Doom at Your Service Episode 14

After remembering each other, Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) and Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) discuss things. Doom admits everything lead back to her. Dong Kyung wishes she could have borne the burden without troubling him. Doom says they must accept their destiny. Dong Kyung knows he’s planning to disappear and take the burden because they can’t escape their fate. Doom agrees. If only she hadn’t wished doom on the world. He points out they wouldn’t have met, which he couldn’t bear. He pushes the narrative that everything is his fault and won’t let her say otherwise. She cries. He hugs her.

Aunt Kang Soo Ja is relieved when Dong Kyung returns to the hospital. Doom is with her. Aunt Kang recognizes him as one of Dong Kyung’s doctors. He doesn’t say otherwise. He informs Dong Kyung and Aunt Kang they are marrying. Both women are surprised at the announcement.

Lee Hyun Kyu is bummed out at how things are. Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) hears that Ji Na kissed another man. Hyun Kyu admits he got dumped. Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) enters the coffee café and tells him to come home. He leaves. Sun Kyung realizes that Joo Ik is the other man.

Sun Kyung finds Na Ji Na and asks about the kiss. Ji Na assumes he’s referencing the 2nd kiss between her and Joo Ik not the first.  Sun Kyung realizes the announcement was a more recent kiss.

They are bickering when they enter Dong Kyung’s room where Doom and Aunt Kang are. The bickering stops when Aunt Kang announces Dong Kyung and Doom are getting married. Sun Kyung tells Doom to follow him. Ji Na tells Dong Kyung to follow her.

After preliminary talk, Sun Kyung offers Doom the savings account he’s been building to help cover wedding costs. He admits he wondered why Doom was attracted to his sister. He supposes it is because Dong Kyung is nice. He asks Doom to stay by his sister’s side. Doom promises to do so.

Ji Na wants Dong Kyung to marry if she wants to. Dong Kyung hugs her. She admits she can’t get away from her fate. She cries she doesn’t have enough time left. Ji Na tells her to pursue whatever she wants in the time she has left. Dong Kyung cries. Ji Na holds her.

Doom returns home and cries. A moth the appears dead, flutters.

Back at the apartment, Hyun Kyu announces he’s leaving the protective world that Joo Ik has curated for him and moving out.

Back in his room, Hyun Kyu knows leaving is the right choice.

The next day Dong Kyung tells Dr. Jung she’s getting married and learns he already knows. Dong Kyung says she doesn’t want the surgery. Dr. Jung suggests she postpone is until her wedding is done. He tells her not to dawdle on getting married. Dong Kyung admits they haven’t set a date yet.

Sun Kyung and Ji Na discuss Dong Kyung and their worries about her health. Ji Na believes they should let Dong Kyung do whatever she wants with the time she has left. Sun Kyung agrees. Hyun Kyu calls Ji Na and asks to meet. She agrees. Sun Kyung tells her to handle things without regret.

Dong Kyung returns to her hospital room. Doom is waiting for her on the next bed. He shows her the savings book Sun Kyung gave him. She hugs him.

Hyun Kyu and Ji Na meet at their old high school. She shares a friend of hers could die. She admits never imagining her friend wouldn’t be by her side. She says that her friend will be getting married. Ji Na wonders what she’s do with a last day on earth. Hyun Kyu remembers how honest and fresh she was 10 years ago. He declares she’s still honest. He remembers not being upset when he missed the college entrance exam and boasted they could still go to college in country. Hyun Kyu knew that wasn’t possible and he didn’t want to admit it.  So he fled the country and posted pictures about a great life he wasn’t having. He wanted to return. He missed her. But he didn’t want cry in front of her. When he returned to the country, he didn’t contact her so she never knew how pathetic he was. Hyun Kyu admits he wasn’t grown up. Ji Na wishes he would have shared his feelings. Hyun Kyu tells her they have one more date but he only wants her to call him when she wants to meet. He offers his hand and a smile. She takes his hand.

He needed to share that.

He walks away. She watches and remembers the first time they locked eyes. Ji Na says goodbye.

She needed to say that.

Joo Ik waits for Hyun Kyu outside the café. Hyun Kyu cries his pain over the breakup. Joo Ik comforts his friend. Hyun Kyu declares he didn’t give up and will wait for Joo Ik to make a mistake so he can take Ji Na back. Joo Ik promises to be alert.

Honesty can be powerful.

The next morning Ji Na hikes and processes everything. The past is lifted.

Dong Kyung waits to be discharged from the hospital. Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god) approaches. Dong Kyung asks if she can avoid her fate. The answer is to accept it. Dong Kyung doesn’t want to. Sonyeoshin asks if she’s willing to bring doom upon the world. Dong Kyung claims she is. Sonyeoshin doesn’t believe her. Dong Kyung declares she can do it for him. Sonyeoshin hugs her. She understands disappearing and accepting fate. Dong Kyung’s only choice is to accept fate. She’s sorry, but this is what Doom wants the happy ending to be. Dong Kyung points out that if no one is happy, it’s not a happy ending. Sonyeoshin says this is part of her journey. Dong Kyung must live. Sonyeoshin tells her to live. Doom wants her to live and be happy. Dong Kyung cries.

Doom buys the remaining flowers from an old woman. She stands to leave everything behind and tells him while she lived, life was heavy. He tells her she lived a good life. She leaves.

Doom brings her the roses and tells her they should marry. Dong Kyung smiles and accepts the flowers. He kisses her and smiles. He shares the flowers were from a woman leaving this life. Dong Kyung wants them to be together for the time they have left and beyond. Doom agrees. They hug.

The next day they go the park. Doom sees a tree ready to bloom. He muses this will be the last time. Dong Kyung says they’ll visit the tree together again.

They shop together, cook together, watch TV together.

They visit the doctor together. They drive home together.

They read together. Doom watches her sleep.

The next morning, Dong Kyung finds Doom thinking. She thinks she’ll always think of him in the spring and each morning. She believes life without him won’t be worse than brining doom to the world.

One day until it ends…

Dong Kyung writes notes and gives those she loves – Ji Na, Sun Kyung, and Aunt Kang – the gifts she purchased.

Dong Kyung visits her parents at the columbarium. She admits she’s scared. Doom waits for her outside. He takes her hand takes her to a library. He notes if words aren’t used, they can disappear. He shares her name won’t disappear. She smiles.

That night, Dong Kyung holds his hand while she sleeps. She tells him to stay next to her while she sleeps. Doom watches her sleep. He gets out of the bed.

Sonyeoshin sits on the edge of a bridge. Doom joins her. She knows this is the last day. Doom says he came to say goodbye. Sonyeoshin also came to say goodbye.  Doom knows Sonyeoshin knows all. Sonyeoshin points out that nothing is definitive. She suggests Doom wait for Dong Kyung’s decision which could be to bring doom to the world which would allow him to live. Doom refuses. His disappearance will save Dong Kyung. Sonyeoshin wonders why he made a pointless promise. Doom promises to keep Dong Kyung alive for as long as possible. Sonyeoshin informs him she’s going to live a bit longer too. Her body will one day fail, but that isn’t today or tomorrow. She likes living in this world. She’s going to live and see fully blooming flowers.

Dong Kyung isn’t happy when he returns. She woke and he was gone. She thought he was gone forever. She cries. He hugs her and apologizes for scaring her. She cries she doesn’t have much time. Doom tells her they have one more day. Dong Kyung says she can’t do it. She asks him to wish that she can’t love anymore. Doom can’t do it. Dong Kyung cries when he lives life would be worthless. He can’t live in a world without her. Humans can love again. He can’t. She can. Dong Kyung cries she can’t go on without him. Doom hugs her. He cries as she sobs her pain.

They look out over the city. Dong Kyung wishes Doom to take her to the doomed world. Doom can’t do that. Dong Kyung asks him to allow her to be with him one day in that world. Doom covers her eyes.

She’s in the doomed world with him. It is gray and quiet as she looks around the empty city. There is no one there. Doom says it will be a lonely in this world where he is nothing and has no one. He explains in this world he is exists forever. He says his life without her is meaningless. Dong Kyung agrees this will be a lonely life.

At her request, they visit a church. Dong Kyung says she wants to pray. Doom says there is no god. Dong Kyung points out she’s here so she can talk to god. She prays. Doom watches her.  He prays too.

They watch the sunset. She asks what he prayed for. Doom says it is a secret. He asks what she prayed for. Dong Kyung says she wished not to love anyone, one last time. She tells Doom she loves him. She says he’s the one she loves the most. She apologizes for loving him. He thanks her. He touches her face. He kisses her. She kisses him.

They are back in the real world. Doom tells her it is almost midnight. He tells her everything will be okay. She cries and takes his offered hand. She wants to be with him until the end. She tells him she loves him. She’s scared. He says their contract is void. He’ll take all the pain and suffering. She tells him not to. He says he was created for her. He tells her to live happy. This is what he was born to do. Doom admits he prayed for her happiness. Dong Kyung cries he has to be with her to be happy. He tells her to go on without him. He starts to fade away. Dong Kyung watches as he disappears. She sobs her pain. It begins to rain.

My Thoughts

A beautiful goodbye. Writer Im Meari gave our couple a lovely goodbye. They enjoyed their time together. They desperately wanted to stay together but it wasn’t possible. I liked Dong Kyung’s wish to see the doomed world that Doom would spend eternity in. It was so quiet without humans. His explanation that he would live a suspended meaningless existence was grim. But this was his choice…to sacrifice for the woman he loved. While he couldn’t say he loved her, he does have feelings. The love triangle took the next step. Ji Na and Hyun Kyu reminisced and both knew it was goodbye. Hyun Kyu sobbed his pain. Joo Ik comforted his friend. Hyun Kyu warned if Joo Ik made mistake, he’d swoop in and claim Ji Na has his once again. Hyun Kyu grew up before our eyes and admitted his mistakes. Even as he explained his actions to Ji Na, embarrassment was a flimsy excuse, but he was young. He paid dearly. If only he’d had courage sooner, maybe things would be different. But he didn’t, and things won’t go his way. Joo Ik is going to get his chance with Ji Na. He’s waited. Is she ready to move on?

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) wished she wouldn’t love anymore. That wish was denied.  Lovely final memories for our couple. Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk have a sweet chemistry. They make you believe these characters “get” each other but dratted destiny won’t allow them to stay together.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) willingly sacrificed for Dong Kyung. He committed himself to exile in the silent and lifeless doomed world. He told Dong Kyung she could and would love again. That’s the last thing she wanted to hear. Seo In Guk continues to be completely watchable.

The seventh song of the OST is “Distant Fate” sung by our lead actor, Seo In Guk.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Seo In Guk’s song is beautiful 😍. I love it when an actor, who is a good singer, contribes to the OST. Seo In Guk definitely qualifies.

    Who knows if Ji Na is ready to move on; I would like to see her happy. If Ji Na is ready, Joo Ik seems like a decent man to go forward with.

    It was amazing that Myul Mang/Doom paid the price of the contract for Dong Kyung. Their time together was sweet, but their parting was palpably sad … I cried 😢. This episode ending actually gave me more hope for them to have a happy ending. Doom with his sacrifice has a better chance of returning than human being Dong Kyung. Of course that is me presuming Dong Kyung gets to live with this scenario.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This episode ending actually gave me more hope for them to have a happy ending. Doom with his sacrifice has a better chance of returning than human being Dong Kyung. Of course that is me presuming Dong Kyung gets to live with this scenario.
      It was a good episode indeed. Sacrificing for another and the one you love, never fails to pluck at the heart.

      Seo In Guk’s song is beautiful 😍. I love it when an actor, who is a good singer, contributes to the OST. Seo In Guk definitely qualifies.
      He’s done for multiple kdramas. I typically enjoy the songs he’s contributed to OSTs.

      Liked by 2 people

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