The Devil Judge Episodes 6 – 7

Background. It’s a dystopian South Korea. Homeless and poor abound. The public has little faith in the justice system and with good reason, it is corrupt and slanted toward the rich and powerful. One man, Judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung), fronts a reality TV show that has a live court with the general public able to vote guilty/not guilty via an app on their phones. Judge Kang is rich and has powerful frenemies. His assistant judges are Judge Kim Ga On (Jin Young) and Judge Oh Jin Joo. The three of them hold forth from the the TV show’s circular courtroom with massive monitors behind them.

Forces of greed and power include the Social Responsibility Foundation headed by Chairman Seo and able executive director Jung Sun A (Kim Min Jung). Ostensibly the Foundation’s mission is to lift up the poor and homeless. Next is the Ministry of Justice Chief Cha who wants Judge Kang to take direction from her. President Heo is a former actor with a love for the theatrics and never feels he is a genuine power. He’s right. Chairman Min of the Minbo company and media mogel Chairman Park (and their wives) round of the powerful that use the Social Responsibility Foundation for other than the publicly stated purpose.

Judge Kim Ga On’s best friend is Detective Yoon Soo Hyun (Park Gyu Young) who professes her love but he doesn’t reciprocate, not wanting to destroy their friendship with romance, though he cares deeply for her. Judge Kim’s mentor is Supreme Court Justice Min who believes Judge Kang is more than meets the eye. Judge Kim investigates his boss with the promise to share his findings.

Jung Sun A summons Yo Han and takes him hostage. She holds him captive an a warehouse decorated just like his house. When she arrives, Yo Han realizes Sun A was once a maid in his home, when he lived in the basement where his father banished him often beating his illegitimate son. Sun A straddles Yo Han and kisses him passionately. It is a one-sided exchange. We learn their backstory.

Sun A was a young maid in the Kang household. She was enamored with a young Yo Han and professed her feelings. She also pilfered freely from the household. Yo Han warned her not to continue, especially the cross necklace that his older and legitimate brother cherished. Sun A pilfered the necklace after promising not to. Yo Han speaks with Sun A about her actions. She vows her feelings are true. He dares her to demonstrate her regard by falling from the window on the 2nd floor. She complies. The housekeeper is horrified to see the young girl fall with Yo Han watching.

Sun A taunts Yo Han that know she has the power. She promises to hurt those he cares about. Yo Han claims there isn’t anyone like that in his life. Sun A smiles knowing better. She injects Yo Han to knock him out. She pilfers the cross that Yo Han wears as a bracelet. Her aide returns Yo Han to his home. He wakes in his car.

Yo Han staggers inside only to find his niece, Elijah, and Ga On sleeping on the couch, having fallen asleep waiting for Yo Han to return. He covers his niece. She wakes and covers Ga On. He wakes and prepares a traditional breakfast for the family. Yo Han and his niece eat with gusto.

Ministry of Justice Chief Cha holds a press conference and announces that Judge Kan bribed a witness in a recent court case. The public doubts Judge Kan. Turns out he did bribe the witness. Judge Kim is disappointed at the illegal tactics Judge Kan used to manipulate the justice system. Judge Kan counters the justice system is always manipulated and his actions brought justice to the public by convicting the defendant. Things look grim.

Judge Kan tells the live court audience he did bribe the witness. The public is shocked. The witness appears and offers proof that Judge Kan gave him money after the trial when he was financially strapped after being fired for testifying against the defendant. Judge Kan asks the public to vote, should he stay or should he resign. The public overwhelmingly votes for Judge Kan to stay.

Ga On takes Elijah to meet with Detective Yoon. The young woman feels twinges of jealousy watching the rapport and relationship between the long time friends. Detective Yoon suggests that Elijah help them investigate Yo Han and provide evidence. Yo Han arrives livid that Elijah left without notification. He sweeps the embarrassed and enraged Elijah to his car and warns Ga On not to use his niece. Needless to say, Yo Han and Elijah have words.

Yo Ha goes on the attack and calls out the Social Responsibility Foundation and its powerful members – Chairman Seo, Ministry of Justice Chief Cha, President Heo, Chairman Min, and Chairman Park. Needless to say they are shocked and angered. Yo Han decides to divide them and their loyalty to each other. He meets with Chief Cha but that’s a bust. He meets with Chairman Park who promises the inside scoop on the foundation’s finances. He talks trash about Chairman Min. Next Yo Han meets with Chairman Min who promises the inside scoop on the foundation’s finances. He talks trash about Chairman Park. President Heo has the secret service bring Yo Han to the Blue house. Yo Han turns the tables on President Heo and live streams their meeting which appears amiable to the viewing public.

Sun A gives a talk to orphaned young adults. She spots the director hitting on of the girls prior to the meeting. Her talk is atypical. She explains that her mother drank and beat her after her father desserted the family. She was orphaned at 12 when her mother committed suicide. She advises the young girls not to be good or kind, but to latch on wealthy men, find their weaknesses, then make them lapdogs. After the candid exchange the director walks Sun A down the stairs praises the straightforward exchange. Sun A pushes the director down the stairs. The young girl sees and smiles. Sun A smiles back.

We learn more of Ga On’s backstory. His father was swindled and committed suicide in shame. His mother died of a broken heart shortly after. Soo Hyun was his loyal friend throughout the terrible time. Ga On decided take revenge against the swindler and wielded a knife with the intent to stab the swindler. Soo Hyun block his path and gripped the knife urging him to let the justice system deal with the criminal. Ga On relents. The swindler is sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Ga On tells Yo Han that the system and the law must rule his path. Yo Han scoffs. He takes Ga On to the prison to meet with the swindler. Ga On is stunned when the prisoner is NOT the swindler but another man swapped in his place 17 years ago. Yo Han tells Ga On the justice system is flawed and easily manipulated by the rich and powerful. Ga On yells his rage.

Yo Han tells the live court audience he’ll bring evidence against the Social Responsibility Foundation in a week.

Chairman Seo, President Heo, Chairman Min, and Chairman Park meet to discuss their situation. Chairman Seo suggests Sun A be offered as a scapegoat and admit she was solely responsible before being permanteley silenced. The men agree, Sun A will be sacrificed. Chairman Seo is thrilled having been Sun A’s puppet for many years.

Chairman Seo is taken aback to find Sun A behind his desk when he returns from the meeting. She asks why he abused her when she began working for him as a young adult. Chairman Seo begs her forgiveness. Sun A states she forgives him and will allow his legacy to positive never letting the public know the abusive leacher’s true nature. She stabs him, once, then twice. Chairman Seo falls to the ground and bleeds out.

Sun A is named the next Chairman of the Social Responsibility Foundation. President Heo, Chairman Min, and Chairman Park clap at the to event to celebrate. Sun A smiles knowing she can now weld her power openly.

My Thoughts

Yo Han and Sun A’s backstory took this series up a notch. Writer Moon Yoo Seok weaved their past perfectly. Previously we only knew that a maid had jumped from the 2nd story and the housekeeper accused Yo Han of causing it. Now we know that Sun A is a warped woman with an abusive past that makes revenge against those that wronged her and the powerful her focus. That makes Yo Han a target. That made Chairman Seo a target. I love that Sun A and Yo Han both want revenge but their paths differ. Sun A ends the up as the next Chairman after she kills Chairman Seo. Yo Han ripped Ga On’s illusion of justice to shreds. It was harsh but necessary. What will Ga On do? Side with Yo An no matter his tactics? I enjoyed the break from the live court “case of the week” and how it was used to expose then vindicate Yo Han, then accuse the Social Responsibility Foundation.

Judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) believes the end justifies the means. He is willing to manipulate and lie to gain justice by leveraging the justice system for his own goods. His open war on the Social Responsibility Foundation was a bold move, putting a huge target on his back. The backstory between Yo Han and Sun A was fascinating.

Judge Kim Ga On (Jin Young) is the mole in Yo Han’s household. Finally we got some of Ga On’s backstory. He wanted to extract revenge against the swindler that ripped off his father but Soo Hyun stopped him. He agreed to let the justice system work and believed the 17 year imprisonment of the swindler provided justice. Yo Han ripped the blinders of justice from Ga On’s eyes when he took him to meet with the swindler in prison. A stunned then enraged Ga On saw the swindler had swapped in another man to serve his sentence. That was a stellar moment.

Detective Yoon Soo Hyun (Park Gyu Young) believes Yo Han needs to be brought to justice. Her investigation of Yo Han continues to be based in bias. Asking Yo Han’s niece Elijah to provide evidence against her uncle was manipulative by both Soo Hyun and Ga On, who must be aware Elijah has a crush on him.

Executive Director Jung Sun A (Kim Min Jung) backstory fascinated. What a different 2 episodes made for this character. She used to be the power behind the throne and now has ascended to the throne. Her speech to the young women was riveting in its candor and advice. She killed the abusive Chairman Seo. Sun A is a formidable foe.

The third song of the OST is the rock tune “What you gonna do” by Zeenan. Rock genre songs are not normal but refreshing on an OST.

I rank episodes 6-7 as very good and terrific, an 8 and 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “The Devil Judge Episodes 6 – 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ and his niece, Elijah 🐈👩‍🦽, have an interesting relationship … they don’t seem to get along, but will defend each other.

    Soo Hyun🕵‍♀️ said he [Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️] went that far to prevent this, referring to having a witness perjer himself to get a desired verdict. I wondered if it wasn’t Minister Cha🐯 that went that far to stick it to Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ … and we heard Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ discuss a bank transfer with his minion. Who’s zooming who❓⁉️

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 when Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ admitted he gave the witness money, but then the witness came forward and clarified the gift. Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ won in the court of public opinion. I 💗 that Minister of Justice Cha Kyung Hee🐯 and the Foundation members were revealed as possibly defrauding the public with the Dream Village, as you know they ARE reaping profits. If you are going to knock down a hive, Minister Cha🐯, be prepared to be stung 🐝🐝🐝

    What an “awesome” mentor Sun A☀️🦊 was for the orphaned girls … “get rich” was her advice to become a good person, do whatever it takes to survive, lying or stealing, and blackmail anyone who tries to take advantage of you. After one of the girls witnessed the aftermath of Sun A☀️🦊 pushing the woman in charge down the stairs, it left little to the imagination of how her mother died falling down the stairs.

    Was Master Seo the mastermind of the Social Justice Foundation … or was there someone in the shadows❓⁉️ I wondered if it was Executive Directive Jung Sun A☀️🦊, until Master Seo decided to frame her … ohh, I couldn’t wait to see the Foundation members take on Sun A☀️🦊 … I think they will be in for more than they think … Yet, Master Seo bowed to her. While I wasn’t surprised Sun A☀️🦊 arranged Master Seo to take the fall, I was taken back that she personally stabbed the chairman. Sun A☀️🦊 is a force to be reckoned with.

    How is it the Do Young Chun, scammer who was to ultimately blamed for Ga On’s⚖👨‍⚖️ parents death, in prison is not the same person who committed the crimes he is serving time for❓⁉️ No wonder the actual perp was smirking on his way into court … the perp knew he wasn’t going to serve time. I think Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ found Ga On’s⚖👨‍⚖️ impetus to join him in clearing out corruption (AKA revenge). I’m also curious to see if Ga On⚖👨‍⚖️ will work with Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️, despite the senior judge’s “the ends justify the means” mentality. Being a “rule of law” gal, I empathize with Ga On’s⚖👨‍⚖️ quandary in determining whether he or not he can live with “bending” the law as a member of Team Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ … then again … Ga On⚖👨‍⚖️ has already been bending the law investigating Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️.

    Did I miss something from the beginning … why is Soo Hyun🕵‍♀️ investigating Yo Han 🗡👨‍⚖️❓⁉️


    • After one of the girls witnessed the aftermath of Sun A☀️🦊 pushing the woman in charge down the stairs, it left little to the imagination of how her mother died falling down the stairs.

      While I wasn’t surprised Sun A☀️🦊 arranged Master Seo to take the fall, I was taken back that she personally stabbed the chairman. Sun A☀️🦊 is a force to be reckoned with.
      She has an edge, smidge of crazy, whatever you want to call it.

      Being a “rule of law” gal, I empathize with Ga On’s⚖👨‍⚖️ quandary in determining whether he or not he can live with “bending” the law as a member of Team Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️ … then again … Ga On⚖👨‍⚖️ has already been bending the law investigating Yo Han🗡👨‍⚖️.
      Good point. There are shades of gray all over this series.

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