Vincenzo Episode 13

In the secret room under the Geumga Plaza building, Mr. Cho and Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) can’t believe their eyes. The room is filled with gold and treasures. They are giddy. But things take a turn when Mr. Cho aims a gun at Vincenzo’s head. Mr. Cho claims out of the hundreds of gold bars, he only wants one. He promises not to hurt Vincenzo if he does as he says. Mr. Cho checks the backs of the gold bars until he finds the one. He heads up the ladder to the basement level entry in the monks’ temple. Vincenzo takes a gold bar and follows. Vincenzo asks Mr. Cho if he only partnered with him to retrieve the secret file with the dirt on the very powerful (including Babel Group). Mr. Cho is shocked Vincenzo knows about the secret file. Vincenzo fights Mr. Cho who ends up on the floor and the gold bar in Vincenzo ’s hand. Vincenzo opens the gold bar to reveal the flash drive that must contain the secret file.

Good opening segment.

The newly revealed and no longer secret Chairman of Babel Group Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) urges the potential investors in the new Babel Group tower to impress him with offers to induce him to give them choice top floors. Chief Prosecutor Hwang promises lawsuits against Babel Group will never succeed, while another promises contracts to Babel Group Construction, and another promises no bad press in his newspaper. Puppet Chairman Jang Han Seo (and Joon Woo’s half-brother) and newly crowned consigliere (trusted confidant, advisor to the boss) Lawyer Choi, take it all in.  Director Tae (International Crime Response Agency) arrives and apologizes for being late. He shakes hands with Joon Woo.

Vincenzo checks Mr. Cho’s gun and finds no bullets. Who does Mr. Cho work for? Mr. Cho claims to be an agent in the International Crime Response Agency. His mission was to retrieve the secret file the hired hackers stole Mr. Wang’s, the Chinese businessman who hid the file and money in Korea. Vincenzo asks why Mr. Cho involved him. Mr. Cho admits that wasn’t part of the original plan. But when Vincenzo saved his life in Italy, Mr. Cho involved him. Mr. Cho confirms Mr. Wang’s death wasn’t natural.

Flashback…Mr. Cho poisons Mr. Wang and steals his retina scan before calling for help.

Vincenzo admits Mr. Cho is a scary guy. He knew Mr. Cho was lying about retrieving the retina scan. He asks why Mr. Cho rented room to the monks. Mr. Cho admits he thought the room would be safer occupied than vacant.

On the bus to the hot springs, the tenants confirm they saw Vincenzo and Mr. Cho enter the building as the bus was pulling away. They wonder why. Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) claims it was a preset appointment. Mr. Park wonders if they are searching for the gold. That gets everyone’s attention.

Vincenzo notes Mr. Cho didn’t tell the International Crime Response Agency about the secret file’s location or they would have swarmed and extracted it earlier. He asks who Mr. Cho is selling the file to. Mr. Cho claims not to have made that decision.

Having forced the bus to return to Geumga Plaza building, the tenants quickly exit. They rush to the building. Cha Young calls Vincenzo to warn him the tenants are heading his way. Mr. Cho and Vincenzo quickly close the secret door and start to put things to right. Meanwhile Cha Young and Mr. Nam try and slow down Mr. Tak and Ms. Seo as they enter the basement. Cha Young claims her father told her where the gold was hidden. That gets their attention. Vincenzo makes a sound in the temple. Mr. Nam tries to distract Mr. Tak and Ms. Seo but they won’t be deterred. As they burst into the temple, they find Vincenzo and Mr. Cho kneeling in prayer. Ms. Seo spies the floor boards are awry near the prayer mats. Vincenzo asks for privacy. Cha Young and Mr. Nam led Mr. Tak and Ms. Seo away.

Mr. Cho reveals they can’t open up the secret door because in their haste to put the room to rights, Vincenzo threw Mr. Cho’s jacket with the retina scan into the secret room before they locked the door and put the floor boards back. Vincenzo screams in frustration. Vincenzo demands to know if there’s a backup retina scan to unlock the door. Mr. Cho declares there isn’t and now the building must be destroyed to retrieve the gold. The monks find them praying their frustration away.

Vincenzo fake cries when the tenants don’t believe him. Cha Young calls them heartless. He claims it take time to heal from this heartbreak. Mr. Lee apologizes for the tenants. The Jipuragi Law Firm team leaves.

Back in the Jipuragi Law Firm office, Cha Young and Mr. Nam are thrilled to hear that the gold and secret file was in the secret room. Their joy turns to horror when Vincenzo admits they can’t open the secret room again.

Joon Woo is pleased with the results. Lawyer Choi agrees having the prosecutors, press, politics and an intelligence agency in their back pocket made it a stellar meeting. Han Seo swears his allegiance to Joon Woo. Primary partner Lawyer Han Seung Hyeok shocks Lawyer Choi when he reveals there is a secret file Joon Woo should know about.

Back at Jipuragi Law Firm, they try and cope with the close but so far status they find themselves in.  Cha Young demands that Vincenzo find another way. Vincenzo says only demolition of the building will gain the access to the secret room.  Cha Young and Mr. Nam sob.

Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Han note that file is purported to have incriminating data on Babel Group, the former chairman (Joon Woo and Han Seo’s father), and likely information on every person in the room today. Joon Woo and Han Seo are angry about the secret file’s ramifications. Lawyer Han swears they’ll do everything possible to find the secret file. Lawyer Choi glares at her partner.

Outside the meeting room, Lawyer Choi barks Lawyer Han broke the agreement not to reveal the secret file until they had a solution to find the secret file.  Lawyer Han counters that keeping Joon Woo in the dark would make matters worse for them when the truth came out. Lawyer Choi suggests Lawyer Han made the declaration to prove his loyalty to Joon Woo, the loyalty that had actually shifted to Han Seo. Lawyer Han feigns ignorance. Lawyer Choi warns his choice could cost him. Lawyer Han swears he is loyal while he leaves. Lawyer Choi mutter his kind of loyalty could end in his death.

Prosecutor Jung, Cha Young, and Vincenzo watch news report showing the murdered Babel Group Chemical union leader’s body being taken by union members to avoid a union funeral. Vincenzo spies the gang’s tattoos on the wrists of the men taking the body. He notes that gang came to Geumga Plaza building to warn the tenants to leave soon or else face their violent wrath. Prosecutor Jung explains by taking the body, a union funeral which would bolster the union’s power due to the required attendance of all Babel Group Chemical executives, the union’s power is diminished. Prosecutor Jung admits his case against Babel Group is greatly weakened without the union leader’s testimony.

Flashback…Prosecutor Jung rails at Lawyer Choi’s dinner with the union leader that was quickly followed by his death. Lawyer Choi claims a drunk driver struck the union leader down, and there is no connection to her. She dares him to prove it.

Cha Young can’t believe Lawyer Choi’s brazen elimination of the union leader. They agree proceeding with the case isn’t the right choice at this time. Vincenzo declares he’ll find the evidence needed. With humility, Prosecutor Jung admits he needs Vincenzo ’s help.

The Jipuragi Law Firm team strategizes what to do next. They don’t think they can attack Han Seo’s vision lead that controls the union. They decide to determine who the next union leader is.

Mr. Cho drinks and recalls Vincenzo telling him he’s agreed to forgive him. Then a man arrives who Mr. Cho stands to greet.

Lawyer Han meets Han Seo who isn’t happy that following Lawyer Han’s advice put him in a precarious position. He knows Joon Woo will eventually kill him. Lawyer Han counters Han Seo is family. Han Seo counters that Joon Woo killed their father. Lawyer Han counters he’s Joon Woo’s last family member. He suggests Han Seo must prove to Joon Woo that he’s no threat by acting stupid.

Lawyer Choi finds Han Seo at the police station. The officer state they’ve taken care of the press from finding out. Han Seo is happy that Lawyer Choi has arrived. He orders her to lock up the officers.

The Jipuragi Law Firm team sees all the photos of the Joon Woo posing as the new Chairman. The press is positive. Vincenzo is pleased.

Lawyer Choi tells Lawyer Han that Prosecutor Jung will interrogate Joon Woo the day after he’s crowned Chairman. Lawyer Han worries. Lawyer Choi believes either Prosecutor Jung is too proud to back down or he has evidence they don’t know about.

Before the inauguration, Joon Woo chides Han Seo for his recent event at the police station. Han Seo apologizes. Joon Woo tells his brother stupidity is his natural state. He gives Han Seo a watch to symbolize their brotherhood. Joon Woo grabs his brother by the tie and declares he needs him around to take the fall if and when Joon Woo is threatened. Han Seo promises to go to jail to save his brother.

Joon Woo and Han Seo arrive at the inauguration ceremony. Lawyer Choi, Lawyer Han, and Han Seo walk behind Joon Woo. Han Seo and Joon Woo pose for pictures before the ceremony. Lawyer Choi tells Joon Woo today he becomes the true power behind Babel Group. Joon Woo thanks Han Seo for his efforts until now. He heads to the ceremony. As Joon Woo strides into the room, the press crowd around him.

The Jipuragi Law Firm team considers how to get at the vision team that Prosecutor Jung didn’t have sufficient grounds for a search warrant. They decide the new union leader, who pledge allegiance to Babel Group the day before the old leader was killed, is the one to investigate. The vision lead is loyal to Han Seo. They believe if they put insert a wedge, relationships could fall apart.

The new union leader fawns over his status car. Mr. Lee poses as a gang member and headbutts him unconscious.

The new union leader wakes tied to a chair with the Jipuragi Law Firm team et all making concrete and discussing the best way to use it. He believes they are gang members. They enumerate the gang leader’s bad actions. Mr. Nam declares the cement is ready. They tell him Babel Group no longer needs him. They take him to the barrel of cement. He yells he’ll do whatever they say. Cha Young agrees to spare him if he’ll do what they want.

The union leader calls the vision lead and demands money. The vision leader can’t believe it. The union leader scoffs he knows the vision leader decided to kill him. Either vision leader hands over the money or he’ll detail all the illegal tasks the vision leader assigned.

Vincenzo and Cha Young give Prosecutor Jung the evidence he needs to obtain a search warrant. Vincenzo asks for a favor.

The team dives into a hearty meal. They all believe they are mafia in training. Vincenzo shares in Italy when a new leader was selected a rival gang would throw pigs blood on him to prove they weren’t intimidated. The team finds that excessive.

Back at his apartment, Vincenzo talks to his dove and feeds him.

The next day Joon Woo arrives at the prosecutor’s building for the interrogation. He tells the press Babel Group will win back the public’s trust. He bows then enters the building.

The press is positive when talking about Joon Woo. Cha Young and Mr. Nam scoff at the “news”.

Joon Woo primps before talking to Prosecutor Jung. As he sits down at the interrogation table, Prosecutor Jung remembers Vincenzo asking him to tell Joon Woo about the upcoming vision team raid.

Flashback…Prosecutor Jung doesn’t want to tip Joon Woo about the raid complaining, they won’t be able to get the evidence they need. Vincenzo counters the point isn’t the evidence but the proof that Joon Woo is the puppet master who orders illegal activities.

Lawyer Choi bets Prosecutor Jung that Joon Woo will be out of custody by 7pm so Joon Woo can deliver a scheduled lecture. Prosecutor Jung puts his money on the table. Lawyer Choi pockets the cash. Prosecutor Jung asks Joon Woo if he gave the orders to even when he was Woosung Law Firm. Of course, Lawyer Choi and Joon Woo deny this. Prosecutor Jung offers them a meal. They accept. Prosecutor Jung checks the time.

The vision team lead learns the prosecution will be raiding the office soon. He orders the team to pack up all the documentation and load up a car. Documents and hard drives are boxed while shredding occurs. Posing as security, Mr. Nam and Agent An watch a man with 2 boxes head into the elevator. They report it to the others. Happy, their smiles vanish when the security team don’t recognize them. Agent An flashes his International Crime Response Agency badge and states they were sent to protect the vision team. Their bluff works.

Mr. Lee gets on the elevator with the vision team man with boxes. He follows him to the car making the man nervous. Vincenzo and Cha Young greet him at the car. They offer to take the boxes.

Prosecutor Jung eats the food. Lawyer Choi suggests they start the interrogation. Lawyer Choi gets a text about the raid on the vision team. Lawyer Choi tells Prosecutor Jung they won’t get anything. Joon Woo asks why Prosecutor Jung has partnered with former mafia. Prosecutor Jung counters he’ll following the trend to eradicate and isolate. Joon Woo and Lawyer Choi laugh. Prosecutor Jung tells them they can leave. Joon Woo demurs he’ll eat. Lawyer Choi places an order too.

The union leader calls the vision team leader and points out if he’d paid the cash, the documents wouldn’t be missing. He offers the man a chance to retrieve the documents if he brings the cash.

Before the lecture Vincenzo asks a media guy if he’ll give him an opportunity to surprise his girlfriend who will be in the audience.

Joon Woo arrives at the lecture. The press crowds around him.

Han Seo introduces his brother. Joon Woo enters to the adulation of the audience.

Vincenzo arrives at the lecture with popcorn and pop. He sits next to Cha Young in the balcony.

Joon Woo advises the young leaders to grab the bull by the horns and be bold. He gives examples of Babel Group’s bold future moves. He introduces a PR video. Everyone watches the video. Then video switches to a live feed discussion between the vision lead and the union leader that isn’t flattering. Joon Woo motions for Han Seo to cut the broadcast. But the media team isn’t responding.

The union leader tells the vision team leader he’ll soon be in trouble. The vision team leader declares he only does what the chairman orders him to do. Joon Woo isn’t happy.

Cha Young complains she wanted caramel popcorn. Vincenzo states regular popcorn is best. Vincenzo promises the best is yet to come.

The media team doesn’t turn off the live feed. Joon Woo looks to the balcony. He sees Vincenzo and Cha Young. Just then, a bucket of pig’s blood falls on Joon Woo. The audience is shocked. Vincenzo grins. Joon Woo is stunned. Cha Young giggles and says she feels like mafia. Vincenzo tells her to enjoy the moment.

Joon Woo looks at his hands covered in pig’s blood. He stares at Vincenzo and Cha Young who clap with glee. If looks could kill.

My Thoughts

Joon Woo’s ego and emotional instability may be his downfall. Writer Park Jae Bum continued letting Vincenzo follow the Italian mafia revenge rules 1) Give you enemies what they fear most, 2) Take away what they value most.  In this episode Joon Woo was inaugurated as Babel Group Chairman.  He got all the perks – public adoration, positive press, etc. Han Seo could only watch and feign loyalty knowing if Joon Woo wanted him dead after his failed attempt to kill Joon Woo, he couldn’t stop his brother. Joon Woo sneered that Han Seo was only alive to take the fall if and when needed. I found it interesting that Joon Woo didn’t berate Lawyer Choi, his personal lawyer, aka consigliere (trusted confidant, advisor to the boss) for not telling him about the secret file. To shore up his precarious position, Lawyer Han revealed the secret file’s existence. My irritation came at the beginning of the episode. When the tenants returned to Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo panicked and threw everything – the gold bars (including the one with the secret file) and Mr. Cho’s jacket into the secret room before trying to reset the room and eliminate the evidence of their activities. Vincenzo has not panicked before. He is cool under fire. He doesn’t get flustered. He didn’t extract the flash drive with the secret file when he opened the compartment in the gold bar? Now the only option is demolishing the building? Vincenzo fake cried in front of the tenants when they didn’t trust him? These plot points didn’t completely resonate. Writer Park tipped the episode to more comedy than any other episode. The shift felt a bit forced.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) loosened up. Vincenzo is a controlled fellow. He faked anguish when the tenants suspected him of searching for the gold after sending them off on a day trip. In previous episodes Vincenzo has been the straight man for the comedic actions of all the other characters. Writer Park added Vincenzo to the comedic mix. Maybe next episode it will be more palatable, but it seemed atypical and odd for Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki didn’t shy away and embraced the comedy, bringing the written page to the stage.

Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) was only a productive partner. Gold fever wiped all physical pulls to Vincenzo. Writer Park paused in inching these two to romance. Cha Young is much more than a potential romantic interest for Vincenzo. She’s smart, capable, and loved walking the mafia path to justice.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Vincenzo Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was odd Mr Cho 🏢 looked for a specific gold bar. I wondered how Mr Cho 🏢 find out about the guillotine file and why he would want it … until I realized he was the intelligence officer who created the guillotine file in the first place. How is it that Mr Cho🏢, with all his skills was strong armed by Babel Group to sell the building❓⁉️ But seriously who is Mr Cho🏢 working for or with❓⁉️

    I chuckled when former gangster Park🎈 was the voice of reason casting doubt on Vincenzo’s 🍷🤵💼 purpose for the tenants’ road trip. Greedy fools, they missed a free trip and the chance to win $20,000. Chef Toto’s👨‍🍳 travel look was like the Fonz, but at least his hair wasn’t a total frizzy mess as usual.

    When Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 tossed Mr Cho’s🏢 jacket into the vault, I wondered if the iris device was in the pocket. Ha 😄 ha 🤣ha 🤪 they literally had gold in their hands and tossed away into the vault. I concur KJT that Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 panicking and pandering the tenants with fake tears did not resonate with me either; it was simply not consistent with his character.

    I 💗 Cha Young 👩‍💼💼 being able walk away from the gold saying, oh well, it wasn’t mine to begin with. She really does seem to be a good match for Vincenzo 🍷🤵💼. ✳ more ROMANCE PLEASE ✳

    What do you wanna bet the watch ⌚ Joon Woo🧠💪💼 gave Han Seo💊⚗👤 has a listening and/or tracking device in it❓⁉️ Joon Woo🧠💪💼 telling Han Seo💊⚗👤 he WILL BE the scapegoat 🐐 doesn’t give the younger brother any incentive to be loyal. I believe Han Seo💊⚗👤 will ultimately be the linchpin to get Joon Woo 🧠💪💼.

    I could hardly believe NIS agent An Ki Seok 👨‍💼👞📱 participated in kidnapping and coercing the union leader for evidence against Babel Group. I think An Ki Seok 👨‍💼👞📱 is my favorite side character, although I’m awfully fond of Lee Cheol Wook 👨📷💍, Mr. Pawnshop, too.

    Wasn’t it weird that Joon Woo🧠💪💼 showed up to an event to speak wearing a hoodie and sneakers❓⁉️ Just as well since he ended up covered in pig’s 🐖 blood. Holy smokes, if looks could kill, Cha Young👩‍💼💼 and Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 would be dead … many times over. I laughed out loud when Han Seo 💊⚗👤 busted up … hmm, is the enemy of my enemy … my friend❓⁉️


    • who is Mr Cho🏢 working for or with❓⁉️
      Good question.

      Vincenzo🍷🤵💼 panicking and pandering the tenants with fake tears did not resonate with me either; it was simply not consistent with his character.
      Glad to know I wasn’t alone in that reaction.

      I think An Ki Seok 👨‍💼👞📱 is my favorite side character
      He’s a scene stealer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Im Chil Soo, the actor portraying An Ki Seok 👨‍💼👞📱, steals scenes so masterfully, you cannot begrudge him his time In the spotlight.

        Liked by 1 person

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