2020 in Review – Date Him – There Can be Only One

Let’s consider the 2020 characters in “Would I Date Him” posts and pick the top character to date…there can be only one winner.

Guys I declared I would NOT date 👎 were NOT eligible for consideration:

* Tell Me What You Saw Genius Profiler Oh Hyun Jae, portrayed by Jang Hyuk, not ready to rejoin the world after catching the serial killer that killed his finance.

* Flower of Evil’s Do Hyun Soo, portrayed by Lee Joon Gi, craftsman, husband and father whose life was built on lies with heavy emotional baggage.

Guys I declared I would date 👍 were eligible for consideration:

* Crash Landing on You’s Captain Ri Jung Hyuk, portrayed by Hyun Bin, a white knight in North Korean military armor.

* Game Towards Zero’s Kim Tae Pyung portrayed by Ok Taec Yeon, is a man with a terrible gift, he can look into anyone eyes and see the moment of their death.

* The King: Eternal Monarch’s King Lee Gon, portrayed by Lee Min Ho, finds a parallel world being leveraged by the traitorous uncle that killed his father and almost killed him 24 years prior.

* Sweet Munchies’ Park Jin Sung portrayed by Jung Il Woo, needed money and lied to procure it though he came clean and accepted the consequences.

* Backstreet Rookie’s Choi Dae Hyun portrayed by Ji Chang Wook, is a kind manager/owner of a convenience store.

*Tale of the Nine Tailed’s Lee Yeon portrayed by Lee Dong Wook, is a nine tailed fox who waited 600 years for his first and only love to be reincarnated to reunite with her.

Elimination Round

* Game Towards Zero’s Kim Tae Pyung. His gift would be a challenge to live with.

* Sweet Munchies’ Park Jin Sung. His choice to lie is a red flag.

* Backstreet Rookie’s Choi Dae Hyun. His family has some clear negatives and positives.

Final Round – There Can Be Only One

Second Runner Up – Eliminated – Tale of the Nine Tailed’s Lee Yeon. Human or Nine Tailed Fox at the end of the series? It gave me pause.

First Runner Up – Eliminated – Crash Landing on You’s Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. Swoon worthy devoted man. Unfortunately, the 2 weeks a year that we can be together is a show stopper. If that encumberment were eliminated, I might have made a different choice.

WINNER! – The Man I’d Date Above All Others – The King: Eternal Monarch’s King Lee Gon. Strong, handsome, kind, clever man plus a leader with integrity. The burden of public servitude gave me pause. I don’t want to share my guy 24/7. But the world needs leaders with brains and ethics, and I couldn’t let him abdicate for love.

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3 comments on “2020 in Review – Date Him – There Can be Only One
  1. Kay says:

    Lee Gon is a great choice indeed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    We are definitely of the same mind KJT. You were DEAD ON your criteria for not considering Hyun Jae, portrayed by Jang Hyuk and Do Hyun Soo, portrayed by Lee Joon Gi … WAY TOO MUCH BAGGAGE 🧳. The rest of your eliminations were logical to me and I would agree Lee Gon portrayed but Lee Min Ho is the best choice to date. When you think about it, what woman wouldn’t swoon having her man come to her rescue riding his white horse … a knight? .. nay, but a king 🤴❣

    Liked by 1 person

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