Doom at Your Service Episode 13

On the hospital elevator Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) looks in her contact list. She sees Doom’s contact. She calls the number. The elevator opens. Doom is standing there. Dong Kyung turns. They lock eyes. Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) says her name. She asks how he knows her. Doom asks who she is. Dong Kyung avoids being spotted by her aunt. He tells her this conversation should continue downstairs.

Lee Hyun Kyu asks Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) the hard questions. Did he kiss Ji Na? Yes. Why? Because it ended her vigil outside their apartment building, where Hyun Kyu didn’t want to leave if she would spot him. Turns out Hyun Kyu had a hard time of it when he went to study abroad and returned a few months later. He hid that fact. Joo Ik declares this is the truth and he won’t run away from it. He admits he likes and respects Hyun Kyu and he can’t keep hiding his truth from Hyun Kyu. Frustrated, Hyun Kyu declares Joo Ik makes him feel worthless. He declares he regrets his choices from 10 years ago. He leaves to sleep at the café.

Great scene – love the honesty!

Doom opens the car door for Dong Kyung and takes her to a coffee shop. He describes Sonyeoshin and asks if Dong Kyung has seen her. Dong Kyung remembers opening a juice bottle for her. Doom is sure there is more. Dong Kyung remembers being directed to the rooftop. She doesn’t have the answers he’s seeking. Dong Kyung asks if he cried. Doom refuses to answer and asks about who she was calling. Dong Kyung admits it is a contact in her phone but doesn’t know who it is. Doom tells her to call. She does. No one answers. Doom declares it isn’t him. He leaves her to walk back to the hospital.

As Dong Kyung walks to the hospital, she wonders who the contact is. She trips and falls into Doom’s arms. He tells her to be more careful then strides away.

When Doom returns to his home, he sees his phone on the coffee table. It has 2 missed calls from Dong Kyung. The phone has pictures of two of them.

Hyun Kyu struggles to sleep in the café.

Joo Ik struggles to concentrate on his business plan for his father. We see the line “my confessions of love are too early of late”.

Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) finds Hyun Kyu asleep on the cot when he comes to work. Hyun Kyu admits he and Joo Ik are fighting.

Joo Ik gives his business plan to his father. His father guesses his son and Hyun Kyu are fighting. His father encourages Joo Ik to fight. He likes Hyun Kyu’s competitive spirit. He tells his son he gives up too easy. Joo Ik shares he’s going to take something from Hyun Kyu. His father believes he’ll succeed. However, he wants their relationship to survive.

Doom visits Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god) and demands answers about the phone he found in his apartment. She says nothing. Doom declares he’ll figure it out without her.

Love the pulse of anger on his face.

Kang Soo Ja (Dong Kyung’s aunt) find her watching a series on her laptop. When the doctor comes in to check on her, only Dong Kyung sees it is Doom. She’s rude. Aunt Kang chides her. Doom smiles.


Dong Kyung can’t believe it when Doom is a lab technician twice more. He scans her phone. There aren’t any pictures of them as a couple.

Dong Kyung’s former coworkers, including Joo Ik, visit Dong Kyung in the hospital to wish her well on the upcoming surgery. Writer Na Ji Na arrives, spots Joo Ik, he spots her, and she leaves. He follows. She declares she’s going to drink with Hyun Kyu. Joo Ik is fine with that. Joo Ik says his feelings for her won’t change. Ji Na asks when he started liking her. Joo Ik admits from the beginning. Ji Na is surprised. Joo Ik says he won’t stop. Joo Ik admits he puzzled why he kissed her 10 years ago without really knowing her. Ji Na asks if Hyun Kyu knows. Joo Ik asks if the question is if Hyun Kyu knows about the kiss or the fact that he likes her. Joo Ik states Hyun Kyu knows all. Joo Ik will not change his mind. He asks if he has a chance. Ji Na doesn’t know. Joo Ik believes he does.

Dong Kyung finds Ji Na and declares she’s finally on the right track with Joo Ik. He may be a difficult guy to get to know, but he’s a good guy that can make you laugh. Ji Na smiles then frowns, how can be so torn. Dong Kyung tells Ji Na about the good-looking doctor who is hitting on her. Ji Na loves it.

Hyun Kyu and Sun Kyung discuss their paths. Hyun Kyu decided coffee made him feel like he was home when he was abroad. He offers Sun Kyung advice and praises his work habits. Sun Kyung ask if Hyun Kyu regrets leaving the woman that he loved to go abroad. Hyun Kyu admits he ran away. When Sun Kyung steps into the back room, Hyun Kyu calls then Ji Na enters and tells them they should go out for a drink. Sun Kyung can’t believe his eyes when he enters and sees Ji Na. Hyun Kyu steps into the back room to change. Sun Kyung and Ji Na grapple with the fact that Hyun Kyu is one of the men they’ve discussed. Sun Kyung asks if he’s the past tense want to kill or present tense want to kill.  Ji Na admits Hyun Kyu is the past tense. Hyun Kyu returns and they leave. Ji Na motions Sun Kyung to keep quiet.

Love the past tense versus present tense.

Ji Na pounds the alcohol. She admits her truth to Hyun Kyu. She went to reunions year after year hoping he’d show. She hangs out at the subway station hoping to catch a glimpse of him. She was devoted and in pain at his absence. Ji Na admits she thought she was in a one-sided love. Now she realizes she loved the 18-year-old version of him, not the real him. He’s evolved. Hyun Kyu admits she’s changed too. Hyun Kyu declares he won’t give up even though they’ve grown apart. Ji Na admits she kissed Joo Ik and it meant something. It still means something.

Honesty from Ji Na!

A drunk Ji Na berates herself as she walks home. Joo Ik catches her when she stumbles. She chuckles at his confusing answers. Joo Ik makes it clear. He misses her. He likes her. He wipes a tear from her face. She leans in a kisses her. He stands still and doesn’t reciprocate, though he wants to. He walks her home and puts her to bed.

I chuckle when the male lead does the deer in the headlight look during a kiss.

The next morning Ji Na wakes and remembers she kissed Joo Ik. She can’t believe it.

Dr. Jung advises Dong Kyung and Aunt Kang that she’ll lose her hair due to the treatments, so shaving her head is recommended. He assures her it will grow back. Both women put on brave faces. But Aunt Kang cries when she leaves the room.

Dong Kyung goes the hairdresser. She asks for the latest celebrity style. When finished, the hairdresser admits she wondered if Dong Kyung wanted her head shaved as sometimes clients in hospital attire need that service. Dong Kyung declares she needs her head shaved. The hairdresser takes the shears and readies to cut. But Dong Kyung’s nose starts to bleed. Doom appears and catches her.

Never thought shaving a client’s head from a hairdresser’s perspective.  

Back in her hospital room, Dong Kyung dreams. She attends her memorial service. She sees Doom crying and mourning her. She kneels in front of him and urges him not to cry. She touches his face and tears. He can’t hear or see her.

Doom watches her dream. He sees the tears. She wakes and puts her hand to his face. She apologizes. Doom strides out of the room.

Then the memories with Dong Kyung hit him. The tulips, the memorial photo, moments together, etc.

Doom goes to Sonyeoshin’s room but it is empty. She’s gone.

Dong Kyung wakes at Doom’s house. He tells her this is a dream. They bicker. She describes the dream of him at her memorial service. That gets his attention. He doesn’t feel sad or glad when he looks at her. He goes outside to his dark garden. She follows. He explains this is his subconscious, like her beach. She looks at the wilting plants. She says this place is dark just like him. He asks if she knows him. No is the answer. She asks if she’s been here before. Doom denies it. He calls himself nothing, because he’s not really alive.  She counters that love from one person to another changes everything. She urges him to consider that and lighten his world.

Memories flood Doom. He kisses a surprised Dong Kyung. Places they’ve been pulse around them. They are both taken aback.

Dong Kyung remembers the choice that Sonyeoshin gave her. She remembers accepting the offer.

Dong Kyung wakes in her hospital bed. She grabs her diary. She remembers and sees the contract she wrote with Doom. She believes. She rushes out of the hospital.

Doom stands alone, his dark garden comes to life. He remembers the broken world globe and other moments with Dong Kyung all the way to their beginning. He finds her hospital bed empty.

Dong Kyung rushes to her apartment. She opens the door and is dismayed to find her apartment isn’t joined with Doom’s.

Doom rushes to Dong Kyung’s apartment.

Dong Kyung takes a call from Aunt Kang and tells her she forgot something at her apartment and will return to the hospital shortly. She sees the unknown contact. She calls. Doom answers. She turns. He’s there.

Finally, they both remember and KNOW they is real. Dong Kyung demands to know how could he forget her. Doom demands the same. He scoffs at her accepting Sonyeoshin’s offer without a word to him. She rushes into his arms. Doom feels her heart and body. He enfolds her into himself. They relish the reunion.


The flower in the pot blooms.

My Thoughts

Memories finally flooded our couple. Writer Im Meari gave our couple snatches of memories, fleeting moments, and gut reactions then ended the episode with our couple remembering. It only took 2 episodes for our couple to remember. The anticipation built until their reunion where they voiced irritation that the other forgot them even though they knew a god created the memory gap. The love triangle had moments of honesty. Hyun Kyu asked Joo Ik about the kiss. He didn’t make excuses. He told his truth. I loved the Joo Ik admitted he valued Hyun Kyu’s friendship and acted to end Ji Na’s vigil outside their apartment. Joo Ik’s father suggested that competition between the friends was a good thing. Hyun Kyu drank with Ji Na and she was honest. Ji Na literally stumbled into Joo Ik who guided her home and put her to bed. Ji Na was horrified to remember she kissed Joo Ik.

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) was pulled toward Doom.  I had to chuckle at the multiple times Doom interacted with Dong Kyung in the hospital, each a different person, with only Dong Kyung knowing it Doom every time. Having Dong Kyung be the only one that can see the real him is a positive. When Dong Kyung went to cut her hair off, she first had it styled, then asked the hairdresser to cut it off. I’d never thought about it from a hairdresser’s point of view.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) couldn’t shake Dong Kyung. He had flashes and mysteries. Sonyeoshin planted his phone in his apartment. He saw the photos and missed calls from Dong Kyung. The dream in his subconscious dead garden that started to bloom was effective. There were multiple moments where Seo In Guk’s face told the story. His jaw clinched in anger during his first conversation with Sonyeoshin, his relief when Dong Kyung went into his arms at the end of the episode was palpable. Bravo!

The sixth song of the OST is “This is Love” sung by Sondia.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m liking Joo Ik more and more. If Ji Na is already thinking Hyun Kyu is the past tense, it sounds like she has made a choice.

    I 💗 the symbolism of Myul Mang/Doom’s subconscious as the dead garden and how it comes to life when Dong Kyung is present🌹🌻🌷🌼❣

    “his [Myul Mang/Doom’s] relief when Dong Kyung went into his arms at the end of the episode was palpable. Bravo!”-KJT It was a beautiful moment❣

    My only concern is now our OTP have their memories back, is that the contract continues to remain null and void. Dong Kyung’s imminent death is enough to deal with … will my hopes of her fully recovering be dashed❓⁉️. I 💗 happy endings, but Korean drama writers don’t always provide them … 😥😢😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • If Ji Na is already thinking Hyun Kyu is the past tense, it sounds like she has made a choice.
      Verb tense don’t lie.

      It was a beautiful moment❣
      Seo In Guk has impressed me this series.

      Dong Kyung’s imminent death is enough to deal with … will my hopes of her fully recovering be dashed❓⁉️. I 💗 happy endings, but Korean drama writers don’t always provide them … 😥😢😭
      There is hope…repeat after me…there is hope.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I hope there is hope …

    Liked by 1 person

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