Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 15 Recap

Chapter 15 – You Are My Destiny

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) and Terry (the young Imoogi) agree to work together.

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) faces the CEO who holds a gun to her head. But its isn’t Ji Ah, but rather the Imoogi in control. She grabs the gun and shoots the CEO twice. The CEO realizes he’s not dealing with Ji Ah. He tells the Imoogi that he was hard to work for and never satisfied about its status between human and god. The Imoogi presses on the CEO’s wounds and says he’ll be joining his family soon. The CEO knows he used to care about others and not only himself. Pyo Jae Hwan (Ji Ah’s coworker) sees her kneeling over the CEO wiping the blood from her hands. Ji Ah turns and smiles knowing Jae Hwan knows the Imoogi is in control. Jae Hwan knows he’s in trouble.

Terry says because he has no one to protect he’s more flexible. Lee Yeon counters caring from others gives him power. Terry informs Lee Yeon his other half inside Ji Ah has taken control. Lee Yeon wants to leave but Terry won’t have it. Lee Yeon decides to stay. He believes Ji Ah will be safe as the Imoogi needs her body and he’ll only have one chance to take down Terry. For his part, Terry want to take down Granny to up his eternal powers and status.

Ji Ah urges Jae Hwan to shoot her. He can’t. Ji Ah puts the gun to his head. From her sickbed Kim Sae Rom (Ji Ah’s coworker) sees the twosome and slaps Ji Ah ordering her to get a grip. It works. The Imoogi releases control of Ji Ah who is confused what happened. Ji Ah sees the blood on her hands and the clothes of the CEO. She sobs and apologizes for her actions.

Terry wants to know how Lee Yeon will capture Granny. Lee Yeon explains that while Granny senses much, it isn’t like seeing everything on TV. Lee Yeon says Granny knows they are together but not what they are talking about. Lee Yeon believes getting Granny to drink the potion the Imoogi used to put Lee Rang in a coma will give them the advantage they need. Terry scoffs she won’t take it. Lee Yeon counters Granny’s husband, Hyun Ui Ong is openly defying Granny and their best option to administer the potion. Lee Yeon sets their next meeting at noon tomorrow. He promises Granny will have taken the potion and the Imoogi will be able to handle the rest, then Granny’s powers will be his for the taking. Terry agrees. Lee Yeon worries that Terry agreed too easily. The Imoogi asks about Granny’s son. Lee Yeon confirms there was one. Lee Yeon states this will work out for both of them. Ki Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji) watches from the stairs.

Lee Yeon returns to his apartment and finds Ji Ah. She explains what happened with the CEO. She cries when she describes almost hurting Jae Hwan. Lee Yeon holds her and tells her it will all end tomorrow.

The Snail Bride tends Ji Ah’s boss (her reincarnated husband though he doesn’t know this) as he recovers from the Imoogi’s virus. He asks what her husband was like. The Snail Bride describes moments that made her happy. Ji Ah’s boss admits he feels warm and content around her.

Granny learns the death count from the Imoogi’s virus stands at 933. She orders her emergency team to hang in there. She calls to her husband and remembers he’s no longer there.

Hyun Ui Ong (Granny’s husband) worries about the stress his wife is under. The Snail Bride urges him to go home and support his wife. Ui Ong grouses that he and his wife never compromised. The Snail Bride is worried about Lee Yeon dying in the next days.

Lee Yeon calls his half-brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum) and reports he just finished meeting with the Imoogi. Lee Rang agrees to meet Lee Yeon. The doorbell rings. It’s Ji Ah. Lee Rang wonders if the Imoogi is in control of Ji Ah’s body.

Vet Gu Shin Joo (Hwang Hee) is worried what will happen to Lee Yeon when he ingests the Imoogi’s key. Lee Yeon says the Imoogi will leave Ji Ah’s body and enter his. Lee Yeon will then jump to the afterlife river. Shin Joo doesn’t like the plan. Lee Yeon says this is the best way to catch the Imoogi. Shin Joo offers to do it. Lee Yeon knows Shin Joo can’t handle the Imoogi. Shin Joo gets upset that Lee Yeon’s plan means he can never be reincarnated. Lee Yeon tells his friend, he’s the only one that knows the full story of his plan. Shin Joo sobs.

Ji Ah thanks Lee Rang for sending him the CEO. Ji Ah notes Lee Yeon cares about Lee Rang. Knowing Lee Yeon is working to save Ji Ah, Lee Rang explains that Lee Yeon is planning to sacrifice himself to save Ji Ah. Ji Ah is taken aback. Lee Rang suggests killing Ji Ah. She doesn’t think that will stop what will be. The Imoogi says he doesn’t plan to die anytime soon. He puts the gun Lee Rang gave the CEO on the stable. He tells Lee Rang they both want to protect Lee Yeon. She offers a truce with that goal.  Ji Ah offers her hand.  Lee Yeon takes one of the toys to execute the hand shake.

Lee Yeon asks Shin Joo to protect Ji Ah and look after her once he’s gone. Shin Joo promises to protect her. Lee Yeon asks Shin Joo to keep Lee Rang in line. Shin Joo promises to do so. Lee Yeon tells Shin Joo to make a life with Yoo Ri. He gives Shin Joo an early wedding gift of a new apartment. Lee Yeon thanks Shin Joo for his support and friendship. Shin Joo asks why Lee Yeon saved in long ago. Lee Yeon says he wanted revenge on the mountain god chasing Shin Joo. He smiles and says that mountain god once stole the egg from his ramen, which wasn’t acceptable. Lee Yeon leaves as a teary Shin Joo watches him go.

Lee Yeon has lunch with Lee Rang who wonders why his half-brother wants to meet. Lee Yeon claims it is only food. They talk about the people that matter to Lee Rang – Yoo Ri and the little boy. Lee Yeon says Lee Rang is more caring than he knew. They enjoy their time together.

Yoo Ri tells Terry she wants to return home to Lee Rang and Shin Joo. Terry says he sees darkness in her. He tells her that those she loves will be better without her.

Lee Rang asks why Lee Yeon is willing to risk his life for Ji Ah. Lee Yeon shares that she risked her life in a past life and he owes her. Lee Rang asks if he’ll die for her. Lee Yeon asks Lee Rang to help him catch the Imoogi tomorrow and handle the unexpected. Lee Rang sighs and says he’ll think about it. Lee Yeon reminds him he’s saved his life. Lee Rang reminds him that a nine tailed fox won’t die easily.

Terry says when he becomes a god, he’ll take Ji Ah. He tells Yoo Ri to come with him and stay with him. She doesn’t want to. He wants her to so he can watch her live in misery.

The Snail Bride arrives at the Afterlife Immigration Office. She tells Granny she can’t watch Lee Yeon die without doing anything. The Snail Bride says Granny could do something. That doesn’t go over. The Snail Bride points out that Granny is a wife, mother, friend. Granny snaps she’s none of those things. The Snail Bride tells her to trust her heart, the heart that cherishes Lee Yeon who looks like her dead son. Granny says her son begged her to save her bride just like she’s begging him to save Lee Yeon. The Snail Bride points out that has caused guilt that can’t be resolved. Granny doesn’t like that. The Snail Bride puts a jar on the table. She leaves.

Terry tells Yoo Ri she didn’t come on his outing.

Lee Rang isn’t happy when Shin Joo tells him about his interactions with Yoo Ri. Lee Rang declares Shin Joo isn’t good enough for Yoo Ri. Lee Rang tells him to come with him.

Lee Rang and Shin Joo arrive at Terry’s house. She’s shocked. Lee Rang talks to her through the speaker. He tells her she can’t get a new owner without his approval. He says his life is lacking without her in it. Lee Rang tells her not to forgive this jerk. Shin Joo says he’ll apologize properly later but she must come home and save herself. He shows the engagement ring he’d purchased. Yoo Ri cries. Lee Rang says he’ll save her. They leave. Yoo Ri sinks to the floor and cries.

Ji Ah meets Lee Yeon. They are all smiles. Lee Yeon says today they will have an ordinary date. They go to an arcade. The claw machine taxes Lee Yeon. Ji Ah’s tips get the job done. They get ice cream. They kiss. Lee Yeon says he loves Ji Ah so much he never forgets details of their interactions. Ji Ah tells him to never forget her. She tells him she loves him. She cries knowing this could be their last moments together of happiness.

Granny speaks to her son’s ashes and wonders if she was the one that failed him. She can’t forgive herself for her choice. She wonders if she was a good mother. She cries.

Ji Ah and Lee Yeon sit at the river. Ji Ah asks Lee Yeon what he wished for. Her safety and for her not to cry. He tells her if something happens, they can’t control, he wants her to forget him. Ji Ah vows to wait for him like he waited for her. Lee Yeon says her life is too short for that. Ji Ah wishes they could both be saved. Granny calls Lee Yeon.

Lee Yeon arrives per Granny’s request. She tells him after her son’s bride died, he never spoke to her again. He jumped into the afterlife river. Lee Yeon says her son left the shoes she gave him because he didn’t want to ruin them. Granny knows a way that Ji Ah and Lee Yeon can live.

The Governor enters the bathroom.

Granny gives Lee Yeon a sword to strike Ji Ah hard enough to force the Imoogi to exit for fear of dying in a dying body. She tells Lee Yeon not to use the key. Rather the Imoogi will transfer into Terry. Once the two Imoogis become one, Granny will turn it into stone. Lee Yeon asks what happens if Ji Ah dies. Granny vows to bring her back, the rules be dammed. Lee Yeon hugs her. Granny pushes him off and strides into the building. Lee Yeon is all smiles.

Terry exits the stall and compliments the Governor. He knows Terry isn’t human. Terry strikes him down and declares he’s found the spirit of the moon.

Sae Rom thanks Ji Ah and Jae Hwan for being her family when her mother died. Jae Hwan gives Ji Ah a phone to answer.

Terry calls Ji Ah. He says he’s nearby. Ji Ah takes a gun to meet him. Ji Ah tells him he’ll die soon. Terry admires his spunk. He tells the Imoogi it is time to come out. He puts his hand next to Ji Ah. The scales form on Ji Ah and the Imoogi takes control. Terry tells the Imoogi not to worry about whatever Lee Yeon is planning, there is something specific he must do.

Lee Yeon arrives back at the apartment. Ji Ah has her back to him. She tells him the magistrate was attacked by the Imoogi. Something was stolen from him. Lee Yeon spins Ji Ah and sees the Imoogi is in control. She asks what he thinks was stolen. Lee Yeon realizes the mirror of the moon was taken.

Granny stares at Terry. He has the face of her son. He approaches her.  Terry says he chose this shell just for her.

Ji Ah asks why Terry wanted the mirror of the moon. Lee Yeon realizes Terry is after Granny. Lee Yeon tries to leave. Shin Joo stops him. He’s under the influence of the Imoogi. Flashback to the Imoogi telling Shin Joo, Snail Bride and Lee Rang they would be his soldier when he called them. Shin Joo, Lee Rang, and the Snail Bride hold Lee Yeon. Ji Ah approaches.

Terry says Granny’s son was the first person to befriend him. Terry admits he’s the one that put the plague in her son’s bride. He didn’t want his friend to be too happy. He grins. Granny gets angry and lifts her hand to disperse power. Terry holds the mirror of the moon behind his back ready to deflect the power back at Granny.

Lee Yeon fights to free himself. Lee Yeon grabs Ji Ah and tells her to take control. He says they both have a chance to live. The spell is broken and Shin Joo, Lee Rang and the Snail Bride come back to themselves. Lee Yeon tell them to care for Ji Ah. He quickly leaves.

Lee Yeon arrives at the afterlife immigration office with Ji Ah. Terry holds up the mirror of the moon and says everything went according to plan. He motions to the shrouded person. Lee Yeon lifts the cover. Its Granny frozen solid in stone. Terry says Granny couldn’t control her temper when she saw her son’s face. Lee Yeon realizes this was Terry’s plan from the beginning. Terry confirms this and says Ji Ah will die too. Lee Yeon tries to strike Terry with the sword Granny gave her. Ji Ah puts herself between herself and Terry. Ji Ah knocks Lee Yeon down and takes the sword. She tells him to donate his body to save Ji Ah. Just then her head hurts and she falls to her knees. Lee Yeon stares into the eyes of the Imoogi.  Lee Yeon holds up the key. He says the Imoogi can have his body. He makes to eat the key.

Lee Rang arrives. Yoo Ri blocks his path. Lee Rang says he’s here to save Lee Yeon.

Ji Ah points the gun to her head. She tells Lee Yeon to stop. Lee Yeon tells her to put the gun down. Ji Ah says she will save Lee Yeon. She cocks the gun. She says goodbye. Lee Yeon knocks her down before she can shoot herself. Lee Yeon swallows the key. He tells the Imoogi to come out.

Lee Rang apologizes to Yoo Ri and strikes her down.

The Imoogi takes over Lee Yeon’s body. Ji Ah holds him and cries. Terry declares that he’s won. Lee Rang rushes into the room. He fights Terry with a hatchet. Terry stabs Lee Rang. Terry grabs himself as pain hits him.

Lee Yeon tells a sobbing Ji Ah they won. He stands. He tells Terry this is his gift. He says if the Imoogi in him gets weak, then Terry gets weak.

Terry starts to gag.

Flashback…Lee Yeon eats evening primrose.

Lee Yeon fights Terry. Lee Yeon and Terry ebb and flow with strength. When Lee Yeon has Terry in a hug, he calls to Lee Rang. He tells him the time has come. He gives Lee Rang the sword. Terry says they both will die. Lee Yeon says that is what he wants. Lee Yeon urges Lee Rang to do it. Lee Yeon says he can’t hang on much longer. He gets Lee Rang to kill him so he can die as Lee Yeon not the Imoogi. Lee Rang hesitates. Lee Yeon weakens and tells Lee Rang to do it. Lee Rang sobs then runs the sword through Terry and Lee Yeon. Ji Ah rushes to Lee Yeon.

Terry says he’ll be born again and find Ji Ah.

Lee Yeon says once he drowns in hell, he won’t be able to get to Ji Ah.

He looks at Ji Ah, he pushes the sword in deeper. Lee Yeon backs up into the open abyss of the afterlife. He tells Ji Ah he loves her. He pulls Terry into the abyss.

Ji Ah sobs.

Lee Rang is horrified and falls to his knees.

Ji Ah’s voiceover…“He smiled. As he were relieved to have rescued me. As if this were a happy ending. At the last moment, I thought I heard the word love”.

My Thoughts

This episode could have been the final episode…without a happily ever after. Writer Han Woo Ri had Lee Yeon make the ultimate sacrifice. He became the host and drew the Imoogi from Ji Ah’s body. Then he fought and as arranged Lee Rang skewered them with the sword. In Lee Yeon’s mind, he’d won. Ji Ah was safe, the Imoogi would never darken earth again, a job well done. But it’s not over. Terry looking like Granny’s son was a surprise. He turned her into stone and/or froze her with the mirror of the moon. Terry never intended to keep his promise, but Lee Yeon never intended to keep his promise to Terry either. It’s always been about Ji Ah. For Terry it is about having Ji Ah. For Lee Yeon it is about saving Ji Ah. While this episode could have been the finale one, there’s one more battle in this war. Will the battle earn our couple their happily every after?

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) kept his promise to keep Ji Ah alive. Lee was willing to sacrifice himself so the Imoogi occupied him forever. Often when couples have a date prior to being ripped apart, the date can feel too sappy. This date struck the right note – games, ice cream, a kiss and vows to love each other forever.

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) was left alive and alone. I assumed Ji Ah knew that Lee Yeon was planning to sacrifice himself. It appears she was surprised by this. I must commend the actress Jo Bo Ah as she switches to the Imoogi. She embodies the cold and calculating Imoogi in a different way than the actor who plays Terry, but it is equally effective.

Lee Rang (Kim Bum) could only save 1 of the 2 people he cared about.  Lee Rang was willing to live with Lee Yeon’s disdain, as long as Lee Yeon lived. That didn’t happen. Lee Rang was determined to save Yoo Ri. Even though she was stabbed I’m betting she lives.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?

The Imoogi is locked away forever or dies. The Imoogi will never stop and cannot be reasoned with. He must be in permanent exile or die.

Lee Yeon is reunited with Ji Ah. These two were willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. It’s time they enjoy life together. Everyone will work together to make this happen. Will unfreezing Granny be key? Will Lee Yeon return as a human?

Everyone else lives and thrives. Now the Imoogi is gone, will the virus gripping Sae Rom and Ji Ah’s boss (the Snail Bride’s reincarnated husband) disappear? Will Shin Joo save Yoo Ri? Doesn’t Lee Rang deserve to live secure in his brother’s love?

The ninth song of the OST is the opening theme of the series.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.


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2 comments on “Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Holy smokes … Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳, as old Imoogi🐉, ripping out TVC CEO’s 🏮🈲️ heart (who knew he had one❓⁉️), must have been terrifying for Jae Hwan 📹 to witness.

    I wondered how Terry🐉 knew Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰ and Ui Ong 👨‍🏫⚰ had a son … Terry🐉 did have a hand in their son, Bok Gil, committing suicide.

    Hmm, Terry🐉 does not plan to let Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 go ever … that’s right KJT, Yeon🌂🦊 didn’t either … but Yeon’s🌂🦊 outcome makes all but Imoogi 🐉 happier. Terry🐉 is just a big time spoiler, who seems to thrive on other’s misery. Yoo Ri 💰🦊 is miserable being his minion. I was glad to see Rang🐒🦊 and Shin Joo 🥼🦊 show up and give her hope.

    Well, my doubt about the Snail Bride 🐌 👰 being under Immogi’s🐉 influence was explained … color me surprised Rang 🐒🦊 and Shin Joo 🥼🦊 were still under the influence. OMO, Imoogi🐉 was broken into lots of pieces, like Voldemort’s soul in Harry Potter or at least my captions indicated these people had pieces of Imoogi🐉 in them. Now those allies of Yeon🌂🦊 were little Imoogi minions: Rang 🐒🦊, Shin Joo 🥼🦊 and the Snail Bride 🐌 👰. How did they and Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 get Imoogi bits in them❓⁉️ I didn’t see them ingesting any scales.

    When Imoogi🐉 appeared in front of Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰, showing her son, Bok Gil’s, face I wondered if the moon mirror would turn her curse back on herself … yup … why didn’t she cooperate earlier with Yeon🌂🦊❓⁉️ Is Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰ really dead❓⁉️ Where is Ui Ong 👨‍🏫⚰ … I think he’s going to be sad.

    Immogi🐉 is evil beyond the pale … he finally made a friend, Bok Gil, but gave his wife the plague, because his friend was too happy … then Bok Gil committed suicide when he couldn’t talk his mom into saving his wife … you don’t know how to love Imoogi🐉 … and THAT is why you will NEVER feel loved. Enjoy that misery that you cultivated … you deserve it.

    Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 and Rang’s 🐒🦊 grief was palpable as they watched Yeon🌂🦊 fall into the abyss of Samdocheon, clutching Terry🐉.

    I concur with your 3 wishlist items KJT, I cannot accept Yeon🌂🦊 is gone forever … and YET I want Imoogi🐉 gone forever❣

    Liked by 1 person

    • Terry🐉 did have a hand in their son, Bok Gil, committing suicide…he finally made a friend, Bok Gil, but gave his wife the plague, because his friend was too happy
      That surprised me and solidified my belief the Imoogi must be expelled permanently.

      color me surprised Rang 🐒🦊 and Shin Joo 🥼🦊 were still under the influence.

      I wondered if the moon mirror would turn her curse back on herself … yup

      Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 and Rang’s 🐒🦊 grief was palpable as they watched Yeon🌂🦊 fall into the abyss of Samdocheon, clutching Terry🐉.
      Both actors conveyed the shock and grief well.

      Liked by 1 person

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