Lovestruck in the City Episode 7

Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) is at the police station with her former boyfriend. They are both drunk. Seong Yeong demands her boyfriend return all the clothes on his body she gave him. The police sigh. It has happened before with Seong Yeong and will happen again. Seong Yeong sleeps it off on a bench in the lobby.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) arrives at the police station demanding his camera thief be arrested. The police take him to a bench in the lobby (near Seong Yeong) and allow Jae Won to tell his story about his ill fated vacation relationship. Jae Won ends up crying on the officer who shares that every officer in the station has heard his drunken tale from the multiple visits he’s made reporting this crime. Jae Won shares he ran into his former flame tonight but got away. The police officer situates him on the bench so he can sleep it off.

Choi Kyeong Jun (Jae Won’s cousin) tells his girlfriend he’ll make a salad for breakfast. She wants bread. He leaves to purchase the bread.

Outside Kang Gun (29, writer), Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won), and Suh Rin tell the cameras they are childhood friends and have lived in the neighborhood forever. Kang Gun claims he can’t date because of these two.

Flashback…4 years ago…Seong Yeong demands Kang Gun pick her over his friends Suh Rin and Eun O. He refuses. She dumps him. As she exits, she spies Suh Rin and Eun O. They try and avoid eye contact but Seong Yeong speaks directly to them. She states they shouldn’t fight about men and strides away. Suh Rin and Eun O are impressed.

Kang Gun points out that Seong Yeong was crazy to think he’d be romantically interested in either Suh Rin or Eun O. They counter they don’t see him in that light either. Kyeong Jun arrives with the bread for breakfast.

Inside Eun O and Kang Gun’s apartment, breakfast is prepared. They dance to a popular song. Then Kyeong Jun gets a call from the police to pick up Jae Won.

Kyeong Jun arrives at the police station.  The police release Jae Won from the holding cell. The police tell Kyeong Jun that Jae Won comes often to report his cameras being stolen.

Kyeong Jun takes Jae Won for a meal. Jae Won shares that his vacation girlfriend stole his cameras. When Suh Rin calls Kyeong Jun for an update, he shares Jae Won’s camera theft story.

On the way to work Jae Won walks by the location where they’d agreed to meet but she never showed. He stops and stares. Kyeong Jun tells him to stop dawdling.

Arriving at work, Kyeong Jun removes the liquor bottles from Jae Won’s office.

Eun O enter the storehouse and looks at the surfboard Jae Won made her.

Jae Won enters the closet and takes the surfboard he made. He strides down the hall with purpose. Kyeong Jun wonders if he’ll really get rid of it this time.

Flashback…cute couple moments as Jae Won and Eun O paint the surfboards together. The next day they surf together.

Eun O strides down the street with the surfboard.

Jae Won strides down the street with the surfboard.

Flashback…Jae Won and Eun O use the outside shower to wash the salt off after a day of surfing. Jae Won exclaims she’s beautiful. They kiss.

Jae Won wants to dispose of the surfboard. He learns he needs to purchase a sticker for oversized garbage.

Eun O learns she needs to purchase a sticker for oversized garbage. The clerk admires the surfboard. He offers to take it. She hesitates then releases the surfboard. Walking home Eun O ducks in a doorway to avoid the rain showers. She remembers happy times with Jae Won.

Jae Won ducks in a doorway to avoid the rain showers. He remembers happy times with Eun O. He decides he can’t throw away the surfboard.

When the rain relents, Jae Won returns to work with the surfboard. Kyeong Jun watches him return the surfboard to the closet.

Jae Won remembers running into Eun O last night. He realizes his dashcam will have footage. He tells Kyeong Jun. He takes a taxi to retrieve his.

Eun O sees the tow notice before driving away.

Jae Won arrives in a taxi. He’s not happy to see the tow notice. Kyeong Jun doesn’t offer comfort but does tell Suh Rin the story when she calls.

Jae Won and Kyeong Jun take a taxi to the facility that stores towed cars. Jae Won declares the dashcam will help him finally find her.

Flashback…Eun O calls the tow service to report Jae Won’s car needs towing. She offers to prepay the fine. She asks they take care of the car.

My Thoughts

They can’t quit the memories of each other. Writer Jung Hyun Jung (Romance is a Bonus Book) focused the seventh episode Jae Won and Eun O trying to release themselves from their past relationship. Easier said than done. Their parallel paths in getting rid of the surfboards was cute.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) realized the dashcam could help. After his car was towed, it dawned on him the dashcam might help him find Eun O. Little does he know that if Kyeong Jun sees a photo of her, he’ll recognize Eun O.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) struggled to release the surfboard. Eun O still cares about Jae Won, but continues to put her friendships with Kang Gun, Kyeong Jun and Suh Rin above her two-month vacation relationship with Jae Won. Little does she know Jae Won might be able to get a photo of her from his dashcam.

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2 comments on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Eun O 🏄‍♀️📷 is on the ferge of being discovered by Jae Won 🏄‍♂️📷 … COME ON … RIP OFF THE BANDAID 🩹❗

    They both had a hard time letting go of the surf boards. Was it significant that despite misgivings, Eon O🏄‍♀️📷 was able to let it go of her surf board❓⁉️


    • Was it significant that despite misgivings, Eon O🏄‍♀️📷 was able to let it go of her surf board❓⁉️
      It seems to identify which has the higher priority…a love that would disrupt her life or the life she’s comfortable with.


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