Doom at Your Service Episode 11

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) breaks down. She cries she wants to live. She wants to live with him, her aunt, brother and best friend. She sobs she wants to live. Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) holds her while she cries. He tells her he wants to live too. He wants to stay alive, live with her, die with her.

As they talk looking at the night sky, Doom offers her the bracelet and states they’ll never be apart. They hold hands and smile.

Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god) waters the budding flower.

CEO Park yells at Team Lead Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) for quitting. Joo Ik offers the pay for the laptop Ji Na threw at Writer Jijo from his severance pay. CEO Park scoffs it isn’t like he’s the building owner. Joo Ik reveals he is the building owner’s son and leaves.

Dong Kyung tells Doom about her first encounter with best friend Ji Na.  They eat. Dong Kyung shares memories of her brother.  She shares that she got a job so her aunt would feel free to marry and move to Canada. Dong Kyung admits she’s still growing. Smiles all round.

Doom drives Dong Kyung back to the cottage. He thinks he’s found a relationship where he’s in sync with Dong Kyung and moving forward together.

Irked at his former boss and his roommate, Joo Ik uses a batting cage. His roommate, Lee Hyun Kyu, arrives and wants to know what’s wrong. Joo Ik won’t say. Hyun Kyu suggests they compete, loser gets whatever he wants from the winner. Joo Ik wins. He’s not sure what he wants from Hyun Kyu. He’ll tell him later when he figures it out.

Back at the penthouse where Hyun Kyu lives with Joo Ik, Hyun Kyu washes the dishes while Joo Ik reads.  He remembers Hyun Kyu wanted to borrow his car. He offers it. Hyun Kyu declines. They stare at each other.

The next day at the coffee shop, Hyun Kyu is surprised when Writer Na Ji Na marches in. She declares they should date 3 times. After that, they’ll know if they are meant to be. Hyun Kyu agrees. Ji Na warns him she’ll decide win. Hyun Kyu agrees. JK warns him she might not be ready to date for a while. Hyun Kyu smiles and agrees. Ji Na leaves. Hyun Kyu smiles.

Immediately, Ji Na calls Joo Ik to report she asked Hyun Kyu to date her. They spot each other on the sidewalk. Ji Na offers to cancel their contract and never see her again. Ji Na doesn’t want to cancel their contract. He’s going to help her become a top writer. Joo Ik tells her to text or email. Ji Na declares she’ll tell Hyun Kyu about their kiss after she’d broken up with Hyun Kyu when they were high schoolers. Joo Ik doesn’t believe she’ll tell Hyun Kyu. He dares her to tell Hyun Kyu. Joo Ik gives her his umbrella then leaves. Ji Na watches him go. She gets a phone call and says she’ll be right there.

Umbrellas are their thing.

Back on Jeju, Doom and Dong Kyung walk and talk. When they return to the cottage, Doom wants a redo on his birthday wish. He opens the door and Dong Kyung’s loved one are there waiting. Kang Soo Ja (Dong Kyung’s aunt) hugs Dong Kyung. Everyone goes inside to share a meal.

Dong Kyung and Aung Kang’s husband Kevin have a conversation where neither understands what the other is saying yet they seem to communicate. Kevin promises to find a hospital. Dong Kyung admits walking away from the she loved didn’t work.

Aunt Kang asks Doom (she believes he’s Dong Kyung’s doctor) to help her in the kitchen. She thanks him for letting her know where Dong Kyung was. Doom shares Dong Kyung couldn’t stop talking about those she loved. Aunt Kang admits while physically identical to her sister (Dong Kyung’s mother) they were polar opposites in personality. Her sister’s death gutted her. Dong Kyung always sought solace. Doom points out Dong Kyung wants a home and family.

Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) and Ji Na discuss Dong Kyung. Ji Na points out Dong Kyung is a pro at pretending all is well. Sun Kyung tears up. He gets a call from Hyun Kyu (his boss at the café, though Ji Na doesn’t know it). After hanging up, Ji Na shares the wanted to kill a guy, who happened to be a café owner. She told the guy they should date. Sun Kyung is surprised by the bold move. Ji Na says there’s another guy she wants to kill. Sun Kyung guesses she likes the second guy who she wants to kill. Ji Na protests. Sun Kyung points out she spoke of the café owner in past tense and second guy in present tense, hence it is the second guy Ji Na wants.

They all sit down to a family meal. It’s sweet. It starts to snow outside. Smiles all around.

The next day, Ji Na and Dong Kyung walk and talk. Dong Kyung admits she missed her family. Ji Na declares she’ll always support her. Ji Na offers to bankroll Dong Kyung while she enjoys life. They take a selfie. Ji Na shares that she threw a laptop at Writer Jijo but the laptop turned out to belong to Joo Ik. Dong Kyung asks if Ji Na likes Joo Ik. Ji Na declares she’s dating Hyun Kyu. This surprises Dong Kyung. Ji Na shares that Hyun Kyu is the coffee shop owner. This surprises Dong Kyung.

Doom smiles knowing Dong Kyung is connecting and happy.

Sonyeoshin waters the budding flower. In pain she falls to the ground.

Doom senses her distress. He tells Dong Kyung he’s going to visit a friend. Dong Kyung guesses which friend. She tells him to go to the hospital first, then she’ll follow.

Doom visits Sonyeoshin. He tells her loving hurts him. Those he loves, disappear. Sonyeoshin remarks humans create grand things including love and shake the world. Sonyeoshin tells Doom that he’ll be okay. She’ll be okay and born again. Doom tells her not to acknowledge him in her next reincarnation. She tells him god lives and dies for humans.

Doom exits the hospital room. Dong Kyung is there. She takes his hand and offers comfort. Doom shares that Sonyeoshin doesn’t have long to live. He tells Dong Kyung this is normal. When he spots a child that is in danger, Doom saves him earning him gratitude from the mother. Dong Kyung asks if he should do that. Doom says he’s compelled to do when she’s there, even though it is against the rules. He’s grown softer in his assessment of humans. CEO Park calls and demands to see Dong Kyung. He threatens to sue Ji Na if she doesn’t come.

CEO Park escorts Dong Kyung into his office. He surprises her and begs her to return to work and get the writers back. Most of them a jumping ship now that Dong Kyung and Joo Ik have left. He reveals Joo Ik is the building owner’s son.

Joo Ik goes to his father for a loan to start his own company. They bicker. His father agrees if he’s given interest. Ji Na agrees. His father asks why Hyun Kyu hugged him and called him father last time he came to the café. Joo Ik believes Hyun Kyu was protecting him. He admits Hyun Kyu has a stronger will now. His father laughs and declares competition is a good thing. Dong Kyung calls Joo Ik.

Dong Kyung is impressed with Joo Ik’s spacious penthouse. Joo Ik clarifies he’s the building owner’s son and the red car is his. She doesn’t understand why Joo Ik worked for such a low wage. Joo Ik admits he quit because he’d had enough, just like her. Dong Kyung shares she knows about his relationship with Ji Na. She asks what he’ll do next. Joo Ik says he’ll start his own company. He tells her to get well so they can work together. Dong Kyung teases she’ll be expensive. Joo Ik is okay with that.

Sun Kyung is grateful Hyun Kyu allowed him leave to meet with his sister. Dong Kyung walks in. Sun Kyung introduces his boss. Hyun Kyu doesn’t know that Dong Kyung is Ji Na’s friend. Dong Kyung needles Hyun Kyu but never reveals who she is.

Ji Na scraps her current writing and tells her readers she’ll be back with a new offering. She remembers Joo Ik’s words that she needs a new male lead. She writes about her first encounter with Joo Ik. Her female character knows she won’t be able to avoid this man or his love. Joo Ik reads the chapter.

Dong Kyung enters her apartment and finds it joined with Doom’s apartment. He’s there. She lays her head on his leg while he reads. They banter.


Aunt Kang and her husband go to the hospital to meet with the doctor. Recall Doom posed as Dong Kyung’s doctor per her request to put her aunt’s mind at ease. The hospital has not record of a doctor by that name. Aunt Kang sinks on a bench unable to digest the news. A patient mentions the ghost doctor many have seen who takes different forms. Aunt Kang begins to suspect that Dong Kyung’s outlook isn’t as rosy as the doctor told her. She doubles over in pain.

Dong Kyung and Doom stroll in the moonlight. Dong Kyung hopes if she’s born again, she becomes the moon, sun or stars – something that exists but doesn’t live. Doom asks if she’d make the same choices. He shares he’d do the same so he could have this moment with her. He knows she wouldn’t want the same path. Dong Kyung admits knowing him has changed her world. She gives him the world ball that Sonyeoshin gave him. She was afraid the world depended on her actions but she’s no longer afraid. She gives him the world ball. They smile at each other. Dong Kyung gets a call.

Dong Kyung rushes to the emergency room, where her aunt lies after a stress attack. Aunt Kang demands to know if Dong Kyung is really getting treatment for her condition. She demands Dong Kyung get surgery. Gently Dong Kyung tells her aunt, nothing will change if she gets the surgery, she’ll still die. Her aunt suffers another stress attack. Kevin suggests that Dong Kyung give her aunt some space.

Doom waits for Dong Kyung in the lobby. He looks at the clock. It’s almost midnight.

An upset Dong Kyung walks down the hallway. Sonyeoshin is there. She offers a one-time deal. Sonyeoshin can’t save Dong Kyung’s life, death is her fate. However, she can alter fate slightly. She can erase Doom from Dong Kyung’s fate and void the contract. Dong Kyung will die never knowing Doom nor being hurt by the pain of love’s parting.  Doom won’t remember her; she won’t remember him. The contract stipulating someone she loves must die or she must wish doom on the world will be void. Sonyeoshin asks if Dong Kyung wants to take the deal. Dong Kyung says nothing. Sonyeoshin tells her to decide quickly, she’s going to die soon. She spits blood.

Doom grows restless waiting for Dong Kyung. He stands. The world ball falls to the ground and cracks into pieces. Doom realizes that something is happening.

Dong Kyung stares at Sonyeoshin. What will she decide?

My Thoughts

Dong Kyung is given a choice she doesn’t want. Writer Im Meari used Sonyeoshin to give Dong Kyung the choice to erase Doom from her life and void the contract that someone she loves will die or the world will face doom OR fulfill the contract with Doom in her life. It feels like a good of the many outweigh the needs of the one choice. The love triangle progressed. Ji Na declared she would date Hyun Kyu to see if they were right for each other. Without knowing which two men Ji Na was talking about Sun Kyung pointed out she spoke of one (Hyun Kyu) in past tense and the other (Joo Ik) in present tense. Ji Na wrote a new story and gave her female character a new leading man. Does that foretell the choice she will make between her two suitors?

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) couldn’t avoid her cadre of loved ones.  I was relieved when Doom tracked her down and brought those she loved to Dong Kyung. Living alone to protect those she loved was a terrible decision. She admitted she didn’t want to live without those she loves. Sonyeoshin offered her the choice, live without the mans she loves (Doom) and save others OR keep things as is and abide by the contract’s terms.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) devoted himself to Dong Kyung. This couple has a sweet chemistry. Her illness negates a sexual tension keeping everything in the emotion zone. Thanks Doom’s intervention, Dong Kyung was quickly reunited with her cadre of loved ones. Fate is like a sword over their heads. Will Dong Kyung choose to erase Doom from her life?

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It took Seon Gyeon to point out to Ji Na that she likes Joo Ik too. After Ji Na’s denial, Dong Kyung stated the same … how much longer will Ji Na be in denial … or is she❓⁉️. I’m inclined to think her new story portends her choice is Joo Ik.

    I 💗 Myul Mang/Doom for rallying Dong Kyung’s are of loved ones. It warmed my heart when auntie put a scallop in Myul Mang/Doom’s rice bowl. Unfortunately auntie’s warm fuzziness disappeared by the end of the episode. “Recall Doom posed as Dong Kyung’s doctor per her request to put her aunt’s mind at ease. The hospital has not record of a doctor by that name. Aunt Kang sinks on a bench unable to digest the news.” -KJT. How is Dong Kyung going to respond when understands why auntie collapsed ❓⁉️. If Dong Kyung divulges the truth, will it be believed and/or raise more questions❓⁉️.

    Sonyeoshin gave “Dong Kyung the choice to erase Doom from her life and void the contract that someone she loves will die or the world will face doom OR fulfill the contract with Doom in her life. ” -KJT. UGH❗ What a choice❗ Now that Dong Kyung has fallen in love with Myul Mang/Doom the choice would be difficult, despite the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few … Dong Kyung living wasn’t even an option. To top it off the decision needed to be made quickly. If Dong Kyung chooses to void the contract, does indicate her feelings for Myul Mang/Doom when not that sincere or strong❓⁉️


    • I’m inclined to think her new story portends her choice is Joo Ik.
      She’s signaling her choice though she may not realize it.

      If Dong Kyung chooses to void the contract, does indicate her feelings for Myul Mang/Doom when not that sincere or strong❓⁉️
      Quite the opposite. She’ll put others needs above her own.

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