2020 In Review – Series – Best to Worst

2020 In Review – Series – Best to Worst

This year I scored each completed series by averaging the score for the episodes. Here are the empirical results:

Do I agree with the scores? Would I rank the dramas differently now that I’ve got the advantage of time and perspective?

I’d bump Tale of the Nine Tailed up and Alice down a notch. Similarly I’d bump up The King: Eternal Monarch and take down Flower of Evil a notch. Otherwise, I agree with the hard numbers.

What did I love about each series?

Crash Landing on You – Superb series had charming, funny, tense, and heartfelt moments with characters I cared about. The stellar couple’s love story was wonderful to watch. Hyun Bin’s portrayal of the steadfast romantic leading man was stellar.

Psycho But It’s Okay – Trio learns that family means love, support, caring, challenges, arguments, and the knowledge you won’t lose each other. Series was satisfying and touching. Seo Ye Ji’s portrayal of the bold, blunt leading woman was superb.

Tell Me What You Saw – It sounds odd for a drama about a serial killer, but this series was an unexpected delight. The cast and crew created a series that delivered more than I anticipated. Jang Hyuk elevated this series.

Alice – Time travel series with a twist, our leads exist in parallel worlds and travel between them. Wrap your head around that.

Tale of the Nine Tailed – 600 years after their first relationship, a fated couple find each other again. Lee Dong Wook shone in this leading man role.

Game Towards Zero – A man can see someone’s death when he looks into their eyes. He’s recruited by the police. Throw in a serial killer or two and things get interesting.

Flower of Evil – A detective wife learns her husband is pretending to be someone he isn’t. Is he a murderer? Moon Chae Won hit the mark as the wife investigating the man she loved. Lee Joon Gi managed to make the husband with heavy emotional baggage someone to root for.

The King: Eternal Monarch – Time travel with the twist of doubles. The couple’s devotion and faith in each other was a pleasure. Lee Min Ho was regal and romantic. Kim Go Eun was the perfect professional and personal partner for the king.

The World of the Married – Often over the top drama of betrayal and revenge between an adulterous husband and stunned wife who could not easily quit each other. Kim Hee Ae portrayed a compelling imperfect woman who fought to extract herself and her son from the shrapnel of an imploded marriage.

Sweet Munchies – Though the series was not a standout, it was a step forward in portraying the discrimination and struggle of gay men.

Backstreet Rookie – Light and forgettable romance portrayed by two attractive actors – Ji Chang Wook and Kim You Jung.

Blogging timeline of the completed series in 2020:

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7 comments on “2020 In Review – Series – Best to Worst
  1. studiomarie says:

    I agree with you. You were spot on. Currently enjoying Uncanny Counter and Run On.


  2. Snow Flower says:

    It’s Okay is my favorite drama of the year. I also liked Crash Landing and Flower of Evil.


  3. Kay says:

    You got in a good group of dramas this for 2020 🙂 My favorite was It’s Okay to Not Be Okay closely followed by Flower of Evil. From your list, I also greatly enjoyed Tale of the Nine-Tailed and The King: Eternal Monarch. Alice and Crash Landing On You Were pretty good watches too. I hope you have a great 2021! 🙂


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with KJT 2020 had some mighty good dramas❣ I also liked the series highlights KJT mentioned about each series.

    My list would rank King: The Eternal Monarch and Flower of Evil much higher up, I really enjoyed both of these dramas.

    For the first time, I started watching a drama, World of the Married, I couldn’t finish it; I could not abide the bickering couple involving their teen son in their nasty divorce feud and revenge. I did read the recaps … thank you KJT for satisfying my curiosity, but saved me from watching the episodes.


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