Spies Who Loved Me Episode 9

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) finds the memory card in Sophie’s dress.

Flashback…Sophie refuses to be controlled and decides to break the chains of her espionage masters.

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) believes the person that has the memory card is in great danger.

A Reum believes the person that has the memory card can change the game.

Ji Hoon and Analyst Kim Young Gu arrive at the National Fusion lab.

Kim Dong Taek and Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) agree when the hacker gets access to the technology data it will give Kim Dong Taek the edge he needs. Derek says he’ll quit and take up surfing.

The hacker is driven by Tinker to the National Fusion lab. She puts on the camera glasses. Derek monitors the feed.

Inside the National Fusion lab, she meets with Ji Hoon and Young Gu. She hands over her bag and phone. Young Gu scans her bag. Ji Hoon provides Sophie’s fingerprint and retina scan. Ji Hoon realizes her glasses have cameras. She tosses the glasses into the fish tank and flounces out. Derek wonders why he’s seeing the inside of a fish tank. The hacker is escorted to the lab and given a tour. She’s led into Sophie’s office and left to start hacking.  She accesses Sophie’s office. She gets ready to hack Sophie’s computer.

Derek tells Tinker he has no feed. Tinker doesn’t either. Waiting is their only option. Derek gets a call and promises the hacker will succeed.

The hacker can’t break in and guesses that Sophie put the data on a memory card. She exits Sophie’s office and heads to the service room, then waits in a restroom, deciding what to do. She knows the Interpol agents will want their money back. She knows Derek and Tinker will interrogate her.

The scientist that gave the hacker a tour brings food to Sophie’s office. She’s not there. He calls Ji Hoon.

The hacker dons a cleaning outfit and ducks into the stairs just as Ji Hoon and Young Gu run past. When the scientist chats up Ji Hoon realizes that cleaning outfit was a disguise.

The hacker disarms a scientist with gas (cleaning spray?) and makes her way to the airport. Ji Hoon and Young Gu pursue her.

Director Ban Jin Min yells at Ji Hoon and Young Gu after the hacker gets away. Ji Hoon doesn’t understand why she ran because they wouldn’t have taken action against her. Young Gu notes the money they gave her wasn’t much. Knowing the money was a person loan from her Agent Hwang Seo Ra asks Director Ban if he secured the funds to reimburse her. The answer is no. Seo Ra is upset.

Tinker tells Derek they’ve lost the hacker. Tinker yells that trusting the hacker was stupid. Kim Dong Taek brings champagne ready to celebrate the hacked technology. Derek has to tell him the hacker failed. Tinker blocks Kim Dong Taek from going after Ji Hoon. He steps out. A Reum calls him and suggests dinner.

Derek arrives at A Reum’s shop and asks what she wants to eat. A Reum says she’s got something to give him. She asks if he would be willing to betray Helmes and hand over information that Interpol wants. Derek is taken aback. A Reum insists it the betrayal would surprise everyone. Derek counters he’s giving up his spy job. A Reum counters their marriage can only survive if he cooperates with Interpol. Derek says Interpol can’t be trusted. A Reum assures him that she hasn’t reported him. He need only follow her instructions. She gives him 3 days – betray Helmes or her. Derek is in shock over the ultimatum.

Chief Kang Tae Ryong meets Young Gu and Ji Hoon for food. They all agree Seo Ra deserves to be paid back. They if the hacker found the files and the key (memory card) to unlock the data. Ji Hoon leaves when he gets a text from A Reum.

Ji Hoon arrives at A Reum’s shop. A Reum says she has information that will surprise him. Ji Hoon asks if it is about her husband.

Derek cleans out his office and computer.

A Reum is surprised that Ji Hoon already knew about her husband. She notes lying men as husbands is a pattern. Ji Hoon isn’t happy when A Reum admits she confronted her husband. A Reum says Derek will help bring down Helmes. Ji Hoon scoffs that will be easier said than done. A Reum points out Ji Hoon can succeed with getting Derek from Helmes where he failed with Sophie. Ji Hoon can’t believe that A Reum is sticking by her husband.

Derek burns everything.

A Reum explains when she married Derek, she vowed to get to know her husband, unlike her first marriage to Ji Hoon. She intends to stick by her marriage vows and her husband. Ji Hoon reminds her that people don’t change. A Reum counters people change when they fall in love. She believes Derek loves her and will change. Ji Hoon says that won’t happen. A Reum points out Ji Hoon can use Derek to catch someone more important in Helmes. Ji Hoon can’t believe what she’s suggesting. A Reum tells him to be rational not emotional.

Bae Du Rae arrives at the shop carrying the anniversary photo of A Reum and Derek.

Ji Hoon declares love is clouding A Reum’s judgement. A Reum wants to protect Derek because he’s her family and deserves her support. She wants Ji Hoon to help Derek like he wanted to help Sophie.

A Reum drops the photo when Ji Hoon startles her. The glass breaks. She dashes off to get a broom. A Reum looks at the smashed glass.

Flashback…A Reum drops the wedding photo of herself and Ji Hoon. The glass breaks. Ji Hoon cleans up the glass and offers his back while he cleans up the glass. They laugh as he tidies. When A Reum gets a shard in her foot, Ji Hoon plucks it out and sweeps her into his arms.

As A Reum stares at her anniversary photo, Ji Hoon leaves the shop. He sees a nick on his finger.

Seo Ra arrives at Jang Doo Bong’s aunt’s eatery.  He’s bummed because a partner bilked him out of money. He’s had to pawn his watch. He says he can’t continue seeing her because he has no money. Seo Ra slides a watch on his wrist. When he steps out, she leaves pocket money for him. He lords it over his employees.

Ji Hoon studies what he knows about Derek. He remembers Director Ban urging the team to turn a Helmes agent. Ji Hoon doesn’t want it to be Derek. He gets a call.

Peter meets Ji Hoon and reports no one knows who the top boss is. Ji Hoon urges him to find out. Peter notes there are reports that Interpol has been breached by Helmes. Ji Hoon wants to know who the traitor is. He vows to catch Sophie’s killer. Peter hopes that Ji Hoon can keep his promise to protect him.

Ji Hoon asks A Reum if she believes people change. He asks if he’d admitted he was an Interpol agent and was willing to quit, who she have believed him and been willing to continue in their marriage?

Flashback…Ji Hoon tells Chief Kang that he would choose his wife over being an agent any day.

A Reum doesn’t believe Ji Hoon could have changed. Ji Hoon reveals he was willing to do so. He’s angry A Reum believes in Derek but not him. A Reum says love is about timing. When their marriage broke up, she wasn’t mature enough to believe he could change. But she’s evolved and believes her husband can change. She apologizes for not being able to do that years ago. She believes they are living different timelines and can’t be together. Tears fill Ji Hoon’s eyes and he turns away. Ji Hoon asks if she’s doing this because of her feelings, not her sense of responsibility. A Reum says this is for her happiness. A Reum tells him to stop regretting the past. Ji Hoon sighs and walks away.

Derek catches Ji Hoon following him. Ji Hoon shares that A Reum called him about a problem she had. They bicker. They both try to rescue a boy who is trying to get his ball out of the foundation. They end up in the fountain. Then they fight like boys.

Tinker reports Derek’s systematic withdrawal of funds from his accounts to the Helmes boss. He notes Derek has changed.

Du Rae is not happy to learn A Reum ripped Sophie’s wedding dress, the one Kim Dong Ran wanted. She calls A Reum who believes Kim Dong Ran shouldn’t get married. A Reum hangs up on her.

The team closes up the shop and leaves. Tinker arrives and kills the electricity. He enters the shop. A Reum arrives and sighs that the lights were turned off. When she enters, none of the lights will go on.  Tinker swaps a necklace for another. A Reum hears a noise. She goes to investigate.  She calls out. She realizes someone is hiding in the dresses. Wisely she retreats. Tinker exits the dresses. A Reum enters the room with her scissors and manages to nick Tinker. He knocks her down. AR returns to the shop after she gets a worried call from Derek. She finds A Reum passed out on the floor. She calls to A Reum who tells her not to tell Derek.

At the emergency room, Derek arrives to learn that A Reum fell off a ladder at the shop. He’s upset to see her wrist bandaged, her neck nicked, and her foot bandaged. With tears in his eyes, Derek says if anything happened to her he couldn’t go on. He shares he almost drowned when he was a boy. Derek imagines his death would hurt her. Knowing she was hurting would hurt him. Derek takes A Reum’s hand and promises to cooperate and do as she say. A Reum believes it will be difficult. Derek says with A Reum by his side, it will be worth it.

A Reum tells Du Rae insurance should cover the break in damages. Du Rae orders her to drink soju with her. A Reum tells Du Rae everything about Ji Hoon and Derek. Du Rae notes Derek’s perfection is odd. Du Rae wonders why A Reum married two spies. A Reum says this is hard on her. She cries. Du Rae hugs her. A Reum vows to fix the mess. He’s going to but Ji Hoon and Derek back where they belong.

Derek drives to his 4pm meeting with A Reum. He knows he’ll be meeting an Interpol agent. Derek arrives. He’s clearly nervous. A Reum motions to the man standing by the fountain. She tells her husband to go to that man.

Derek approaches the man; whose back is to him. The man turns. Ji Hoon smiles. Derek asks why he’s here. Ji Hoon approaches. Derek looks at his wife. She nods. Ji Hoon introduces himself. Derek steps back. Ji Hoon grabs his arm. He tells Derek he knows he’s an espionage spy for Helmes. They lock eyes.

My Thoughts

A Reum chose to keep her marriage intact. Writer Lee Ji Min focused A Reum’s decision – fight for her marriage or walk away. Her explanation to Ji Hoon was perfect. When they were married, she was too immature to believe he could change. But now she’s older, wiser, and realizes Derek can change. Therefore, the marriage is worth fighting for. Derek promised to do as A Reum wished. Meeting Ji Hoon and learning he’s the Interpol agent was the last thing Derek expected. I hope A Reum is giving Derek this chance because she truly loves him, not from a sense of obligation.

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) decided to give Derek another chance. She considered and decided she had given her husband the chance to change, make things right, and get out of the spy business. It’s a big ask. Will they both survive the process?

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) was hurt A Reum agreed to give Derek another chance, an offer he didn’t get when A Reum ended their marriage. Ji Hoon revealed he had been willing to change but A Reum’s decision to divorce kept him silence. If Ji Hoon was willing to change, why didn’t he tell A Reum? Ji Hoon didn’t want to accept A Reum’s conclusion that the timing was never right for them to be a complete open and honest couple. But he agreed to help Derek. Are you thinking the head of Helmes is Chief Kang?

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) told his wife he’d do whatever she asked. Derek told A Reum he would do as she said and come forward to authorities. Ji Hoon continued to irk him. He doesn’t like Ji Hoon hanging around A Reum. He was shocked when Ji Hoon was revealed to be the Interpol agent that would protect him.

The sixth song of the OST is titled “Seeing You Again” and is sung by Doko:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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