Doom at Your Service Episode 10

Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) arrives on the rooftop. Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) asks if something is wrong. He tells Dong Kyung he loves her. He declares he’s in love with her. Dong Kyung declares they should date starting now. Dong Kyung’s aunt calls to her. Dong Kyung says she’ll be in shortly. She tells Doom to go home safely.

Perhaps not the reaction he wanted.

At the laundromat, Na Ji Na is surprised Lee Hyun Kyu (her first love) asks if she’s seeing anyone. He doesn’t care, he wants to date her, he still likes her. Ji Na is speechless. She throws an item at him and declares that he’s annoying. He laughs. She throws more things. He keeps laughing.

The next day Dong Kyung says she’s going to date Doom. Ji Na surprises Doom with the news that Hyun Kyu came to see her. Ji Na wants Dong Kyung’s details first. Dong Kyung admits Doom said he loved her. Dong Kyung says they can’t live together now that her aunt is staying with her. Doom wants Ji Na’s details. She melted when he smiled and reverted to her 18-year-old heart. Doom declares she liked the 18-year-old Ji Na’s straightforward approach to love. Ji Na wants Dong Kyung to get proper medical care. Dong Kyung wants to take care of something first. Ji Na gets a call and has to leave. Ji Na teases Doom that she’ll always remind her of the 17-year-old girl she met 11 years ago.

Doom waits for the phone to ring. Instead, the doorbell rings. It’s Dong Kyung. He offers her a drink and encourages her to be bold. He notes their time is short. Dong Kyung moves away from him. Doom moves closer. Dong Kyung gets up. Doom follows. He definitely makes her nervous. Dong Kyung’s brother calls.

Writer Na and Writer Jijo meet after he claims she plagiarized his work. He backs away from the claim and starts flirting. Ji Na sighs.

The team watches Writer JiJo hitting on Writer Na. They wish Team Lead Cha was there to intercede. Team Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) arrives and hurries into the conference room. Writer Na throws a laptop at Writer Jijo. She calls him a liar. She can’t believe he was so forward. Joo Ik tells her to calm down. Writer Na calms down. Writer Jijo insults her. Joo Ik offers straight talk to Writer Jijo. He doesn’t like that. Writer Na is chagrin to learn she threw Joo Ik’s laptop.

Doom and Dong Kyung take a walk. He holds her hand. They both smile. Doom flatters her. Dong Kyung blushes and smiles. They agree things changed between them when she visited his garden and breathed life back into it. They banter.

Doom walks Dong Kyung home. She teasingly invites him in for ramen. Doom accepts.

They are both surprised to find her brother, Aunt and her husband, grilling out. Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) offers to feed Doom. Her aunt’s husband offers a drink. Sun Kyung realizes he doesn’t know his name. Doom calls himself Kim Sa Ram.

Kang Soo Ja (Dong Kyung’s aunt) finds Dong Kyung’s funeral picture when looking for a bottle opener. Dong Kyung finds her crying over the photograph. She decides to say nothing and returns to the rooftop.

Aunt Kang brings the beer. Able to read minds, Doom knows what happened.

As they walk Doom asks her to tell him her feelings. He says he loves her. Dong Kyung says nothing. Doom tells her to talk about how sad and scared she is that she’s sick, and that she wants to live. Unable to articulate, Dong Kyung walks away.

Hyun Kyu returns to the penthouse apartment he shares with Joo Ik. Hyun Kyu announces he told Ji Na he wants to date. Joo Ik reminds him he wanted to tell him but Hyun Kyu walked away. Joo Ik admits he should have talked to him but he didn’t want to hurt his friend. He apologizes. Hyun Kyu tells him to go to sleep.

Ji Na texts Joo Ik about their interrupted conversation.

Dong Kyung works on her bucket list. She’s stoked by her aunt’s yummy breakfast.

Dong Kyung goes to the hospital to talk to Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god). Dong Kyung admits she’d previously resented god. But know that she knows god is tiny and work hard for humans, she feels different. Sonyeoshin tells Dong Kyung to love Doom and live life as she wants. She made Doom for humans.

Dong Kyung is surprised when her doctor invites her to his wedding in 3 months.

Doom meets her outside the hospital. He drives her home. He wants to with her all the time. Dong Kyung is impressed with his sweet talk.

Manager Jo apologizes to Doom for not realizing her true state. MJ says her wish is now for Dong Kyung’s health. Dong Kyung apologizes for the abrupt way she announced her illness. Manager Jo says the company isn’t the same without her. She asks who’s the guy watching him. Dong Kyung says that’s her boyfriend. Two more coworkers arrive and declare they miss her. They notice Doom’s steely stare. They urge Dong Kyung to call. Dong Kyung tells them not to work too hard.

Dong Kyung tells Doom he doesn’t have to follow her around. She admits being in her boyfriend’s car is nice.

With Doom watching Dong Kyung meets with Writer Kwi Gong Ja (boy band wanna be). She asks for his autograph for someone with cancer.  Recall the writer that with cancer that told Dong Kyung she was quitting. Writer Kwi signs. He notes he knows she’s sick. Dong Kyung confirms it. Writer Kwi takes her hand and signs her hand. He declares she’ll be okay. He muses about all the food she bought him. She asks from a writer’s perspective what are the happy ending options. If she chooses to love someone, the world is doomed. To save the world, someone she loves dies. Writer Kwi says the woman shouldn’t love. She’ll be sad but the world will be saved. Dong Kyung thanks him. Writer Kwi asks if she’s dating the guy over there. Dong Kyung confirms it. Writer Kwi gets a call from his manager and stands to leave after calling her noona (special female friend). Doom tries to trip him. Writer Kwi calls him immature and sticks his tongue out. Dong Kyung tells him to calm down.

Dong Kyung takes the autograph to the writer. She loves it. The writer asks how Dong Kyung is.  The writer wonders if Dong Kyung is reaching for happiness. Dong Kyung admits she loves life. The writer takes her hand. They smile.

Nice moment.

Dong Kyung chastised Doom for trying to smoke. He asks she want to get married. She’s surprised. Doom says married people want to live forever together and he does too. Dong Kyung says he’s rushing.

Dong Kyung takes Doom to her parent’s memorial at the columbarium. Doom greets her parents and declares he’s their daughter’s boyfriend. He asks for her hand in marriage. Dong Kyung says her father refuses.  Doom asks why she’s guarded with her truth. Dong Kyung says they have someplace to go.

Dong Kyung buys him a birthday cake. As they overlook the city, she lights the candle. She tells him to make a wish. She wishes him happy birthday. Doom asks who will fulfill her marriage. Dong Kyung says she will. Doom says his wish is to be able to let her live. Dong Kyung says she’s already living and living well because of him. Doom says he wishes for her to live happy and smiling for as long as possible. He asks her to think of him from time to time. He smiles. She smiles.

Sweet moment.

That evening, Dong Kyung crosses items off her bucket list, many she accomplished that day.

Doom looks at his birthday cake and thinks of Dong Kyung. He remembers Dong Kyung stating everyone she loves disappears.

Joo Ik meets with Ji Na the next day at her house. He confirms he gave her the red umbrella and doesn’t want it back. Ji Na offers to pay for his laptop. Joo Ik doesn’t care. He admits Writer Kwi hitting on her wasn’t acceptable. He wants to know what Hyun Kyu said to Ji Na. Just then Hyun Kyu calls Ji Na. She moves to answer. Joo Ik tells her to let him have his say and not take the call. Ji Na doesn’t answer the phone call. Joo Ik tells her that he lives with Hyun Kyu and they’ve been friends a long time. Even when they kissed. Ji Na is surprised.

Flashback…Joo Ik kisses a surprised Ji Na after waiting in the rain for Hyun Kyu. Flustered, she leaves with his umbrella. Hyun Kyu is surprised to see Joo Ik wet from the rain. Didn’t he have an umbrella? Joo Ik pushes Hyun Kyu into the elevator and tells him not to go out in the rain.

Joo Ik admits he wished that Ji Na and Hyun Kyu wouldn’t meet again. He thought the kiss was guarantee she wouldn’t return. He doesn’t regret that choice. He kissed her because he was certain that she needed to move on from Hyun Kyu and find her own truth. Ji Na realizes that she and Hyun Kyu could have worked it out. Joo Ik asks if that would have brought her happiness, being with a man that wasn’t ready for commitment or love. Joo Ik didn’t think so. Joo Ik admits he is telling her know to put it behind them.

Hmmm, he decided she’d be better without Hyun Kyu. That’s a bit arrogant.

Dong Kyung looks at the last item on her bucket list…leaving. She exits the bedroom and watches her aunt and brother sleep. She decides she must not love them to save them.

Walking down the street with her suitcase, Doom asks if she’s going somewhere. Doom admits he can tell what she’s thinking by looking at her face. He knew she was deciding to leave. Dong Kyung says it is time to break up and not meet again. She says humans don’t see each other when they break up. She’ll marry him when this is over and she’s survived. Doom asks if she planned this from the beginning. Dong Kyung confirms it. This is the way to save him and those she loves. Doom asks if she can forget all those she loves. Dong Kyung vows she’ll try her hardest in the time she has left. She admits she’s begun to love him. She apologizes for loving him. Doom takes her hand. Dong Kyung thanks him for everything. She releases his hand. She walks away. Doom stands there then turns and watches her go. In his hand is the bracelet he gave her.

Dong Kyung goes to the beach. She looks at the ocean. She thinks “To save everyone, to save you, I have to be lonely”.

Dong Kyung looks through memorabilia of her childhood. She smiles.

She remembers playing with her brother when they were young. She smiles.

She remembers her first encounter with Ji Na. She smiles.

She remembers chastising her brother. She smiles.

She remembers her aunt buying her food from a vendor. She smiles.

She sits and looks at the ocean. She gets out her bucket list. She crosses off leaving. She thinks “In order to live, I have to run away from everything I love. What is the meaning of life?” She tells herself she can do this. She’s surprised when Doom appears. He says she can’t hide from him. Finding humans on the brink of death is his specialty. She declares she doesn’t want to see him again. Doom offers his hand to recharge her. She refuses it. She declares breaking up means they don’t see each other. Doom counters that she’s not saying what she really thinks. He points out a critical moment she keeps her own counsel. Dong Kyung’s eyes fill with tears. She cries she wants to live. She wants to live with him, her aunt, brother and best friend. She sobs she wants to live. Doom holds her while she cries. He tells her he wants to live too. He wants to stay alive, live with her, die with her.

My Thoughts

Our leads admit their truth. Writer Im Meari gave our leads the moment they both needed; to be truthful, honest, and real with each other. Dong Kyung declares she didn’t want to die. She wanted to love him and her cadres of cadre of loved ones – her brother, her friend, and her aunt. She put on the brave face. But it wasn’t her truth. Doom declared he wanted to live. He wanted to love her, grow old with her and die with her. The other love triangle had moments of truth too. Hyun Kyu declared he wanted to date Ji Na again. The male friends had a moment of truth. Joo Ik spoke his truth to Ji Na. He admitted he and Hyun Kyu were roommates even when Ji Na and Hyun Kyu first dated. He admitted he believed breaking up with Hyun Kyu was the best thing for her. Is that a bit high handed?

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) marked items off her bucket list.  Lots of sweet moments between our leads and her cadre of loved ones. The moment she took the autograph to the writer with cancer was touching. The moment she celebrated Doom’s birthday was touching. Dong Kyung decided that her loneliness would save those she loved. That’s a tough choice for any viewer to applaud. I was relieved when Doom tracked her down.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) declared he wanted to live. This couple has found themselves. Yes, they are still exploring the steps they’ll take, but there’s no doubt they love each other. I’m enjoying Doom’s personal path. Yes, he’s there for Dong Kyung. But he’s evolving too. Can any woman be immune to Seo In Guk’s soulful gazes?

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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6 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 10
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Kjt (or any other readers) maybe you can help me connect some dots? Our second leads romance triangle hardly feels connected to the first leads. I agree that their story has interesting elements (and I do usually enjoy Lee Soo Hyuk) but I don’t see how it fits with the theme of living and dying that is our main story. Ji Na’s friendship with Dong Kyung is the only touch point I see. Dong Kyung is barely connected to Team Leader and not at all connected to Cafe Boy that I can see. Am I missing something? Maybe something to do with the brothers’ father?

    I know that this is ‘just’ a KR drama fantasy romance but one of the things I like about Dramas is being presented with ideas to consider… like how to respond when you know you have a short time to live. I am relatively old, 15 or 20 more years is probably max for me. I like seeing the different perspectives being raised by our characters thanks to writer Im.

    Am enjoying the series. Thanks for the recaps kjt.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I understand what you are saying DD, primarily because I don’t see much of a connection either … I thought maybe I had not paid enough attention to them. I’ve only seen 5 episodes so far and sometimes it takes getting half way through or more for some of the side storylines to come together. I figure there has to be a point. I’m going to play closer attention from. Now on.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Our second leads romance triangle hardly feels connected to the first leads.
      DD, I agree with you and JT that the connection is only through Dong Kyung’s best friend status with Ji Na and former worker status for Team Lead. The connection to Doom isn’t obvious at this point. The writer’s are focusing on Dong Kyung’s inner circle and Ji Na is her best friend, her brother works at the cafe…that’s all I got.

      I like seeing the different perspectives being raised by our characters thanks to writer Im.
      Death is a certainty we all ignore until we can’t.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Joo Ik referred to Hyun Kyu as trash when talking to Ji Na AND he admitted he kept Ji Na away from Hyun Kyu. Why would Joo Ik choose to let Hyun Kyu live with him when he considered his roommate to be trash❓⁉️ “He [Joo Ik] admitted he believed breaking up with Hyun Kyu was the best thing for her [Ji Na]. Is that a bit high handed?” -KJT. Yes it was high handed. Both of these men have taken their time confessing to Ji Na. Maybe it’s time for Ji Na to start something with someone totally new…

    “Dong Kyung decided that her loneliness would save those she loved. That’s a tough choice for any viewer to applaud. I was relieved when Doom tracked her down.” -KJT. It was a tough choice logically, but I couldn’t see Dong Kyung realistically forgetting the people she loves. I was glad Myul Mang/Doom tracked her down too.

    “Can any woman be immune to Seo In Guk’s soulful gazes?” -KJT. Not me … I do believe I would be done in if he looked at me like that. I enjoyed Myul Mang/Doom staying be Dong Kyung’s side … his jealousy … even him trying to trip the teenage writer.

    I also enjoyed Dong Kyung visiting Sonyeoshin, telling the youthful goddess how much she resented her, but now has a different perspective. Dong Kyung taking time to understand other’s paradigms is one of her characteristics that makes her so likeable.


    • Both of these men have taken their time confessing to Ji Na.
      Kdramas tend to like long lead times with confessions and soulful pining, but both men wasted years where they and Ji Na could have been happy.

      Not me … I do believe I would be done in if he looked at me like that.
      Yep, those glances melt the brain.

      Dong Kyung taking time to understand other’s paradigms is one of her characteristics that makes her so likeable.
      Excellent point.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “both men wasted years where they and Ji Na could have been happy.” -KJT. Good point; which leaves me inclined to have her someone to love that has no relationship with either of these slow pokes.

        Liked by 1 person

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