What am I blogging next? 2/21

February 2021 Blogging

Scheduled to begin February 1…

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning. The 12 episodes of this tvN network series air Monday and Tuesday from February 1, 2021 – March 9, 2021.
Why am I watching this show?
* Writer Chun Sung Il – He wrote 2010’s Chuno. All roads lead to Chuno. About L.U.C.A.: The Beginning screenwriter Chun Sung Il said, “I tried not to take the ‘obvious route’ and wanted to avoid an ending that people would be able to predict.” That intrigues me. Will he deliver?
* Director Kim Hong Sun – Two hit the mark dramas from this director I’ve watched are Voice and Warrior Baek Dong Soo . Director Kim Hong Sun stated that L.U.C.A.: The Beginning is a “cool action drama that also has fun, fantastical elements as Ji Oh’s secret unfolds.” That intrigues me.
* 12 episodes – short and sweet. 12 episodes dramas can be more focused.
What’s this show about? A man with special powers and secrets is chased by mysterious figures. A female detective meets him and her life changes.

Scheduled to begin February 20…

Vincenzo. The 16 episodes of this tvN network series air Saturday and Sunday from February 20, 2021 – April 25, 2021.
Why am I watching this show?
* Song Joong Ki – one of my core cadre (male actors I regularly watch). His last drama, Arthdal Chronicles, challenged with a double role. About Vincenzo Song Joong Ki stated, “I felt thrilled after coming across the script for the first time. It wasn’t a predictable story about good overcoming evil, and the method of punishing evil felt very new and refreshing. I think viewers will be able to feel the same thrill and catharsis.”
* Ok Taec Yeon – His portrayal of a man with a terrible gift in 2020’s The Game: Towards Zero worked. About Vincenzo Ok Taec Yeon stated, “The script was so fun. The bickering between the characters brought them to life. Despite the tension of the characters getting into various situations with different goals, I found the constant undercurrent of humor in the lines to be appealing. I wanted to show that there’s something awkward about Joon Woo, so I decided to go for a new hairstyle. I’m doing my best in acting to show you something new.”
* Not a selection factor, but dramas that air on weekends are more convenient to blog. Friday/Saturday airings are my favorite.
What’s this show about? Mob lawyer who lives in Italy flees to Korea when a war between rival factions erupts. He falls for a sharp lawyer and pursues his own kind of justice.

All quotes are from these Soompi articles (link1, link2, link3).

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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15 comments on “What am I blogging next? 2/21
  1. Kay says:

    I’ll look forward to your recaps on these. Both dramas are on my probably list, but I need to see some fan reaction to know how soon I want to see them 🙂


  2. Kay says:

    I’m just about to wrap up Kairos and Live On. Then I will be starting True Beauty and Mr. Queen 🙂


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    These look interesting …. any word on where we can watch Vincenzo?

    Will you be finishing up The Spies Who Loved Me? I’ve been holding off watching a) work has been crazy busy and b) I don’t like to watch more than one episode ahead of the recaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe it will be on Netflix. Distributors are listed as tvN and Netflix.

      Yes, I will finish The Spies Who Loved Me?. The holidays and work created a pause in that drama for me.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I completely understand being busy through the holidays … besides the usual hubbub at home, the busiest time of year for my job is mid-November through mid-January and it lasted through January this year.

        I’m looking forward to finishing The Spies Who Loved Me and the new ones you will be recapping.

        DD, thanks for the reminder about Space Sweepers.
        Over the past couple of months

        I watched Chinese drama “Nothing but Thirty”, a slice of life drama, over the last couple of months..
        This drama follows 3 friends turning 30, but are in different stages of life. While there were some expected clichés and the script was not stellar, I felt it had some of the best acting, commaderody between friends and best production values I’ve seen in any of the Chinese dramas I’ve seen, which admittedly I’ve only seen about 12-15 Chinese dramas. This drama was recommended to me by my hair stylist … yep, that’s right it turns my hair stylist is an Asian drama fan. It is always nice to fins someone you can freely discuss your biases with.


  4. DramaDazed says:

    Hi…I will be following both L.U.C.A. and Vincenzo for pretty much the same reasons as you kjt. Look forward to your input. Insert also Song Joong Ki movie Space Sweepers on Netflix Friday since I am a geek. I started Mr. Queen because I am generally a fan of Shin Hye Sun, so far so good. Am liking Run On a lot. It’s tax season and dramas are my stress relief! Also..Chinese… enthralled by Rebel Princess. Not a fan of the script but the cast the costumes the production values the strange pacing…wow. I keep wondering if the lead actress is the directors girlfriend. She looks amazing all the time. The hero is appealingly masculine.


    • Glad you’ll be watching too!

      Thanks for the tip about Space Sweepers. I put a reminder on it.

      I have watched some of Mr. Queen . Need to finish it.

      It’s been awhile since I watched a Chinese drama. Your comments intrigued.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. beez says:

    @kjt – Will you be recapping Rain’s new drama that’s coming? I think it’s called Ghost Doctor or something like that?


    • Yes. I’ve watched Hellbound with Yoo Ah In and will post my thoughts. Next shows will be Snowdrop (mid-December), Silent Sea (end-December). January will be Ghost Doctor.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beez says:

        @kjt – I’ll be anticipating your thoughts on Hellbound. You know I don’t like occult/monsters or shows that have to do with religion. If you recall, I waited until that other show involving cults was finished and after checking your recaps, then I felt okay to watch it.


      • beez says:

        I’m breathlessly waiting for Rain’s new drama and to come back home here. I used to watch everything that kjt watched. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t go “let’s see what kjt is watching and I’ll watch it too”. I just so happened to be interested in the same shows. I don’t know what happened???? Our tastes diverged or, most likely, because I’ve kind of gone thru Kdrama burn out. I only completed 2-3 Kdramas this year, and I’ve watched more Chinese dramas than ever before.


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