goes to visit Mrs. Kim and they end of sharing a meal. Hye Jin offers to charge Mrs. Kim the materials cost of the implants and nothing for her time, if Mrs. Kim keeps it a secret. Mrs. Kim asks if Du Sik talked to her. She shares Du Sik called her son and discussed the implants. She flashes back to her phone call with her son where he advised her against the implants due to the cost.

Mrs. Kim comes to the dental clinic cash in hand, ready for the implants. Hye Jin performs the procedure.

Du Sik finds Mrs. Kim sore from the implants after she calls him for porridge. He’s pleased to learn she got the implants. Mrs. Kim shares that Hye Jin shared that parents need to take care of themselves. She muses Hye Jin is more soft hearted than she appears.

Du Sik goes fishing and is startled by his catch.

The electricity goes out in Hye Jin’s apartment. She calls Du Sik. He checks the fuse box then calls the electric company. They share an ice cream. He admits he was wrong to volunteer her to taxi himself and the ladies to Seoul. Hye Jin admits she should have been more sensitive with Mrs. Kim. Du Sik wraps her hand with a towel when her ice cream drips. When he leaves, he tells Hye Jin to check the fuse box. She does and finds the missing but found shoe (recall she lost her shoes in the first episode while at the beach on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Du Sik found one of the shoes for Hye Jin). She dashes outside thrilled to have the precious shoe back. She calls her thanks to Du Sik. He smiles. She smiles. We smile.

Other village happenings:
* Mi Seon has a crutch on police officer Choi. He finds her ability to understand garbled speech during dentistry procedures uncanny.
* Ms. Yeo and her divorced husband Mr. Chang celebrate their son’s birthday day with him. Their son shares he’s comfortable with the divorce now.
* Du Sik teaches coffee shop owner Mr. Oh how to make coffee


Du Sik is shocked to pull Hye Jin’s missing shoe from the sea. He carefully restores the shoe per an on-line tutorial. He puts it in her closet when he looks at the fuse box when she calls him about her electricity being out.

My Thoughts

Caring for someone means caring for yourself.  Writer Shin Ha Eun’s sweet seaside village character of the episode was Mrs. Kim. The pain from her teeth wasn’t the only pain Mrs. Kim suffered. Her son did not have much time for her and advised her not to get the implants due to costs as he prioritized his money expenditures with his mother lower on the list. Mrs. Kim decided caring about her own health was something she should prioritize. Care givers can often forget to give themselves the self care they deserve. Du Sik and Hye Jin continue to be the best part of the series. I enjoy watching this couple inch towards each other.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) missed her mother and vocalized by stating parents should take care of themselves. Hye Jin isn’t wrong that parents need to care for themselves. Don’t airlines tells parents to put the oxygen mask on themselves first before helping others? The analogy that Hye Jin is a hedgehog was apt. She does have a soft side. She does respond to prodding from Du Sik. She did care about his comfort in the car. I like it.

Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) realized Hye Jin missed her mother. Du Sik initially didn’t realize that Hye Jin’s prickly pronouncement to Mrs. Kim stemmed from losing her mother at a young age. Du Sik initially didn’t realize that Hye Jin looking at the mother and daughter wasn’t jealousy but longing. I loved him finding then returning the missing shoe. The epilogues are wonderful in this series. What is Du Sik’s mystery? Why is he going to Seoul more frequently?

I rank this episode as almost very good, 7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yup, caring for yourself was the background theme for this episode. Isn’t it ironic how care givers are the most likely to overlook their own self care❓⁉️

    I 💗 the happy vibe of this series. I laughed at the frequent pit stops needed for the squid grannies for the road trip to Seoul.

    I concur that the epilogues have a sweet 🍭 way of revealing “the rest of the story”. The viewers saw how Duk Sik 🧰🎣 recognized Hye Jin’s 🦔🦷 longing for her mother.

    We saw Hye Jin 🦔🦷 gradually warm to Du Sik 🧰🎣 and how much she not only missed Du Sik 🧰🎣 when he didn’t show up as expected, but the lengths she went to in order to see him. I think Hye Jin 🦔🦷 has as much of a crush on Du Sik 🧰🎣 as Mi Seon 🪥 has on Officer Choi 👮‍♂️.

    “I loved him [Duk Sik 🧰🎣] finding then returning the missing shoe.”-KJT. For me it wasn’t just that Duk Sik 🧰🎣 found Hye Jin’s 🦔🦷missing shoe but he took the time to research how to restore the sea-water soaked shoe and the surprise presentation.

    I can’t wait to find out Du Sik’s🧰🎣 backstory, but the impetus for his frequent jaunts to Seoul … does he have health issues❓⁉️. Why was Du Sik 🧰🎣 living with his Grandpa from such a young age❓⁉️

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