Vincenzo Episode 14

The crowd is aghast after watching the live feed of the vision lead and the union leader discussing the Babel Group Chairman’s directions for their illegal activities. The newly revealed and no longer secret Chairman of Babel Group Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) looks to the balcony. He sees Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) and Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin). As Vincenzo counts down to zero a bucket of pig’s blood falls on Joon Woo. The audience is shocked. Vincenzo grins. Joon Woo is stunned. Cha Young giggles and says she feels like mafia. Vincenzo tells her to enjoy the moment. Joon Woo looks at his hands covered in pig’s blood. He stares at Vincenzo and Cha Young who clap with glee. If looks could kill. Puppet Chairman Jang Han Seo (and Joon Woo’s half-brother) can’t help but smile then assures his brother out when the security team arrives.

Things go from bad to worse when Prosecutor Jung arrives to arrest Joon Woo for illegal activities. Newly crowned consigliere (trusted confidant, advisor to the boss) Lawyer Choi yells that Prosecutor Jung doesn’t have conclusive proof to make the arrest. She orders the reporters to back off. They do. She informs Prosecutor Jung she’ll go with Joon Woo. Prosecutor Jung nods his concurrence. Joon Woo smiles at his lifeline lawyer. They leave with Prosecutor Jung.

Woosung Law Firm ‘s primary partner Lawyer Han complains that Cha Young and Vincenzo assaulted Joon Woo. Cha Young shrugs it was a prank not assault. Lawyer Choi, Han Seo, and Lawyer Han bark at Prosecutor Jung that the video is sufficient evidence. Prosecutor Jung holds up a hard drive stating the vision team data is sufficient evidence. Lawyer Choi demands more evidence. Vincenzo plays the recorded conversation of the man ordered and paid to run over the former union leader. He identifies a lawyer at Woosung Law Firm as the one that ordered him to do this. The man admits he fears for his life knowing others that have made similar deals have been killed in prison. Prosecutor Jung informs the Lawyer Han and Lawyer Choi they are in trouble. Joon Woo scoffs that Vincenzo isn’t a hero but rather a washed-up mafia lawyer. Vincenzo notes his specialty is handling scum. Everyone around the table glares and stares. Prosecutor Jung concurs when Cha Young asks if they can leave.

Walking down the hallway, Cha Young and Vincenzo concur Team Evil will be released from custody soon, but can’t help but savor the moment.

Flashback…Team Good – Vincenzo, Cha Young, Mr. Nam, Agent An and Mr. Lee – discuss strategy. Vincenzo knows they won’t be able to send Han Seo with what they find, but it will force him to find a scapegoat. Cha Young declares the goal is to make the union recognized.

Vincenzo and Cha Young agree they’ve got a short window to make things happen.

Han Seo claims he’s the one who ordered illegal activities. Prosecutor Jung is taken aback. Han Seo notes Joon Woo only took over as Chairman recently and all these activities occurred before then when he was Chairman. Chief Prosecutor Hwang arrives and declares this is a plot by a group of disgruntled Babel Group employees. Joon Woo and Lawyer Choi smile as Chief Prosecutor Hwang takes Prosecutor Jung to task for making arrests before a full investigation. Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Han point out that the Woosung Law Firm lawyer recently left due to bad reviews about his subpar performance. In addition, the vision leader had an axe to grind. Chief Prosecutor Hwang orders Prosecutor Jung to release everyone and begin a new investigation. Prosecutor Jung declares he will investigate those he arrested. Chief Prosecutor Hwang orders him to start a new investigation. Prosecutor Jung is not happy.

Back at Jipuragi Law Firm, Mr. Nam reports that Joon Woo’s paper company is based in Korea. Vincenzo wishes they knew an expert to help decipher things. Mr. Nam notes one of the tenants is an expert.

Vincenzo meets with Mr. Park and his team. They are proud of their small-scale expertise in money laundering. Vincenzo suggests they help him to get back at Babel Group’s freezing treatment. They agree to help.

Who knew Mr. Park and his core team would be a bright spot in this series?

At Joon Woo’s apartment, Team Evil celebrates their release. Joon Woo chides Han Seo for taking the fall without his direct order to do so. Han Seo promises to do whatever Joon Woo needs him to do. He swears his loyalty. Joon Woo smiles.

Later Lawyer Han chides Han Seo for taking the blame without talking to him. Han Seo admits he wanted to take the fall for something minor not something that could send him to jail for the rest of his life. Lawyer Han points out that Vincenzo will need more evidence to nail Joon Woo. Han Seo sees an opportunity and asks Lawyer Han to arrange a meeting with Vincenzo.

The news coverage isn’t positive on Prosecutor Jung’s investigation. Vincenzo and Cha Young assure him they’ll find the evidence he needs. Prosecutor Jung wishes the secret file could be found. That would allow him to nail Babel Group and their complicit supporters in politics, prosecution, police, and media.

Flashback…Mr. Cho meets with Prosecutor Jung who is upset that the secret file and the explosive evidence it is purported to contain may be lost forever in the secret room under Geumga Plaza building. Mr. Cho apologizes for losing control of the moment and the retina scan that unlocks the door to the secret room.  Mr. Cho promises to find a solution. Prosecutor Jung decides Vincenzo might find a way and order Mr. Cho to stand down.

Vincenzo and Cha Young visit his mother, Oh Kyung Ja (though neither mother or son admit this) in the hospital. She gifts Cha Young with a lovely scarf for the legal and financial support. Vincenzo gifts his mother with a favorite treat. They all munch companionably. Lawyer Han calls Vincenzo and asks to meet him, just him, that evening.

Lawyer Choi contact the mafia boss that Vincenzo ditched before returning to Korea. He’s interested in Lawyer Choi’s request for information.

Mr. Park tells the tenants the gold expert, Mr. Keum, will be there tomorrow. He offers himself as the scapegoat if Vincenzo finds out.

Lawyer Han brings Vincenzo to Han Seo’s table. Han Seo asks Vincenzo to let bygones be bygones. Vincenzo asks what they want. Han Seo asks if he will be destroyed along with his brother. He offers to help destroy Joon Woo. Vincenzo refuses to use family issues to get what he wants. He points out the betrayer might betray him. He leaves.

At Jipuragi Law Firm, Mr. Park explains the mechanics of paper companies and how executive use them to avoid taxes. Mr. Park believes Babel Group is using a paper company to avoid taxes. Mr. Park realizes a former colleague might have more insight.

Vincenzo and Cha Young listen to the former colleague sing at a club. They defend him when other boo him. They meet with him in his dressing room. Vincenzo asks Mr. Na to share everything he knows about Babel Group’s paper company.

Lawyer Choi reports to Joon Woo that a former enemy of Vincenzo’s is the best way to rid themselves of Vincenzo. Joon Woo is interested.

Mr. Na explains how an art gallery was a front to buy Babel Group stock through the paper company. He details the art gallery’s management and security. They’ll need the art gallery manager’s fingerprint to access the information they want. He notes the manager has an expensive piece of art in the office titled “Nothing”.

The tenants wait for Mr. Keum to arrive. When he exits the elevator, he’s in an animal rescue uniform and sports a gold tooth. He tells Mr. Park he’s given up searching for gold. Instead working with animals if fulfilling.  Mr. Keum tells the tenants the real gold of life in in their hearts. He leaves. The tenants are startled to find Vincenzo and Cha Young watching.

Vincenzo assures the tenants he’s okay with their distrust. Cha Young and Mr. Nam follow. They all agree they dodged a bullet when Mr. Keum refused to help. They don’t realize Ms. Seo has overheard. She tells them she knows about the secret room in the basement. That gets their attention. Ms. Seo admits her relief that Mr. Keum couldn’t help. She asks Vincenzo when he’ll extract the gold.

Back in Jipuragi Law Firm, Ms. Seo shocks everyone when she admits she created and installed the security system in the secret room. Vincenzo notes everyone that worked on the secret room was killed. Ms. Seo explains she worked off-site and no one ever knew she did the security design.

Flashback…Ms. Seo flees when she learns everyone that worked on the secret room was killed.

Ms. Seo offers to open the room for a cut of the gold. Cha Young and Mr. Nam love it. Babel Group points out extracting the gold will take time once the secret room is open. Ms. Seo agrees to wait for Vincenzo to organize an extraction. The Jipuragi Law Firm team is thrilled to have a way to access the gold and the secret file.

Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

Mr. Tak and his wife bring Vincenzo food, clothing, and an apology from the tenants for hurting his feelings. They claim gold fever clouded their judgement. They promise to support whatever tact Vincenzo takes. Vincenzo graciously accepts their apology. He promises to meet with all the tenants tomorrow. Vincenzo chuckles with pleasure after they leave his apartment.

At the tenants meeting, Cha Young declares they will make Babel Group pay. Everyone agrees to be team players to this end. Vincenzo and Cha Young are all smiles.

Cha Young and Vincenzo visit the art gallery. They notice guards in front of the gallery manager’s office. They ponder how to gain access. Then they spy a poster that offers private showings at the gallery. They smile.

Back at Jipuragi Law Firm, they see all the private showings are booked. Ms. Seo hacks the reservation list. Mr. Nam suggests they pretend to be a couple for an upcoming appointment. Cha Young feigns unease but agrees when she sees Ms. Seo ready to offer herself. Ms. Seo notes she can’t hack the office manager’s computer remotely. But if a transmitter is installed, then she can access. Ms. Seo swaps Vincenzo and Cha Young’s photos for the upcoming appointment.

Agent An provides information on the art in the gallery manager’s office titled “Nothing”. It used to be in a private collection in Milan. It is expensive. Vincenzo states they need to figure out the details.

Vincenzo doesn’t approve of Cha Young’s corporate pantsuit and takes her to a store to procure a more appropriate outfit. He approves of the lovely black dress. Cha Young is thrilled with the elegant jewelry Vincenzo adorns her with.

The original appointment couple gets in their car to head to the gallery. Mr. Nam is their driver. He takes them to Geumga Plaza building. Mr. Tak and the Italian chef greet the nervous couple.

Mrs. Tak and Mrs. Lee peruse the gallery in their finery. When Vincenzo and Cha Young arrive, the manager greets them personally. Vincenzo claims his wife doesn’t speak Korean.

Back at Geumga Plaza building, the original appointment couple are wowed by solo dancing and a delicious meal.

The gallery manager tells Vincenzo and Cha Young the gallery is theirs to peruse with her as their guide. The showing includes a prepared surprise proposal, that surprises both Vincenzo and Cha Young. The gallery manager gives Vincenzo the ring he told her to keep for him. Vincenzo gets on bended knee and asks if Cha Young will marry him. Cha Young plays coy then bends down to accept. She raises him to his feet the he puts the ring on her finger. The team claps and the gallery manager urge them to kiss. Vincenzo tries to defer claiming though he loves her, he is uncomfortable with kissing in public. Touched, Cha Young takes Vincenzo into her arms and kisses him. Vincenzo freezes and keeps his eyes open. Then he relaxes and takes over. Surprised, Cha Young opens her eyes. Then she relaxes and participates. When they pull apart, they lock eyes, both affected by the kiss. The gallery manager declares it was a beautiful kiss. Cha Young murmurs she’ll never forget this night. Vincenzo murmurs his concurrence.

Yes folks, that first kiss was worth the wait.

Back at Geumga Plaza building, the original appointment couple get engaged. The monks throw confetti and bless the couple.

Mr. Park, his assistant Ms. Yang and Ms. Seo wait in a nearby van ready to hack when the transmitter is installed. Mr. Park wonders what is taking so long.

Back in the gallery, Cha Young feigns tiredness. Vincenzo asks about the “Nothing” painting. The gallery manager apologizes that she can’t show a private piece. Cha Young pouts that their purchasing plans are over. The gallery manager relents and leads them to her office.

Meanwhile Mrs. Tak and Mrs. Lee demand readmittance to retrieve items they left behind. The security men don’t allow it.

When they enter the office, Vincenzo and Cha Young mistake an office lamp for the “Nothing” artwork. Then Vincenzo assumes a floor mat is just that. The gallery manage declares this is the art “Nothing”. They fawn over the brilliance of the artist. The security manager bursts in and informs the gallery manager of the ruckus of the two previous guests. She exits to attend to the matter. Vincenzo and Cha Young install the transmitter.

Ms. Seo start to hacks into the computer. Mr. Park is impressed with Ms. Seo’s skills.

Mr. Tak, the dancer, the Italian chef and the original appointment couple drink to celebrate their engagement.

The gallery manager demands an explanation from the ladies. The “police” arrive…it’s Mr. Lee and Mr. Park’s male assistant Mr. Jeon.

LOL at the badge flip!

Ms. Seo hacks into the computer. Mr. Park’s female assistant takes over and searches for the incriminating documents. Unfortunately, all the documents are in English. She scoffs that accountants don’t care. She begins to transfer the appropriate files. Vincenzo and Cha Young are anxious waiting for the transfer to be complete.

Inside the gallery, the manager deal with the complaints of the ladies.

When the gallery manager opens the door, Vincenzo and Cha Young have just pulled the flash drive with the complete file transfer. The gallery manager demands to know why they are using her desk. Vincenzo and Cha Young claim they are agents investigating illegally smuggled art from Italy. The gallery manager order security to grab them. But when Vincenzo and Cha Young point their guns, they back down. They interrogate the gallery manager and reveal they know her credentials are fake. The declare their fellow agent found her out. Agent An sashays into the office. He flashes his badge. The question the gallery manager about the illegal imports. She cracks and declares there is only one piece of smuggled art titled “Antonioni”.

In the main gallery, Team Good is pleased with the outcome. The gallery manager implores them not to arrest her. They agree if they can have the smuggled art and she erases the CCTV. Mr. Park’s male assistant offers Mr. Park’s business card should she ever need to flee the country quickly. They stride out of the gallery with swagger.

The Italian mafia representatives arrive in Korea. They report their arrival to their boss.

Alone, Cha Young and Vincenzo awkwardly pretend being a couple and kissing was done in good fun. Vincenzo suggests they celebrate with a drink on the rooftop. Vincenzo’s sixth sense warns him of danger. He sends Cha Young to purchase beer and states he’ll meet her up there. She heads off to get beer.

Vincenzo heads up to meet the thugs he knows are watching him. He arrives on the rooftop flipping his lighter. When the mafia representative aims their guns, Vincenzo grabs the gun of one of them and uses him as shield. He asks if Paolo sent them. Another appears behind him and puts his gun to Vincenzo’s head. They hit him and Vincenzo falls to his knees. He looks up into a gun.

My Thoughts

Near perfect episode. Writer Park Jae Bum balanced the drama, suspense and humor giving Team Good and Team Evil victorious moments along the way.  I loved the harmony between the tenants and Team Good as they worked together. The secrecy and distrust are gone. Who knew Mr. Park’s and his team Mr. Jeon and Ms. Yang would become so enjoyable as tenants?  There were laugh out loud moments such as Mr. Jeon’s badge flip at the art gallery. The original gallery couple had a wonderful night and got engaged with blessings from the monks. Team Evil had a good episode too. Han Seo tried to offer himself as a sacrifice but Chief Prosecutor Hwang thwarted Prosecutor Jung’s investigation allowing Team Evil to be released from custody. Joon Woo warned Han Seo he’ll use him for a bigger sacrifice later on. Scared to go to prison, Han Seo offered to work with Vincenzo. Cool as can be, Vincenzo refused Han Seo’s offer noting he doesn’t engage in family betrayals. Lawyer Choi decided to call Vincenzo’s former scorned boss and imported enemies Vincenzo wasn’t ready for. They had the advantage at the end of the episode. Ms. Seo’s revelation that she coded the secret room’s security system was a complete surprise. The tenants are more than they seem. It all seems effortless when the script is superior, this ensemble cast delivers. Bravo Writer Park and actors!

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) ended up with a gun to his head. Vincenzo sensed his enemies were watching and sent Cha Young away so he could confront them. He almost had the situation in hand until the third man put the gun to Vincenzo’s head. Knocked to his knees with a gun to his head, Vincenzo’s situation is dire. Will they kill him on the spot?  I can’t help but notice that Song Joong Ki has rapport with every actor in this series.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) kissed Vincenzo and he kissed her back. The shopping scene was mercifully short and Vincenzo’s jewelry taste exquisite. Both Vincenzo and Cha Young were surprised when the gallery manager set the scene for the surprise proposal. Vincenzo recovered and offered a proposal on one knee. Cha Young graciously raised him up and accepted. They were shy when pressed to kiss. When Vincenzo admitted he loved her, Cha Young landed a kiss on his lips. It was role reversal. Vincenzo stood still with his eyes wide open as most female leads do in the initial kiss. Then he melted and passionately kissed Cha Young. The roles reversed again. Cha Young stood still with her eyes wide open. Then she melted and the kiss became mutual. It was worth the wait.

I rank this episode as almost excellent, 9.5 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Han Seo 💊⚗👤 didn’t have much of a poker face for Joon Woo’s 🧠💪💼 bloody humiliation. That’s why I could hardly believe Han Seo 💊⚗👤 was willing to take the rap for the anti-union activities.

    While I wanted Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼 to use Han Seo 💊⚗👤, his reasoning not being party to family betrayal was sound.

    What a relief to find Mr Cho 🏢 was working with Prosecutor Jung. How will this bode for Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼❓⁉️

    “Who knew Mr. Park and his core team would be a bright spot in this series?”-KJT. It is amazing how likeable these former thugs🎈have become as they contribute to bringing Babel Group💊⚗ down.

    I enjoyed the mother-son moment when Oh Gyeong-Ja👩⏸ described the difference in the fish breads the same way Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 did. It seems mother and son know who each other are, even if they don’t admit it … when will it dawn on Cha Young👩‍💼💼 what their relationship is❓⁉️

    I loved it when the real couple got engaged and the monks chanted in English “don’t fight” among other things … it was joyous. The happy couple seemed to enjoy their time at Geumga Plaza. Now they just need their ring 💍.

    “Ms. Seo’s revelation that she coded the secret room’s security system was a complete surprise. “-KJT. That seemed to come out of the blue. How many other hidden talents are among the tenants❓⁉️ With Ms. Seo’s 🎹 help they might just be able to get into the vault without bringing down the building.

    I found it odd that the museum curator was so pushy in coaching Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 in his “proposal”, as he was supposed to be a foreigner. Once Cha Young👩‍💼💼 and Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 got kissing 💋, they both went to town. HOO RAH❣ Too bad later they both laughed off the reality of the passion. Maybe if Vincenzo’s🍷🤵💼 spidy 🕷 senses hadn’t sensed the danger …

    I laughed as the “cops”, as in Lee Cheol Wook 👨📷💍 and former gangster Jeon Soo Nam 🎈👊💢, showed up. Mrs Kwak🌯🥤cracked me up with leaving behind her ABC gum. The team and their disguises were great; I concur the commaderody was FANTASTIC. I chuckled when they actually got a confession for a smuggled piece of art.

    Who will help Vincenzo turn the tide against Paolo❓⁉️ Will it be Cha Young👩‍💼💼 brandishing her garter tucked gun or will and interruption come from one of the plaza tenants❓⁉️ Mr Tak ✂️🧺 and his scissors would come in handy right about now.


    • What a relief to find Mr Cho 🏢 was working with Prosecutor Jung.
      That caught me by surprise.

      Once Cha Young👩‍💼💼 and Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 got kissing 💋, they both went to town. HOO RAH❣
      It was a long time coming.

      I laughed as the “cops”, as in Lee Cheol Wook 👨📷💍 and former gangster Jeon Soo Nam 🎈👊💢, showed up.
      That was a laugh out loud moment for me too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nongimnarekk says:

    Come on now.. He is the consigilor for a major Italian Mafia Family!! Surely he would always anticipate his Enemy from Italy coming for him.. Realistically He wouldn’t be caught off guard by them showing up! REALISTICALLY! KEEP IT BELIEVAL 🙄 I LOVE THE SERIES, JUST SAYING! DONT LOSE ME WITH THE BULLSHIT!


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