2020 In Review – Secondary Leading Ladies – Best to Worst

Looking back at the secondary leading ladies of the series I completed and blogged in 2020, I decided to assign an empirical score. How did they rack and stack?
What did I consider salient points about each secondary leading ladies?

* Tell Me What You Saw – Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) – stern officer carried a heavy burden this series but received forgiveness by others and herself
* Crash Landing on You – Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) – prickly, icy, girlfriend who lost the guy, gained another guy, and lost him
* The World of the Married – Ye Rim (Park Sun Young) – woman that dealt with a challenging marriage and found the right path for her
* The King: Eternal Monarch – Seung A / Na Ri (Kim Yong Ji) – Seung A had a unrequited crush on Jo Young in one world, Eun Sub had a crush on Na Ri in the other world
* Sweet Munchies – Yoo Sung Eun (Kim Yi Jung) – writer and friend of leading lady who had her own office romance
* It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Nam Joo Ri (Park Gyu Young) – had unrequited crush on leading man, she found her own
* Tale of the Nine Tailed – Ki Yu Ri (Kim Yong Ji) – faithful friend of leading man’s brother, found her own love and destiny
* Flower of Evil – Do Hae Sue (Jang Hee Jin) – sister of leading man, she knew it was her turn to protect him
* Alice – Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) – girlfriend of leading man whose focus was saving his mother no matter what
* Backstreet Rookie – Hwang Geum Bi (Seo Ye Hwa) – good friend of leading lady who fell for the eccentric second lead

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2 comments on “2020 In Review – Secondary Leading Ladies – Best to Worst
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    My favorite angst-y performances were
    🔹️Tell Me What You Saw – Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon)
    🔹️Crash Landing on You – Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye)

    I find it interesting Kim Yong Ji made this list twice, as she’s only been acting for a couple of years. I looked at her filmography and Mr Sunshine was her first drama, she played Hotaru, the geisha who betrayed Dong Mae to protect him. I wonder how long it will be before Kim Yong Ji will be a leading lady.


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