Lovestruck in the City Episode 4

Episode 4 – What did she do with the ring?

Flashback…2019…September…Jae Won’s vacation…Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) laze in bed. Jae Won likes everything about her. It begins to rain. Inspired, Eun O dashes into the rain. Jae Won follows. They frolic. Afterwards, Eun O wonders if Jae Won could take an additional month off work. He suggests if he does take the additional time off, they marry. Eun O is surprised. She considers and agrees it would be fun. She mentions she has a fantasy proposal. Jae Won calls her and plays guitar and sings a love song over the phone. Eun O loves it.  They marry (not legally) on top of the camper. They promise to love each other forever. Jae Won surprises her with rings. She puts his ring on. He puts her ring on. They kiss.

Jae Won still wears his ring. He wonders where her ring is. Eun O claims she got rid of the ring.

Kang Gun (29, writer) wonders if she targeted him for material gain. He asks if she took anything from Jae Won.

Jae Won denies is. Kang Gun guesses he won’t admit he was a victim.

Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) believes Jae Won doesn’t want to admit Jae Won’s girlfriend was faking her feelings.

Choi Kyeong Jun (29, architect, Jae Won’s cousin, who works at company Jae Won’s father created) wants Jae Won to move from. He notes the marriage wasn’t legal and the relationship only lasted 2 months. Suh Rin I (29, Kyeong Jun’s girlfriend of 5 years) understands why Jae Won can’t let go.

Jae Won declares she loved him deeply and the others are wrong.

Flashback…2019…Jae Won stops by the eatery and does a chore for Eun O. She loves it. She announces to the group that she lives with Jae Won. Everyone is taken aback including Jae Won. She shows their wedding rings. He melts when she declares he’s hers. They take turns informing strangers they are married and live together as they walk home. They enjoy time together, biking, reading, etc.

Jae Won is adamant that she cared for him. He claims Kyeong Jun’s incompetence forced him to leave early to fix a work issue.

Flashback…Eun O drives Jae Won to the airport. He confirms she has his phone number and when & where they’ll meet when she returns to Seoul.

Jae Won says he never saw her again. Kyeong Jun and Jae Won argue at work. Jae Won’s father intervenes and tells Jae Won to stop making changes after the client has approved the design. He warns his son and nephew if they keep it up, he’ll fire them.  He storms out. Jae Won wants to change a couple of items. Kyeong Jun says he has to see Suh Rin. He goes to her workplace. She motions for him to wait for him until her break.

Eun O takes her portfolio to a friend that works at the company she used to work at and asks for work.

Eun O drives home after work. Jae Won drives home after work. A song from their time together comes on the radio. They reflect upon their time together. Jae Won wonders if he’ll ever run into Eun O like he expected to.  Jae Won pulls up next to Eun O’s car. She spots him but he doesn’t spot her. She ducks to avoid being seen. He drives away unaware she was in the next lane.

Jae Won gets home and states the worst aspect is not knowing why she dissolved the relationship and the subsequent self-doubt.

Eun O gets home. She says she that she only pretended to be someone else while of vacation. She couldn’t continue the relationship when she returned to Seoul. Jae Won wishes he knew where she was and how she’s doing. Eun O enters her apartment.

My Thoughts

Our couple never met when they returned to Seoul. Writer Jung Hyun Jung (Romance is a Bonus Book) focused the fourth episode on why Eun O didn’t meet Jae Won as promised. Forced to leave early for work, Jae Won left without a phone number or address where Eun O lived. Instead, they promised to meet at a particular location and time. That meeting never happened. The others’ opinions varied on whether Jae Won should get over it and if Eun O ever cared. I like the banter the show within this show creates among these 6 singles.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) got stood up by Eun O. I shake my head that he didn’t get where she lived and worked before he returned to Seoul. It left him in the position of waiting for her and she never showed.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) claimed she had to break up with Jae Won. She was only pretending to be that person while on vacation. She couldn’t keep up the ruse when she returned to Seoul. Therefore, she didn’t meet him and never offered him any explanation. At this point, she looks to be clearly in the wrong. I’m betting there is more to the story.

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2 comments on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yep, there’s always more to the story when you basically see it from one paradigm and the other person was already hiding who she was … and it seems Eun O was running away from her regular life, not just being “Vacation Eun O”.


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