Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 3

The threesome ends up in a hut where they overheard two royal guards say their orders are to kill once they find them. One guard hones in on the hut. He opens the door. He sees the threesome. Just as he’s about to strike them with his sword, Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) arrives and dispatches the guard. He looks in the hut and sees Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri). She’s shocked and rushes to him. Dae Yeob asks what is going on. Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) and Cha Dol exit the hut and begin to walk away. Dae Yeob orders them to stop. When Ba Woo continues to walk, Dae Yeob puts his sword at Ba Woo’s neck. He recognizes Ba Woo from the night drinking at the geisha house. When the royal guards arrive, Ba Woo takes off with Cha Dol. Dae Yeob fights the guards.  Dae Yeob and Soo Kyung flee. They run into Ba Woo and Cha Dol who are being chased by guards. Dae Yeob fights again. Then they split. The guards intercept Dae Yeob and SB. Dae Yeob fights. When a guard aims his sword at Soo Kyung, Ba Woo returns in time to save her after sending Cha Dol away. Ba Woo helps Soo Kyung to her fight. He urges Soo Kyung to come with him. Ba Woo points out that guards can’t kill the youngest son of the man giving them orders. Ba Woo announces to the guards who Dae Yeob is.  Dae Yeob tells SB to leave with Ba Woo. They run. The guards ask Dae Yeob to confirm who he is. He does. They fight until the royal guard commander arrives. He tells Dae Yeob to stop fighting. Dae Yeob asks him to look the other way. The royal guard commander cannot. Dae Yeob tosses down his sword.

Soo Kyung tells Ba Woo and Cha Dol to leave. Ba Woo tells her she must think about her own safety. Ba Woo agree to take her to the palace. Her father is the king and more powerful than her father-in-law. Soo Kyung suggests a less traveled gate into the palace.

Dae Yeob begs his father, Vice Premiere Lee, not to continue to lie that Soo Kyung committed suicide. Too many have seen her. The Vice Premiere declares all that have will die. The Vice Premiere claims he’s doing this to protect the family. Dae Yeob counters this will destroy the family.  Won Yeob (Dae Yeob’s brother and Vice Premiere’s eldest son) tells his brother to shut up. Dae Yeob asks if his father will kill him. Dae Yeob repeats once the king finds out, the family is toast. His father doesn’t waver. The royal guard commander drags Dae Yeob out of the room.

They put Dae Yeob in the storeroom and lock it. Dae Yeob finds he’s not alone. Chun Bae (Ba Woo’s partner) is tied to the post. He introduces himself. Dae Yeob isn’t interested in pleasantries.

Haeindang Lee (Soo Kyung’s aunt and the Vice Premiere’s sister) arrives to talk to her brother. Won Yeob recommends she return later after things calm down. She demands to speak with her brother.

Shaken from the conversation, Haeindang Lee doesn’t say much when she returns home. Court Lady Jo stares at her in frustration.

Won Yeob assumes Court Lady Jo told Haeindang Lee about Soo Kyung’s alive status. The Vice Premiere agrees. Her order her closely watched the palace gates watched as well. Won Yeob points out the palace gates are watched by many and their presence will be noted. The Vice Premiere doesn’t care. He orders his son to find and kill Soo Kyung.

As they walk, Soo Kyung’s foot begins to bleed. Ba Woo suggests they rest. Cha Dol claim his legs hurt and tells her to sit next to him. Cha Dol sees blood at the bottom of Soo Kyung’s foot. When Ba Woo tries to look, she kicks him away. Undeterred, he pulls her sock off and see the wound. He extracts the irritant. He cleans and bandages the wound. He says she needs shoes. He orders Cha Dol and Soo Kyung to stay put will he procures shoes.

Ba Woo asks two geishas where shoes are sold. They tell him then warn men are searching for him. Ba Woo finds the shoe seller then estimates which shoe will fit Soo Kyung. When he learns his selection was made for a royal princess, he knows he’s got the right pair. He balks at the price and demands a corresponding pair of socks.

He returns to find Soo Kyung’s arm around Cha Dol. He gives her the shoes. Soo Kyung smiles and declares them pretty. They are a perfect fit. She loves them. She thanks Ba Woo.

Ba Woo looks at the palace gate then motions Soo Kyung forward. She is confident the gate keeper who she knows will let her in. Ba Woo sees the men loitering around the gate. He knows they are armed. They set aside and discuss the situation. Ba Woo believes the gate (and all others) are a trap. Soo Kyung has an idea.

Cha Dol throws rocks where the palace laundresses are working. One gives chase. Ba Woo follows.

While they wait for Soo Kyung to chance, Cha Dol asks his father will disappear from their lives when she returns to the palace. He confirms this. He says his standard line; all pretty women are wicked. Soo Kyung comes out dressed. Cha Dol is distraught he’ll never see Soo Kyung again. He cries and hugs her.

Dressed in laundress garb, Soo Kyung joins the others. She tells the girls next to her she works in the royal consort’s house (Soo Kyung’s mother’s home). The girl notes the royal consort is suffering heartbreak due to her daughter’s death.

As the laundress ladies stand in line, the guards check badges (wooden IDs). Soo Kyung realizes she doesn’t have one. Just as she reaches the guard, Cha Dol bring her a badge. He’s taken it from a woman further down the line. The guard lets Soo Kyung enter the palace with Cha Dol after she says he is her son. Inside Cha Dol admits he came without Ba Woo knowing.

Ba Woo searches for Cha Dol. He realizes what his son might have put in motion. He goes to the gate and sees the last laundress enter. He’s sure Cha Dol is in there.

Three consorts offer Court Lady Kim gets to facilitate their favor with the king. They end up arguing and insulting Court Lady Kim who leaves the women behind.

At an interior gate, Soo Kyung sees Won Yeob. She takes Won Yeob away from the gate. She explains he’s the chief of police. Soo Kyung asks the laundress she worked next to do to her a favor.

The laundress goes through the gate Won Yeob guards and ends up being taken to Court Lady Kim by Court Lady Han (who Ba Woo intended to receive her message). Court Lady Han gives Court Lady Kim Soo Kyung’s hair pin with the message to meet in the garden that evening.

Soo Kyung and Cha Dol got the garden that evening. Soo Kyung is shocked when Court Lady Kim meets them. Court Lady Kim tells Soo Kyung it would be better for the country is Soo Kyung stays dead. If Soo Kyung reveals herself, treason will be claimed and a war will begin it could destroy her father’s reign.  Court Lady Kim claims she’s on the king’s side not the Kim Vice Premiere. She advises Soo Kyung to kill herself. She stresses she only wants what is best for the king.

Both women are surprised when King Gwanghae (Soo Kyung’s father) arrives. He asks who Court Lady Kim is speaking to. She says it is a new laundress. The king demands she raise her head. Court Lady Kim protests. Soo Kyung raises her head. Her father walks by but says nothing. Tears fill Soo Kyung’s eyes as she watches her father walk away.

Alone, the king asks Court Lady Kim what she things about the Kim Vice Premiere. The king asks if she’s loyal to him. She hesitates. He notices. Going down on her knees, Court Lady Kim swears her loyalty to the king.

Court Lady Kim goes to see The Vice Premiere. He’s furious, Soo Kyung slipped through their fingers yet again. Court Lady Kim points out she couldn’t do anything without the king knowing. The Vice Premiere reminds her she poisoned the previous king. They were allies. Court Lady Kim snaps he isn’t to bring that up. She points out he’s in trouble for the big lie. The Vice Premiere apologizes for misspeaking. Court Lady Jo isn’t impressed with how he’s handling the situation. Someone will follow Soo Kyung, then The Vice Premiere’s man will need to finish the job. She warns him that the palace walls have ears. If Soo Kyung doesn’t die soon, the king will find out.

The king tells his personal guard, Jung Yeong, to find his daughter. No matter if his daughter is found, they must watch the Kim Vice Premiere. He wants to know if the Kim Vice Premiere is trying to kill his daughter.

Ba Woo watches Soo Kyung and Cha Dol exit the palace. He sees a man following them. Ba Woo dispatches the follower. He reads the badge of a palace eunuch.

Ba Woo catches up with Soo Kyung and Cha Dol.  Ba Woo can’t stay mad for long when Cha Dol hugs him and admits he was wrong. He assumes it was a failed mission. Soo Kyung doesn’t deny it. Ba Woo says they must run.

The Vice Premiere isn’t happy to learn the follower failed to track Soo Kyung.

Back in the storage room, Dae Yeob and Chun Bae still are talking. Court Lady Jo gets Dae Yeob’s attention through the window. Dae Yeob confirms he saw Soo Kyung but doesn’t know where she currently is. Chun Bae asks if Ba Woo is still alive. Court Lady Jo says that’s the man the kidnapped the princess. The conversation is cut short when the Kim Vice Premiere and Won Yeob enter. The royal guard commander hits Chun Bae until he declares Ba Woo comes from the city of Gonju. Dae Yeob remembers Ba Woo telling him he was from Cheongju on the night they drank together. He doesn’t correct Chun Bae’s claim. The Vice Premiere wans Chun Bae he better be telling the truth. He orders Cha Dol have no water until this is confirmed. The Vice Premiere glares at his son and leaves.

The Vice Premiere sees Court Lady Kim and startles her. She admits she came to see Dae Yeob. The Vice Premiere asks her to confirm Soo Kyung’s Grandmother’s hometown.

Ba Woo brings Cha Dol and Soo Kyung to the watermill. He says they’ll spend the night there. They startle a trysting couple. Cha Dol reveals Chun Bae told him his father and mother also spent time at the watermill. Shocked, grouses that Chun Bae is a negative influence on his child.

Dae Yeob eats and drinks with relish. He asks Chun Bae if he’s like something to drink or eat.  He withholds the food until Chun Bae does a deal. Chun Bae bargains for a sip of drink. CY obliges. He asks where Ba Woo and Soo Kyung might be hiding. Chun Bae guesses that Dae Yeob would rescue Soo Kyung but leave Ba Woo. Chun Bae refuses to tattle on his friend. He points out he has a different level of loyalty than Dae Yeob does. Dae Yeob argues but doesn’t budge Chun Bae.

Soo Kyung sighs. Ba Woo asks if she has relatives even distant relatives. Soo Kyung doesn’t answer. She steps outside for fresh air. Cha Dol asks if she can live with them. Ba Woo says not. Cha Dol shares while in the palace Soo Kyung met a strange lady (Court Lady Kim) who told her to die because of the treason and for her father’s sake. Cha Dol shares the king saw but didn’t acknowledge his daughter. Ba Woo is surprised by that. Cha Dol confirms the king’s eyes widened in shock when he saw his daughter but walk past her without acknowledgement. Ba Woo goes to find Soo Kyung.

Soo Kyung cries at the horrible situation she finds herself in. Her own father refused to acknowledge her. Her heart aches. She cries harder. Ba Woo finds her crying. He stands, watches, and quietly supports her without a word.

The next morning, the guards are at all gates watching.

The Vice Premiere meets with Won Yeob and the royal guard commander. They discuss the two different locations where Soo Kyung’s relatives – grandmother in Anseong and mother from Cheongju, and Ba Woo’s hometown Gonju. Won Yeob speculates they’ll head south therefore only the south gates need to be watched. The Vice Premiere points out every gate must be watched. He points out Ba Woo was able to bossam the princess from this house. The Vice Premiere feels better knowing Soo Kyung is still wearing white.

At the gate, Ba Woo lures the guards to chase him when he wears white. Cha Dol and Soo Kyung slip through the gate undetected.

As the threesome walk, they reach a cross road. Ba Woo tells Soo Kyung to travel safe. Ba Woo drags a protesting Cha Dol away. He’s forced to put Cha Dol over his shoulder as Cha Dol protests that they can’t leave Ba Woo alone.

Soo Kyung looks at the cliff over the river. She remembers Court Lady Kim’s words. She wonders if her death is the right next step. She decides. Her death is what her father needs. She bows to her parents. She prays they’ll have a long life. Tears fill her eyes. She sobs in anguish.

Cha Dol refuses to stop fighting. Ba Woo points him down and tells him to go back to the princess. Cha Dol demands to know if his father can live with the princess’s death. Ba Woo doesn’t answer. Cha Dol looks into his father’s eyes and asks if the princess should die alone. He can’t believe his father dumped her. Cha Dol declares he won’t do the same and walk away. Ba Woo remembers Soo Kyung’s anguish the previous evening. He makes his decision. He tells Cha Dol he’ll get her.

Soo Kyung removes her shoes. She walks to the edge of the cliff. She looks at the water.

Ba Woo sees the cliff and realizes what Soo Kyung might intend to do. He starts running.

Soo Kyung stands and closes her eyes. She leans forward.

Ba Woo arrives at the cliff. Soo Kyung isn’t there. He sees her shoes. He crawls to the edge of the cliff. He sees someone has gone into the water. He knows Soo Kyung jumped.

My Thoughts

Soo Kyung believed her father ignoring her meant she was better off dead. Writers Kim Ji Soo and Park Cheol kept thing moving in the “find Soo Kyung at any cost” episode. There were multiple opportunities but Team Evil never caught her. Court Lady Kim is revealed to be in cahoots with the Vice Premiere. No surprise there. I was surprised when the king didn’t acknowledge his daughter. At first, I wondered if he knew it was her. He did and ordered his personal guard to find his daughter. Being a king blows because there are liars and schemers all around you. The palace politics are a minefield in most historical dramas. Director Kwon Seok Jang continues to capture the emotion of the scenes. The night scene when Soo Kyung sobbed in pain was well done. Anyone else find it interesting that Soo Kyung and Ba Woo share the same hometown?

Ba Woo (Jung Il Woo) couldn’t quit Soo Kyung. He wanted to ditch her. If he’s found with her, he’ll be killed leaving Cha Dol fatherless. He can’t allow that. But he couldn’t let Soo Kyung flounder without helping. He’s drawn to her even as he tries to distance himself. Right now, he feels protective of her. He finds her pretty. He continues to repeat the mantra that pretty women can’t be trusted. I don’t think he completely believes that when it comes to Soo Kyung. Cha Dol continues to effectively prod his father’s conscience.

Soo Kyung (Kwon Yuri) decided to protect her father by killing herself. Court Lady Kim’s words were harsh and shocking. Soo Kyung reeled. But when her father refused to acknowledge her, she had to wonder if her death was best for him. She didn’t make the decision lightly. But she made the decision. At the cliff she decided this was the spot. She removed the shoes that Ba Woo sweetly purchased for her and walked to her fate. I’m trying to remember the first drama I saw that cliff location used. Might have been Merchant Gaekju. I believe it was used for Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Maybe Flower of Evil used it too. I’m betting it is a popular spot.

Lee Dae Yeob (Shin Hyun Soo) couldn’t get his father to see the error of his ways. Dae Yeob’s father refused to alter his path. He claimed the princess committed suicide and refused to admit the truth the king. Dae Yeob correctly pointed out if the king finds out their family is doomed. But his stubborn father couldn’t accept the obvious logic. He’s committed his entire family to the big lie.

The third song of the OST is a lovely ballad titled “Song of Destiny” and sung by Hanye.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Dae Yeob lost the parent lottery … BIG TIME❗ The Vice Premier not only committed his family to a big lie, but a lie that depends on the process being dead. I admire Dae Yeob for wanting to protect Soo Kyung, but I can’t see how he can sway his father or protect Soo Kyung.

    “I was surprised when the king didn’t acknowledge his daughter. At first, I wondered if he knew it was her.” -KJT. We are on the same page. While I’m glad the King was sent someone to find Soo Kyung; it has to be painful for Soo Kyung to not be acknowledged by her father. Was it because the King 🤴 knows he cannot trust Court Lady Kim❓⁉️ It still boggles my mind 🤯 the King 🤴 didn’t check or have someone else the casket to confirm his daughter was dead. The King 🤴 knows he cannot trust the corrupted Vice Premier and should have realized Court Lady Jo’s confirmation could have been false as she was under the VP’s control.

    I was saddened by Soo Kyung’s choice to commit suicide, but I understand she didn’t want to put her father in a bind or even had a place to go. I think it’s fair to presume she survives …. since it is only episode 3.

    I 💗 Cha Dol 🤷 for not giving up on wanting Soo Kyung to be his mom. I 💗 Ba Woo for not being able to give up on Soo Kyung. I’m curious if these two having the same hometown will turn out to be significant. I’m also curious if Ba Woo is from a fallen noble family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I admire Dae Yeob for wanting to protect Soo Kyung, but I can’t see how he can sway his father or protect Soo Kyung.
      Agreed. The Vice Premier will kill her if given the opportunity.

      I’m curious if these two having the same hometown will turn out to be significant. I’m also curious if Ba Woo is from a fallen noble family.
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Liked by 2 people

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