Vincenzo Episode 19

The right-hand man sends a security man to retrieve Ms. Seo. Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) puts herself in front of Ms. Seo. The security man roughly grabs Cha Young. Someone intervenes and grabs the security man. It’s Vincenzo! He throws the security man out the window. Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) stares at the right-hand man. He asks Cha Young and Ms. Seo if they are okay. Vincenzo says he came back to feed his bird. Vincenzo flips his lighter. The right-hand man asks Vincenzo to confirm who he is. Vincenzo retorts he’ll handle this in less than 5 minutes. Vincenzo motions the man to come forward.

Vincenzo does a good job dispatching as many of the thugs as possible but gets struck down from behind. The right-hand man smiles. Vincenzo is dazed as Cha Young and Ms. Seo surround him. It doesn’t look good until the Geumga Plaza building tenants arrive ready to fight. They swagger down the hallway and take on the thugs. Each acquits themselves well and the thugs are thwarted. Mr. Cho dispatches the two thugs holding him. Standing alone, the right-hand man admits he underestimated Vincenzo. He asks if there was ever any gold. Cha Young hits him from behind and he goes down. The tenants wonder what the right-hand man said.

That fight scene was a delight! Kudos to the darling inserts of each tenant’s fighting background.

Everyone gathers in the eatery. They are glowing with the thrill of triumph.

Loved their banter!

Back in Jipuragi Law Firm, Mr. Cho explains he was ambushed. Vincenzo was worried when Mr. Cho didn’t answer his phone.  Mr. Cho asks THE question – how did you move the gold without anyone knowing about it? Cha Young smiles. Mr. Nam smiles. Vincenzo smiles.

Flashback…The monks surprise Vincenzo when they ask what is under the floor panels. The young monk admits the multiple electrical shocks made him investigate.

Flashback…The monks lift the floor panel and are shocked to find a locked door.

Flashback…The monks inform Vincenzo the electric locked door must have zapped them. They ask if the gold is hidden there. Vincenzo can’t lie and admits it. He asks why the monks haven’t shared their theory with the other tenants. The monks didn’t want to cause a fuss and felt the owner had the right to the gold. Vincenzo asks them to help him.

Flashback….Vincenzo asks Ms. Seo to open the vault. She’s stoked. He promises a cut of the gold. She agrees with zeal.

Flashback…Ms. Seo unlocks the door while the monks, Mr. Nam, Cha Young and Vincenzo watch. They celebrate.


Flashback…The group enters the secret room where the gold and artifacts reside. They agree to slowly empty the room so no one notices. A montage of each of them taking gold bars out in backpacks, purses, suitcases, etc. ensues.

I’m loving Song Joong Ki’s comedic flair!

Mr. Cho asks the next question – where is the gold now? Mr. Nam whispers the answer. Mr. Cho asks where the secret file is. Vincenzo states he’s hidden it well. Cha Young confirms only Vincenzo knows where it is. Vincenzo assures Mr. Cho he’ll tell him when the time is right.

Cha Young asks Vincenzo how he solved the issue with his former mafia family. Vincenzo shares he paid the threat to stand down. He sent the contract for signature. Cha Young admits she’s relieved he came back. She thanks him and declares she’s happy he’s back unhurt. She comments how cool in the designer suit he looked the day of the party. Vincenzo replies he appreciated her recognition of his superb tailoring.


The right-hand man wakes to find himself dumped next to tracks with a chocolate gold bar in his hand. His frustration is evident.

Mr. Nam enthusiastically hugs Vincenzo. Cha Young gets him to release by stating the political candidate needs to be taught a lesson. Mr. Nam hurries to the computer to see what the secret file has to offer.

They expose the political candidate’s shady land deals to a shocked public.

The right-hand man complains to a subset of Team Evil that they should have dispatched Vincenzo long ago. Lawyer Choi (now primary partner of Woosung Law Firm) chides the right-hand man for taking on Vincenzo only through brute force. Lawyer Choi states Vincenzo should not be underestimated. Chief Prosecutor Han Seung Hyeok (former primary partner of Woosung Law Firm) notes the upcoming Babel Tower trial will be another opportunity for Vincenzo expose secrets.  Prosecutor Jung believes he can stop the trial from happening but he’ll need the political candidate’s help. The right-hand man likes it and advises that Chief Prosecutor Han promote Prosecutor Jung now. Lawyer Choi offers her congratulations.

In jail Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) bites and beats an inmate that speaks to him with challenge.

Mr. Nam is not happy when he brings Vincenzo and Cha Young the ruling that the trial has been postponed until after the election because of the likelihood it would be used to smear a current political candidate. Vincenzo suggests they use the secret file to undo the ruling. As Vincenzo and Mr. Nam search the secret file, Cha Young is annoyed to learn Prosecutor Jung postponed the trial and got a promotion too. Vincenzo suggests they gift Prosecutor Jung with something special. Mr. Nam flicks his lighter to the delight of Vincenzo who joins in.

Vincenzo tells Cha Young she was right that corruption is everywhere – political, prosecution, business, etc. Cha Young asks if Vincenzo will be able to return to Korea after he leaves the country. Vincenzo promises he’ll return. They clink their coffees.

Is there going to be a second season?

A new ruling is issued. The court no longer feels the political candidate is the priority. Instead, the Geumga Plaza building tenants need their day in court. Lawyer Choi isn’t happy. She demands to know what happened. Prosecutor Jung explains Vincenzo leveraged the secret file. Lawyer Choi shouts he should have expected that. Prosecutor Jung counters she or Chief Prosecutor Han could have handled it if they knew it would happen. He hangs up on an outraged Lawyer Choi.

Chief Prosecutor Han asks the judge to support his client in the upcoming trial. The judge assures him he will. When Chief Prosecutor Han drives away, the judge grouses he’s only being used. He gets in the car to be taken home. He doesn’t realize Vincenzo is the driver.

Vincenzo stops in a remote location. He returns the judge recognizes him. Vincenzo points a gun and tells him to exit the car. The judge quickly complies. The judge asks what he wants. Vincenzo tells a story of a corrupt judge being punished. Vincenzo wonders if the same could happen to him. Vincenzo uses the gun emphasize that the judge is to get Joon Woo out of prison. The judge whines it will be at least 2 months. Vincenzo warns the judge not to extend Joon Woo’s confinement.

Vincenzo explains to the tenants their join efforts will be realized at today’s trial.

At the courthouse, Lawyer Choi snaps at her assistant. Jang Han Seo elects to sit next to Vincenzo. The judge enters. Everyone rises except for the Geumga Plaza building tenants. The judge notices but takes his seat without comment.

Chief Prosecutor Han watches the trial on CCTV from his office.

Vincenzo eyes Prosecutor Jung at the back of the courtroom. The judge tells Cha Young to call her first witness. Cha Young calls Vincenzo. He looks at the judge before taking his place at the witness seat. He tells the judge he will detail Babel Group illegal activities through video evidence. Lawyer Choi objects. The judge overrules. The secret Babel Group allies meeting is viewed. Next the meeting where the “bomb” encouraged the allies to reject Babel Group is viewed. Lawyer Choi and Chief Prosecutor Han realize their faces were blurred. Lawyer Choi finds Cha Young and Vincenzo staring at her.

Prosecutor Jung is startled when Vincenzo confronts him. Vincenzo reminds Prosecutor Jung that he promised he’d destroy him when he had everything he wanted. Vincenzo surmises the promotion was Prosecutor Jung’s goal. He orders Prosecutor Jung to back off during the trial. Prosecutor Jung declares he’s an officer of the court and can’t be touched. Vincenzo pulls Prosecutor Jung’s necktie until it begins to choke him. He tells Prosecutor Jung he has 2 days not to make trouble or else. Vincenzo leaves a gasping Prosecutor Jung as he makes his exit.

Chief Prosecutor Han and Lawyer Choi bemoan their faces being blurred. Lawyer Choi assumes Vincenzo will kill them. Lawyer Choi tells Chief Prosecutor Han this is where they part ways. Chief Prosecutor Han says they need to stick together. Lawyer Choi points out Chief Prosecutor Han partnered with Han Seo to betray Joon Woo and leveraged his way out of Woosung Law Firm. She pays for the drinks and leaves Chief Prosecutor Han yelling he doesn’t need her.

The tenants watch the news report reveal that Babel Group’s purchase of Geumga Plaza building has been nullified due to illegal activities. They cheer. Vincenzo and Cha Young are all smiles.

Han Seo stops the production of unsafe technology. Chief Prosecutor Han compliments Han Seo on his authority and decisiveness. Chief Prosecutor Han points out that their faces were blurred in the video shown at trial. He worries Vincenzo will kill them. He suggests Han Seo join forces with him again. Han Seo states his partner is Vincenzo who is in a league of his own. Chief Prosecutor Han points out that he introduced Han Seo to Vincenzo. Han Seo thanks him then declares Chief Prosecutor Han is on his own.

Vincenzo visits Joon Woo in jail. He shows him a picture of the destroyed Babel Group Tower model.

Flashback…Vincenzo shoots the Babel Group Tower model in Joon Woo’s apartment.

Vincenzo tells Joon Woo he must know what is next.  Vincenzo reminds Vincenzo the mafia used to call him “a cat that is full” because he’d toy with the mouse before eating it. Joon Woo dares him to take him on. He warns Vincenzo that once he gets out of jail, he won’t be the polished chairman, he’ll be the brutal man that lives below the surface. Vincenzo states that will be interesting. Joon Woo states he’ll add Vincenzo’s watch to his collection of watches from those he’s personally murdered. Vincenzo stands and says he has a knack for beating delinquents. Vincenzo leaves.

Chief Prosecutor Han asks Prosecutor Jung to put him in prison for 3 months. He admits he’s afraid of Vincenzo. He promises Prosecutor Jung can climb the ladder with information he has.

Han Seo asks Vincenzo is he’s leaving Korea once everything is done. Vincenzo confirms it. He’s not interested in any of the positions Han Seo offers. Vincenzo asks if Joon Woo has been in contact. Han Seo is a bit worried that Joon Woo will be out of jail in 2 months. Vincenzo urges him to leave Korea. Han Seo will be Joon Woo’s first target. Han Seo refuses and declares he has to man up and fight. He claims his security force won’t let Joon Woo touch him. Han Seo believes Vincenzo will keep him safe.

Lawyer Choi wonders what to do to get Joon Woo released from jail.

Cha Young and Vincenzo discuss what happens after Joon Woo is released from jail. Vincenzo suggests Cha Young step back while he finishes up. Vincenzo says they’ve been cruelly effective but the next steps will be in brutal and monstrous. Cha Young admits some of the things they’ve done have been hard to support. But Joon Woo is the kind of evil the law cannot corral, so she supports fighting evil with evil.  She gets a text that Prosecutor Jung has released all of Babel Group’s allies. Vincenzo murmurs that Prosecutor Jung didn’t heed his advice.

Lawyer Choi meets with the right-hand man and suggests they work together to deal with Vincenzo and the secret file. He rejects the idea preferring to handle it himself. Lawyer Choi points out if she handles it, any scandal wouldn’t affect the political candidate. That resonates with the right-hand man. She asks him to get Joon Woo released. The right-hand man declares Joon Woo is a big problem best left in prison. Lawyer Choi begs to differ.

Flashback…At Woosung Law Firm, Lawyer Choi and her team work to perfect the fabricated evidence against Lawyer Choi that no judge or prosecutor could refute. Joon Woo will look like her puppet, not her master.

Lawyer Choi gives the right-hand man the fabricated evidence. Lawyer Choi declares she’ll take the blame for everything and go to jail. Only Joon Woo can handle the scandal and destroy Vincenzo.

Releasing Joon Woo is like sending a rabid dog to destroy.

Prosecutor Jung attends a promotion celebration with his coworkers. They drink and cheer.

Stepping out to the balcony, a drunk and happy Prosecutor Jung is taken aback when Vincenzo steps in his path. Vincenzo grabs Prosecutor Jung’s neck and strangles him until he passes out. Prosecutor Jung wakes to find himself with Vincenzo.  Prosecutor Jung calls Vincenzo mafia scum. Vincenzo points out that Prosecutor Jung is scum in a suit. Prosecutor Jung declares he lives by the law. In Italian Vincenzo tells Prosecutor Jung “that which has no life has no sin”. Prosecutor Jung’s body falls and lands on a car.

Back at his apartment, Vincenzo drinks wine and thinks one down (Prosecutor Jung), three to go (Lawyer Choi, Chief Prosecutor Han, and Joon Woo) for justice for himself and Cha Young.

At jail, Lawyer Choi explains her plan. She tells him to get her out after he recharges. He promises to make her vice chairman of Babel Group. Lawyer Choi informs Joon Woo that Han Seo has aligned himself with Vincenzo. Joon Woo isn’t surprised. Lawyer Choi asks if he knows about Prosecutor Jung’s suicide. Joon Woo chuckles that killing a man during his promotion celebration is cruel. Joon Woo wants to be released quickly without anyone knowing.

He wants the advantage of surprise when he makes his attack.

Lawyer Choi is arrested at Woosung Law Firm.

Mr. Nam reports Lawyer Choi was arrested. Vincenzo and Cha Young believe other employees informed on her.

In jail, Lawyer Choi sings with joy.

Joon Woo is released from jail.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Vincenzo watches Cha Young primp. She notices him watching her. As they leave the office he asks where she’s going. Cha Young says she’s going to a gathering with former coworkers. Vincenzo doesn’t like it. He considers following her but decides against it.

As Cha Young strides down the sidewalk, Joon Woo watches her.

Cha Young parks in an underground parking garage. She gets a call from a friend and states she’s just arrived and will be there shortly. Two men grab her and shove her in a van.

Han Seo works late in his office. There’s a knock at the door. Joon Woo enters. Han Seo is afraid. Joon Woo says he wanted to surprise his brother. Joon Woo chuckles that Han Seo’s security team abandoned him when he gave them ready cash. Joon Woo calls him a traitor. Han Seo declares he was trying to run Babel Group ethically. Joon Woo points a gun at Han Seo. He says this is Han Seo’s gun. Joon Woo says Han Seo can’t live any longer. He puts the gun to Han Seo’s head. Han Seo declares he was bound to have the same fate as their father. Han Seo closes his eyes. Joon Woo hits him on the head with his gun.

At this apartment, Vincenzo calls Cha Young but there’s no answer. He senses something. He sees a man at the window. Then there’s a knock at the door. Vincenzo grabs his gun and opens the door. He steps out into the hallway guns drawn. No one is there. He looks around. Then he sees an envelope. He picks it up and opens it. There is blood over jewelry. The jewelry Cha Young was wearing that night.

Han Seo wakes to see Vincenzo tied up. He crawls over to her. Joon Woo enters the room. He sits next to Cha Young. She calls him a cheap villain. He points out she hangs out with the villain. Cha Young scoffs that he’s not human. Joon Woo bends next to her then claims he loves her. Cha Young points out abducting a woman you love is crazy. Joon Woo counters his principals are more important than love. Cha Young says he should never have been born. Joon Woo claims that hurts. Cha Young tells him to kill her. Joon Woo says he abducted her for a reason.

Joon Woo calls Vincenzo who is driving. Vincenzo demands to know where Cha Young is. Joon Woo asks why Vincenzo hasn’t inquired about his health. Vincenzo says he doesn’t care. Joon Woo tells him to come to him. He says Cha Young is alive. Joon Woo says he learned in jail abducting someone gives you leverage. Vincenzo warns Joon Woo not to hurt Cha Young or he’ll kill him. Joon Woo tells him to hurry or he will hurt Cha Young. Vincenzo drives aggressively.

Security searches Vincenzo before letting him enter the room. He sees Han Seo, Cha Young, and Joon Woo. Smiling Joon Woo raises his gun and says he soaked Cha Young’s jewelry in pig’s blood. Vincenzo says abduction is a low blow. Joon Woo declares a rat that is about to be swallowed by a cat has no scruples. Vincenzo warns that if Joon Woo kills them, he’ll die next. Joon Woo doesn’t care about the mafia revenge as long as Vincenzo dies first.

Joon Woo throws a hockey stick at Han Seo and order him to pick it up. When Han Seo hesitates Joon Woo fires the gun near him. Joon Woo orders Han Seo to beat Vincenzo to death. Joon Woo offers JS his life and all of Babel Group. Cha Young calls him crazy. Joon Woo hits her. He grabs her by the hair, puts the gun to her head, and warns if she keeps talking, he’ll kill her. Cha Young tells him to do. Joon Woo cocks the gun. Cha Young doesn’t flinch.

Vincenzo falls to his knees. He tells Han Seo to beat him to death. Han Seo asks if Joon Woo will let him live. Joon Woo confirms it. Han Seo stands and apologizes to Vincenzo. Understanding, Vincenzo tells him he had no choice. Han Seo says this is a decision he won’t regret. He takes the hockey stick and attacks Joon Woo.

As the two men struggle, Vincenzo frees Cha Young and raises her up to her feet. They head for the door. Joon Woo turns and fires.

Cha Young is hit as she’s in front of Vincenzo. She gasps. She locks eyes with Vincenzo and sinks to the ground. Vincenzo holds her and watches her. Vincenzo stares up at Joon Woo, the man that just shot the woman he cares for.

My Thoughts

Near perfect episode. Writer Park Jae Bum crafted an episode that highlighted the strengths and themes of this series. Violence can be justified. Evil must stamp out evil. Teamwork for good or evil is effective. Slavery to a belief or a person marginalizes self. Joy in triumph should be savored. The humor was wonderful. The violence was in your face. After losing the court case, Lawyer Choi decided the only way to beat Vincenzo was to unleash Joon Woo, an evil psychotic with the burning desire to kill Vincenzo. The strategy worked. Joon Woo gathered those Vincenzo cared about and baited him to come. Then Joon Woo offered Han Seo his life if he’d kill Vincenzo, notably with a hockey stick. Han Seo’s actions had indicated he was a better man and he proved it when he attacked Joon Woo. Vincenzo’s only thought was to get Cha Young out of the room. Joon Woo cut that short when he shot her. Circling to the beginning of the episode, the fight scene that included the tenants a delight and a production triumph.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) taunted Joon Woo in jail. Vincenzo is a master strategist. I respect his brains and tactical skills. He knew Joon Woo would want him dead. Did he consider that those he cared for would be targets? On the lighter side, I’m loving Song Joong Ki’s comedic flair.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) has moxy. She didn’t flinch when Joon Woo threatened her. She hated him for using her to lure Vincenzo. Did she willingly throw herself in the line of fire?

What’s my wish list for the final episode?

Vincenzo lives. That may be a tall order. But this series is about him. His journey. I hope he doesn’t die fighting to keep those he loves safe just when he’s on the brink of a richer more balanced life.

Joon Woo dies. His existence on this planet isn’t warranted.

Cha Young lives. I hope the gunshot wound isn’t fatal.

A happy ending for all the tenants. I don’t want a funeral for Vincenzo and/or Cha Young with all the tenants in attendance. My wish is that each and every one of them lives (this includes Vincenzo and Cha Young) and ends the series happy and healthy.

I rank this episode as excellent, 10 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 19
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    WOWSER KJT, I don’t think I’ve see you rate an episode 10 out of 10 before. I enjoyed the comedy immensely and like how offset the violence in this episode.

    I 💗 that just when it looked like Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 couldn’t keep back the presidential candidate’s thugs, from taking Ms. Seo 🎹, the Cassano Family stepped in (sans their black uniform). I was laughing 😅 my butt off that Mr Nam’s 🕵️‍♂️💼 contribution to fighting the thugs was changing up the lighting. Then when the street creds of the Geumga Plaza tenants were being shown, I about lost it when NIS agent An Ki Seok’s 👨‍💼👞📱 cred was being president of the Vincenzo Cassano🍷🤵💼 fan club. I was rolling again where the presidential candidate’s aide found a “gold” bar that turned out to be chocolate 🍫 in his hand ha ha ha❣

    It made sense that the monks ☸ weren’t the only ones hauling gold out of the vault … but, where did they out it❓⁉️

    KJT, when you asked if there would be second season, I thought that I would only want a second season if Vincenzo found redemption … but, let’s see how it ends … at this point I’m getting weary of the violence.

    It was not surprising Chief Prosecutor Han 🦜💼 cowardly tried to broker a deal with Prosecutor Jung for a short prison sentence to “protect” himself … wouldn’t it be more dangerous to be incarcerated❓⁉️ Didn’t Team Evil pay the felon, who eventually murdered Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸, to kill someone in jail for the near the beginning of the series❓⁉️ Seems to me that Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 taking the blame for all of Babel Group’s 💊⚗ dirty business might also be a ploy to protect herself. It’s hard to believe that Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 managed to get himself out of jail at ALL, let alone QUIETLY.

    Han Seo💊⚗👤 was foolish not to take Vincenzo’s advice to get out of Dodge, but I was pleased to see he made a good decision about going after Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 instead of following his brother’s direction. I like Han Seo💊⚗👤 and want him to survive in addition to Cha Young 👩‍💼💼. What was with Joon Woo/Han Seok’s 🧠💪💼 last minute confession to Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 that he loved her … after killing her dad, Lawyer Hong 👓💼, not to mention all the horrible thing he had done to her❓⁉️ … oh yeah, he is psychotic. “Did she [Cha Young 👩‍💼💼] willingly throw herself in the line of fire?” -KJT. Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 has moxy and YES, I think she did … Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 realizes Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 is the only one who can stop Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 … the constant meme of the series “only evil can fight evil”.

    I 💗 your wish list KJT. I want Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 and Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 to live and happy endings for the Geumga Plaza tenants. I agree Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 needs a fate that keeps him from committing any more atrocities … or maybe even breathing. I would add Chief Prosecutor Han 🦜💼 and Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 need lengthy prison sentences and at times wish Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 the same fate as Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼. Looking forward to watching the last episode 😄.


    • I about lost it when NIS agent An Ki Seok’s 👨‍💼👞📱 cred was being president of the Vincenzo Cassano🍷🤵💼 fan club.
      That was a laugh out loud scene. Simply darling!

      KJT, when you asked if there would be second season, I thought that I would only want a second season if Vincenzo found redemption
      I was relieved when the rest of the episode lead you to believe there wouldn’t be a second season. Frankly with kdramas, second seasons aren’t always good. I enjoy the one and done aspect of kdramas.

      I 💗 your wish list KJT. I want Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 and Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 to live and happy endings for the Geumga Plaza tenants. I agree Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 needs a fate that keeps him from committing any more atrocities … or maybe even breathing. I would add Chief Prosecutor Han 🦜💼 and Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 need lengthy prison sentences and at times wish Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 the same fate as Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼. Looking forward to watching the last episode 😄.
      We’ll see if your wish list was granted in the finale.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        KJT, I agree second season’s are frequently not done well. I’d rather not see a second season of ANYTHING, unless it was done well. A second season is supposed to be coming for Arthdal Chronicles … I hope it is done well.

        Liked by 1 person

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