Vincenzo Episode 15

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) heads up to meet the thugs he knows are watching him. He arrives on the rooftop flipping his lighter. When the mafia representative aims their guns, Vincenzo grabs the gun of one of them and uses him as shield. He asks if Paolo sent them. Another appears behind him and puts his gun to Vincenzo’s head. They hit him and Vincenzo falls to his knees. He looks up into a gun. They tell him if he is respectful, Paolo will make his death quick. Vincenzo scoffs he’ll never respect Paolo, dead or alive. The gun is cocked. Vincenzo sees a dove on the rooftop. Then a swarm of doves appear and dive bomb the men. Vincenzo acts quickly and dispatches his assailants. He thanks the dove for saving him. The dove coos and flies away.

The dove distracted from the violence of that scene.

Vincenzo meets Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) on the stairwell. He recommends they drink in the office and not the rooftop. He claims there was bird droppings. She wonders if it was his dove. Vincenzo scolds her not to be unkind to his bird. Cha Young confirms she sent the data file from the art gallery to Prosecutor Jung. An arrest should be forthcoming.

In the art gallery manager’s office, the Chairman of Babel Group Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon), former puppet Chairman Jang Han Seo (and Joon Woo’s half-brother), and Lawyer Choi know that the data connects Joon Woo and the paper company used to manipulate Babel Group stock. As the gallery manager knees Han Seo rails at her. Lawyer Choi advises Joon Woo to exit Korea while he can. Joon Woo orders Han Seo to book him a flight. Han Seo leaves the office. Furious, Joon Woo jumps up and down on the expensive piece of art in the office titled “Nothing”. He smashes the art. Joon Woo declares Vincenzo must die.

Vincenzo’s guards clean up the rooftop. Vincenzo learns the assailants had Lawyer Choi’s number in the contacts.

Vincenzo calls his friend in Italy.

The gallery manager cries over the destroyed art.

Lawyer Choi can’t believe her eyes when she receives a text with a picture of the 3 dead assailants. Joon Woo murmurs Vincenzo is hard to kill. Han Seo yells that Lawyer Choi’s mafia assailants were worthless. She flinches much to Han Seo’s surprise. She tells Joon Woo they better head to the airport. Outside the gallery, the police arrive. Prosecutor Jung shows the arrest warrant. Joon Woo is handcuffed and leaves with the police.

At his bedroom window, Vincenzo gives his dove food. He muses at the unlikelihood of a dove saving him. Cha Young texts that Joon Woo was arrest. Vincenzo smiles.

At her house, Cha Young smiles at the soft scarf Ms. Oh (Vincenzo’s mother though she doesn’t know this) gave her. She finds the note Ms. Oh told her to read later. Cha Young cries when she reads the note.

The next day at the Geumga Plaza building, in the Jipuragi Law Firm office, the tenant celebrate Joon Woo’s arrest, which they helped orchestrate. In dawning disbelief, they watch the new conferences where Prosecutor Jung announces his investigation of Babel Group has been unfair due to his personal vendetta. He vows to do better.

Woosung Law Firm ‘s primary partner Lawyer Han and Lawyer Choi see watch the news conference in satisfaction.

Han Seo and Joon Woo are all smiles as they watch from Joon Woo’s apartment.

Prosecutor Jung ends the news conference stating the investigation against Babel Group is closed. He apologizes for his wrong doing.

Cha Young throws a glass at the TV and storms out. Vincenzo follows and tells her that Prosecutor Jung won’t see them. Tears fill Cha Young’s eyes at the unexpected turn of events. Vincenzo tells her this was a hidden twist they couldn’t have seen coming. He says they’ll find a way. Cha Young vows to make Prosecutor Jung pay. Vincenzo warns her that acting in anger at Prosecutor Jung won’t help.

Chief Prosecutor Hwang tells Prosecutor Jung he’ll be suspended for 2 weeks then promoted. Prosecutor Jung smiles. He asks for guards to protect his family from the mafia.

Flashback…Prosecutor Jung tells Joon Woo that the evidence will convict him. Prosecutor Jung asks what Joon Woo will do for him IF he makes it disappear. Joon Woo demands to know why Prosecutor Jung harassed him at all. Prosecutor Jung declares he lured Vincenzo into giving up the rock-solid evidence. Joon Woo promises to make Prosecutor Jung the Chief Prosecutor. Prosecutor Jung counters he wants the next rung up the ladder or even higher. Joon Woo calls him greedy. Prosecutor Jung says he knows where the secret file is with the evidence that can destroy the political, prosecution, professional leaders of the country.

Joon Woo looks into the city and smiles knowing the secret file will give him great power.

Prosecutor Jung is shocked when he arrives home and find his guards dead. He rushes into the house to find his wife and young daughter entertaining Vincenzo.

Outside the house, Prosecutor Jung begs for his lives of his wife and daughter. Prosecutor Jung swears he’ll do anything. Vincenzo doesn’t believe him. Vincenzo tells Prosecutor Jung; he won’t kill him this early in the game. Vincenzo promises to kill Prosecutor Jung when he has everything he wants. Vincenzo strides away. Prosecutor Jung is scared.

Joon Woo tells Han Seo he needs to use the press to make it appear like Babel Group has new electric vehicle technology. He wants to meet with the CEO of the media company. He orders Han Seo to handle the gm. Han Seo chafes at being told what to do.

The tenants discuss how their perspective has changed since Vincenzo has raised their awareness. Mrs. Lee admits she and Mr. Lee are going to try for a baby.

Cha Young shops for a purse for Ms. Oh. She tells Vincenzo she wants to take Ms. Oh outside before the weather worsens. Vincenzo wonders if Ms. Oh is strong enough. Cha Young assures him the doctor approved. She suggests he pick out something. She smiles at Vincenzo peruses the purses to find the perfect one for his mother.

Over coffee Cha Young tells Vincenzo to give the purse to his mother since he picked it out. Vincenzo’s eyes widen in surprise. He asks how Cha Young learned the truth.  Cha Young itemizes the clues that led to realization. Cha Young recommends that Vincenzo tell his mother that he’s her long-lost son, the son she gave up for adoption long ago. Cha Young admits him he told her regret was the worst thing to live with. She knows that first hand since her father’s death. Vincenzo can’t help but nod in agreement.

|At the hospital, Ms. Oh is pleased at the beautiful purse. Cha Young shares that Vincenzo took an hour to find the perfect purse. She assures Ms. Oh that Vincenzo will be able to take her on the outing soon. Vincenzo agrees. Before they leave, Ms. Oh asks Cha Young to request a retrial. She admits she was too afraid to pursue it but since she doesn’t have much time left, she’s found her courage. Cha Young asks Vincenzo what he thinks. Vincenzo stares into his mother’s eyes and agrees they should pursue the retrial. Cha Young declares she’ll submit the paperwork. Ms. Oh is grateful.

Quietly effective scene.

The Media company CEO warns Joon Woo that lying to the public could end badly. Joon Woo points out the CEO lied for his father. Now it’s time to lie for him.

The gallery manager goes the address on the business card Mr. Park’s male assistant gave her the previous evening should she ever need to flee the country quickly. Mr. Park declares the balloon can whisk her to Taiwan today. Mr. Park’s accountant gets a tip that Babel Group will announces new electric vehicle technology soon. The gallery manager reads the contract Mr. Park gives her.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Cha Young and Mr. Nam rail at the injustice of Babel Group escaping prosecution because of Prosecutor Jung’s traitorous actions. Vincenzo is calm and promises Prosecutor Jung will pay in stages. He shocks them with the flash drive that contains the secret file.  Mr. Nam and Cha Young remind him that the secret file was thrown into the room below the basement temple and locked.

Flashback…Vincenzo takes the flash drive with the secret file from the gold bar while his back is turned to Mr. Cho who isn’t aware of his actions.

Thrilled Mr. Nam declares they can expose the evil doings contained in the secret file. Vincenzo counters that the file was created as leverage across political, prosecutorial, and other avenues of the powerful. He declares only an evil man can correctly leverage the information. Cha Young smiles that this will give them the leverage they need. She urges Mr. Nam to grab a laptop so they can open the file together.

Lawyer Han believes Prosecutor Jung turned traitor for a bigger reason than they’ve been told. Han Seo scoffs that Prosecutor Jung had the evidence to convict Joon Woo. They both pause and wonder if Prosecutor Jung had more evidence than they realized. Lawyer Han reports Joon Woo’s meeting with the media CEO went as Joon Woo wanted.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Team Good is thrilled at damming data on the flash drive. Vincenzo decides they’ll use it against the media company first. Cha Young declares getting the lying media company out of the way will make country a better place. They are surprised when Han Seo enters the office. Mr. Nam palms the flash drive into his hand. Han Seo gifts expensive coffee to Vincenzo.

Lawyer Choi and Joon Woo discuss obtaining the secret file. They salivate at the power they could weld with the secret file in their possession. Joon Woo tells Lawyer Choi to demolish Geumga Plaza building ASAP and retrieve the file. He promises her a portion of the gold in the secret room.

Han Seo chides Vincenzo for not leveraging him to take out Joon Woo. Vincenzo reminds him he doesn’t involve himself in family betrayals. Han Seo claims he wants Joon Woo to go so he can run Babel Group ethically. He boasts he’s been studying economics and management. Vincenzo quizzes him. Han Seo doesn’t know any of the answers. Vincenzo tells Han Seo to return once he’s gotten smarter. Han Seo declares he’ll pass the quiz next time. Cha Young tells him to leave and Mr. Nam shows him to the door.

Cha Young asks Vincenzo if he’s considering helping Han Seo. Vincenzo smiles.

Over drinks, Joon Woo rails that Vincenzo takes from him wins too often. He asks Lawyer Choi what he must take to make Vincenzo suffer. Lawyer Choi suggests they investigate Vincenzo’s family and see if he’s emotionally vulnerable. Joon Woo admits he didn’t know people could be emotionally vulnerable to their family. Lawyer Choi informs him regular people love their family. Joon Woo shrugs and tells Lawyer Choi to proceed with investigating Vincenzo’s family.

A bleary-eyed Mr. Nam tells Cha Young and Vincenzo that according to the secret file the media CEO killed his brother by pushing him over a cliff. The media CEO also blindly follow the advice of a fraudulent shaman. Ms. Tak suggests his ignorance makes him more vulnerable. Mr. Nam declares he’ll finish researching the media CEO before they make their move.

Mr. Lee and Agent An kidnap the fraudulent shaman. Vincenzo interrogates him on the rooftop, frightening the man. The shaman doesn’t like it when they prepare to light him on fire.

Agent An tells the tenants one lucky person will take on the role of a shaman in the next phase of the plan. The tenants vote who would make the best shaman. Agent An counts the votes. The vote is overwhelming Vincenzo. The tenants cheer.

The media CEO chuckles over the article lying about Babel Group EV technology. He calls his shaman to arrange a meeting.

When they meet the shaman tells him he no longer can communicate with the spirits. He recommends another Shaman.

The media CEO arrives at Geumga Plaza building. He tries to cut in front of the other tenants waiting to see the shaman. When he states he has a reservation, they give way.

Inside the revamped Jipuragi Law Firm, a white robed Mr. Nam leads him to the room where Vincenzo and Cha Young wait. Mr. Nam reveals Vincenzo. With a flower in his hair Vincenzo begins the meeting. The media CEO says he needs answers. Vincenzo tells him to get out. He doesn’t talk to dead men. The media CEO calls him a con artist. Vincenzo pretends to be possessed by the media CEO’s dead brother. Cha Young and Mr. Nam play their parts. Vincenzo asks the media CEO why he pushed him off the cliff. The media CEO falls to the floor. Vincenzo grabs the man. The media CEO freaks out. After the possession ends, the media CEO is putty in Vincenzo’s hands. Vincenzo declares he’ll show the media CEO how he’ll die. Cha Young takes a fresh sheet of paper and write Babel. Vincenzo warns him if he doesn’t cut ties with Babel Group, he’ll die. The media CEO asks if that’s all he must do. Vincenzo declares he must trample Babel Group within 5 days. The media CEO is shocked.

After the session the Jipuragi Law Firm shaman team discusses the next steps. Mr. Nam reveals the secret file revealed that Joon Woo killed 4 of his classmates during middle and high school. Joon Woo made them jump from a roof, hunted them in the woods or strangled them. He kept their watches as trophies.

Joon Woo looks in his drawer full of watches for the perfect one. He looks at a special box with 6 watches and smiles.


Mr. Nam says Joon Woo was diagnosed as a psychopath. Vincenzo believes that diagnosis is why Joon Woo’s father sent him out of the country. Mr. Nam notes Joon Woo regularly beat Han Seo. Their father kept Joon Woo’s violence a secret. Vincenzo declares Joon Woo is a monster.

Joon Woo is furious when he reads a news article about Babel Group stock manipulation. He calls the media CEO and demands to know what he’s doing. The media CEO claims the newspaper is now an honest broker. Joon Woo counters they are the most disreputable paper in the country. The media CEO hangs up, stunning Joon Woo.

The media CEO returns for another session with the Jipuragi Law Firm team. Vincenzo tells him breaking up with Babel Group isn’t sufficient. The media CEO demands to know what he must do. Vincenzo says the media CEO must go after Chairman Jang.  Vincenzo claims if the media CEO exposes Joon Woo, the spirits of those Joon Woo hurt, will protect the media CEO. Vincenzo is possessed by the classmates Joon Woo killed. Call the media CEO Joon Woo, he begs not to be killed. Then Vincenzo is possessed by Joon Woo and grabs at the media CEO’s watch, declaring it is his.

Did Song Joong Ki handle that fan with flair after watching Jang Hyuk in My Country?

Lawyer Han, Lawyer Choi, Han Seo and Joon Woo watch the report about Joon Woo’s murderous childhood. Joon Woo asks Han Seo if he leaked the information. Han Seo denies it noting his drug habit was just exposed. Joon Woo tells Lawyer Choi everyone that knew he was a murderer and covered it up is now dead. Lawyer Choi wonder who the media CEO’s source is. Joon Woo wonders why the media CEO is attacking him.

The media CEO returns for another session with the Jipuragi Law Firm team. Someone photographs him entering. Cha Young tells the media CEO he’s passed the test. Vincenzo declares his bravery has saved him. The media CEO sobs his gratitude.

Mr. Cho heads to the Geumga Plaza building underground parking. He calls Vincenzo and asks to meet. Vincenzo agrees.

Three men attack Mr. Cho in the parking lot. Intervenes and fights the men too. He and Mr. Cho dispatch the men who run away. Vincenzo asks who sent those men. Mr. Cho believes Prosecutor Jung sent the men to attack him. Vincenzo feigns surprise.

Lawyer Choi shows Joon Woo the photos of the media CEO entering the shaman’s location. She says Vincenzo manipulated the media CEO’s blind faith in shamans. Joon Woo is impressed. He wonders how Vincenzo found out about his murderous youth. Lawyer Choi believes an intelligence agency may have tipped him off. She asks Joon Woo what they should do. She gives Joon Woo the background report on Vincenzo including how he was abandoned by his mother when he was young. Lawyer Choi reveals Vincenzo’s mother is out of prison due to terminal cancer. Joon Woo asks why she was in jail. Lawyer Choi reports Vincenzo’s mother was a housekeeper involved in the death of the former CEO of Shinkwang Bank. Joon Woo recalls the current CEO of Shinkwang Bank tried to sidestep the signing ceremony between Han Seo and Shinkwang Bank. Lawyer Choi shares that Cha Young filed for a retrial for Vincenzo’s mother. Joon Woo smiles. He’s found a way to hurt Vincenzo. Lawyer Choi promises to find the hospital where Vincenzo’s mother is being treated.

Mr. Cho reveals he and Prosecutor Jung used to both work at the intelligence agency. At that time, Prosecutor Jung believed the secret file would allow him to root out evil in all avenues of the country. He and Mr. Cho agreed to that purpose. But then the secret file was lost and Mr. Cho followed the trial to the Chinese businessman Mr. Wang and the secret room under Geumga Plaza building. Mr. Cho knows that Prosecutor Jung betrayed him. Vincenzo believes Prosecutor Jung has told Joon Woo that the secret file and gold are at Geumga Plaza building. Mr. Cho believes Babel Group will demolish Geumga Plaza building to get the secret file and the gold.

Cha Young sits by Ms. Oh’s bedside and watches her sleep.  She looks at the retrial paperwork.

Vincenzo sees a masked man exit the Jipuragi Law Firm. He gives chase. Vincenzo ends up on the mid level deck. He doesn’t know the man continued up to the roof. Vincenzo stares and wonders where the man went. A body drops from the roof. Vincenzo approaches. It’s the media CEO. The police rush in to arrest Vincenzo for the murder of the media CEO.

My Thoughts

Team Evil strikes back after Team Good punched them in the face. Writer Park Jae Bum kept the balance of drama and humor giving Team Good and Team Evil victorious moments. The first part of the episode, Team Good got several jabs at Joon Woo with the information contained in the secret file. Turns out Vincenzo did pocket the secret file when he and Mr. Cho exited the secret room. Here’s hoping there are backups. Was I surprised when it was revealed the Joon Woo was a murderer? Not after watching him bash a man with a hockey stick several episodes ago. Joon Woo keeping watches of the murder victims was an effective icky detail. Lawyer Choi finally suggested they see if Vincenzo has family. That unearthed Vincenzo’s origin story of being abandoned by his mother, adopted and taken to Italy, and his mother going to prison for killing the bank CEO. Lawyer Choi and Joon Woo were giddy that finally they could not only attack but hurt Vincenzo. They went on the offense and murdered the media CEO having the body drop with Vincenzo finding it and the police finding him. How the police can pin the murder on Vincenzo remains to be seen. The murderer would be on the roof NOT on the deck where the body landed. But the truth likely won’t matter. Will Prosecutor Jung try Vincenzo for murder? Will Cha Young be his lawyer? Will Vincenzo suffer the same fate as his mother – falsely accused of murder and convicted?

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) ended up with guns pointed at him again. This time the police arrived just as Vincenzo found the body. They were ready to arrest him for murder. It seems silly that the man the finds the body is the murderer. Wouldn’t the murderer be on the roof? But Vincenzo has guards that have murdered for him. Vincenzo murdered 3 men this episode. Director Kim (Money Flower) deftly distracted the audience with a flock of doves as Vincenzo murdered the assailants that were about to murder him. It was a kill or be killed situation. Vincenzo gamely played the Shaman. The Jipuragi Law Firm team hoodwinked the media CEO in an amusing series of scenes. Color me surprised, but the humor in the series can be as satisfying as the drama.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) learned Mr. Oh was Vincenzo’s mother. The shopping scene for the purse was sweet. Cha Young skillfully maneuvered Vincenzo into picking out the perfect purse. Then she casually stated Ms. Oh was Vincenzo’s mother over coffee. Vincenzo automatically agreed then caught himself. Cha Young gently reminded Vincenzo of the words he’d once told her; regrets were the worst thing to live with. She urged him to reveal himself to his mother and not waste anymore time. At the hospital she arranged an outing for Vincenzo and his mother. Will that outing occur? Or will Cha Young be busy acting as Vincenzo’s lawyer?

The 5th song of the OST titled “Is This Love” is sung by Aalia:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I laughed my butt off that Inzaghi 🕊, the pigeon was the one who came to Vincenzo’s🍷🤵💼 rescue. “The dove distracted from the violence of that scene.” -KJT. I don’t mind that distraction as I was a bit disturbed when the minion was hosing off the blood later. When the police arrived on the roof at the end of this episode, I wondered if the police might find trace evidence of this earlier demise of the Italian mafia. Do you think Cha Young👩‍💼💼 suspected the true events of the evening❓⁉️

    I had to chuckle at Joon Woo’s🧠💪💼 temper tantrum destroyed his investment in a very expensive piece of art. Now “Nothing” is essentially worth nothing.

    Han Seo 💊⚗👤 seemed to take pleasure in Lawyer Choi’s🤸‍♀️🐉💼 failed assassination attempt on Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 using Paolo’s men. I respect Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 for refusing Han Seo’s 💊⚗👤 help in taking down Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼

    We were certainly bamboozled by the writer to make us believe Prosecutor Jung was incorruptible. What happened to Prosecutor Jung to make him a change … a sudden attack of greed❓⁉️ I want to think Prosecutor Jung is actually solidifying his case against Joon Woo 🧠💪💼, but it sure doesn’t look that way! “Vincenzo warns her [Cha Young 👩‍💼💼] that acting in anger at Prosecutor Jung won’t help.” -KJT. I know Cha Young 👩‍💼💼is more emotionally involved, due to Team Evil terminating her father’s, Lawyer Hong 👓💼 , life but I hope Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 will use his own advice as well.

    Newspaper CEO Oh 📰 was an effective tool against Joon Woo 🧠💪💼, but know that I know the mastermind 🧠💪💼 is a psychopathic serial killer, it leaves me in fear for the lives of Team Good. No wonder Han Seo 💊⚗👤 lives in fear of his older brother. “Did Song Joong Ki handle that fan with flair after watching Jang Hyuk in My Country?” -KJT. I have to admit that thought went through my head too.

    Just when it seems like Vincenzo might reconcile with his mother, Lawyer Choi 🤸‍♀️🐉💼 made their connection known to Joon Woo 🧠💪💼. I worry for Vincenzo’s mom, Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸, she’s already taking the rap for a crime she did not commit. I like that Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 figured out Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸ was Vincenzo’s mom … I’m hoping for a sweet reunion. I don’t like having Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸ as psychopath Joon Woo’s target 🎯.

    Vincenzo spying the intruder looked like a setup to me…where weren’t his spidy 🕷 senses tingling❓⁉️ When the body dropped off the roof, I thought that’s not the guy Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 was chasing 🤔. I was afraid the victim was Mr Cho🏢. Newspaper CEO Oh, as the victim, makes sense as it rids Joon Woo🧠💪💼 of an enemy and Team Evil has photographic evidence of Mr Oh📰 coming to visit Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 as the fake shaman. “How the police can pin the murder on Vincenzo remains to be seen. The murderer would be on the roof NOT on the deck where the body landed.” -KJT. That was my line of thinking … plus the police showed up SO QUICKLY you would almost think they might have seen Mr Oh 📰 fall. No doubt there are policemen in this group who are on Wusang Law Firm or Babel Group’s 💊⚗ payroll.

    Can Team Good overcome Team Evil’s continuous retaliation❓⁉️


    • I respect Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 for refusing Han Seo’s 💊⚗👤 help in taking down Joon Woo/Han Seok 🧠💪💼
      I was hoping Vincenzo wouldn’t take the bait.

      “Did Song Joong Ki handle that fan with flair after watching Jang Hyuk in My Country?” -KJT. I have to admit that thought went through my head too.
      Glad I wasn’t alone in that.

      Can Team Good overcome Team Evil’s continuous retaliation❓⁉️
      Team Evil is relentless.

      Liked by 1 person

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