L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 2

Kim Cheol Soo’s sidekick traps Ji O (Kim Rae Won) on the rooftop. He approaches the cornered man.

Detective Ha Goo Reum (Lee Da Hee) calls for backup.

The sidekick pulls a knife. He slashes and hits Ji O down. Ji O fights but the sidekick is stronger. The sidekick stabs Ji O in the leg again. He tells Ji O he can’t run now. He tells Ji O he has no choice but to come with him. Ji O asks why the man is doing this to him.

Ji O stands and the men grapple. Ji O looks into the sidekick’s eyes. His arm starts to spark.

Flashback…1 year ago…Ji O and the sidekick grapple. Ji O pens the sidekick against containers. They lock eyes. Ji O’s arm sparks and energy flows from him into the sidekick’s arm.

The sidekick realizes Ji O will disable him when the energy flows. He pushes Ji O off the roof.

Ji O falls.

Goo Reum turns and sees Ji O falling from the rooftop.

The sidekick watches Ji O fall.

Ji O’s eyes spark and energy consumes the area around his body. Windows are blow out in surrounding buildings; cars turn over as energy flips them. Goo Reum stares in shock. The shock reverberation flattens Goo Reum and lifts a car which lands right next to Goo Reum. Ji O end up in a dent from the impact. The sidekick goes to finish off Ji O, but the two assailants point out people are starting to congregate. They leave.

Detective Kim Yoo Cheol finds her on the ground and calls for an ambulance.

Mr. Kim is livid to learn that Ji O is in the hospital. He accuses his sidekick of payback for the arm Ji O electrocuted 1 year ago. Doctor Ryu Joong Kwon enters and learns Ji O is in the hospital.  He’s livid declaring Ji O (aka L.U.C.A. Project patient 0) can’t get a blood transfusion because there isn’t a matching blood type. Doctor Ryu states Ji O’s super-regenerative cells can still stop reproducing if things get dire. He needs Ji O to be brought to him prior to death. Mr. Kim charges the sidekick with successfully retrieving Ji O, dead or alive. Mr. Kim orders his sidekick to take Yoo Na with him. The sidekick protests. Mr. Kim declares she’s been upgrade and will be helpful. The sidekick can’t say no.

Mr. Kim tells a female patient with a partial leg that this place won’t guarantee she can walk again, they’ll guarantee she’s an experiment. Doctor Ryu Joong Kwon enters and confirms this place won’t fix her, they’ll try and improve her.

The sidekick picks up Yoo Na and says he needs her help.

As she lays in the hospital, Goo Reum remembers…

Flashback…A young Goo Reum overhears her parents disagreeing about hiding a boy for one night. She goes to the living room and ask her parents who the boy is. Her mother leads her away. Goo Reum and the young boy lock eyes. Goo Reum can’t sleep and goes to find the boy. He’s eating in front of the refrigerator. She asks who he is. No answer. She asks why he’s here. No answer. Energy starts flickering around the boy. His eyes go blue. Goo Reum gets scared. A surge of energy knocks her back.

Goo Reum wakes and sits up. Team Lead Choi arrives no happy that Goo Reum is hurt as Detective Kim describes what happened. He scolds Goo Reum for getting hurt. Team Lead Choi and Detective Kim observe Ji O who is in the ICU with many injuries and little the doctors can do. Detective Kim tells Team Lead Choi that all the hard drives and memory cards in the area of the energy blast were wiped clean. Detective Kim tells Team Lead Choi that Ji O’s blood type is unknown. Team Lead Choi shares that Ji O was stabbed multiple times in his leg. Goo Reum arrives and learns Ji O might not make it through the night. She watches him. Goo Reum tells Team Lead Choi that a man was on the roof with Ji O before he went over. Detective Kim guesses that man stabbed Ji O. Goo Reum confirms the energy blast that Detective Kim reported. Team Lead Choi assumes the man killed Ji O’s coworker and tried to kill Ji O because he witnessed the murder. Team Lead Choi assigns everyone a task but Goo Reum. He sends her home with orders to take a couple of days off.

Ji O lays in the hospital bed unconscious.

Goo Reum looks at her evidence board and tacks up Ji O’s photo.

Goo Reum goes to work and looks up information about Ji O. She looks at a list of charges and wonders what kind of man he is. She sees he is an orphan, his birth recorded by the church on her evidence board. She grabs her weapon.

Ji O begins to twitch then convulse. At the same time Goo Reum remembers the two energy bursts she’s experienced in her life. Ji O goes code blue. The medical team shocks him.

The sidekick, Yoo Na and the two assailants arrive at the hospital.

As the shocks to Ji O’s heart increase, the paddles get stuck on his body. The lights in the hospital flicker. The electricity goes off. Then the emergency power turns on. Ji O begins breathing. Team Lead Choi and Detective Kim can’t believe what they’ve just seen.

Doctor Ryu listens to the news reports about the energy surge.

Team Lead Choi learns Ji O’s blood sample isn’t human.

At the church, Mr. Kim assures Pastor Hwang Jung A they will retrieve Ji O. She tells Mr. Kim this is his last chance. He’s positive things will work out. Pastor Hwang reminds him that when they lost Ji O years ago, the entire project slowed to a trickle of progress. She’s tired of waiting for results. Pastor Hwang says her mothers give their babies to the project to extract L.U.C.A. cells. Mr. Kim promises he’ll capture Ji O.  Mr. Kim grouses that she runs a cult as she walks away.

CCTV cameras are stopped in the hospital. Goo Reum heads to the ICU to see how Ji O is. Detective Kim reports his heart stopped but restarted. Goo Reum goes into Ji O’s room. She looks at his sleeping face. She says they’ve met before.

Dressed as a doctor, nurse and orderly, the sidekick, Yoo Na and one assailant exit the elevator on the ICU floor.

Goo Reum tells Ji O he better remember what happened to her parents.

The sidekick doctor enters the room. Detective Kim informs Goo Reum Ji O is moved to another ward. She steps aside. They transfer Ji O to a gurney and wheel him away. They tell the police team to meet them on the 3rd floor while they go in the other elevator for patients. Goo Reum has a feeling that something isn’t right and gets on the elevator with Ji O and the threesome. Goo Reum and Yoo Na fight. Ji O wakes and sits up. The sidekick and Ji O fight with the assailant beating Ji O. Everyone gets some action as the elevator descends to the basement. When the doors open Ji O lunges out of the door. Everyone follows.

Great fight scene!

Detective Kim and the other officers see the empty elevator and take off.

Ji O is pursued. He ducks into a linen closet.

The sidekick and the assailant peek in the linen closet, then they see the charred entry pad into a restricted area and enter.

Goo Reum finds Detective Kim and the team. She tells them the doctor and two others tried to kidnap Ji O. The team takes off to search vehicles exiting the hospital. Goo Reum sees the charred entry pad into a restricted area. She enters the linen closet.  Before she can find Ji O, Detective Kim tells her to come.

The sidekick exits the hospital and wonders where Ji O is. He guesses he’s still in the hospital. He enters the linen closet. He finds the bloody cloth Ji O wiped himself with.

At the lab, Forensics expert Oh Jong Hwan tells Team Lead Choi the patient’s blood isn’t purely human. He wants to examine Ji O. Team Lead Choi is startled to get a call that Ji O was kidnapped or escaped.

Police check everyone entering and exiting the hospital. Ji O exits a side door. Goo Reum follows. Ji O knows she’s following and starts to run. Goo Reum calls in Ji O’s location. As Ji O crosses a walkway over a highway, he’s overcomes by the noise and starts to push energy out. The light bulbs on the walkway explode. The sidekick sees it. Goo Reum sees it. They both make their way to the walkway. Ji O sees Goo Reum and gets to the other side. Goo Reum calls in Ji O’s location. The police dispatch.

Mr. Kim yells at Doctor Ryu that Ji O got away. Doctor Ryu notes Ji O’s recovery rate is exponential. Doctor Ryu says an electric eel doesn’t exceed the energy its body can handle. But Ji O isn’t like that. He’s stressed his body again and again. Doctor Ryu guesses Ji O’s brain cells are diminished and he can’t remember who he is.

Goo Reum enters the subway to search for Ji O.  She spots him getting on a train. She gets on too. When he gets off, she does too. But she can’t find him in the thick crowd. She’s frustrated she’s lost him again.  She sees a charred entry pad. She enters the door. It leads to under the subway. Her cell phone has no signal when she tries to call the team.

The team wonders where Goo Reum is. She doesn’t pick up.

Goo Reum approaches Ji O. He doesn’t run.

The sidekick arrives and sees the charred entry pad.

Ji O tells Goo Reum he’s been waiting for her. Goo Reum asks why. Ji O says he was curious about her eyes. He wonders what he did to her to make her look at him like she does. Goo Reum asks what he sees. Ji O states she looks like a person happy to find someone they been wanting to kill. Goo Reum confirms. Ji O asks what he did to her. Goo Reum says she’s been hunting for him her entire life. Ji O tells her he doesn’t remember anything. He warns her not to follow him. She pins him again the wall and asks what happened to her parents. Ji O doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Goo Reum demands answers.

The sidekick enters the area. He sees Ji O and Goo Reum and approaches. She pulls a stun gun and warns the sidekick to stop. He doesn’t. She fires and the electric probes lock on his arm, the arms Ji O once electrocuted. The sidekick removes the probes. Goo Reum’s eyes widen in surprise. Ji O takes off. But the two assailants come from the other side. Trapped Ji O jumps onto the subway tracks. They jump onto the subway tracks. They all run past Goo Reum.

Yoo Na enters the area. She and Goo Reum go at it.

A subway approaches. Yoo Na pulls Goo Reum onto the tracks. It knocks out Goo Reum. Ji O can’t let her be run over. He places his hands on the tracks, his eyes go blue, the energy flows from his body. The subway operator can’t stop the train. Ji O runs to Goo Reum and shields her with his body. The train stops.

Detective Kim learns about the disturbance and calls Team Lead Choi. The team sees the charred entry pad.

The sidekick, Yoo Na and one remaining assailant regroup.

The police enter. The subway driver staggers and says no one should be underground. The police find blood. Team Lead Choi tells Detective Kim to search for Goo Reum.

Ji O carries Goo Reum down the tracks. She wakes and blearily looks at his face. Then she passes out. Ji O continues to carry her through the dark subway tunnel.

My Thoughts

Wow! What a superb action-packed episode. This episode captured me from start to finish. Writer Chun Sung Il (Chuno) created a compelling cat and mouse chase between Mr. Kim’s minions, Ji O, Goo Reum, and the rest of the police team. The elevator fight was awesome. Kim Hong Sun (Voice) showed his directing prowess. The added layer of Pastor Hwang and the cult church brought even more intrigue. This show evokes aspects of others- Kill It, Beautiful Mind, Save Me. The special effects makes me wonder if the show is pre-produced. What is the L.U.C.A.S project about?

Ji O (Kim Rae Won) couldn’t let Goo Reum die. He used his energy force to stop the subway car from mowing her down. She asked him for answers. But Ji O doesn’t have any. As Doctor Ryu noted, Ji O’s energy bursts have affected his brain and a side effect is memory loss. Looking forward to learning his origin story.

Ha Goo Reum (Lee Da Hee) was saved by Ji O. We got a bit more insight into her evidence wall. Her flashback the energy burst when she was a child was definitely generated by Ji O. Her father brought a young Ji O into their home. Per Doctor Ryu, Ji O escaped years ago. Did Goo Reum’s father help him escape? Bringing Ji O into their home create the scenario for the energy burst with the end result of the mystery of Goo Reum’s missing parents. Is the inference that her parents got blasted to another dimension versus sizzled in the energy burst?

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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5 comments on “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 2
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Wow, so much action and so well directed too! Our protagonists just can’t catch a break! I liked the childhood connection…


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “What is the L.U.C.A.S project about?” -KJT. I’m curious about that too … surely L.U.C.A.S. is an acronym … what does it stand for❓⁉️

    This episode was action-packed❗ My heart was racing ❤🏁 throughout the subway 🚇 tunnel chase.

    It does make me wonder if Goo Reum’s dad worked for L.U.C.A.S. or if he just came across the boy Ji O❓⁉️ There seems to be quite a story to unwind in discovery of Ji O’s background and Goo Reum’s parents.

    Liked by 1 person

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