Vincenzo Episode 16

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) has chased the masked man he saw exit the Jipuragi Law Firm and ends up on the mid-level deck. He doesn’t know the man continued up to the roof. Vincenzo stares and wonders where the man went. A body drops from the roof. Vincenzo approaches. It’s the media CEO. The police rush in to arrest Vincenzo. The arresting officer states the media CEO texted that Vincenzo had abducted him with the intent to kill. Now he’s dead. Vincenzo must be responsible. Vincenzo thinks to himself when trapped in a swamp, get free before you hit bottom. Vincenzo takes on the 3 officers and flees.

A masked man runs into Mr. Park. He hits him and tries to scape. Mr. Park doesn’t take that well. The men fight.

A fleeing Vincenzo dives in Mr. Tak’s van and tell drive. They take off as the police exit the Geumga Plaza building in pursuit.

Mr. Park’s male assistant finds Mr. Park and the man fighting. Mr. Park suggests the male assistant use a beer bottle effectively.

Vincenzo borrows Mr. Tak’s phone and calls Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin). She’s at the scene of the crime and assumes Vincenzo was set up. Vincenzo believes Babel Group learned he was controlling the media CEO and framed him after murdering the man. Mr. Park finds Cha Young and tells her (and Vincenzo) that he’s captured a suspicious man fleeing the building.

Mr. Park, his male assistant, and Cha Young begin to question the masked man. He isn’t talking.

Lawyer Choi learns that Vincenzo escaped their trap. She informs Chairman of Babel Group Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon). He yells at her to find Vincenzo quickly.

Mr. Tak notes things are complicated because Vincenzo is willing to get involved. He reveals he was once a gang member. He reformed when he realized he was wasting his life. He advises Vincenzo to leverage his best capabilities to help the world. Mr. Park, Cha Young, the male assistant and the masked man arrive. Vincenzo tells the man they need to talk and takes him to the car. After the interrogation everyone wants to help Vincenzo trap the man that hired him. Mr. Park only wants 1 wish to help. Vincenzo can’t believe it when he accepts the request.

When they arrive at the thug’s lair, Mr. Park, Mr. Tak and male assistant dispatch the 2 thugs while Vincenzo and Cha Young watch the action. Vincenzo smiles.

Love the perky music. Vincenzo didn’t have to lift a finger!

Vincenzo and Cha Young bring all 3 thugs to the police station. Cha Young tells the officers to listen to the real story. The thugs were hired to kill the media CEO, take the body to the Geumga Plaza building rooftop, send an incriminating text to the police via the media CEO’s phone, then lure Vincenzo to the deck. The media CEO’s body was pushed from the rooftop and Vincenzo arrested when the police arrived. The officers want proof. Vincenzo points to the mini-van that the thugs drove to the media company, the bloody cart they transported the body in, and the dashcam footage proving their locations that evening. Cha Young holds up a copy of the dashcam footage in case the police lose the provided copy.

At Woosung Law Firm primary partner Lawyer Han and Lawyer Choi don’t know how Vincenzo escaped the trap. The police arrive and arrest the lawyer Lawyer Choi had communicate with the thugs who murdered the media CEO.  Lawyer Choi doesn’t respond to the lawyer’s request for help as the police lead him away.

Vincenzo stops by Mr. Park’s business and tries to avoid granting Mr. Park’s wish that Vincenzo model for his company. The assistants block him and Mr. Park starts taking photos. Vincenzo ends up complying.


Joon Woo rails at Lawyer Han and Lawyer Choi to fix this mess. Lawyer Han assures Joon Woo that their lawyer won’t cave under interrogation.  Lawyer Choi assures him they are handling the situation. Han Seo (Joon Woo’s half-brother) wonders what magic ability Vincenzo has to elude. Irked, Joon Woo throws an item at Han Seo, then informs him they have someplace to go.

Lawyer Han tells Lawyer Choi Woosung Law Firm isn’t a murderous law firm. Cheating yes, but murderous no. Lawyer Choi points out he’s the one that was a devoted servant to Babel Group. Lawyer Han counters that was before the psychopath chairman Joon Woo took control. Lawyer Choi warns Lawyer Han to remember who the enemy is, and it’s not Joon Woo.

Jipuragi Law Firm team discuss that the media CEO was doomed for exposing Joon Woo’s murderous past.

Vincenzo and Cha Young arrive at the hospital to take his Vincenzo’s mother, Ms. Oh, on the promised outing. Cha Young compliments MO’s makeup job. She asks where Ms. Oh wants to go. Ms. Oh asks to have a portrait taken to when the terminal cancer finally overtakes her, there is a photo to use at her funeral. At the photo studio, Cha Young pulls a reluctant Vincenzo into the picture. Then she skillfully slides out and positions Vincenzo next to his mother for a special photo. Tears fill Cha Young, Ms. Oh and Vincenzo’s eyes at the precious and silently acknowledged moment.

As they walk a scenic path, Cha Young leaves mother and son to spend time together. Ms. Oh admits this is the happiest moment of her life. Vincenzo encourages her fight the cancer and hang on for the retrial. Ms. Oh acknowledges her life changed when she gave her son up. She admits her was her world.  She says she looks for his but couldn’t find him. Vincenzo encourages her to look for him now. Cha Young says she’d only be a burden to him know. Vincenzo counters her son wouldn’t think of her that way. Vincenzo says her son was been waiting for her his entire life. He believes her son hoped they’d meet again someday. MO says no matter what her son became, he would be cherished. She cries. She says Vincenzo’s Korea name. He cries. She admits she’d like to tell him she’s sorry, missed him, and never stopped thinking about him. She cries harder. Vincenzo cries harder too.

Gosh, that was lovely! Cha Young wins “best facilitator” to help create the opportunity for a real mother-son moment.

Joon Woo and Han Seo stare at the Geumga Plaza building.

Flashback…Lawyer Choi worries that Vincenzo has the secret file. Joon Woo believes it is possible. His tactic is simple, if he can’t have the file, he’ll make sure no one does either.

Han Seo asks why they are staring at Geumga Plaza building. Joon Woo takes a picture of the building and says that it is a piece of history.

A new inspector arrives to check the gas in Ms. Tak’s eatery.

Cha Young and Vincenzo settle Ms. Oh back into her hospital bed. Ms. Oh stands and hugs Cha Young. She thanks her. Then Ms. Oh hugs Vincenzo. Cha Young watches. Vincenzo hugs his mother back. She feels it.

As Cha Young and Vincenzo exit his mother’s hospital room, he nods to the guard outside his mother’s room. He suggests Shinkwang Bank could try and pressure her because of the retrial of the former chairman’s death. Cha Young says Vincenzo looked good with his mother today. She suggests he call her mother when he’s ready.

Mr. and Ms. Lee announce they are pregnant to the tenants. Everyone is happy for them. When Vincenzo and Cha Young walk in and hear the news, they offer their congratulations to the happy couple. When Vincenzo learns a celebration dinner is being prepared by the fake Italian chef, he hesitates. The tenants look at him imploringly while the fake Italian chef declares Vincenzo may have better things to do. Vincenzo smiles and agrees to attend.

The celebration dinner is filled with singing and laughter.

The gas inspector hits a button as she stands away from the building. The gas valve in Ms. Tak’s eatery is opened. A device counts down. The gas inspector watches the police and fire units arrive.

The tenants hear the sirens.  They smell the gas and see the police and fire units. They are told to evacuate. Vincenzo goes into the eatery with the firemen. They find the gas line was cut. The fireman finds the watch counting down. Vincenzo grabs the watch, runs down the hall, and hurls it out the window. It explodes. Vincenzo knows that would have caused the building to explode.

The firemen tell the tenants the gas line was cut by a planted device. Ms. Tak realizes the new inspector has to be the culprit. Agent An declares there is no doubt who cut the gas line and planted the explosive watch. The tenants shudder at the near miss. Vincenzo asks which one of them reported the gas leak. None of the tenants made the report.

Joon Woo throws the item at Han Seo and order him to take the hit. The impact draws blood. Joon Woo doesn’t understand why Han Seo called 911 to report the gas leak. Lawyer Choi enters and declares she has important news. Joon Woo sends Han Seo away. Lawyer Choi gives Joon Woo pictures of Vincenzo’s mother in her hospital room. Joon Woo is pleased they can hurt Vincenzo emotionally.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Han Seo arrives disguised in non-business clothes. He draws attention to his forehead. No one asks. Han Seo tells them he got it saving them. He says he called 911 and saved everyone. Han Seo says Joon Woo ordered him demolish the building but he thwarted them. The praise isn’t forthcoming. Han Seo tells Vincenzo that Joon Woo knows the gold and secret file are in the building. Vincenzo knows Joon Woo knows. Han Seo declares his brother won’t stop. Han Seo asks if his bravery proves himself. Vincenzo agrees and orders Han Seo to alphabetize all the files. Han Seo is thrilled.

On the rooftop, Vincenzo tells Cha Young things are ramping up now. Cha Young declares the tower of Babel will collapse. Vincenzo wants to make everyone pay that worked to build it. Cha Young wants details. Vincenzo states they will catch a big fish with a small fish.

The man that killed the truck driver in prison is released. Lawyer Choi is there to greet him. She has work for him to do.

The nurse takes Ms. Oh out for a breath of fresh air. Ms. Oh drops the picture of herself and Vincenzo. Joon Woo picks it up and returns it so her. He says her son is handsome. Ms. Oh laughs and agrees. Vincenzo’s guard watches the encounter.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Vincenzo looks at the picture of himself and his mother that includes Cha Young. She notices. Then he looks at the picture of himself and his mother. Vincenzo remembers his mother’s hug. He smiles and puts the pictures away. He exits the office. Cha Young has an idea where he went.

Back at the hospital, Ms. Oh thanks Joon Woo for listening to her brag about her son. Joon Woo claims he never took photos with his parents. Ms. Oh feels bad for him. Joon Woo notes his father didn’t love him. He asks her if she loves her son. Ms. Oh declares she’d die for her son. Joon Woo smiles. He wishes her good health. She thanks him for the chat.

Back at his apartment, Lawyer Choi calls and promises tonight she’ll have good news to report. Han Seo bring Joon Woo a health tonic. Joon Woo swallow it. Joon Woo won’t tell Han Seo where he was.

Vincenzo arrives at the hospital. He sees the outdoor eatery that makes the treat his mother loves. Cha Young calls. Vincenzo admits he’s going to visit his mother and tell her something Vincenzo didn’t tell her before. Cha Young applauds his thinking. Cha Young suggests calling her mother and hugging her. She smiles when they hang up. Cha Young looks at the picture of her father. Tears fill her eyes. Vincenzo takes the fresh treat and heads into the hospital.

Outside Vincenzo’s mother’s hospital room, an orderly tells the guard he’s there to move the patient to a new room. The orderly is the man newly released from the hospital. As he enters the room, Ms. Oh hears someone behind her. She turns and sees the guard dead on the floor. The man grabs her by the throat and chokes her dead. The picture of Vincenzo falls from her hands.

Vincenzo heads up the stairs to his mother’s room. The man who has just killed his mother is heading down the stairs. They pass each other. Vincenzo flicks a glance at him but doesn’t recognize him. The man exits the hospital. Vincenzo notices the police rushes past him. He arrives at his mother’s room. There’s a crowd outside. Vincenzo pushes past and into the room. He sees the blood on the floor. He hears the words that someone murdered Ms. Oh. He sees the sheet covering his mother’s body. Vincenzo drops the treat and walks to the bed. He sees there is no vitals on the machine. He kneels on the ground. He tries to take it in. He holds his mother’s hand and tears fall from his eyes. He doesn’t see the photo on the floor.

Awk! Tears!

Vincenzo reviews the security footage with the hospital security team. He sees the orderly enter his mother’s room. Cha Young arrives and sees the orders attack and stab the guard outside the room, then enter. Vincenzo remembers the man he saw on the stair. Cha Young tells the security team to send the footage. Vincenzo exits the room. Cha Young follows. Vincenzo asks her to stay with his mother until he returns. Cha Young tells him to make him pay. Vincenzo strides away as Cha Young watches.

Lawyer Choi smiles when she receives the report that Vincenzo’s mother has been killed. Joon Woo smiles and tears up the photos of Vincenzo’s mother in her hospital room. They dance with joyous abandon.

The dancing was unsettling.

Agent An calls Vincenzo with the name and address of his mother’s murderer found via facial recognition software the International Crime Response Agency utilizes. Vincenzo thanks him and notes he may need help tracking someone later. Vincenzo loads his gun.

Vincenzo walks down the street, flicking his lighter. He stares at the building where the murderer lives.

The murderer is watching TV when the doorbell rings. He answers the door. Vincenzo enters the apartment. The man doesn’t know who Vincenzo is. With steely silence Vincenzo hits, chokes, then pummels the man that murdered his mother. With bloody hands, Vincenzo flicks his lighter and asks if the man knows who he killed tonight. Vincenzo reveals it was his mother. He asks who ordered the murder. The man claims no one did and he killed at random. Vincenzo tortures the man to get the name of the person how ordered the murder.

Yikes, that was disturbing.

Joon Woo has Han Seo and Lawyer Han join him to celebrate with Lawyer Choi. He blithely informs the newcomers he had Vincenzo’s mother murdered tonight. Joon Woo sneers that Vincenzo waited 30 years to be united with his mother. Joon Woo savors the pain Vincenzo must be in. It is obvious that Lawyer Choi knew all about the planned murder. Lawyer Han and Han Seo are taken aback. They claim they are worried about the retaliation. Lawyer Choi states Han Seo and Lawyer Han are working together behind Joon Woo’s back. Han Seo takes exception to this. Lawyer Choi reveals she’s had them followed and knows they’ve been secretly meeting. Now both men take exception to her mistrust.

Vincenzo follows the bloody murderer to the elite club. Vincenzo relishes the violence he inflicts on the security guard that turn and block his entrance.

Lawyer Choi tells Han Seo and Lawyer Han she knows they were planning to betray Joon Woo. The man in question loves watching Lawyer Choi take Han Seo and Lawyer Han to task. Lawyer Han reminds Lawyer Choi he plucked her from a dead in prosecutor’s job. Lawyer Choi grabs him and yells that she’s his senior and he must respect her. Lawyer Han falls to his knees and declares Lawyer Choi is wrong. Joon Woo smiles. Lawyer Choi spins and senses someone coming.

The man she paid murder Vincenzo’s mother enters and begs Lawyer Choi to save him.

Vincenzo follows and shoots the man dead. Blood sprays on Lawyer Choi’s shocked face. Joon Woo watches as Vincenzo raises his gun and takes aim.

My Thoughts

Team Evil kills Vincenzo’s mother. Writer Park Jae Bum tipped this episode to drama. Joon Woo’s conversation with Vincenzo’s mother was worrying. You knew Vincenzo’s mother would be murdered. Joon Woo and Lawyer Choi happily dancing at the news was disturbing. Vincenzo’s torture of the murderer was disconcerting. Vincenzo’s icy and violent entry into the club was ominous. When the murderer begged Lawyer Choi to help him, Vincenzo shot him dead. He has Lawyer Choi in his sight. Will he kill her? Writer Park liberally uses the theme that only evil can fight and defeat evil. Cha Young’s father endorsed it in episode 3 when he asked Vincenzo help him be the devil to handle Babel Group, legally or illegally, he didn’t care. Writer Park does NOT follow a typical stance that you shouldn’t sink to your enemy’s level. The mafia way is embraced by all. Given the psychotic and uncaring evil actions of Joon Woo and his henchman Lawyer Choi, is violence the only mechanism to beat them? Has any character disagreed with Vincenzo’s methods or actions?

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) swiftly metered out an eye for an eye. Agent An delivered the murderer’s name and address to Vincenzo knowing full well what Vincenzo would do with the information. While I felt the blood lust and understood Vincenzo’s desire to kill the man who murdered his mother, the torture was disquietingly brutal. Vincenzo was no longer human. He became the terminator. It was unsettling to watch. Song Joong Ki was masterful as Vincenzo emotionally connected with his mother then became his mother’s avenger.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) gently prodded mother and son into sweet moments. The outing was a joy to watch. What started as a solo photo for Ms. Oh, because a trio photo with Cha Young, Vincenzo and Ms. Oh. Then Cha Young deftly positioned Vincenzo to sit next to and put his arm around his mother. The physical contact touched all of them. Then Cha Young gave mother and son time to talk. In that precious conversation, Vincenzo’s mother admitted she loved her son and missed him every day. Vincenzo’s tearful reaction was affecting. Later Cha Young gently advised Vincenzo to tell his mother he loved her. As Vincenzo left to do just that, Cha Young poignantly looked at the photo of herself and her father. When Cha Young heard about Vincenzo’s mother’s death she rushed to the hospital and quickly realized Vincenzo was in terminator mode. She urged him make the murderer pay.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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5 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 16
  1. Jane M says:

    I am so curious to see how this writer will wrap up this show, which I think is unique in its blend of drama, comedy, and dark violence. So far, I think the balance has been maintained but how to dance on this needlepoint to bring it all home? Typically, characters in Korean drama are redeemed in some way by the end, but I don’t see how this writer can do this for Vincenzo, who is not at all your typical K-drama hero. Anyway, I have enjoyed this series so much that I am re-watching it during this hiatus and I am anxious to see how the writer brings it all home. Congratulations to everyone in the cast! There really isn’t a weak portrayal of character to be found, and the leads are just amazing. What a truly different story this is!


    • unique in its blend of drama, comedy, and dark violence. So far, I think the balance has been maintained but how to dance on this needlepoint to bring it all home? Typically, characters in Korean drama are redeemed in some way by the end, but I don’t see how this writer can do this for Vincenzo, who is not at all your typical K-drama hero.
      Well said. Writer Park Jae Bum has balanced the drama, comedy, and dark violence. Vincenzo is violent when he deems necessary. The characters support his approach. No one preaches that he can defeat this series’ embedded evil (political, professional, prosecution/police, etc.) with distance, humor, or discussion.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      “There really isn’t a weak portrayal of character to be found”-Jane M. All of the side characters have been nuanced, making them so much more interesting and adding to thr richness of yhe story.

      I was hoping of Vincenzo to go through a redemption, but I don’t see how this can happen. As KJT stated the writer has continued the theme of fighting evil with evil throughout the series. I suppose helping the helpless would be considered a form of redemption.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Soooo … the body just fell, Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 barely reached the body and the police show up and arrest him for the murder of Oh Jeong Bae 📰, by name … how do the police know the name of the bloodied & battered corpse, when they are even farther away from the corpse tha Vincenzo🍷🤵💼, even with a supposed report from Mr Oh📰 being kidnapped … it totally stinks of police involvement in the murder setup. Besides what self respecting mafia man would let a kidnap victim hang onto a phone 📱 to text the police❓⁉️

    I 💗 former gangster Mr Park 🎈🎫 for catching one of the culprits. I could hardly believe Mr Park’s 🎈🎫 favor was for Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 to be their company model. It was humorous to watch Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 grudgingly comply with the request.

    I had to laugh at the irony of Joon Woo’s🧠💪💼 rage at Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 being the Teflon Don … doesn’t he realize Team Good feels like nothing has stuck to him, the Mastermind 🧠💪💼❓⁉️ I chuckled at Han Seo 💊⚗👤 bragging to Lawyer Han 🦜💼 how he dodged the lamp Joon Woo 🧠💪💼 threw in his rage. It was good to see Lawyer Han Seung Hyeok 🦜💼 objecting to ordering murders … and yet … he allowed it. Lawyer Han 🦜💼 let Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 turn his law firm into a murder for hire law firm, which makes him complicit.

    I wholeheartedly concur KJT, the mother and son outing was a joy❣ When mother, Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸, and son, Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼, were taking photos it sure looked like mom knew who her son was. When Vincenzo hugged back Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸ and she closed her eyes, I was convinced she KNEW Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 was her son. “Gosh, that was lovely! Cha Young wins “best facilitator” to help create the opportunity for a real mother-son moment.” -KJT. Cha Young👩‍💼💼 was really at her best, wasn’t she❓⁉️ I got a ominous feeling that might be their last face-to-face … I hoped my feeling were WRONG … DANG I did not want to right❗

    Yep, I thought a “new” gas meter person showing up was suspicious and I’m not surprised Joon Woo 🧠💪💼 decided to blow up the building with the tenants inside for all the trouble they had given him. I thought Han Seo 💊⚗👤 or Lawyer Han 🦜💼 were the most likely to have reported the gas leak.

    Just who is paying Oh Gyeong-Ja’s👩⏸ security guard … Joon Woo 🧠💪💼❓⁉️ Maybe not, since he ended up dead. HOLY SMOKES, the perp just left and passed by Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 on the stairs, only minutes had passed … why wasn’t a medical team trying to resuscitate Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸❓⁉️

    Joon Woo🧠💪💼 and Lawyer Choi’s 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 laughing and celebration of Oh Gyeong-Ja’s👩⏸ death was weird and creepy “The dancing was unsettling.” -KJT. It certainly was … they are two of a kind.

    OMO, Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 was really brutal going after his mother’s killer … did Joon Woo 🧠💪💼 truly not consider the reign of terror he would bring on himself by terminating Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸❓⁉️ I’m afraid Joon Woo’s🧠💪💼 psychopathic actions may be child’s play compared to Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 on fire with mafia retaliation.

    Team Evil couldn’t be more EVIL specifically going after Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸, an innocent bystander. I was disturbed by Vincenzo’s 🍷🤵💼 actions this episode as well, but I don’t believe for a second Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 would deliberately target an innocent bystander to get back at someone evil … that is the BIG difference between the two male leads. “Writer Park liberally uses the theme that only evil can fight and defeat evil … Writer Park does NOT follow a typical stance that you shouldn’t sink to your enemy’s level” -KJT Evil going after evil is much more palatable.


    • I could hardly believe Mr Park’s 🎈🎫 favor was for Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 to be their company model. It was humorous to watch Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 grudgingly comply with the request.
      Darling moment of the episode.

      Cha Young👩‍💼💼 was really at her best, wasn’t she❓⁉️ I got a ominous feeling that might be their last face-to-face … I hoped my feeling were WRONG … DANG I did not want to right❗
      Your gut insight was correct.

      KJT Evil going after evil is much more palatable.
      It is more realistic for this series given the uncaring depth of Team Evil.

      Liked by 1 person

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