Lovestruck in the City Episode 9

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) spots Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won). She sees him and runs. He yells at the police to catch her. Jae Won catches up. The police get there too. They ask Jae Won is that is his camera bag and those are his cameras. Jae Won confirms it. They arrest Eun O for possession of Jae Won’s stolen cameras. As they handcuff Eun O, Jae Won stops them and puts the other handcuff on himself. He tells the police they’ll follow them to the police station.

Flashback…3 days ago…what would you do if you ran into your ex?

Kang Gun (29, writer) would want to be friends.

Jae Won doesn’t believe friendship is possible after a breakup.

Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) admits she is mean to her exes during the breakup, so the bad feelings are dealt with then and don’t linger.

Suh Rin shares the story of seeing her ex in a coffee shop with a new girl. He’d never directly broken up, he avoided her to get the point across. Suh Rin approaches the couple. She tells her ex now that he’s seeing another woman, she’ll do the right thing and break up with him. The new girl is outraged. Outside, the ex demands to know why Suh Rin did that. She points out he wasn’t able to directly break up with her so she did it for him. She smiles as she walks away.

Kang Gun and Seong Yeong run into each other. They have a drink and laughs. But they also remember why they broke up. Seong Yeong is not happy to learn Kang Gun is still closely connected to Eun O and Suh Rin. Seong Yeong wants to know which woman does Kang Gun have romantic feelings for.  They end up yelling at each other until they are thrown out of the bar.

Jae Won claims he wants to see his ex again. He could handle it. He would accept what her reasons for breaking up via voice mail.

Choi Kyeong Jun (Jae Won’s cousin) declares Jae Won can’t handle seeing his ex again. Kyeong Jun believes her breakup with Jae Won indicates she’s not a nice person.

Present…Jae Won holds Eun O hand at the police station. Jae Won confirms the cameras are his. He doesn’t want Eun O to be in trouble. The police plan to formally arrest her. Jae Won tries to stop the police. Eun O asks why the police are treating her like a thief. She declares Jae Won gave her the cameras. Eun O tells herself she can’t let her real identity be revealed, so lying Jae Won gave her the cameras is her best option. The police are surprised. Jae Won is surprised. That’s not the way he remembers it. Eun O insists that is what happened. The police ask if Jae Won has made false claims. Eun O asks the handcuffs be removed. The police ask Jae Won is he gave her the cameras. Cornered, Jae Won claims he did. The police remove the handcuffs. They want Eun O’s ID number. They won’t let her leave without providing it. Reluctantly Eun O removes her ID card to hand to the police. Jae Won snatches it. He’s shocked to read her name isn’t the name she used when they dated 2 months during his surfing vacation. Jae Won demands to know why she lied about her name on vacation. Eun O says nothing. The police enter Eun O’s ID number into the system. Disgusted at the lies, Jae Won asks the police if he can leave. He says the cameras are hers. He leaves. Eun O sighs.

Eun O rushes out of the police station to find Jae Won. He gets into his car and starts to drive away. She sees him and runs behind his car yelling for him to stop. Jae Won refuses until she falls after a motorcycle almost hits her. Jae Won stops his car and rushes to Eun O. She stands and tells him to take the cameras. Jae Won points out she just told the police he gave her the cameras. Why is she trying to return them? Eun O admits she felt it would be better if Jae Won believed she stole the cameras. Jae Won demands to know who she is. He yells that everything was lie. She offers the cameras to him. Jae Won throws them to the ground. He declares those cameras remind him of the time he was in love with her. He doesn’t want to remember that now. He doesn’t want to see her again. He tells her to throw away the cameras and walks to his car. Eun O follows. Jae Won points out he’s still wearing his ring, but she’s not. He labels himself a fool. They promised to never take off their rings. Jae Won takes off his ring. He throws it in the stream. He gets in his car and drives away.

Eun O thinks to herself she wanted to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. She only wanted to be the wonderful woman he met on vacation. Now he knows she’s not that person. She cries.

Jae Won arrives home. He’s frustrated to find notes from Kyeong Jun where the alcohol should be.

Kyeong Jun gives the alcohol to Kang Gun. Suh Rin demands money. Kang Gun says he’ll pay.

Jae Won drinks water instead. He stares at his hand without the ring.

Flashback…Jae Won waits for Eun O to get off work. He surprises her. They hug and walk to the camper together. They frolic and have fun. They watch the night sky.

Jae Won wonders who he fell in love with.

After their shift the police officers walk home. They feel sorry for Jae Won but assume Eun O had her reasons. They are surprised to see Eun O wading in the stream looking for something.

As Eun O searches in the stream for Jae Won’s ring, we see her ring is hanging from a necklace. Eun O is thrilled when she finds Jae Won’s ring.

Later Jae Won comes to the stream to search for his ring.

My Thoughts

Jae Won learns her real name. Writer Jung Hyun Jung (Romance is a Bonus Book) focused the ninth episode the revelation that Eun O isn’t the name of the woman he dated and married while on vacation. He was stunned. The police were surprised. Eun O lied that Jae Won gave her the cameras to avoid charges. Jae Won left the police station in disgust and shock. When Eun O caught up to him, he railed at her for lying to him. Calling himself a fool, he removed his wedding ring and threw it in the stream. Wearing her wedding ring on a necklace, she returned and found it before he did.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) couldn’t believe the woman he loved was really someone else. Jae Won had every right to be upset, hurt and angry. Eun O didn’t offer any explanation. She tried to give him the cameras back. Frustrated at her continuous lies he threw the cameras to the ground and tossed his wedding ring into the stream. He came back to search for it. Little does he know; Eun O searched and found the ring earlier in the evening.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) didn’t want Jae Won to realize she was a fraud. Eun O enjoyed having an different persona during vacation. But she didn’t think it through. She got involved and married Jae Won. To avoid being found out, she broke up via voice mail. Does her rationale that she wanted him to remember her as the fun-loving woman justify the pain she put Jae Won through?

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3 comments on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I laughed my butt off when Rini 🌵 broke up with her ex in front of his current girlfriend. It was mean spirited, but him ghosting her was also mean spirited.
    He deserved it since he ghosted her … and it was funny.

    Eun O🏄‍♀️📷 was busted with her ID card … Jae Won🏄‍♂️📷 felt betrayed all over again, but it was something that had to be discovered to move the storyvforward. I was rolling on the floor when MinHo 🚔 asked what the problem was … was she a man❓⁉️

    Clearly Eun O🏄‍♀️📷 was more invested in Jae Won🏄‍♂️📷 than she was willing to admit, to go looking for Jae Won’s🏄‍♂️📷 discarded ring in the chilly weather. I was glad to see Eun O🏄‍♀️📷 was still wearing his ring on a chain. Unfortunately that meant the ring was not to be found when Jae Won🏄‍♂️📷 went looking … maybe these two ARE meant to be together. Is Eun O🏄‍♀️📷 so afraid because she cannot live up to being the dazzling vacation persona❓⁉️ “Does her rationale that she wanted him to remember her as the fun-loving woman justify the pain she put Jae Won through?” -KJT. I don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion.


    • I laughed my butt off when Rini 🌵 broke up with her ex in front of his current girlfriend. It was mean spirited, but him ghosting her was also mean spirited.
      He deserved it since he ghosted her … and it was funny.

      It was enjoyable.

      Is Eun O🏄‍♀️📷 so afraid because she cannot live up to being the dazzling vacation persona❓⁉️
      It seems flimsy.

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