Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 11

After stealing into the jail Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri) sees Ba Woo and rushes to him. Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) turns and rushes to her. He orders her to leave. She cries. He asks what is wrong. She cries harder. He asks if she’s okay. She takes his hands and asks if he’s okay. Ba Woo assures her he is fine and unfazed. He tells her to take care of herself. Soo Kyung apologizes. Tears fill Ba Woo’s eyes. She says all his troubles began with her. He tells her to leave and not come back. He can’t look at her. Soo Kyung sees his pain, his dead but alive status, and the loneliness. She touches his face with tenderness. She wonders how he lived with that much pain. Ba Woo stares into her tear-filled eyes. He touchers her face with tenderness. Soo Kyung’s heart breaks that he gave it all up for her. Ba Woo sobs as he holds her hands.

Chun Bae (Ba Woo’s partner) keeps the jail’s guard busy with food and drink.

After they’ve calmed down, Ba Woo asks Soo Kyung to leave and not come back. He’d go crazy if something happened to her. Soo Kyung agrees but tells Ba Woo to stay alive until they meet again. Ba Woo promises. Soo Kyung doesn’t want him to risk his life for her anymore. Ba Woo swears he’ll do his best to stay alive and return to her side. He asks her to safe until that day. Soo Kyung agrees. Ba Woo says they’ll discuss their personal relationship at that time. He has a request for Soo Kyung.

Soo Kyung spots Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) entering the jail. She gives Chun Bae Vice Premiere Lee’s treasonous letter that Ba Woo stole and intended to trade for his mother and sister. She tells him to take the letter to the monk at the temple and explain Ba Woo’s situation. Soo Kyung says this is urgent and he must hurry. Chun Bae departs.

Dae Yeob asks if Soo Kyung knows Ba Woo’s true identity. Recall Ba Woo is the grandson of the prince and father-in-law of the previous king Seon Jo and his real name is Kim Dae Seok. Soo Kyung confirms she knows his identity and that his mother & sister held hostage by Dae Yeob’s father. Soo Kyung doesn’t care who Ba Woo is. He’s the man who rescued her and gave her a new life. He gave us his revenge intentions for her. Dae Yeob offers her a deal. If she’ll give up Ba Woo, he’ll live. That promise would be a lie. She tells Dae Yeob not to do anything on her behalf, do it on his own behalf. A tear rolls down her and she leave. Dae Yeob knows everything he does for her it on his behalf.

Court Lady Jo is relieved when Soo Kyung returns. She says there’s something she must share about Ba Woo.

The book shop owner Sa can’t believe they are in jail for creating and selling titillating books. What will happen to them?

Court Lady Jo can’t believe Ba Woo’s identity and that Vice Premiere Lee is plotting treason. Court Lady Jo asks if Dae Yeob knows. Soo Kyung confirms it. Court Lady Jo declares Ba Woo’s life is in Dae Yeob’s hands.

Dae Yeob gives Ba Woo an identity badge. He warns him to keep the book shop owner Sa quiet. Ba Woo agrees.

Captives in Vice Premiere Lee’s home, BY’s sister and mother can’t sleep. His mother encourages her daughter to stay strong for Ba Woo’s sake.

Vice Premiere Lee (Dae Yeob’s father) recalls the terms of the trade. Ba Woo’s mother and sister for the treason letter.

Chun Bae arrives at the temple and calls to the monk. No one is there.

Under Dae Yeob’s watchful eyes, Ba Woo and the book shop owner Sa are taken from the jail, their faces covered. Watching Soo Kyung knows that indicates high crimes. Court Lady Jo can’t believe titillating books is a high crime.  Dae Yeob men take them away. Soo Kyung watches and worries.

Back home, Cha Dol (Ba Woo’s son) declares the monk has arrived. The women greet him.

Court Lady Jo and Cha Dol eat together.

The monk says the letter was the critical component to make the trade. Can they ask for more time? The monk agrees that is their best option. The monk wonders if Dae Yeob could be a delivery mechanism.

Dae Yeob brings Ba Woo and the book shop owner Sa to Lee Won Yeob (Dae Yeob’s brother and Vice Premiere’s eldest son), identifying them as the creator and seller of banned titillating books. Won Yeob orders them questioned. Dae Yeob provides his brother the sales ledger. Won Yeob says they have bigger problems.

Won Yeob reveals their father is plotting a coup d’état to remove King Gwanghae (Soo Kyung’s father). Dae Yeob asks who their father’s allies are. Won Yeob shares the letter from their father to the Ming’s Emperor’s right-hand man would have secured the powerful ally but the letter was stolen. They must find the letter or the family is destroyed. Won Yeob tells Dae Yeob to return home and wait for instructions.

Dae Yeob meets with his father who confirms treason is the only way. He notes his soft-hearted son could never support him because of his love for Soo Kyung. Dae Yeob admits his father was correct. His father asks if Dae Yeob will support him now. Dae Yeob declares he’ll never disappoint his father again.

That’s why Dae Yeob’s father swapped him out as Soo Kyung’s bride. He hoped to control and use Dae Yeob and needed him out of Soo Kyung’s influence.

Ba Woo’s mother and sister are brought to Vice Premiere Lee. Premiere Lee’s guard commander Tae Chul confirms everything is ready per his orders. Won Yeob tells the mother they are going to see their son. She refuses to go screaming she won’t be bait. She begs to be killed. Dae Yeob puts his sword to her daughter’s throat and declares she’s dead unless she cooperates. Vice Premiere Lee nods his approval.

Everyone arrives at the meeting location on time. Ba Woo isn’t there. Dae Yeob says nothing.

I LOVE that Dae Yeob has Ba Woo that close and no one knows. Brilliant!

Ba Woo knows he’s missed the meeting to trade the letter for his mother and sister.

After waiting 2 hours, Ba Woo’s mother sneers her son wouldn’t fall for this trap. Vice Premiere Lee orders everyone to return home.

Dae Yeob tells his father there must be reason Ba Woo didn’t show. He reminds his father Ba Woo broke into his bedroom to make the deal in the dead of night. Dae Yeob doesn’t think Ba Woo abandoned his family. Dae Yeob points out Ba Woo could have taken the letter to the king but didn’t because his family is more important.

Flashback… Vice Premiere Lee points out Ba Woo could die. Ba Woo scoffs that he doesn’t fear death. Vice Premiere Lee counters that Ba Woo fears for the safety of his mother and sister. Vice Premiere Lee reveals he’s followed Ba Woo and knows his cares about Soo Kyung. Vice Premiere Lee scoffs that Ba Woo is too tender hearted and couldn’t put those he loves in a worse situation for revenge. Ba Woo goes to strike but pulls back. Ba Woo declares that Vice Premiere Lee is an evil schemer.

Vice Premiere Lee agree to wait. Dae Yeob declares Ba Woo’s mother and sister guarantee Ba Woo will cooperate. Vice Premiere Lee order Won Yeob to safeguard the household weapons and take a contingent of men outside the compound to watch and be ready to strike. Dae Yeob suggests they use the forbidden book, Kim Ja Jaeom’s mocking of Won Yeob’s inability to control the viral book, to their advantage and teach the king and his supporters a lesson. Vice Premiere Lee considers attacking the king’s allies in the west. If the king doesn’t support his western allies, they’ll know he doesn’t have the letter. Won Yeob declares this a stellar idea. Vice Premiere Lee asks if Won Yeob has the evidence to justify an attack. Won Yeob declares the sales ledger will suffice. He’ll redact sales from Vice Premiere Lee’s allies.  Vice Premiere Lee orders Won Yeob not to fail.

Dae Yeob is playing high stakes poker!

Dae Yeob visits Ba Woo’s mother and sister. He motions them to silence. He gives them food and tells them keep quiet if they want to see Ba Woo alive. He tells Tae Chul that Ba Woo’s family won’t talk yet. Tae Chul says starvation will make them talk. Dae Yeob agrees.

Ba Woo’s sister eats the food. Ba Woo’s mother chastiser her. Ba Woo’s sister doesn’t care and eats. Ba Woo’s mother can’t believe her daughter would take food from the enemy. Ba Woo’s sister believes Ba Woo has a plan. Ba Woo’s mother can’t live if Ba Woo dies trying to save them. Ba Woo’s sister declares she was taken away during her wedding ceremony. She admits she’s afraid for her brother.

Ba Woo waits in his cell. Dae Yeob arrives.

In a private room, Ba Woo asks if Dae Yeob has come to discuss the letter and the failed trade. Dae Yeob asks where the letter is. Ba Woo asks if Dae Yeob is worried about being declared a traitor’s son just like him. Ba Woo claims he doesn’t care about a coup d’état, he only wants his mother and sister safe. Dae Yeob believes him and shares that his father doesn’t know where Ba Woo is. He asks where the letter is. Ba Woo won’t say. Dae Yeob declares Soo Kyung is in danger and he must know. Ba Woo reveals the letter isn’t on his person. Dae Yeob asks Ba Woo to promise he won’t do anything rash with the letter. Ba Woo can’t believe Dae Yeob would believe his promise. Dae Yeob may not like him, but he knows Ba Woo has honor. Dae Yeob reveals he plans to save Ba Woo’s mother and sister. He asks Ba Woo if he’ll trust him with their lives.

Dae Yeob continues to thread the needle!

The book shop owner Sa redacts names in a new ledger under Won Yeob’s direction.

At the royal court, Won Yeob relays the extent of the banned book’s reach and offers the king the sales ledger. The ministers (including Kim Ja Jaeom) request the king punish the purchasers of the book no matter the rank. The king declares the sales ledger is only one piece of evidence. He orders the purchasers brought to him for questioning.

Won Yeob tells his father the king’s reaction indicated he does not have the letter. Vice Premiere Lee wants the court ladies to report anything they hear. He tells Won Yeob that Kim Ja Jaeom will want to join in the questioning. Won Yeob says Dae Yeob is at the jail now. Dae Yeob is pleased with Won Yeob. The fewer that know the truth, the better. Finally their family is of one mind. Dae Yeob has come into the fold.


The king complains to Court Lady Kim that Kim Ja Jaeom’s tactic to shame Vice Premiere Lee’s family through the banned book was a bust. Court Lady Kim agrees the recent promotions the king just made could be overturned if his allies bought the banned book. The king calls for his personal guard, Jung Yeong, and order him to kill the creator and seller of banned titillating books when they are brought to the royal investigation bureau. Surprised but dutiful, Jung Yeong agrees. Court Lady Kim suggests the guise of suicide would make the murders more palatable.  The king agrees. He tells them to leave so he can rest.

An anxious Kim Ja Jaeom asks Court Lady Kim about the king’s response. She snaps he made this mess; he’ll have to clean it up. She declares if the king’s most powerful ally is killed because of this mess, he’s doomed too.

Chun Bae catches Dae Yeob’s attention.

Chun Bae reports that Ba Woo has been moved to a more secure location, the royal investigation bureau. Soo Kyung and Court Lady Jo are aghast. Ba Woo reveals the Vice Premiere Lee is using the redacted sales ledger to round up and destroy the king’s allies. Soo Kyung asks if Chun Bae can steal the original sales ledger. Chun Bae points out Ba Woo was the expert thief not home. Chun Bae is worried that when Vice Premiere Lee realizes Ba Woo is in the royal investigation bureau, he’ll be killed.

Their faces covered, Ba Woo and book shop owner Sa are taken away for questioning at the royal investigation bureau. Won Yeob suggests their deaths would make sure the redacted sales ledger never comes to light. Dae Yeob points out the royal investigation bureau is outside Won Yeob’s jurisdiction. Won Yeob shrugs that a hired assassin doesn’t care about jurisdiction. Dae Yeob believes the risk is too great. If Won Yeob will arrange a visit, Dae Yeob will handle the situation with the prisoners.

Dae Yeob tells Ba Woo the book shop owner Sa must die and orders him to kill him. Ba Woo is taken aback. Dae Yeob declares if book shop owner Sa ever talks, Soo Kyung’s life is in danger. Ba Woo promises book shop owner Sa won’t talk. Dae Yeob reminds Ba Woo that he promised to do as he said.

Soo Kyung says the only way is to steal the original sales ledger. She declares she’ll steal the ledger. Court Lady Jo hates the idea and suggests Dae Yeob is a better option. Soo Kyung refuses to ask Dae Yeob. Court Lady Jo reminds her that Dae Yeob promised to save Ba Woo if Soo Kyung did as he ordered. Court Lady Jo believes Dae Yeob is the better match for Soo Kyung. Chun Bae disagrees. They argue. Soo Kyung declares stealing the ledger is the only way. Court Lady Jo offers to act as lookout.

The tension builds!

Ba Woo stares at the sleeping book shop owner Sa and recalls Dae Yeob’s order to kill the man. Ba Woo wrestles with the order. The door to their cell is opened and a masked Jung Yeong enters to kill them. Fighting ensues. Jung Yeong realizes one of the men is the man that saved the king’s daughter from certain death.  Dae Yeob enters the cell, puts his sword at the masked Jung Yeong’s face and demands he reveal himself. Jung Yeong knows he can’t comply. Fighting ensues. Jung Yeong flees. Ba Woo sees the book shop owner Sa is dead. Ba Woo believes Vice Premiere Lee sent an assassin. Dae Yeob swears his father did not. Ba Woo asks who sent the assassin.

The king can’t believe Dae Yeob thwarted Jung Yeong. He realizes Dae Yeob and Ba Woo are working together. He orders the last known location of Ba Woo, Jemulpo, searched.

Won Yeob and Dae Yeob agree that the king ordered the creator and seller of banned titillating books killed. Vice Premiere Lee believes this confirms the king doesn’t have the letter. Won Yeob asks why Dae Yeob didn’t let the assassin kill the creator. Dae Yeob says it could cause issues for them. Vice Premiere Lee notes the creator doesn’t know about the redacted sales ledger. Won Yeob wonders what the king will say in the morning meeting.

In the morning meeting, the king feigns outrage that the royal investigation bureau was breached by an assassin.  Vice Premiere Lee suggests finding out who sent the assassin is the real priority. The king and Kim Ja Jaeom are riveted as Vice Premiere Lee suggests interrogating the purchasers of the banned titillating book will identity who sent the assassin. The king authorizes this. Kim Ja Jaeom knows Vice Premiere Lee is up to something.

Kim Ja Jaeom tells Court Lady Kim no one from their group sent the assassin. He suggests the king did. Court Lady Kim calls him disrespectful. Kim Ja Jaeom wants to check the royal investigation bureau. Court Lady Kim orders him to find a way to thwart Vice Premiere Lee.

Following his gut, Kim Ja Jaeom goes to the royal investigation bureau. He’s taken to the creator’s cell. Ba Woo spots him. Kim Ja Jaeom can’t believe his eyes. He orders the cell unlocked. Kim Ja Jaeom demands to know why Ba Woo is there. Ba Woo says he got caught as the creator of the book. Kim Ja Jaeom scoffs that Ba Woo and Soo Kyung leave a wake of chaos where ever they go.

Vice Premiere Lee arrives at the prison to see the creator of the banned books. Won Yeob leads the way.

Ba Woo reports the assassin’s face was masked. Ba Woo asks Kim Ja Jaeom to stop Vice Premiere Lee from visiting because he knows his face. Kim Ja Jaeom points out Vice Premiere Lee will be there for official interrogation. Ba Woo only wants Vice Premiere Lee blocked until that point.

When Kim Ja Jaeom exits the area, he sees Vice Premiere Lee and Won Yeob. He tells Won Yeob they can’t enter. Won Yeob takes offense. Kim Ja Jaeom reminds them that Vice Premiere Lee believes the culprit benefits from the assignation. Kim Ja Jaeom suggests Won Yeob might have had something to do with it. Won Yeob declares that absurd and draws his sword. Vice Premiere Lee smiles and tells his son they will leave. Won Yeob can’t believe it. Vice Premiere Lee notes this isn’t the right time but their time will come. Kim Ja Jaeom wonders who sent the assassin because it doesn’t look the Vice Premiere Lee did.

Cha Dol sees Jung Yeong watching the house and asks who he is and why he’s snooping. Jung Yeong smiles and says the boy must be the son of the owner of the house. Cha Dol denies it. Jung Yeong notes children shouldn’t lie. Cha Dol asks if Jung Yeong knows his father. Jung Yeong confirms this. He asks where the adults are. He asks where the boy’s mother is.

It’s dark, a masked Soo Kyung, Chun Bae, and Court Lady Jo make their way to Vice Premiere Lee’s compound. Soo Kyung goes over the wall. Court Lady Jo orders Chun Bae to protect Soo Kyung. Chun Bae swears he will and hugs Court Lady Jo. She pushes him away. Chun Bae declares they’ll succeed.  He goes over the wall, though he needs a boost from Court Lady Jo.


Chun Bae is forced to follow Soo Kyung but they get separated when patrols cross their paths. Little do they know a masked Vice Premiere Lee is also there to steal the original sales ledger. Dae Yeob watches a masked person enter his brother’s bedroom, which he intends to search.

Court Lady Jo enters Won Yeob’s bedroom and begins to search. She knocks over an empty bottle of drink. Won Yeob stirs but doesn’t wake.

The tension builds!

She continues the search. Won Yeob wakes and groggily asks if it is his wife. Soo Kyung turns. Won Yeob sees the mask. Soo Kyung smashes a vase on Won Yeob’s head. She flees. Won Yeob calls out that a thief is in the compound. She runs. The guards pursue. A masked Chun Bae motions her into a storage room. Tae Chul tells the guards to search every room. Chun Bae motions for Soo Kyung not make noise. Tae Chul eyes the storage room. He draws his sword and approaches. Chun Bae sees him coming. They back into the room. Soo Kyung sees the hot embers in the fire.

The tension builds!

When Tae Chul opens the door, Chun Bae throws hot embers at him. They run. Tae Chul yells to his men. The guards surround Chun Bae and Soo Kyung.  A masked Dae Yeob leaps into the fray. He, Chun Bae and Soo Kyung lock eyes. He motions for them to flee. They run. A fight ensues. Tae Chul personally fights the masked Dae Yeob. When light falls on Dae Yeob’s face, Tae Chul recognizes him. He pulls back a bit. Dae Yeob flees. The guards pursue.

Tae Chul enters Dae Yeob’s bedroom. Dae Yeob asks what the matter is. Tae Chul states there is a thief in the compound. Dae Yeob acts surprised. He points to the bottle of drink on the table and admits he over indulged and thus slept deeply. He asks if the thief was caught. Tae Chul reports the thief got away. Dae Yeob wonders if it was Kim Dae Seok. Tae Chul notes the thief wasn’t as stealthy as Kim Dae Seok. Dae Yeob says he’ll dress and join the search. Tae Chul exits. Dae Yeob pulls back the bed clothes and holds the original sales ledger.

Soo Kyung reports Dae Yeob was the masked man that allowed them to escape. Court Lady Jo loves it. Soo Kyung points out they still have the letter which could be traded for the original sales ledger. Chun Bae counters that letter is the leverage they need to free Ba Woo’s mother and sister. Soo Kyung counters freeing Ba Woo is the priority. Chun Bae doesn’t think Ba Woo would agree with the trade.

The tired trio returns home where Cha Dol is waiting. He reports a man was watching the house yesterday. That gets the trio’s attention. Then Cha Dol reports there’s a strange book in the main hut. Soo Kyung, Chun Bae and Court Lady Jo can’t believe the original sales ledger is on the floor. They wonder if Dae Yeob brought it to them. Chun Bae realizes the man watching the house could have left the sales ledger. Court Lady Jo declares only Dae Yeob would have done it. Chun Bae counters that Dae Yeob’s family wants Ba Woo dead. Soo Kyung tells them to be quiet. They all look at the sales ledger. Court Lady Jo is startled to find Vice Premiere Lee’s wife purchased the book. Soo Kyung declares this sale ledger will save Ba Woo. Soo Kyung leaves with the ledger much to the chagrin of Court Lady Jo and Chun Bae.

Won Yeob suggests Kim Dae Seok stole the ledger. Dae Yeob point out Kim Dae Seok would have attempted to extract his mother and sister. Dae Yeob suggests it was Kim Ja Jaeom. He points out Kim Ja Jaeom has been openly critical of Won Yeob. Outraged, Won Yeob declares Kim Ja Jaeom is the culprit.

Kim Ja Jaeom is shocked to find a masked person in his bedroom. Soo Kyung reveals herself. She gives Kim Ja Jaeom the original sales ledger. She notes Vice Premiere Lee’s wife and other allies purchased the banned book. She suggests this sales ledger could cause trouble for Vice Premiere Lee, his allies, and his eldest son. She has a request in exchange for the original sales ledger.

Kim Ja Jaeom and Court Lady Kim take the original sales ledger to the king. They request their recently stripped allies be restored to power. The king scoffs that any plan Kim Ja Jaeom has brought forth has ended in disaster. Court Lady Kim requests one more chance. The king demands a better plan. He goes through his allies and finds them lacking. He wishes there was a male survivor from the household of Kim Jae Nam (Ba Woo’s grandfather, Vice Premiere Lee framed and killed). Knowing this is the time, Kim Ja Jaeom reveals Kim Jae Nam’s grandson is alive. That gets the king’s attention. That gets Court Lady Jo’s attention. That gets Jung Yeong’s attention. Kim Ja Jaeom reports he saw and spoke to Kim Jae Nam’s grandson recently. The king demands to know where he is. Kim Ja Jaeom reveals Kim Jae Nam’s grandson is being held in the royal investigation bureau and charged with being the creator of the banned book. The king stares at Jung Yeong who looks at the king in shock. Court Lady Kim demands to know he’s only sharing this now. Kim Ja Jaeom begs to be killed. The king orders them to leave.

Court Lady Kim warns Kim Ja Jaeom if he hides the truth from her again, he’ll pay. Kim Ja Jaeom has one more thing to tell her. Court Lady Kim can’t believe that Soo Kyung is alive and Kim Ja Jaeom hid that fact. Kim Ja Jaeom counters he had no choice. Court Lady Kim orders him to catch Soo Kyung. They can’t tell the king she’s alive or they are both out of the king’s favor. Kim Ja Jaeom claims he’ll catch Soo Kyung.

The king is reeling from the reveal that Ba Woo is Kim Jae Nam’s grandson. Jung Yeong believes that Soo Kyung could still be alive after watching Kim Ja Jaeom. That gets the king’s attention. He declares they must start the official interrogation straight away.

The next day the official interrogation begins. All the ministers are present. The king enters. He orders the prisoner brought forward. Ba Woo, his face covered, is led to the interrogation chair. He’s seated. Won Yeob orders the prisoner’s face revealed. It’s Ba Woo. Vice Premiere Lee’s eyes bug out in shock.

Ba Woo looks into Vice Premiere Lee’s shocked face.


My Thoughts

Flawless episode. Writers Kim Ji Soo and Park Cheol kept the reveals, twists and turns throughout the entire episode. There was no filler. This was a masterful episode. Every character added to the swirl. I loved the utter shock on Vice Premiere Lee’s face when Ba Woo’s face was revealed. Priceless!

Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) managed not to be discovered by Vice Premiere Lee. Ba Woo escaped Jung Yeong’s sword. The king’s man recognized Ba Woo as the man that saved Soo Kyung from Vice Premiere Lee’s guards and hesitated to kill him. Then Dae Yeob arrived and saved the day. Kim Ja Jaeom couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the prisoner was Ba Woo. Having no choice, Ba Woo asked Kim Ja Jaeom to keep Vice Premiere Lee away. Only because that helped Kim Ja Jaeom, he complied. What would Ba Woo say if he knew Soo Kyung tried to steal the original sales ledger?

Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri) risked capture for Ba Woo. I’m a sucker when the girl saves the guy. Soo Kyung did her best to save Ba Woo. The episode started with their pledge to stay alive so they could explore a future if they survive this mess. Soo Kyung attempted to steal the original sales ledger from Won Yeob’s bedroom. Soo Kyung felt she had no choice but to take the original sales ledger to a shocked Kim Ja Jaeom. She doesn’t know he can’t be trusted unless is to his advantage. Court Lady Kim was stunned to learn Soo Kyung gave Kim Ja Jaeom the original sales ledger. She ordered Kim Ja Jaeom to capture Soo Kyung. She vowed the king could never know Soo Kyung was still alive or their power, position and influence over the king would disappear.

Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) deftly maneuvered and kept Soo Kyung safe. Dae Yeob manipulated his father and brother like a master. He bargained with Ba Woo. He saved Soo Kyung and Chun Bae from capture. I don’t think he completely fooled Tae Chul but he made a good show of it. It was terrific to see Dae Yeob make moves that mattered. He isn’t just a lovelorn or jilted second lead. He worked toward his stated goal of keeping Soo Kyung safe. He is honorable in that regard. We learned his father swapped him out as Soo Kyung’s bride to gain control of his son and break Soo Kyung’s influence. This was actor Shin Hyun Soo’s best episode to date.

The eleventh song is the acoustic version of “Comfort” sung by Yuju, Girls’ Generation.

“Comfort” lyrics (link)

I rank this episode as almost excellent, 9.5 on a 10-point scale.

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8 comments on “Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 11
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Yes! A terrific episode, indeed. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Dae Yeop is playing high stakes poker indeed, and he is rather good at it. I liked how he helped BW’s mother and sister. I hope that DY is not killed off. I like the character a lot.
    The King is good at playing games too! So many smart people trying to sabotage each other’s plans makes for a very entertaining watch. Court lady Kim does not know that the King knows that Soo Kyung is alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Dae Yeop is playing high stakes poker indeed, and he is rather good at it. I liked how he helped BW’s mother and sister. I hope that DY is not killed off. I like the character a lot.
      I am hoping this character will not be killed. Though I can imagine his father doing so (or ordering it done) when he learns about DY’s counter moves that would equate to family treason in his mind.

      So many smart people trying to sabotage each other’s plans makes for a very entertaining watch.
      Like a game of Survivor Joseon – outwit – outlast – outplay.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Dae Yeob is growing on me, I certainly don’t wish him dead.

      I’m a bit disgusted King Gwanghae 🤴 doesn’t seem to be that different than VP Lee Yi Chum 👨‍🦳🐅 with his willingness to kill innocents to protect himself. This King’s tumultuous rise to the throne was portrayed by Seo In Guk in “The King’s Face”.

      Court Lady Kim 🦊 is another one playing games to protect herself and her power. Body guard Jung Yeong 🗡🤴 seems to be the only one the King Gwanghae 🤴 truly can count on.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DramaDazed says:

    A couple of random thoughts from this episode:

    When the king’s minion Jung Yeong asks Cha Dol ‘where’s your mother?’ of course I am thinking he is looking for the Princess – but – it made me wonder where Cha Dol’s birth mother is and heaven forbid she shows up and is still married to Dae Seok (Ba Wu).

    I didn’t see a reaction from Dae Yeob when his father talked about the manipulation of his marriage. Do you think Dae Yeob realizes it? I might have expected to see pain… that said I agree with you kjt he is manipulating masterfully.


    • it made me wonder where Cha Dol’s birth mother is and heaven forbid she shows up and is still married to Dae Seok (Ba Wu).
      I had a similar thought. I think the writers will deal with his wife. I’m guessing she’s alive and will make an appearance. If I recall correctly, she married one of his friends and disappeared, so it was a double betrayal.

      I didn’t see a reaction from Dae Yeob when his father talked about the manipulation of his marriage. Do you think Dae Yeob realizes it?
      I don’t think Dae Yeob realizes that his father betrayed him. That reveal is yet to come.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      When Dae Yeob 📚💝 realizes his father destroyed his happiness that may be the tipping point for this filial son.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I don’t like that Dae Yeob 📚 💝 threatened Soo Kyung💪👸 with Ba Woo’s 💰🎎 life, but I recognize he is genuinely trying to protect her.

    “What would Ba Woo say if he knew Soo Kyung tried to steal the original sales ledger?” -KJT. I concur and can only imagine he would vehemently oppose the risky theft … luckily Dae Yeob 📚 💝 came to the rescue. How in the world did Dae Yeob 📚 💝 get back into bed without being breathless❓⁉️ I concur Tae Chul is still suspicious of Dae Yeob 📚 💝. Dae Yeob 📚 💝 surprised me by stealing the real ledger AND the giving it back to them. My concerns that Dae Yeob’s 📚 💝 motives were selfish were allayed.

    “I loved the utter shock on Vice Premiere Lee’s face when Ba Woo’s face was revealed. Priceless!” -KJT It was a beautiful thing to behold. I do want VP Lee Yi Chum 👨‍🦳🐅 to pay for his treachery.

    Liked by 2 people

    • How in the world did Dae Yeob 📚 💝 get back into bed without being breathless❓⁉️ I concur Tae Chul is still suspicious of Dae Yeob 📚 💝. Dae Yeob 📚 💝 surprised me by stealing the real ledger AND the giving it back to them. My concerns that Dae Yeob’s 📚 💝 motives were selfish were allayed.
      He must be in excellent shape because a trickle of sweat was the only sign of exertion. I was relieved Dae Yeob acted with honor.

      KJT It was a beautiful thing to behold. I do want VP Lee Yi Chum 👨‍🦳🐅 to pay for his treachery.
      Glad you found it equally satisfying. I’m on board with the Justice Jane train…VP Lee must pay!

      Liked by 2 people

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June 2021

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