Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 14

Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) arrives at the gisaeng house. Chun Bae (Ba Woo’s partner and friend) shows him the covered body of his brother-in-law. Ba Woo identifies the body. With Premiere Lee’s guard commander Tae Chul and Lee Won Yeob (Vice Premiere Lee’s eldest son) present, he’s told Won Yeob reported an assailant running away holding a sword. Chun Bae refutes that. He points at Won Yeob and states he killed him. Ba Woo is blocked when he goes for Won Yeob. He’s told an investigation will be conducted. Won Yeob swaggers forward and states scum that bother him will be eliminated. Ba Woo punches Won Yeob. Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) intervenes and tells Ba Woo to back off. Ba Woo declares they aren’t friends and one of them will have to die.  The officer tells them to break it up. Won Yeob and Tae Chul leave. Dae Yeob and Ba Woo continue to glare and stare.

Vice Premiere Lee chastises Won Yeob for almost getting caught, not for the murder. He yells the eldest son must not make these kinds of mistakes. Vice Premiere Lee points out Ba Woo will retaliate. Ba Woo knows about the treason letter. Won Yeob begs his father to forgive him. Vice Premiere Lee turns his ire on Dae Yeob and demands to know if he’ll kill Ba Woo to protect the family. Dae Yeob doesn’t answer. Vice Premiere Lee orders him out.

Vice Premiere Lee remembers Ba Woo’s words.

Ba Woo’s sister learns the news and falls apart. Her mother and brother try to comfort her. Soo Kyung follows them to help. Court Lady Jo and Chun Bae agree they are dealing with evil forces.

Ba Woo, his mother and Soo Kyung watch his sister sleep.

In their own room, Ba Woo laments that he didn’t extra his brother-in-law from the silk seller the first time he saw him. Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri) states the obvious; Won Yeob killed his sister’s husband and he’ll escape the consequences because of the power Vice Premiere Lee welds. Ba Woo points out he allowed his brother-in-law to stay so he could get evidence of the smuggling that adds to Vice Premiere Lee’s funds. Soo Kyung is crystal clear; Vice Premiere Lee doesn’t see them as people but as obstacles that must be eliminated by death.

The next morning, Won Yeob promises his father he’ll kill Ba Woo. Irked, Vice Premiere Lee slaps his son and declares Ba Woo isn’t the primary problem, it is the king.

The royal physician attends the king who is tired and short of breath. King Gwanghae demands the medicine that lifts him up.

The royal physician tells Vice Premiere Lee the medicine will soon take effect.

The king learns from Ba Woo his brother-in-law was killed. The king encourages him to take revenge.

Ba Woo informers don’t have dirt on Vice Premiere Lee but report that the minister of justice’s son stole a wife from a husband for sport. The husband filed a complaint that was ignored.

Ba Woo searches for and finds the written complaint.

Ba Woo reports the incident and provides the written complaint to the king. Should the king fire the minister of justice? Court Lady Kim suggests that the king work with the minister of justice to form an alliance against Vice Premiere Lee. Ba Woo declares facilitating a man that would hide his family’s crimes brings a potential traitor into the inner circle. The king says he’ll consider their recommendations.

In a private meeting, Court Lady Kim asks Ba Woo is he is hiding Soo Kyung, who she knows is alive per Kim Ja Jaeom. Ba Woo asks why she’s interested. Court Lady Kim suggests they work together. She promises to help Ba Woo if he helps her.  She offers Ba Woo the intel that Vice Premiere Lee has an insider in the king’s royal guards.

After he leaves the meeting, Ba Woo sees Vice Premiere Lee talking to a royal guard.

Ba Woo tells Soo Kyung what happened. He doesn’t trust Court Lady Kim. Soo Kyung encourages him to work with Court Lady Kim but be aware she could turn against him at any time. She wonders if the minister of justice can be saved. Ba Woo admits he doesn’t know the king well. Soo Kyung knows her father doesn’t trust anyone. Vice Premiere Lee’s betrayal hit the king hard and he no longer trusts completely, even Jung Yeong. If Court Lady Kim tries to save minister of justice the king’s trust decreases. If Court Lady Kim tries to kill the minister of justice, the king’s trust increases. Ba Woo declares she should be the successor to the throne. Soo Kyung admits she once dreamed that.

Ba Woo’s sister sits alone. Soo Kyung finds her. She admits she can’t sleep. Soo Kyung suggests they talk.  Ba Woo’s sister sits with Soo Kyung but doesn’t want to talk. Soo Kyung understands. She tells her to relax. Ba Woo’s sister cries. Soo Kyung hugs her as she cries.

Soo Kyung is soothing.

The next day Ba Woo agrees to join with Court Lady Kim. She smiles. He asks her to arrange a meeting between Soo Kyung and her mother.

The ladies of the court watch masked entertainers perform. Vice Premiere Lee and Dae Yeob watch too. Vice Premiere Lee asks why the entertainers are there. Dae Yeob reports the Ming emissary is reportedly enroute and they wanted to preview the entertainers. Vice Premiere Lee asks if there is any other reason. Not to my knowledge is Dae Yeob’s response. Vice Premiere Lee isn’t so sure. As Court Lady Kim whispers to Royal Consort Soui (Soo Kyung’s mother), Dae Yeob asks his father for details about the emissary’s visit. Royal Consort Soui slips away.

Royal Consort Soui speaks with Ba Woo who sides aside and out when a masked entertainer enters. Soo Kyung takes off her mask. She cries. Her mother cries and hugs her daughter. Ba Woo listens to the women weep as he stands guard. After their emotion subside, Soo Kyung asks for forgiveness. Her mother thanks her for staying alive. Soo Kyung sleeps the pain on her mother’s face. Her mother doesn’t care. Soo Kyung implores her to stay strong. Her mother promises to do so. She tells her daughter to survive no matter what so they’ll be reunited. Soo Kyung promises to see her mother again. They cry.

Royal Consort Soui asks Ba Woo to enter. She tells him to sit. Royal Consort Soui thanks him for taking care of her daughter. She asks him to continue to do so. He’s the only one she can trust. She believes the king will find a way to reunite them. But until that day comes, she puts her trust in Ba Woo. He promises to do all he can. She turns her loving gaze to her daughter.

The minister of justice implores Vice Premiere Lee to save his job as he’s about to be fired.

Vice Premiere Lee and the minister of justice ask to see the king. He says he doesn’t feel well. The king passes out. Jung Yeong rushes in and demands the royal physician be called. Vice Premiere Lee and the minister of justice look at each other.

The entertainers are surrounded by the guards who tell Dae Yeob the king has collapsed. The palace gates are closed. Ba Woo and Soo Kyung make their way to find an exit. Dae Yeob spots them and reports the king has collapsed. The entertainers have been detained for questioning. Dae Yeob tells them to follow him. They follow. Dae Yeob takes them to a spot and warns Ba Woo to get Soo Kyung out as soon as possible. No doubt a missing entertainer has been noticed.

Vice Premiere Lee is informed there is a missing entertainer. He orders every inch of the palace searched. The gates are shut.

Ba Woo brings a covered litter to the gate. Vice Premiere Lee and his men are there. Vice Premiere Lee informs in the gates are closed. Ba Woo informs him Court Lady Kim wants to visit the temple to pray for the king’s recovery. Vice Premiere Lee approaches the litter. He tells Court Lady Kim she ordered the entertainers. So what is her response. She orders the litter opened. It is obvious she’s alone in the litter. Court Lady Kim promises not to forget this slight. Ba Woo asks if they can go. Vice Premiere Lee approves. The litter passes through the gates.

When they are safe, Court Lady Kim sends her guards to step away. Ba Woo opens the litter and helps Soo Kyung out. Court Lady Kim praises Soo Kyung’s moxy. Soo Kyung states she’s learned there are things more important than dignity and status. Ba Woo thanks her for helping. Court Lady Kim asks if they are on the same side. Soo Kyung asks her to take care of her father. Ba Woo notes they better leave and do so.

Court Lady Jo is relieved when Soo Kyung and Ba Woo return home.  Soo Kyung isn’t talkative. Ba Woo explains the king has collapsed. He asks her to stay by Soo Kyung’s side.

The king’s son, the crown prince and heir apparent, and Vice Premiere Lee watch as the royal physician attends to the king.

When Court Lady Kim returns to the palace, Vice Premiere Lee tells her there is no improvement in the king. She tells Vice Premiere Lee to replace the royal physician. Vice Premiere Lee balks. They argue. Vice Premiere Lee refuses pointing out the king picked the royal physician with the crown prince’s approval and he can’t switch to a new one. He leaves.

The king sleeps. Court Lady Kim arrives and tells Jung Yeong her request was not approved. She asks about the medicine the royal physician gave the king. Jung Yeong reports the medicine didn’t cause an adverse effect in the taster. Court Lady Kim notes the effect could be cumulative. She orders Jung Yeong to kill the royal physician. Jung Yeong balks. Court Lady Kim points out if the king dies, Vice Premiere Lee will kill them both. The royal physician must be killed.

Vice Premiere Lee implores the crown prince not to leave the throne empty and to allow them to begin a regency rule (allowing another to take power) while the king is ill.  Vice Premiere Lee increase the pressure on the young man and says the Queen mother approves.

Jung Yeong kills the royal physician.

Won Yeob reports the royal physician was killed. Vice Premiere Lee doesn’t care, he got the regency rule approved. Won Yeob asks if he will be reinstated. Vice Premiere Lee glares at his son and walks away.

Vice Premiere Lee is a cold one.

At morning meeting, Vice Premiere Lee informs the regent that the Ming emissary is near and needs more rations and money. The minister buzz at the bold request. Vice Premiere Lee piles on other requests. The crown prince asks for Vice Premiere Lee’s recommendation. Vice Premiere Lee suggests the Ming’s request be approved. The crown prince nods. Kim Ja Jaeom begs to differ. If they give rations to the Ming, the food stores for the people will be depleted. Vice Premiere Lee counters. Kim Ja Jaeom counters. The crown prince defers the decision.  He does reinstate Won Yeob and the minister of justice. Vice Premiere Lee smiles in satisfaction.

Court Lady Kim isn’t surprised Vice Premiere Lee weaseled his way around the crown prince when Kim Ja Jaeom and Ba Woo report to her. She tells them to lay low.

Ba Woo tells Soo Kyung there isn’t any improvement in her father at this time.

Won Yeob is thrilled to be reinstated. Vice Premiere Lee warns him to behave better. Won Yeob promises. Vice Premiere Lee wonders what Ba Woo is hiding in his compound.

The next day at the morning meeting, Vice Premiere Lee recommends that Ba Woo be sent north to investigate their adversaries. Kim Ja Jaeom declares Vice Premiere Lee has a hidden agenda. Vice Premiere Lee counters Ba Woo is an expert at hiding and won’t be caught. Kim Ja Jaeom counters the Vice Premiere Lee wants Ba Woo to die on this mission. Vice Premiere Lee declares that isn’t true. Other minister request approval. The crown prince caves.

Soo Kyung isn’t happy to learn Ba Woo is leaving. They both know Vice Premiere Lee is sending him away to die. Ba Woo declares he doesn’t have a choice. Soo Kyung urges him to find a way to stay.

Vice Premiere Lee gives Dae Yeob a letter to give to the Ming emissary. If Ba Woo dies on the mission, cover it up. Vice Premiere Lee says this is his last chance. Dae Yeob takes the letter. Vice Premiere Lee tells his son to return home alone, without Ba Woo.

Ba Woo tells Soo Kyung to take care of herself. She tells him to return home alive. Ba Woo vows not to die and leave her alone. Soo Kyung hugs him and cries.

Dae Yeob and Ba Woo prepare to leave. Kim Ja Jaeom arrives to join them. Vice Premiere Lee gives them passes they’ll need to navigate. Vice Premiere Lee tells Ba Woo to be careful as it is a dangerous mission. Vice Premiere Lee tells Dae Yeob to return home after completing the assigned task.

Won Yeob hires the candidate the shot Ba Woo during the shooting competition to follow the trio and kill Ba Woo.

Court Lady Jo sees that Soo Kyung isn’t eating. Soo Kyung isn’t hungry. Court Lady Jo frets.

Chun Bae finds Court Lady Jo deep in thought about Soo Kyung. She tells him to buy a chicken. Court Lady Jo prepares the chicken by frying it. She says it will tempt Soo Kyung to eat. Ba Woo’s mother smells the chicken cooking. She asks Court Lady Jo what she’s doing. She chides Court Lady Jo for using expensive oil and cooking chicken. Ba Woo’s mother tells her to leave the household. Soo Kyung intervenes and begs for forgiveness. Ba Woo’s mother chews her out. Court Lady Jo falls to her knees and begs for another chance. Soo Kyung asks for one more chance. Ba Woo’s mother calls them shameless to do this while Ba Woo is away. She strides away.

Court Lady Jo apologizes to Soo Kyung. They smell the chicken burning. Court Lady Jo extracts burned chicken from the oil. Soo Kyung eats it. She smiles and admits she wanted this. Court Lady Jo tells her not to try too hard. Soo Kyung smiles at her faithful companion.  Cha Dol returns home after school.

Sweet scene between the ladies.

Cha Dol reports he had another good day at school. They continue his studies which gives him an advantage in school. Ba Woo’s mother overhears and realizes Soo Kyung can read. She needs to use the facilities and bumps into Court Lady Jo. Soo Kyung and Court Lady Jo wonder why Ba Woo’s mother is using the facilities often.

Soo Kyung brings Ba Woo’s mother a remedy the royal physician uses. Ba Woo’s mother refuses. Ba Woo’s sister urges her to try it. Ba Woo’s mother sniffs. Soo Kyung leaves. Ba Woo’s mother wonders how Soo Kyung would know a remedy that the royal physician would use.

Ba Woo’s mother sneaks the remedy when she thinks her daughter is asleep. Her daughter hears and tells her mother to continue taking the remedy. Ba Woo’s mother informs her daughter Soo Kyung can read. That surprises Ba Woo’s sister. She reminds her mother that Soo Kyung coached her on acting ladylike. Ba Woo’s mother says they need to sleep.

Soo Kyung and Court Lady Jo are impressed that Ba Woo’s sister is bearing her loss for the sake of the family. Court Lady Jo examines Soo Kyung’s embroidery and sees Ba Woo’s name in symbols. She tells Soo Kyung he’ll come home safely.

The trio takes a break. They see refuges. Ba Woo goes to talk to them. He reports the refugees are fleeing from the Ming. Ba Woo recommends they give them a wide berth.

Later they find a deserted village. Ba Woo notes something doesn’t feel right. He offers to scout. The candidate waits for Ba Woo to come into his line of sight aiming his weapon. Ba Woo is shocked to see the Ming pillaging the village and dragging the women away. He acts and attacks. Just as Ming soldier is about to strike him down, the candidate fires. Instead of hitting Ba Woo, he hits the Ming soldier. Frustrated, he reloads. Dae Yeob and Kim Ja Jaeom arrive and join Ba Woo as the Ming soldiers surround them.

The king dreams that Court Lady Kim poisoned his father. He wakes to find her by his side. Court Lady Kim calls for the royal physician.

Vice Premiere Lee is informed the king is awake.

Court Lady Kim informs the king that the crown prince reinstated Won Yeob and the minister of justice. She suggests he reverse the decision. The king doesn’t want to undercut the crown prince. Court Lady Kim tells him she got rid of the royal physician because he was sneaking opium into the medicine. She knows he did so under Vice Premiere Lee’s order. The king counters he knew that was in the medicine. Court Lady Kim counters the dosage was too high. The king wants to see Vice Premiere Lee. Court Lady Kim recommends he take it easy. The king yells he will see Vice Premiere Lee.

The king notes that Vice Premiere Lee he’s been busy with the crown prince. Vice Premiere Lee demurs it had to be done for stability. The king notes the royal physician was killed. He asks Vice Premiere Lee if he tried to poison him just like he did his father. Vice Premiere Lee counters the king fed his father the tainted food. The king declares he didn’t know the food was tainted. Vice Premiere Lee says the public believes otherwise. They stare and glare. The king suggests Vice Premiere Lee is ready to commit treasure. Vice Premiere Lee claims he’s only trying to survive. The king asks what he wants. Vice Premiere Lee tells the king to abandon Ba Woo. The king points out Ba Woo is the last of the bloodline from the western allies. Vice Premiere Lee informs the king Ba Woo assaulted the Ming soldiers. The Ming emissary is demanding Ba Woo be killed.

In custody, Ba Woo asks Kim Ja Jaeom how his interview with the Ming went. Kim Ja Jaeom notes they
released him. Kim Ja Jaeom tells Ba Woo he’s sent a message to the royal court apprising them of the situation. Kim Ja Jaeom notes Vice Premiere Lee’s close ties to the Ming could save them. He recommends Ba Woo stick to Dae Yeob like glue. Ba Woo glances at Dae Yeob sitting in the cell with him. Kim Ja Jaeom says he’ll try to persuade the Ming. He warns Ba Woo to watch his back.

Dae Yeob tells Ba Woo he is an idiot that doesn’t know what is important. Ba Woo counters he’s not as stupid as Dae Yeob thinks. Dae Yeob declares he won’t help him. Ba Woo assures him he has no illusions Dae Yeob would help him.

Court Lady Jo brings a snack for the guards. A woman appears and asks where Cha Dol is.

Court Lady Jo finds Soo Kyung and says there is trouble. The woman enters the room and asks where her son is. She asks who Soo Kyung is.

My Thoughts

The king is losing it. Writers Kim Ji Soo and Park Cheol amped up the effects of the poison per Vice Premiere Lee’s orders to the royal physician. The discussion with the king revealed Vice Premiere Lee did the same to King Gwanghae’s father. Vice Premiere Lee countered the king fed his father the poison. Yikes! The king sighed at Vice Premiere Lee’s request to cut Ba Woo loose. Vice Premiere Lee is the dog and Ba Woo is the bone. Soo Kyung had a touching reunion with her mother and navigated her demanding mother-in-law. We all knew it would happen…Cha Dol’s mother, Ba Woo’s legal wife, has returned. This isn’t good for Soo Kyung.

Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) couldn’t refuse the mission. Vice Premiere Lee had the edge when he manipulated the crown prince to act as regent ruler while his father was ill. That allowed Vice Premiere Lee to reinstate his men and send Ba Woo on a mission that Vice Premiere Lee expects Ba Woo to never return from. Ba Woo is well aware of this. The moments between Soo Kyung and Ba Woo continue to satisfy. They haven’t kissed but Soo Kyung’s hug showed her depth of feeling (again). Ba Woo can’t give in until he’s secured her safety permanently. He has no time to romance his wife. Speaking of wives, Ba Woo’s real wife emerged as we knew she would. Ba Woo won’t be happy about it. Will she still have the power to hurt him? Ba Woo’s relationship with Dae Yeob aligns when they both focus on keeping Soo Kyung safe.

Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri) reunited with her mother. Their reunion was sweet. Her mother urged to survive no matter what. Soo Kyung urged her mother to do the same. The odds are stacked against these two with Vice Premiere Lee ready willing and able to kill those he deems impediments to his power. Soo Kyung continues to impress with her kind heart. She’s not a pushover. She’s finding her voice more and more. She’s got a brain. This character is growing on me. Now she’s come face-to-face with Cha Dol’s mother. Will Ba Woo’s mother kick Soo Kyung out? Will Ba Woo’s mother realize who Soo Kyung really is?

Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) was ordered to kill Ba Woo. Dae Yeob got the assignment from his father as his last chance to return to the family fold. Dae Yeob continues to lie to his father to protect Soo Kyung. He and Ba Woo worked together to keep Soo Kyung safe during the palace lockdown. Dae Yeob’s focus is simple…keep Soo Kyung safe. He is honorable in this regard. He won’t stop protecting her but allows her to live her life. When push comes to shove, would Dae Yeob kill Ba Woo?

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.


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8 comments on “Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 14
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Aigoo, so much is happening. I still think that DY will turn and become real friend to BW. Poor Princess is all alone having to deal with a suspicious mother in law and BW’s legal wife. We still don’t know if this woman really is CD’s mother or an imposter sent by VP Lee to flush out the princess. The love story of BW and SK is so absorbing. This was the first time SK hugged BW.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I hope you are right Snow Flower about Dae Yeob📚💝 and Ba Woo💰🎎 becoming friends … at least they are one in the purpose of protecting Soo Kyung💪👸.

      Soo Kyung 💪👸 is dealing with a lot, everytime Court Lady Jo 👩‍👧 tries to do something to cheer her up, they incur the wrath of Ba Woo’s mom. With the addition of Cha Dol’s bio mom, Soo Kyung💪👸 has a ton stacked against her. Cha Dol 🤷 has always been Soo Kyung’s best advocate; I would bet Cha Dol 🤷 will put up a stink if the Kim family women try to eject Soo Kyung💪👸.

      Interesting theory that the woman claiming to be Cha Dol’s bio mom was put there by VP Lee 👨‍🦳🐅. That could happen, but I suspect it is more likely Cha Dol’s bio mom saw an opportunity to legally improve her situation.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    When Ba Woo💰🎎 met Soo Kyung’s💪👸 mother I thought he addressed her as sieomeonim, which means mother-in-law. I was so excited, thinking the royal family considered our OTP as being married, but had to be sure so I put the Korean captions. Much to my disappointment he addressed her as 소의 마마님 SoIu mamanim (SoIu was her name). Nevertheless it was nice that mother and daughter had a cathardic reunion and Royal mama is no long unglued.

    “Cha Dol’s mother, Ba Woo’s legal wife, has returned. This isn’t good for Soo Kyung.” -KJT. Runaway wife only shows up when it looks like Ba Woo💰🎎 can improve her circumstances … it was bound to happen. How long has she been gone … will Cha Dol 🤷 even recognize her❓⁉️ I concur runaway wife’s return will not please Ba Woo 💰🎎. Were they ever legally divorced❓⁉️. Ba Woo💰🎎 is an ethical man, I highly doubt he will send her away … at least not empty handed, although she deserves NOTHING after deserting her husband and son.

    VP Lee Yi Chum 👨‍🦳🐅 wasted no time moving his agenda along once King Gwanghae 🤴 was unconscious. I was glad to see Court Lady Kim 🦊 doing a reasonable job protecting the king, but is she ever conniving … with a great sense of self preservation. Ba Woo💰🎎 knew the trek to visit Mao Wenlong was a trap, but what else could he do. VP Lee Yi Chum 👨‍🦳🐅 was very clever in his machinations for gaining power. If the letter VP Lee 👨‍🦳🐅 contained what he told Dae Yeob📚💝, that would be proof of treason, but Dae Yeob 📚💝 has no motivation to accuse his father of treason.


    • . I was so excited, thinking the royal family considered our OTP as being married, but had to be sure so I put the Korean captions. Much to my disappointment he addressed her as 소의 마마님 SoIu mamanim (SoIu was her name).
      Lost in translation. How many times do we miss nuances?

      I concur runaway wife’s return will not please Ba Woo 💰🎎. Were they ever legally divorced❓⁉️. Ba Woo💰🎎 is an ethical man, I highly doubt he will send her away … at least not empty handed, although she deserves NOTHING after deserting her husband and son.
      Will Ba Woo’s best friend that runaway wife left with return?

      Court Lady Kim 🦊 doing a reasonable job protecting the king, but is she ever conniving … with a great sense of self preservation
      That’s a motiving factor for many characters – self motivation and protection of their power and status; with little regard to the impact on others.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Lost in translation. How many times do we miss nuances?” -KJT. Probably MANY times.

        “Will Ba Woo’s best friend that runaway wife left with return?” -KJT. Interesting question. I hope so, let him take the runaway wife away … hmmm, she seems to have a thing for for what she perceives greener grass.

        People in royal courts seem to excel at self preservation. Too bad so many of them seem to have little or no concern for collateral damage they create.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Snow Flower says:

    How did BW’s ex-wife find out about his status restoration? Was it publicly announced to the general population? Or did she know that he was Kim Dae Seok while they were married?


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