Vincenzo Episode 20 (Final)

As the two half-brothers struggle, Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) unties Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) and raises her up to her feet. They head for the door. Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon)turns and fires. Cha Young is hit as she’s in front of Vincenzo. She gasps. She locks eyes with Vincenzo and sinks to the ground. Vincenzo holds her and watches her eyes close. Vincenzo stares in Joon Woo’s eyes. Jang Han Seo takes the bull by the horn and grabs Joon Woo’s gun. He holds the barrel against himself between himself and Joon Woo. The half-brothers struggle. Han Seo tells Joon Woo he never should have been born. Joon Woo shoots Han Seo in the stomach. Han Seo falls to the floor. Joon Woo eyes Vincenzo and raises his gun. Vincenzo shields Cha Young. Joon Woo fires. He’s out of bullets! Vincenzo rushes at Joon Woo who flees by jumping off the balcony. Joon Woo exits in his car. Vincenzo calls for emergency help. Cha Young watches as Vincenzo kneels next to Han Seo as his life ebbs away. Han Seo notes this is the first time he’s put another person’s needs before his. Vincenzo assures Han Seo he’s done well. Vincenzo says Han Seo deserves to be his brother. Han Seo smiles and dies.

Joon Woo throws the gun into the water.

Cha Young wakes to find Vincenzo by her bed. Vincenzo is visibly relieved. Cha Young knows what it feels like to be shot. Vincenzo tells her she can’t move her shoulder while her muscles repair. Cha Young assumes Vincenzo blames himself. She tells him this is a war and she got shot. There is no blame. She tells him not to worry about her. Vincenzo says he’ll be done within 24 hours. Cha Young knows he’ll leave the country when he’s done. Cha Young says this is their last night. Vincenzo says he’ll keep his promise. Cha Young asks him to leave without calling her once he’s done. Vincenzo agrees.

In jail, Lawyer Choi Myung Hee is furious to read that Joon Woo killed Han Seo not Vincenzo.

The tenants gather and agree to fight until the end and do whatever it takes to help Vincenzo.

Vincenzo gives Agent An Ki Seok (International Crime Response Agency) the phone Han Seo gave him. He asks how long it will take to unlock the device. Agent An guesses several hours. Vincenzo hands the startled agent a flash drive with the secret file. Vincenzo wants the agent and his boss Director Tae to decide how to utilize the contents. Vincenzo informs him he also has a copy. Vincenzo suggests it be used to trample enemies. Agent An vows to do so.

Chief Prosecutor Han is ready to sign the papers that will send him to jail and protect him from Vincenzo’s reach. Vincenzo calls and offers Chief Prosecutor Han his life if he gets Lawyer Choi out of jail within 3 hours. Chief Prosecutor Han confirms Vincenzo will let him live. Vincenzo does and hangs up. Chief Prosecutor Han tears up the papers he’d been about to sign.

Joon Woo purchases a gun and knife. He pays 5 men to do his bidding. He gets in the van with the 5 men.

The prosecutor team arrives at Woosung Law Firm with a warrant to search and seize.

Lawyer Choi is informed she’s being released. An underling from Woosung Law Firm meets her outside and informs her of the search and seizure. Vincenzo calls. He plays the conversation with Chief Prosecutor Han instructing him to release Lawyer Choi. Vincenzo tells Lawyer Choi this is her last day alive. He hangs up. Mr. Cho watches Lawyer Choi get into the car and follows. Mr. Cho reports Lawyer Choi’s direction. Vincenzo tells him to watch and report. He wonders if Lawyer Choi will meet with Joon Woo.

Lawyer Choi goes to her office and retrieves the hidden phone. It has a text from Joon Woo to call. She calls him. Lawyer Choi informs Joon Woo that Chief Prosecutor Han released her in exchange for his life. Joon Woo tells Lawyer Choi to go to his apartment and handle thing. He says he’ll text her the bank account numbers when she’s there. He tells her to wire herself $5B. She thanks him and asks what he’ll do next. Joon Woo claims he’s going to Mexico to hide. He suggests she go into hiding too.

Agent An informs Vincenzo they’ve cracked the phone. They are tracking Joon Woo. He shares Joon Woo’s GPS location with Vincenzo.

At Joon Woo’s apartment, Lawyer Choi handles business. Then she leaves with a security team.

Outside the prosecution building, reporters surround Chief Prosecutor Han asking about his association with Joon Woo. Chief Prosecutor Han claims he was Joon Woo’s lawyer but that was long ago. A reporter asks about Woosung Law Firm helping Babel Group’s illegal activities. Chief Prosecutor Han claims Lawyer Choi acted alone. Joon Woo calls Chief Prosecutor Han. He’s not happy that Chief Prosecutor Han’s loyalty wasn’t to him. There’s a price to pay. Joon Woo tells him to enjoy time with his brother. One man stabs Chief Prosecutor Han in the stomach, then another man stabs him in the neck. The men dash and jump into the black van with Joon Woo. As Chief Prosecutor Han bleeds out, the van speeds away. Vincenzo arrives at the prosecution building, following the GPS, passes the van as arrives. He sees Chief Prosecutor Han dead on the prosecution building steps. He looks at the GPS which is leading away from the prosecution building.  He follows.

Mr. Nam and Cha Young watch the news report about Chief Prosecutor Han’s death. Cha Young guesses that Joon Woo hired thugs to murder Chief Prosecutor Han. Mr. Nam worries about Vincenzo’s safety. Cha Young assures him no one can kill Vincenzo.

Vincenzo loses the GPS signal. Mr. Cho calls and informs him Joon Woo might have gone underground. He’s tracking Lawyer Choi and believes he knows where she is going. Vincenzo wants the location.

Lawyer Choi walks through the parking garage and talks to Joon Woo. She notes his assassination of Chief Prosecutor Han was dramatic. Joon Woo counters that Chief Prosecutor Han deserved a bit of flair. Lawyer Choi states the money to his account has been transferred. Joon Woo advises her to leave soon. She assures him she’ll do just that.

Leaving her security team outside her apartment, Lawyer Choi enters and makes for the safe. She hears Vincenzo’s lighter. She turns and finds Vincenzo on her couch. She calls for her security team. She opens the door to find Mr. Cho and her security team on the ground. Mr. Cho follows her into the apartment. Lawyer Choi faces Vincenzo who tosses her passport on the counter. He asks if she wanted that. He notes that hiding is better than fleeing when dealing with a predator. Lawyer Choi notes she’s a predator. Vincenzo informs her the money she transferred to Joon Woo has been intercepted and sent to a deserving recipient.

Flashback…Ms. Seo intercepts the transfer with a smile.

Lawyer Choi bargains to finish her beer before Vincenzo kills her. Vincenzo takes her beer, drops it to the floor, and tells her she prefers dancing over beer and he’ll let her do that.

The police wonder what Vincenzo’s involvement in Cha Young’s and Han Seo’s murder were. They decide to bring him in for questioning.

Lawyer Choi finds herself in a chair with her feet bloody. Vincenzo tells her not to stand. She tells him to kill her. Vincenzo assures her death won’t be quick. Lawyer Choi says her death will be one scumbag kill by another. Vincenzo rejects her assessment. He says he’s Vaisravana. She laughs. Vincenzo says he doesn’t want her fear of death to lessen. He turns on a ceiling vent that sprays her with fuel. He turns on dancing music and approaches her with his lighter. Realizing how she will die; Vincenzo begs him not to. She a woman. Vincenzo counters she’s a monster. She deserves painful death. He walks away and tosses his lighter over his shoulder. It lights the fuel and Lawyer Choi is consumed. She screams, she runs, she dies.

Vincenzo calls Agent An who reports on Joon Woo’s location. Agent An states he’s sent a team to the location. Vincenzo states he’ll be there soon. Agent An informs Vincenzo the police are searching for him. Vincenzo thanks him for the information.

The team tailing Joon Woo consists of Mr. Tak, Mr. Lee, Mr. Park and the dancer. They arrive at the docks just as Joon Woo and his men stride to the van. The Geumga Plaza team arrives and fights the men. Mr. Lee takes down his man then fights with Joon Woo. Wanting to get away, Joon Woo plunges his knife into Mr. Lee’s chest. He falls to the ground. The others are paralyzed as Joon Woo raises his gun at them. Vincenzo arrives and shots Joon Woo in the leg. He goes down. He crawls to the gun. Vincenzo shoots him in the other leg. He kicks away the gun.

Vincenzo kneels next to Mr. Lee who is in a bad way. Mr. Lee tells Vincenzo not to turn over Joon Woo to the police but to finish him off personally. Vincenzo assures him he will. Mr. Lee admits he was planning on asking Vincenzo to be his baby’s godfather. Vincenzo assures him he will be the baby’s godfather. Mr. Park surprises them with a medical bag and the revelation he used to be a surgical nurse. He does what he can for Mr. Lee. The police sirens wail. They put Mr. Lee in the car and take off. Vincenzo puts Joon Woo in his car and takes off.

The police pursuit Vincenzo’s car. The team puts their car in the police’s path forcing them to stop. Mr. Park declares they have a patient and need help. Vincenzo gets away.

Mr. Nam gives Cha Young the update that Vincenzo has Joon Woo. He sobs as he then tells her that Mr. Lee was injured.

Joon Woo wakes strapped to a chair with Vincenzo flicking his lighter. Joon Woo asks how Vincenzo tracked him down. Vincenzo replies Han Seo told him.

Flashback…. Over a casual meal with Vincenzo, Han Seo shares that Joon Woo once gave him a watch. Suspicious, Han Seo took it apart and found a tracker. He put the tracker in Joon Woo’s watch and downloaded a tracking app on his phone allowing him to track Joon Woo wherever he wants. Vincenzo asks why. Han Seo explains that Joon Woo does something terrible then flees. He shares when Joon Woo killed his fellow students their father sent him away so no one could find him. Han Seo muses that if Joon Woo had been punished for his early crimes, things would be different. Vincenzo points out that Joon Woo has many watches. Han Seo smiles and states he put trackers in all of Joon Woo’s watches.

Joon Woo studies the chair he’s in. It has a drill pointed at his chest. Vincenzo says he learned it from the Russian mafia. Joon Woo sneers until Vincenzo encourages him to remember what he told him. Joon Woo’s eyes widen in fear. Vincenzo turns on the drill and it moves to Joon Woo’s torso. Vincenzo tells Joon Woo the drill will enter his body 5mm every 5 minutes. He will be in pain during his slow death which will culminate tomorrow when the drill pierces his lung. Joon Woo begins to bargain. Vincenzo isn’t interested. He switches the drill to auto. Joon Woo begs Vincenzo to shoot him. Vincenzo tells Joon Woo to apologize his brother. He takes off Joon Woo’s watch and says he’ll keep this as a trophy. He walks away as Joon Woo scream and begs to be shot.

Outside the room Vincenzo considers calling Cha Young. Instead, he turns his phone off and throws it to the floor. He leaves.

The drill does the job on Joon Woo.

Vincenzo meets Agent An and Mr. Cho. Agent An provides him a passport. Mr. Cho says he has 30 minutes to get on a plane while that picture is associated with the passport. Agent An says Director Tae arranged it. Vincenzo asks Agent An to tell Director Tae thank you. Agent An hesitates then tells Vincenzo if he’s unable to return to Korea, call them one day. He hugs Vincenzo. Vincenzo heads to their car.

Then Mr. Nam arrives with Cha Young. She gets out the car. Vincenzo immediately goes to her.  He chides her for leaving the hospital. Cha Young wanted to see him before he left. He warns there will be trouble after he leaves. She assures him she can handle it. Vincenzo hugs her. She urges him to go. Vincenzo hugs Mr. Nam. Mr. Cho states they must leave. Vincenzo and Mr. Cho get into the car and head to the airport.

Awk! Tears!

Cha Young cries as Vincenzo leaves.

A crow watches the drained and near dead Joon Woo. The crows to Joon Woo and begins to pick on his body.

1 month later…Cha Young listens to a news report that Vincenzo is still at large after being charged with kidnapping Lawyer Choi and the disappearance of Joon Woo. The police believe he’s hiding in the country.

At a country winery, Cha Young promises the grapes she’s named Vincenzo will make good wine.

1 year later…Babel Group is placed in receivership, a situation in which an institution or enterprise is held by a receiver—a person “placed in the custodial responsibility for the property of others, including tangible and intangible assets and rights”.

Cha Young dresses for the day.

The right-hand man is now a political candidate and vows to restart the redevelopment of the Geumga Plaza area which was halted over a year ago.  The Geumga Plaza building tenants arrive in the family finery. Cha Young accuses the right-hand man of lining his pockets with the redevelopment plan. He asks who they are. Cha Young announces they are the Geumga Cassano family. The right-hand man threaten to call the police if they interrupt his campaign. No one cares. Mr. Nam reminds Cha Young she needs to head to court. She flounces off after the family members assure her, they’ll handle this.

The result of Vincenzo’s mother’s retrial is positive. She’s found not guilty of murder and the late Chairman’s wife is found guilty of negligence even after witnessing the event. Cha Young open the door for the Chairman’s wife as the police lead her away. Cha Young blows her a kiss and waves goodbye. The Chairman’s wife demands to know how Cha Young got her son in jail to testify against her. Cha Young shrugs and says photos of Vincenzo did the trick. The police lead her through the gaggle of reporters and into the police van. After the Chairman’s wife is taken away, the reporters swarm Cha Young. She declares this case was straightforward.

On the jail grounds, we see the chairman’s wife’s son Hwang Min Sung looking lovingly at photos of Vincenzo.

Agent An, now a director wonders where Vincenzo is. He’s searched for a year but can’t find him. Director Tae, now head of the International Crime Response Agency, asks if Agent An has found Vincenzo. Agent An says he’s vanished. DT says they won’t partner with prosecutors to address the crimes in the secret files. Mr. Cho enters, and greets Agent An and Director Tae who suggests Mr. Cho rejoin the agency. Agent An agrees and says their first task should be to find Vincenzo. Mr. Cho agrees. Director Tae tells them to work first. He leaves. Agent An assigns Mr. Cho to start searching immediately.

Ms. Lee and Mr. Lee are loving their baby girl. Mr. Park helps out in the pawn shop. Ms. Lee is thankful that Mr. Park’s medical care helped save her husband’s life.

Ms. Seo gives piano lessons. She hides her gold in the piano.

The monks run a marriage proposal temple and celebrate the happy moment with couples.

Flashback…The older monk tells Vincenzo they are bound by fate. Vincenzo admits he can’t give up his way of life. He’ll return to it and have regrets. The monk tells he’s like Vaisravana, a scary face when you enter the temple, who keep things in check and protects Buddha and humans.  The monk declares Vincenzo’s many sins deny him Buddha status but allow him to fight alongside. He may even get compliments from Buddha. Vincenzo smiles and looks at Buddha.

Underneath the monks, temple sits the golden Buddha in the secret room.

Cha Young sips a drink in the park.

Flashback…Cha Young asks what happens if Vincenzo never returns to Korea. She offers to visit him. Vincenzo tells her on July 7, birds form a bridge so that two people can meet. Cha Young jokes they’ll have a bridge made by pigeons. She laughs as Vincenzo swears he’ll return to Korea.

Cha Young returns to Jipuragi Law Firm to find a happy Mr. Nam. They hug. Cha Young is happy that she could give Ms. Oh a gift near the anniversary of her death. She’s got a card from Vincenzo that says friends are like two souls in one body. She adds the cards to the other ones shes received. Mr. Nam gives her a ticket to a Korea and Italian diplomatic celebration.

Cha Young attends the celebration in a stunning black dress. A man stands next to her. It’s Vincenzo! She turns to him. He turns to her. She smiles. He smiles. She says she’s been well. She asks how he came. Vincenzo says he came with the diplomats and will leave tomorrow. He invites her to his island. She asks if it is the island from the postcard. Vincenzo tells her he bought an island near Malta. He thanks her for letting him hide the gold in her house.

Flashback…. The gold is hidden in a storage room in Cha Young’s house. Montage of everyone adding the gold to the pile. Cha Young fashions it as a bed and smiles in satisfaction.

Vincenzo admits he’s the mafia boss now. He says the island is a hideout and place of healing. Cha Young asks if she can visit. Vincenzo says he has a room ready for her. Cha Young admits she’s missed him. Vincenzo says he thinks about her a lot. She doesn’t believe him. Vincenzo kisses her with passion. Vincenzo says villains never break up because they are tenacious in love. Cha Young kisses him with passion.

At the end of the evening Cha Young watches Vincenzo leave with the diplomats. He pauses and they stare into each other’s eyes. Vincenzo walks away.

Vincenzo walks the street and flicks his lighter. He thinks “2 days ago three rival mafia members were used as manure in the vineyard. I’m still a villain and don’t care about justice. Justice is weak and empty. You cannot defeat villains with justice alone.  If merciless justice exists, I’ll yield to it. Even villains want a peaceful world. That’s impossible, so I have a new hobby; getting rid of garbage. I don’t do that; people will die buried underneath garbage. One last statement from a villain’s perspective – evil is prevalent and vehement.”

My Thoughts

Satisfying finale. Writer Park Jae Bum wrapped up this series with a finale that drove home all the themes. Violence can be justified. Evil must stamp out evil. Joon Woo, Lawyer Choi, and Chief Prosecutor Han all died. Joon Woo killed Chief Prosecutor Han. Vincenzo killed Lawyer Choi and Joon Woo fulfilling the promise of a painful death. Teamwork for good or evil is effective. Team good rallied to support Vincenzo to eliminate evil. Agent An tracked Joon Woo. Mr. Cho took out Lawyer Choi’s security team. Mr. Tak, Mr. Park, the dancer, and Mr. Lee took out Joon Woo’s hired men. Thank goodness Mr. Park was revealed to be a former nurse and was able to save Mr. Lee from a grim looking knife wound.  Han Seo’s tracking device in Joon Woo’s watches was a wonderful touch.  The epilogue was long enough to touch on every tenant. Vincenzo and Cha Young’s meeting was sweet. Long distance romances are a tough sell to me, but in this case, given the gravity of Vincenzo’s actions, he can’t return to Korea and live a normal life. His own island near Malta with vineyards where he’s the mafia boss is a fitting end for this character.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) defeated evil. Vincenzo kept his promise. Lawyer Choi and Joon Woo felt fear, bargained for their lives to no avail, and died a painful death. Lawyer Choi was a predator and Joon Woo was evil incarnate. My bloodlust was satisfied.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) survived and thrived. She accepted and loved Vincenzo for who he was. She lived a full life without him. I was pleased when she won the retrial of Vincenzo’s mother. But she missed him. She has an open invitation to come to Vincenzo’s island. I’d be on the next plane.

Was my wish list for the final episode granted or denied?

Vincenzo lives. GRANTED. He returned to Malta, south of Italy. He became the mafia boss. He is who he is. He believes that his way is the best way to stamp out evil. Writer Park honored his views and didn’t have Vincenzo reject them. Vincenzo enriched his life when he opened his heart to a group of tenants that became his Korean family.

Joon Woo dies. GRANTED. His death satisfied.

Cha Young lives. GRANTED. She loved a complicated man and accepted him for who he was but never lost her sense of identity.

A happy ending for all the tenants. GRANTED. Everyone ends the series happy and healthy. The epilogue wrap-up was well done.

I rank this episode as excellent, 10 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 20 (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Han Seo 💊⚗👤 and former gangster Mr Park🎈🎫 along with his crew seemed to be the only other ones who started down the road to redemption. The character making the most progress on the road to redemption, Han Seo 💊⚗👤, took a gut shot to save Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼. I was crushed Han Seo 💊⚗👤, who was brutalized his entire life by his psychotic brother and making positive progress, was cut down in his prime. I KNEW the watch Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 gave Han Seo 💊⚗👤 in episode 13 had a tracker in the watch ⌚. I 💗 that Han Seo 💊⚗👤 turned the tables on his evil brother.

    Vincenzo spared Chief Prosecutor Han’s 🦜💼 life, but I didn’t think Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 would spare him. Color 🖍 me surprised 😮 Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 took his precious escape time to arrange AND witness the murder of the cowardly Chief Prosecutor Han 🦜💼.

    Why in the world did Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 send the Geumga Plaza tenants after psychotic Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼❓⁉️ I was devastated Mr Lee Cheol Wook 👨📷💍 was stabbed. I was relieved later when it was revealed he survived.

    I 💗 the end credits featuring the actors and moments from the series, it felt a little like one of your video recaps KJT.

    It felt a little like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers as Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 told Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 what was going to happen to him and the leaving him without the closure of his actual death … eventhough the possibility of him 🧠💪💼 escaping was slim.

    I gave up my hope of Vincenzo walking the road to redemption when he murdered Oh Gyeong-Ja’s 👩⏸ killer after the mafia-style decapitation of the killer’s toes and fingers with his signature lighter. OMO, as much as I vehemently despised Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 and Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼, I thought their deaths were unnecessarily cruel and gruesome; I did not want to see more mafia-style killing.

    I was distraught by the cruel and gruesome nature of these killings. While I’m generally in step with evil 😈 people killing each other, it didn’t sit well with me Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 was glorified as a hero and aided/abetted by a National Security agency in escaping South Korea; the way I look at it, a hero should not kill using cruel, torturous or gruesome methods in dispatching villains.

    ✳BOTTOM LINE✳ I’m all in for justice and I understand the using evil to fight evil concept the writer tenaciously followed; Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 did eliminate some heinous antagonists, but I could not tolerate the cruel and gruesome murders he🍷🤵💼 committed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I KNEW the watch Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 gave Han Seo 💊⚗👤 in episode 13 had a tracker in the watch ⌚. I 💗 that Han Seo 💊⚗👤 turned the tables on his evil brother.
      You were right.

      Why in the world did Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 send the Geumga Plaza tenants after psychotic Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼❓⁉️
      There were plenty of times in the series when risk for the tenants was glossed over.

      I 💗 the end credits featuring the actors and moments from the series, it felt a little like one of your video recaps KJT.
      Agreed. It’s been years since I’ve done a video.

      it didn’t sit well with me Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 was glorified as a hero and aided/abetted by a National Security agency in escaping South Korea; the way I look at it, a hero should not kill using cruel, torturous or gruesome methods in dispatching villains.
      This series took a stance that applauded it. Not the normal point of view for a kdrama.

      I’m all in for justice and I understand the using evil to fight evil concept the writer tenaciously followed; Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 did eliminate some heinous antagonists, but I could not tolerate the cruel and gruesome murders he🍷🤵💼 committed.
      I understand your point of view.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Not the normal point of view for a kdrama.” -KJT I’m starting to wonder if a new normal is sneaking into Kdrama … L.U.C.A. also had the male protagonist use evil to fight evil. I suppose I like things a little more clearly defined, not so many shades of gray.


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