Vincenzo Episode 18

At the ice rink, Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) tells Jang Han Seo to shoot first. Han Seo cocks his gun. They stare at each other. The Interpol agents and two Korean officers burst onto the rink guns drawn. Interpol advises Vincenzo they will arrest him and return to Italy. The Korean officers’ order Vincenzo to drop his gun. Han Seo shoots Vincenzo. The blood flows as Vincenzo falls prone onto ice. An Interpol agent approaches Vincenzo’s limp body. He checks for a pulse. Vincenzo disarms the Interpol agent, stands, and aims the gun at the agent. He tells everyone to lower their weapons.

Later Vincenzo dispatches all the Interpol agents. He advises the stunned Korean officers to tell their superiors Interpol left the country due to lack of evidence. He orders them to get rid of the Interpol agent’s bodies or face their own death. Vincenzo tells Han Seo to return to Joon Woo and wait for his death. Han Seo starts to leave. Vincenzo states Han Seo deserves a preview of what it to come. He shoots Han Seo in the arm.

In the hospital Team Evil gathers around Han Seo’s bed. Chief Prosecutor Han Seung Hyeok (Han Seo’s cohort in crime and former primary partner of Woosung Law Firm) points out that Han Seo’s plan was to lure Vincenzo so Interpol would catch him. Han Seo’s half-brother Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) asks where Han Seo got the gun. Han Seo claims he bought the gun to kill Vincenzo. Lawyer Choi (now primary partner of WLF) points out Han Seo should have let Interpol hand Vincenzo. Han Seo counters that Vincenzo would return to Korea and kill them all. Joon Woo finds it interesting that Vincenzo had his own security at the ice rink. He wonders if Vincenzo knew Interpol was coming for him. Han Seo doesn’t know. Joon Woo leaves with Lawyer Choi. Chief Prosecutor Han advises Han Seo to tell him what he’s omitted. Han Seo claims he’s hiding nothing. Chief Prosecutor Han leaves. In the hallway Lawyer Choi advises Chief Prosecutor Han watch his back after sending Interpol after Vincenzo.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin), Vincenzo and Mr. Nam drink and discuss the day.

Flashback…Han Seo tells Vincenzo that Chief Prosecutor Han contacted Interpol to return him to Italy and the agents were in country.

Flashback…At the ice rink locker room, Mr. Nam preps Vincenzo. Han Seo admits he’s nervous knowing they’ll be surround with Agents and Officers with guns drawn.

Flashback…On the ice rink, Vincenzo tells Interpol that new boss of the mafia Vincenzo used to work has framed him. He offers them evidence about the mafia’s crimes in exchange for being left alone. Vincenzo also offers the evidence about the shell company Babel Group uses.

Flashback…After the successful interaction, Han Seo tells Vincenzo that Joon Woo making him Chairman was in name only. Han Seo asks Vincenzo to wing him in the arm so Joon Woo won’t be suspicious he escaped without injury. Vincenzo warns Han Seo might faint. Han Seo faints when Vincenzo shoots him.

At the hospital, Han Seo chuckles over the day.

The next day Vincenzo, Mr. Park offers a free balloon flight should he ever need to flee the country quickly.  Mr. Park admits he respects Vincenzo’s skills. Vincenzo thanks him for the offer. Mr. Park asks Vincenzo to call him brother.


The Jipuragi Law Firm team discusses their next moves.

Chief Prosecutor Hwang receives the video of the meeting of Babel Group and their allies that he attended. Han Seo provides a meeting place and time.

As the Babel Group allies gather, Director Tae Jong Gu (International Crime Response Agency) asks Chief Prosecutor Hwang why Han Seo called the meeting a public place. None of the gathered allies know. They are taken aback when audio from the meeting is played.

Chief Prosecutor Hwang complains to Joon Woo about the meeting. He declares he won’t be treated like this. He hangs up. Joon Woo is irked.

At the courthouse, Cha Young and Vincenzo tell the swarm of reporters that evidence against Babel Group will be revealed. They declare Babel Group’s tower will never be built. With a flourish they look at the camera and tell Babel Group their days are numbered. They smile and head into the courthouse.

Meanwhile at Geumga Plaza building, the monks exit the temple and find Ms. Tak in hallway worried they begging for money again. She talks to Mr. and Ms. Lee who decide to take up a collection for the monks.

Outside the courthouse, Vincenzo and Cha Young wish each other well on their separate errands.

Joon Woo, Lawyer Choi, and Han Seo wonder how the allies meeting was recorded. Lawyer Choi suggests one of the allies is working against them.  Joon Woo believes this is part of Vincenzo’s plan to humiliate him. Lawyer Choi receives a text that Jipuragi Law Firm has filled for damages against Babel Group.

Chief Prosecutor Han reads Jipuragi Law Firm’s filed complaint. They accurately describe the tactics Babel Group has used against the Geumga Plaza building tenants. Vincenzo calls and informs he knows who called Interpol. Chief Prosecutor Han defends his actions. Vincenzo suggests they meet and make a deal. He hangs up. Chief Prosecutor Han wonders what Vincenzo wants.

Cha Young joins Lawyer Choi as she drinks in a private room. Lawyer Choi warns her she won’t die no matter what they throw at her. Cha Young plays the recording where Lawyer Choi’s assassin lists all the people he killed at Lawyer Choi’s orders. Lawyer Choi scoffs the recording isn’t admissible. Lawyer Choi counters that Cha Young’s hands aren’t clean either. Both women agree one of the them will lose.

Lawyer Choi explains he did what he had to do. Vincenzo tells Chief Prosecutor Han that calling Interpol put him on his hit list. Chief Prosecutor Han counters that Vincenzo should respect him. Vincenzo doesn’t. Chief Prosecutor Han calls in his security men. Vincenzo shoots two men in the legs and orders them out. They leave. Vincenzo points his gun at Vincenzo and calls him a coward. Chief Prosecutor Han falls to his knees and begs for his life.

At Joon Woo’s apartment, he senses someone is there. He exits his bedroom to investigate. Three men surround him. A fight ensues.  Joon Woo dispatches the men and flees. They chase him onto the grounds. Joon Woo runs into the street and crosses. He loses the men who search for him.

Back at his apartment, Lawyer Choi tends Joon Woo’s wounds while Han Seo claim outrage.

Vincenzo watches the city lights. He intones in Italian “a devil tantalizes another devil” and smiles.

A group of men chase and beat Mr. Cho.

Mr. Cho finds himself across from the political candidates’ right-hand man. He wants Mr. Cho to open the secret room under Geumga Plaza building to retrieve the secret file and the gold. Mr. Cho declares the iris scanner is in the secret room. The right-hand man asks who designed the security system. Mr. Cho claims not to know. The right-hand man declares an in-country security person designed the system. He orders Mr. Cho to find out who that is. He offers his men to help search. Mr. Cho asks why he’d do that. The right-hand man suggests the lives of Mr. Cho’s family are the incentive.

Joon Woo is startled when men in black sweep into the parking garage and dispatch his security team with ease. Joon Woo dives into his car and orders his driver to exit. The men shoot at the fleeing car. Joon Woo’s heart is racing as the car pulls out.

The fear Vincenzo promised.  

Lawyer Choi tells Chief Prosecutor Han to arrest Vincenzo. Chief Prosecutor Han counters they need evidence to make it stick. If not, the secret file and all it’s secrets will be revealed. Chief Prosecutor Han suggests they use mafia tactics too. He suggests jail is the one place Vincenzo won’t be able to touch Joon Woo.


Joon Woo hates the idea of jail when Lawyer Choi presents it. She promises he’ll be comfortable and safe. Lawyer Choi says they can’t beat Vincenzo. Joon Woo yells he doesn’t want to go to jail. Lawyer Choi promises everything will be okay. Joon Woo sighs.

The next day in the Babel Group lobby, prosecutors arrest Joon Woo for tax evasion. Joon Woo asks for a word with Han Seo.

Joon Woo tells Han Seo to make the subsidiary declare new technology. Han Seo counters he won’t do it while negative press is swirling about Babel Group’s trustworthiness.  Han Seo tells his brother he won’t act fraudulently. He’ll make his brother proud by running things the right way. Joon Woo orders him to obey. Han Seo refuses. Joon Woo can’t believe it. He stares at Han Seo before they take him away. Han Seo grins.


Joon Woo is taken to Chief Prosecutor Han’s office. Prosecutor Jung is there.  They remove his handcuffs. Chief Prosecutor Han orders everyone but Prosecutor Jung out. Prosecutor Jung admits he’s been threatened by Vincenzo but refuses to cower. Chief Prosecutor Han announces Prosecutor Jung will be made his deputy next week. Joon Woo glares.

Han Seo and Vincenzo drink together. Han Seo asks if Vincenzo will kill him. Vincenzo comments that Han Seo appears to be repenting. Han Seo points out he could be lying. Vincenzo notes his actions say otherwise. Han Seo appreciates the kind words. Vincenzo asks why Han Seo is helping him. Han Seo says Vincenzo is like a brother to him. He feels at ease with Vincenzo. Han Seo asks if they can treat each other as brothers. Vincenzo agrees. Han Seo is all smiles.

Mr. Cho is forced to search for the security person.

Joon Woo doesn’t like being in a cell. He’s told he has a visitor.

Vincenzo visits Joon Woo. He asks if he looks good in prison grab. Vincenzo says it looks good on him. Joon Woo points out he’s treated well prison. Vincenzo points out not everything is as it seems. He points out he knew Joon Woo’s car was bullet proof.

Flashback…Agent An, Mr. Lee, Mr. Tak and the dancer remove their masks after chasing Vincenzo’s car from the parking lot. Agent An shoots at the fleeing car.

Vincenzo points out the men that attacked him in his apartment, easily tracked him and let him escape.

Flashback…Agent An, Mr. Lee, Mr. Tak watch Joon Woo hobble back to his apartment.

Flashback…Vincenzo tells Chief Prosecutor Han to arrest Joon Woo and put him in jail. He promises to provide the rationale.

Vincenzo declares he’s the one that put Joon Woo in prison. Vincenzo loves it when his enemies don’t know he’s in control. Joon Woo asks why he doesn’t kill him. Joon Woo assumes Vincenzo is afraid of the consequences. Vincenzo sighs. Vincenzo reveals the mafia used to call him “a cat that is full” because he’d toy with the mouse before eating it. Vincenzo shares that a robber killed his foster parents when he was a young boy. He joined the mafia and tortured the man to the brink of suicide. He paid the man’s hospital bill, fed him a fine meal when released, then killed him. Vincenzo tells Joon Woo he is the mouse. Vincenzo promises Joon Woo will watch Babel Tower fall. Joon Woo counters he can leave prison when he wants. Vincenzo reveals he has evidence about Babel Group’s shell company. Vincenzo says Chief Prosecutor Han doesn’t have the only copy and can’t bury the evidence. Vincenzo states Joon Woo will be in prison for at least 30 days. Vincenzo stands and declares Joon Woo will watch Babel Tower fall from inside prison. Vincenzo leaves. Joon Woo seethes.

That was satisfying.

Chief Prosecutor Han and Prosecutor Jung agree Joon Woo must stay in jail for the near term. They hope that’s sufficient time for Han Seo to retrieve the secret file. Prosecutor Jung suggests before he’s promoted, he’ll defeat Cha Young and Vincenzo in court.

Vincenzo is surprised when his Italian ally calls from the airport stating he’s just arrived in country.

Lawyer Choi assures Joon Woo she will handle the shell company issue. She apologizes for not knowing Vincenzo was pulling strings. Joon Woo doesn’t want to watch Babel Tower fall from inside prison. He tells to her extract him ASAP. He warns her to watch Han Seo.

Agent An guides Vincenzo’s Italian ally to Jipuragi Law Firm. Vincenzo is happy to see him. He’s not happy to learn the new boss of the mafia isn’t treating people well and may be fleeing from the law soon.  His ally asks him to return to Italy and save them. Vincenzo sighs.

Back in his apartment, Vincenzo calls Mr. Cho. He doesn’t answer. Mr. Cho’s screen shows a picture of Ms. Seo among other potential security people. Mr. Cho provides the names to the right-hand man. Ms. Seo stands out because she lives in Geumga Plaza building. The right-hand man chuckles the locksmith lives next to the vault.

Vincenzo packs a bag to return to Italy. He looks at an engraved pen.

The art gallery emails Cha Young the photo of her kissing Vincenzo.

Vincenzo looks for his dove but he’s not there.  He spreads food anyway. He looks at the night sky.

The next morning, Vincenzo finishes packing at Jipuragi Law Firm. Mr. Nam doesn’t take it well and begs Vincenzo not to leave. He’s worried Vincenzo won’t come back. Vincenzo says it is only a 2-week trip. Mr. Nam isn’t soothed. Cha Young assures Vincenzo everything will be well while he’s gone. She declares with Joon Woo in jail, Geumga Plaza building is their fortress. She tells Mr. Nam not to cry. Everyone is in the hall to wish Vincenzo a good trip. They’ve packed him food for the trip. Ms. Lee offers a good luck watch. The men vow to protect Geumga Plaza building. The monks declare Buddha will protect Vincenzo. Mr. Park wishes him well. Vincenzo thanks his “brother”. Mr. Park loves it.  Vincenzo takes his suitcase as everyone wishes him a safe journey. Mr. Nam tells the crying tenants it will only be 2 weeks.

At the airport, Cha Young agrees to prepare the lawsuit while he’s gone. She declares she needs no gifts when he returns. Vincenzo asks her to call him if anything happens. They smile. Vincenzo walks away. Doesn’t look happy. She follows Vincenzo into the airport. He looks at Cha Young expectantly. In Italian Cha Young tells him friends are like 2 souls in 1 body. Vincenzo smiles in pleasure. Cha Young tells him not to get hurt because it will hurt her. She offers her hand. Vincenzo shakes it and promises he’ll be okay. He walks away. Cha Young watches hoping he’ll return safe and sound.

On the plane, Vincenzo settles in his seat. He looks at the engraved pen.

At Geumga Plaza building, Ms. Seo practices the piano. She feels a presence in the room. Two men grab her and take her to the monk’s temple in the basement. Ms. Seo sees the monks and Mr. Cho surrounded by men. The secret door is ready to be unlocked. The right-hand man tells her he won’t be her friend. He tells her to open the door. She denies knowing how to do that. The right-hand man states if she lies to him again, she’ll die.

Cha Young returns to Jipuragi Law Firm. Mr. Nam sighs. Cha Young assures him Vincenzo will solve everything in Italy then return to Korea. Mr. Nam declares they’ll be so busy preparing for the trial, the 2 weeks will fly by. Cha Young gets to work. She can’t help but look at Vincenzo’s empty chair. She focuses on her work.

Ms. Seo unlocks the secret door. The right-hand man can’t believe his eyes. The secret room is empty. Mr. Cho joins him equally surprised. The right-hand man accuses Mr. Cho of stealing the gold and secret file. Ms. Seo makes a break for it and exits the room. The monks take on the men.

Ms. Seo runs down the hallway yelling for Mr. Tak. Cha Young and Mr. Nam rush into the hallway and ask what is wrong. Ms. Seo declares thugs are in the basement and grabbed her forcing her to open the secret room. Thugs enter the end of the hallway. Mr. Nam positions himself in front of Cha Young and Ms. Seo. Cha Young order him to call the police. Reluctantly Mr. Nam runs to do so.

The right-hand man comes forward with Mr. Cho. He tells Ms. Seo to come to him. Cha Young demands to know who he is. The right-hand man says this is none of her business. Cha Young declares she’s Ms. Seo’s lawyer. The right-hand man says he knew her father. Cha Young declares her father taught her not to respect scum like him. The right-hand man sends a security man to retrieve Ms. Seo. Cha Young puts herself in front of Ms. Seo. The security man roughly grabs Cha Young. 
Someone intervenes and grabs the security man. It’s Vincenzo! He throws the security man out the window. Vincenzo stares at the right-hand man. He asks Cha Young and Ms. Seo if they are okay. Vincenzo says he came back to feed his bird. Vincenzo flips his lighter. The right-hand man asks Vincenzo to confirm who he is. Vincenzo retorts he’ll handle this in less than 5 minutes. Vincenzo motions the man to come forward. He smiles.

My Thoughts

Han Seo did NOT betray Vincenzo. Writer Park Jae Bum revealed Han Seo was Vincenzo’s informant and willing partner. Color me pleasantly surprised. In my last recap I called Han Seo a scorpion. I hope to be completely proven wrong. Han Seo is trending good now. I enjoyed the many male characters who want Vincenzo as a brother – Han Seo, Mr. Park, Agent An, etc. Who doesn’t have a crush on Vincenzo? He is smart, tactical, ruthless in his pursuit of evil, an atypical Kdrama male lead. Bravo to Writer Park for not making Vincenzo denounce who he is. I thoroughly enjoyed Joon Woo being put in a prison cell through Vincenzo’s manipulations. Only 2 more episodes in this drama that has hit its stride.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) put Joon Woo in jail. Vincenzo is a master strategist. I respect his brains and tactical skills. His heart has opened to the Geumga Plaza building tenants. It is better than romance in many ways.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) assured Vincenzo his 2 weeks in Italy was the right choice. She supported his decision to help his former mafia family. She gifted him with a sweet phrase spoken in Italian at the airport. This couple may never come to fruition. The idea of seems to satisfy even if the reality never happens.

The sixth song of the OST is “Always by Your Side” song by John Park:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 18
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I liked the OST Always by zyou Side. I don’t recall hearing it… maybe next episode❓⁉️

    I like underdog Han Seo 💊⚗👤. I hope he keeps his nose clean and succeeds running Babel Group 💊⚗ legitimately.

    OMO, poor Mr Cho🏢 was beaten, kidnapped and threatened by the presidential candidate’s aide … yet another corrupt politician. Mr Cho🏢 must be a current NIS agent if he’s able to login to their network. Mr Cho🏢 was left in the dark about Vincenzo having the guillotine file … right❓⁉️. I was thinking it might only be Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 and Mr Nam🕵️‍♂️💼 who know Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 already has the guillotine file. I worried this going to put Ms Seo Mi Ri 🎹, the creator of the security system, in danger. Yup, Mi Ri 🎹 was the most logical of Mr Cho’s 🏢 candidates.

    I chuckled when Lawyer Choi Myung Hee 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 convinced Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 he would be safest in jail. “I thoroughly enjoyed Joon Woo being put in a prison cell through Vincenzo’s manipulations.” -KJT. I found Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 manipulating Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 into jail VERY SATISFYING❣

    “She [Cha Young 👩‍💼💼] gifted him [Vincenzo🍷🤵💼] with a sweet phrase spoken in Italian at the airport. This couple may never come to fruition. The idea of seems to satisfy even if the reality never happens.” -KJT. Yup, it makes me if romance will happen in the last couple of episodes. Like you KJT, I’ve found the commaderody amount Geumga Plaza tenants to be satisfying; it just might make up for the lack of romance.

    Did Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 empty the vault while the monks were out begging for alms or were the monks transporting the vault contents to another location when they were “begging for alms”❓⁉️


    • I chuckled when Lawyer Choi Myung Hee 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 convinced Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼 he would be safest in jail.
      It was a good moment.

      Yup, it makes me if romance will happen in the last couple of episodes. Like you KJT, I’ve found the comradery amount Geumga Plaza tenants to be satisfying; it just might make up for the lack of romance.
      Another example of how Writer Park made this series work in an atypical way.


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