Doom at Your Service Episode 9

Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) remembers when he wanted to be human. Eat, sleep, love like humans. But he can’t die and isn’t human. His job is to observe humans.

Doom tells her to choose – the world or her. Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) sees her Aunt Kang Soo Ja (from Canada).   She runs away and her aunt chases not happy that Dong Kyung kept the truth of her illness a secret.

When the door rings, Writer Na Ji Na is surprised to find Lee Hyun Kyu, her first love, on the other side of the door. Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) waits for her to return to their meeting. Ji Na shuts the door in Hyun Kyu’s face and says she’ll meet him downstairs. She tells Joo Ik that she’s going to talk to Hyun Kyu and asks him to postpone their meeting. Joo Ik is agreeable but not thrilled.

At the coffee shop, Hyun Kyu tells Ji Na he missed her. That’s why he returned to Korea. That’s why he went to the reunion. That’s why he tracked her down. Ji Na says he always does what he wants.

Flashback…Ji Na is livid that she learned Hyun Kyu was leaving to study abroad from others. He apologizes. Ji Na says he does what he wants. Hyun Kyu says they don’t have to break up.

Ji Na points out it was better to break up. Hyun Kyu admits he has regretted his choice. Ji Na admits she waited but 9 years is a long time. She notes even now she follows him. But she can’t forget that loving him hasn’t been a positive force. She won’t keep doing it. Hyun Kyu admits he still cares. Ji Na walks away. Hyun Kyu sighs.

Dong Kyung hides behind Doom as Aunt Kang chases her down. Aunt Kang gets her in a headlock.

Inside Dong Kyung apartment, Aunt Kang eyes Doom and forces him to sit next to her. Aunt Kang introduces herself to Doom calling him Dong Kyung’s boyfriend. Dong Kyung asks where Aunt Kang got the idea she Doom was her boyfriend. Aunt Kang shows the picture Dong Kyung’s brother texted him.  Aunt Kang wonders why the boyfriend there so late. Dong Kyung hustles him out the door. She tells him she’ll call. Doom can’t help but smile.

Aunt Kang knows why Dong Kyung didn’t tell her about her illness so as not to be a burden. She tells Dong Kyung to be herself and not worry about her aunt’s mood. Aunt Kang’s suitcase is filled with clothes for Dong Kyung. Aunt Kang declares Dong Kyung will live to wear them all. Aunt Kang says she’s loved sharing her life with Dong Kyung, she’s never been a burden.

Hyun Kyu returns to his apartment. He’s surprised to read a text from Ji Na on Joo Ik’s phone. Joo Ik takes his phone just as Hyun Kyu reaches for it.

Doom returns to his apartment. Dong Kyung calls him. She tells him her aunt doesn’t know she’s calling. Doom smiles. Doom notes the resemblance between Dong Kyung’s mother and aunt. Dong Kyung shares they were twins. She found it comforting. She thanks Doom for taking her back in time so she could see her parents. She promises to carefully consider her wish. Doom wishes her goodnight. Dong Kyung asks for a favor.

The next day, Doom poses as Dong Kyung’s doctor and meets with Aunt Kang and Dong Kyung. He declares Dong Kyung doesn’t need immediate treatment. He believes there is a chance she will live.

Outside Aunt Kang says her husband Kevin is finding a house they can all live in while she’s in country. She tells Dong Kyung to go see her boyfriend. Aunt Kang goes to meet her husband.

Doom meets her outside. She takes him to a store and gets him a phone. They exchange numbers. Doom calls her and suggests they play. Smiles all around.


They go to a school. Doom gives Dong Kyung a camera. Inside a student waits with his grandmother hoping that the teacher will arrive to give him his diploma. The teacher arrives. It’s Doom. Recall other humans don’t see the real face of Doom, only Dong Kyung does. The student is thrilled his teacher came. Dong Kyung enters and takes pictures of the trio.

Doom shares the real teacher has likely reached heaven’s garden. Dong Kyung shares she’s seen a patient several times. Doom says she’s a perpetually born, sick for life, then dies.  Her suffering and sacrifice is for the world’s sake. He says that is the work of god. Dong Kyung muses that her suffering is nothing in comparison. Doom makes the world stop for 1 second. He tells her in that moment, the world was perfect. She muses that second felt like eternity.

Aunt Kang and her husband visits her sister’s memorial at the columbarium. She tells her sister to wait longer for Dong Kyung.

Dong Kyung’s voiceover…loving forever is hard, forgetting forever is possible. We always live in the moment.

Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) makes lattes for customers at the coffee shop.

Ji Na stares at the title of her writing.

Dong Kyung stares at the name she gave Doom in her contact list. She calls him and invites him to join her.

At a department store, Dong Kyung declares they have a purpose. She’s going to spend money and he’s going to watch. She buys a bunch of sneakers. She buys Ji Na a beautiful pen. She lobbies for a purse for Aunt Kang from another customer who wants it when she declares she’s terminally ill.

Dong Kyung declares the next gift is for her. She wants to take a picture with Doom. He reminds her of the funeral picture she had taken in anticipation of her death. She declares this picture is for her.  Doom puts his arm around her. She takes a picture by clicking the remote.

Dong Kyung loves her pictures. She takes Doom’s phone and transfers a picture to his phone and sets it as his wallpaper. He tells her he’ll see her later.

Doom transports her to one location after another. He’s always there. They eat delicious food. She wishes they could do this in rea life. Her aunt, brother and Ji Na arrive. Ji Na signs the check with her pen. They enjoy the meal. Smiles all round.

Sweet moment.

Dong Kyung wakes from the lovely dream. She finds Aunt Kang, her brother and Ji Na in the living room ready to share a meal.  Dong Kyung sits down and they enjoy the meal. Smiles all round.

Sweet moment.

Doom arrives at the hospital and goes to the room where Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god) is. Her back is to him. Doom promises to do his best to be good. He thanks her for allowing him to be born. She cries as blood comes from her nose.

At work, CEO Park can’t believe it when the team informs him many of the writers won’t resign. He tells Team Lead Cha to fix this. Team Lead Cha says the CEO created the problem and should be fixed by the CEO. Team Lead Cha takes offense at how the CEO treats the team and adjourns the meeting.

Joo Ik stares at his text messages from Ji Na. He knows Hyun Kyu saw it. His coworkers ask why he’s distracted. Joo Ik decides to take the day off.

CEO Park goes to the coffee shop. At the coffee shop, Sun Kyung apologizes for getting drunk the other night. Hyun Kyu thanks him for his advice. Joo Ik arrives and asks to talk to Hyun Kyu who isn’t enthusiastic. The building owner (Joo Ik’s father) arrives. CEO Park recognizes him. The building owner grouses that his son is wasting his life. Hyun Kyu approaches and pretends to be the son. Joo Ik leaves when Hyun Kyu gives him a nod. Hyun Kyu realizes Ji Na was with Joo Ik the other day when he stepped outside the coffee shop.

The two friends go up the elevator to the penthouse apartment. Hyun Kyu asks what Joo Ik wanted to talk about. Joo Ik says they’ll talk upstairs. Hyun Kyu asks how Joo Ik knows Ji Na. Joo Ik wants to discuss it upstairs. Hyun Kyu decides he’s got somewhere to go.

At the laundromat, Ji Na is surprised when Hyun Kyu calls. She tells him where she is. He arrives. He asks if she’s seeing anyone. He doesn’t care, he wants to date her, he still likes her. Ji Na is speechless.

Doom offers his hand to a waiting Dong Kyung. She doesn’t let go even though the recharge is complete. She asks if he’d be able to grant her more life if that were her wish. He can’t. Dong Kyung isn’t surprised. She releases his hand. She knows he knows others thoughts. That they look at her in pain, knowing she’s dying. Doom confirms it.  She asks what he thinks. She notes he implores her to live but looks dead. Doom tells her to live. Dong Kyung tells him to leave and walks away.

Doom goes to a dying tree. A man stands next to him and says they are dying too. All living creatures die.  He leaves.

Doom decides he can’t ignore Dong Kyung like he does most humans. She brings purpose to his existence. He runs to her.

Dong Kyung looks at her bracelet.

Doom arrives. They lock eyes. He doesn’t want to lose her. He heads to the rooftop. He doesn’t want to waste the time they have left. He tells Dong Kyung he loves her. He declares he’s in love with her. They lock eyes.

50 days until she dies…

My Thoughts

Dong Kyung doesn’t want to die. Writer Im Meari had Dong Kyung surrounded with her cadre of loved ones – her brother, her friend, and her aunt. She isn’t ready to die. Doom and Dong Kyung had several lovely moments – meeting the student, shopping, the picture, the phone, the dream and the rooftop. Hyun Kyu realized it was Ji Na who Joo Ik spun around. Hyun Kyu realized Ji Na texted Joo Ik. Hyun Kyu realized Joo Ik was keeping it from him. Boldly he told Ji Na that he didn’t care if she cared for someone else. He was her first and he still wants her. This trio has caught my interest.

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) shopped for those she loved and realized time with them is precious.  Dong Kyung is lucky that Doom makes her disease pain free. It allowed her to live a more normal life. She shopped, ‘shipped her boyfriend, and was surprised (but not surprised?) when he admitted he loves her.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) declared he loved Dong Kyung. It’s been obvious he’s falling for her. Their moments together have a lovely rapport and acceptance of each other. Sonyeoshin was bleeding with Doom visited her in the hospital. Is she suffering because he loves Dong Kyung?

The fourth song of the OST is “I Want to be With You” sung by Gummy.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    When Hyun Kyu realized Joo Ik was his competition for his first love, he finally got a backbone to go after Ji Na … is it too late❓⁉️ Hyun Kyu has been so lackluster in his attentions I’m not sure I care.

    Dong Kyung and Myul Mang/Doom continued to do things for each other as their bond goes stronger. I did not expect Myul Mang/Doom to admit yo Dong Kyung that he loved her.
    “Sonyeoshin was bleeding with Doom visited her in the hospital. Is she suffering because he loves Dong Kyung?” -KJT. That is the $64,000 question … I suspect yes, but it is still unclear. Is Dong Kyung’s death in 50 days a given❓⁉️ Can her “fate” be changed❓⁉️


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