2020 in Review – Date Her – There Can be Only One

Let’s consider the 2020 characters in “Would I Want My Brother to Date Her” posts and pick the top character I’d want my brother date…there can be only one winner.

The women I declared I would want my brother date 👍 were eligible for consideration:

* Tell Me What You Saw’s Detective Cha Soo Young, portrayed by Sooyoung, a police officer that has the ability recall and explore details of what she seen.

* The King: Eternal Monarch’s Detective Jung Tae Eul, portrayed by Kim Go Eun, encountered a man that claims to be from a parallel world. Naturally skeptical, she realized he was telling the truth. Eventually they forged a loving supportive relationship.

* Backstreet Rookie’s Jung Saet Byul, portrayed by Kim You Jung, has a long standing crush. She got the guy with her positive attitude, megawatt smile, and kind heart.

* Flower of Evil‘s Cha Ji Won, portrayed by Moon Chae Won, didn’t know the truth about her husband. She was tenacious in her search for the truth.

* Tale of the Nine Tailed‘s Nam Ji Ah portrayed by Jo Bo Ah. Nam Ji Ah is comfortable with other world entities in this world. That’s a good thing because a nine tailed fox, her former love, and an evil Imoogi, who she hosted, had their sights on her.

Elimination Round 

* Backstreet Rookie’s Jung Saet Byul. Sweet girl but needs some maturity and life experiences.

* Tell Me What You Saw’s Detective Cha Soo Young. Her recall ability could be a blessing and a curse.

Final Round – There Can Be Only One

* 3rd Place – Flower of Evil’s Cha Ji Won. Her flexible ethics made me pause.

* 2nd Place – The King: Eternal Monarch’s Jung Tae Eul. She’s smart, loyal, attractive, with a no-nonsense side. It was a tough choice between 2nd and 1st place.

* 1st Place and Winner – Tale of the Nine Tailed‘s Nam Ji Ah. She’s smart, loyal, attractive, with a tolerance for the crazy in life. Her ability to “roll with it” gave her the edge. 

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3 comments on “2020 in Review – Date Her – There Can be Only One
  1. Kay says:

    Nam Ji Ah was a great character and deserving of the win 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The elimination criteria were logical and on point. I concur that my first and second choices would be the same, but I vasilated between them for first place. But since I have 2 single brothers, I really could choose BOTH❣

    If I had a single brother who was in his early to mid 20s, I think I would like the cheery, sweet Saet Byul to date him.


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