Lovestruck in the City Episode 8

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and Choi Kyeong Jun (Jae Won’s cousin) take a taxi to the facility that stores towed cars. Jae Won declares the dashcam will help him finally find her. Kyeong Jun informs him the dashcam memory card was taken to counter a claim. Jae Won can’t believe it. They argue. Jae Won pulls over and order Kyeong Jun exit. Kyeong Jun gets his revenge when he gives the car’s remote to high schooler girls advising them to get something for it. They follow his advice much to Jae Won’s chagrin.

Jae Won explains that he must find her. She vanished into thin air. They were happy. They had no problems. Why did she steal his cameras? He wants closure.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) wishes he’d stop trying to find her. She left him a goodbye message. That meant goodbye.

Jae Won makes a video plea to her. He wants to make sense of her actions that don’t make sense to him.

Eun O claims Jae Won was boring and it is over.

Jae Won doesn’t believe it.

The rest of the gang chuckles at his belief that she wasn’t tired of him, who would be? Jae Won bemoans his sad state.

Also bummed by a breakup Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) declares she learns more about herself in relationships. She thinks it is time she takes a break. She watches a short video of former boyfriend Kang Gun (29, writer). That riles her up. She heads to an indoor shooting range. She believes the room mates, Kang Gun and Eun O, childhood friends, will one day date.

The four friends eat at Eun O and Kang Gun’s apartment. Kyeong Jun shares Jae Won’s sad state over his former love. Kyeong Jun’s longtime girlfriend Suh Rin feels bad for Jae Won. Eun O says nothing. When the police arrive to inform them about burglaries in the neighborhood, Eun O hides.

Jae Won goes to the hospital to speak with someone about his issues. He’s dismayed when an old school mate, now doctor, spots him. Not wanting to admit the issues are his, he describes the drinking claiming his cousin Kyeong Jun is doing. The school mate doctor encourages him to have a drink with him.

Jae Won doesn’t drink at the bar with the school mate doctor who wonders if Kyeong Jun has an addiction to alcohol.

Flashback…One snowy day after standing at the spot where he was to meet her, Jae Won drinks in a bar. He sees her outside the window. He tells himself he’s hallucinating.

Eun O confirms Jae Won didn’t hallucinate.

Flashback…Eun O sees Jae Won at the spot where they were to meet on that snowy day. She follows him.

She watches him drink in the bar. She sees him pass out. She enters the bar and sits at his table. She cries while he sleeps. She touches the ring he still wears. Jae Won wakes and sits up. With bleary eyes he sees her. He believes she’s a hallucination. Eun O says this is a dream. She asks why he was at the meeting spot. Jae Won admits her goes every Saturday hoping she’ll come. He admits he went to the police for help in finding her, his camera thief.

Eun O ask why he can’t forget her. Jae Won declares they got married. Eun O counters it was a joke. Jae Won counters it wasn’t a joke. He won’t take the ring off. He notes she told him not to. Eun O cries and apologizes. Jae Won agrees she should be sorry for dumping him. He calls her mean. She implores him to forget her. He asks if she’s okay. Eun O confirms she is. Jae Won bemoans her happiness when he’s miserable. She cries and wipes his tears. She sobs she’s a horrible person but their relationship was only a fling. Jae Won asks why she asked him to lengthen his vacation, why she agreed to marry him, why she agreed to meet him in Seoul, if it meant nothing to her.

Jae Won takes her hand and begs her not to leave him again.  He tells her to sit next to him. Eun O moves next to him. He puts his head on her shoulder. Then he has her put her head on his shoulder.

Present…Jae Won pays and leads his tipsy school mate doctor out of the bar.

Eun O packs Jae Won’s cameras in a box. She writes the label. Then she frets Kyeong Jun could see the label and recognize her handwriting.

The tipsy school mate doctor calls his ex-girlfriend. Jae Won wonders if that’s what he acts like.  He puts Jae Won on the phone. The ex-girlfriend tells Jae Won she’s the school mate’s wife, tending their infant child and waiting for her drunk husband to return home. Jae Won tells his friend he’s married and takes him home.

Eun O stands outside the police station with the cameras and wonders what she could say.

Jae Won goes to the meeting spot. He declares this is his last time. He takes off his ring. Just as he’s about to throw it, he spots Eun O. She sees him and spins around. She runs. He chases her. He yells at the police to catch her. Jae Won catches up. The police get there too. They ask Jae Won is that is his camera bag and those are his cameras. Jae Won confirms it. They arrest Eun O for possession of Jae Won’s stolen cameras. Both Jae Won and Eun O are shocked by the turn of events.

My Thoughts

Our couple had an encounter when Jae Won was drunk. Writer Jung Hyun Jung (Romance is a Bonus Book) focused the eighth episode Jae Won and Eun O and their meeting spot. Jae Won went there faithfully. The odds of her finding him paid off. She watched him steadily drink and pass out. She entered the bar. He woke. They spoke. He asked good questions. She offered no answers. Fast forward to the present, now the police has arrested her. Will all be revealed?

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) thought their encounter was a hallucination. After waking in the bar and finding Eun O there, Jae Won poured out his heart. He didn’t understand why she asked him to lengthen their vacation and agreed to marry him, if it was a meaningless fling as she claimed.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) cried when she saw Jae Won. Eun O still cares about Jae Won, but refuses to come clean. That moment may have arrived. She’s in handcuffs and under arrest for stealing Jae Won’s cameras.

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3 comments on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I felt really bad for Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷 as he clearly likes Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 more than she cares for him. Although Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 cares for Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷, even if she is in denial. I have mixed feelings about Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 letting Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷 believe their earlier encounter was a dream 🍭💭.

    HAH❗ The camera thief was finally apprehended❗ Yup KJT, Eun O’s 🏄‍♀️📷 going to have to come clean to the police besides … it needs to happen for them to ever have a relationship.


    • Although Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 cares for Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷, even if she is in denial. I have mixed feelings about Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 letting Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷 believe their earlier encounter was a dream 🍭💭.
      I have mixed feelings about her decisions since she returned to the city. Is preserving her status quo more important than Jae Won?

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