Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 14 Recap

Granny looks at Ji Ah’s record on the computer screen. She believes she must eliminate Ji Ah to stop chaos. She enters today as the date of death.

Chapter 14 – Dead End

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) holds Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah). She apologizes for losing control to the Imoogi as she entered the room. Lee Yeon assures her she did well. Ji Ah can still feel the Imoogi. She wants it out of her. She wants to be with Lee Yeon. He agrees it is time to end this.

Terry (the young Imoogi) walks along the street. People keel over. Ki Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji) watches in horror. When Terry gets in the car, he explains he’s doing this to defeat Lee Yeon who refuses to surrender. Terry says Lee Yeon is trying to defy destiny. Terry says there is no turning back now.

Lee Yeon brings Ji Ah to the table. Lee Rang (Kim Bum) is miffed that Lee Yeon didn’t tell all the details of his plan. Vet Gu Shin Joo (Hwang Hee) defends Lee Yeon. The Snail Bride asks Lee Yeon if he got what he wanted. Lee Yeon says he found the key that enables the Imoogi to jump between bodies. Lee Yeon plans to bury the key so the Imoogi can never jump bodies.

Granny tells her husband, Hyun Ui Ong, if he walks away, they are done. She yells that she gave him immortality. Ui Ong counters he only wants his wife and son. Ui Ong says that living with her forever is punishment not reward. He ignores her order to stop. He leaves.

Ji Ah’s boss returns to work. He has sores on his neck. Ji Ah’s coworkers, Pyo Jae Hwan and Kim Sae Rom, learn what happened at the police station and call Ji Ah. She orders them to get away from their boss.

Ji Ah tells the Snail Bride her boss was at the police station. Lee Rang shows Lee Yeon an article about spots on victims. Lee Yeon tells Ji Ah to go home with the others and hurries out. Lee Yeon drives to the Afterlife Immigration Office after listening to Ui Ong’s warning of Granny’s actions.

Ji Ah worries about her parents. Shin Joo offers to check them out. Ji Ah tells Lee Rang she doesn’t need him to escort her home. She walks by herself.

As Ji Ah enters a crosswalk, a truck comes barreling at her. Lee Rang sees it about to happen. Ui Ong stops the truck with fist. Lee Rang sees Ui Ong escort away. He assumes something big is brewing.

Lee Yeon arrives at the Afterlife Immigration Office. He can’t believe that Granny messed with Ji Ah’s death date. She isn’t sorry. She says the Imoogi can’t be killed with a sword. She says Ji Ah must die to kill the original Imoogi. Lee Yeon orders her to undo what she’s done. Granny refuses. Lee Yeon vows not to let anyone take Ji Ah. Granny says it is out of his hands. Lee Yeon draws his sword. Granny stands and urges him to strike. Lee Yeon walks to her.

Ui Ong tells Ji Ah these kinds of things will continue while she lives. He shares that Lee Yeon went to talk to his wife. Ui Ong admits his wife never changes her mind.

Lee Yeon puts his sword on the table. He offers his life if she’ll give him 3 days to defeat the Imoogi. Granny refuses. Lee Yeon gets on his knees and begs her. Granny says she won’t change her mind. Granny says she’s lost her child and husband, and she’s willing to add Lee Yeon to the list. Lee Yeon promises she’ll regret her choice.

Ji Ah muses that Lee Yeon would still be a mountain spirit if she’d hiver been born. Ui Ong admits those they love keep us alive. Ji Ah admits the Imoogi said she’d kill Lee Yeon with her own hands. Ui Ong knows they are doing everything they can.

Lee Yeon sits outside the Afterlife Immigration Office and thinks. When morning comes Granny steps outside to smoke. She tells him only one of the them – Ji Ah or him – can survive.

Lee Rang wakes to find toys and stickers around and on him. The little boy doesn’t have clean clothes. Lee Rang gives him his credit card.

Ji Ah’s parents have coffee in the garden. Ji Ah’s mother notes they are relaxed but Ji Ah is tense. Ji Ah’s father recalls the story of a fisherman that wakes on an island and 100 years has passed. Shin Joo listens to their conversation from his car.

Lee Rang and the little boy eat. Lee Rang misses Yoo Ri. Lee Rang remembers Lee Yeon asking him to finish what he’s unable to finish. Lee Rang refuses stating they want to protect different things. Lee Rang says he’ll free Yoo Ri and save Lee Yeon. Lee Rang tells the little boy to watch the apartment while he goes out.

Ji Ah’s boss arrives at the Snail Bride eatery. The Snail Bride ask if he’s sick. He assures her he’s fine.

Jae Hwan and Sae Rom assume because their boss believes all is well, they are fine too.

Ji Ah’s boss spits up a snake egg at the Snail Bride eatery.

Sae Rom and Jae Hwan find coworkers dead throughout the building.

People are dying throughout the city.

Ji Ah and Ui Ong watch the news reports of the deaths. Ji Ah decides she can’t sit around anymore.

Terry tells Yoo Ri to go see her boyfriend. She calls Shin Joo and asks to meet. He’s guarding Ji Ah’s parents but is willing to meet. Yoo Ri says she’ll come to him.

Ji Ah orders the Imoogi to come out or she’ll stab herself in the neck. The Imoogi takes over. He believes within 2 days he’ll have complete control over her body. He grouses that losing the fox bead has set him back, noting he’s been bound by it for too long. He tells Ji Ah once he takes over, she’ll go into a permanent sleep.

Lee Yeon sees the dead bodies as he drives through the city.

The Imoogi tells Ji Ah that Lee Yeon will die to save her. Ji Ah warns him that Terry is the loose cannon. Ji Ah says her death date has been altered.

Shin Joo meets Yoo Ri at a playground. He’s happy to see her. He says Lee Rang is worried about her. Yoo Ri says she can’t leave with him and he can’t leave either. Shin Joo realizes Terry ordered her to summon him.

Flashback…Terry tells Yoo Ri is he sees Shin Joo, he’ll kill him.

Ji Ah’s father calls and tells her Terry, the young man that gave them the pressed carnation stopped by. Terry takes the phone and tells Ji Ah that he’s not playing anymore. He promises to hurt her parents. He tells them to hang themselves. Ji Ah screams and tries to exit the apartment. Ui Ong stops her. Ji Ah’s parents try and hang themselves. Lee Yeon saves them. Terry puts them to sleep. Lee Yeon tells Terry that Ji Ah’s death date has been altered because of the plague Terry has unleashed. Terry notes he just spoke with Ji Ah via phone. Lee Yeon notes if Ji Ah dies, the Imoogi in her dies, and half of Terry dies. Lee Yeon says that Terry was unloved as a human. He suggests Terry focus on something other than Ji Ah and himself. Lee Yeon dangles a position greater than his…the gatekeeper (Granny’s position). Terry is intrigued.

Granny holds her son’s ashes.

Lee Yeon suggests they join forces to kill the gatekeeper. Terry didn’t expect this offer. Lee Yeon admits he’ll do anything to save Ji Ah. If Terry can get the Imoogi to exit Ji Ah, and leave them alone, he can ascend to the gatekeeper. Lee Yeon doesn’t believe Terry will say yes today, but will eventually. Terry asks why Lee Yeon is confident. Lee Yeon says they will both lose something precious if they don’t work together. Terry is fine with fighting Lee Yeon in the underworld forever. Lee Yeon sighs and gives Terry 1 day to consider. He leaves. Terry smiles.

Shin Joo asks Yoo Ri why she did the Imoogi bidding. Yoo Ri doesn’t care what happens to the humans. Appalled, Shin Joo can’t believe she used his feelings for her against him. He leaves.

Ji Ah hugs Lee Yeon when he returns. He promises they are fine and won’t remember the Imoogi. Shin Joo apologizes for leaving his post. Lee Yeon thanks Ui Ong for saving Ji Ah. Lee Yeon announces he’s going to work with the Imoogi. Lee Yeon shares Granny gave him 2 more days to defeat the Imoogi. Lee Yeon says working with the Imoogi is a trap. Lee Yeon won’t share his end of the bargain with Granny. He says he wants to eat with Ji Ah and walks away. The trio knows Lee Yeon promised something big.

Flashback…Granny says only one of them can survive. Lee Yeon offers to lure the Imoogi to his body, jump into the afterlife river, and lose any chance of reincarnation. Lee Yeon says he’ll permanently give up Ji Ah.

Lee Yeon sighs at the only choice he could make to save the woman he loves.

The Snail Bride tends Ji Ah’s boss. He’s covered in spots. She urges him to hang in there. He takes her hand and calls her extraordinary. Ui Ong interrupts and is shocked to see the spotted man. He motions the Snail Bride into the hallway. He shocks her with the news that Ji Ah’s boss, is her husband reincarnated.

The CEO screams for someone from his cell. Detective Baek tells him it is useless, no one survives. The CEO notices the pristine shoes, Lee Rang reveals himself. The CEO is willing to help Lee Rang destroy the Imoogi. Lee Rang doesn’t believe the CEO will follow through.

Another officer views the video and tells Detective Baek, he’s the one that helped the CEO escape.

Lee Yeon and Ji Ah enjoy a meal together. Lee Yeon tells her she’s pretty. Ji Ah pours them soju. She asks him to come back with her during the first snowfall, spend Christmas together, go to the beach again, and spend time with her parents on New Year’s. She whispers what she wants for her birthday. She offers her pinky for a pinky swear. Lee Yeon commits with a pinky swear. They toast their future.

Jae Hwan gives Sae Rom flowers and a cake for her lunar birthday. With the sores on her body, Sae Rom wishes to live to her next birthday.

Lee Yeon and Ji Ah finish the bottle of soju. Ji Ah says the Imoogi told her she has 2 days until she’s an empty shell. She muses that her death would be better, then everyone she loves won’t be hurt by her.  She worries about Lee Yeon living alone again. Lee Yeon admits it would be hard to deal with failing to protect her again. Ji Ah tells him they must thwart the Imoogi. Jae Hwan calls Ji Ah.

Ji Ah and Lee Yeon rush to Sae Rom. Ji Ah is upset. Sae Rom tells her not to touch her so she doesn’t spread it to her. Ji Ah hugs her.

Lee Rang drops the CEO off. He suggests they never meet again. The CEO clutches the gun. He warns Lee Rang that Lee Yeon won’t forgive him. Lee Rang agrees Lee Yeon won’t forgive him. But this is better than Lee Yeon dying. The CEO leaves. Lee Rang thinks that Lee Yeon will protect Ji Ah, while Lee Rang frees Yoo Ri, and saves Lee Yeon.

The Snail Bride can’t believe she didn’t know Ji Ah’s boss was her reincarnated husband. Ui Ong notes everyone’s fate is intwined with Lee Yeon and Ji Ah’s. The lover of Lee Yeon’s past is Ji Ah, her family, their friends, and their shared enemy. Ui Ong admits he is scared something very bad will happen.

Ji Ah puts Sae Rom to bed. Sae Rom tells Jae Hwan to leave. He refuses. Ji Ah steps out of the room.

Lee Yeon reports that Ji Ah’s boss ejected a baby snake egg, one that eats people from within. Ji Ah cries that Sae Rom is suffering. Lee Yeon tells her their plan will work and she must keep the faith.

Terry considers Lee Yeon’s offer.

Lee Yeon waits for Terry’s response.

Ji Ah feeds Sae Rom while Jae Hwan watched. Sae Rom says she’s doomed.

Lee Yeon continue his vigil. The sun rises. Terry calls Lee Yeon. He smiles.

Lee Yeon and Terry meet. They agree to attack the gatekeeper. Terry offers his hand. Lee Yeon takes it.

Lee Rang is surprised when Shin Joo tells him that Lee Yeon and Terry are working together. Lee Rang declares this is a suicide mission by Lee Yeon.

As they shake hands, Terry thinks Lee Yeon will be caught in the trap he made himself. Lee Yeon thinks either he or Terry will die.

The CEO points his gun at Ji Ah. He tells her she must die so he can live. Ji Ah tells him not to do this. The screen goes black. We hear 3 shots.

My Thoughts

Keep your enemy close. Writer Han Woo Ri had Lee Yeon make a deal with Terry while the old Imoogi told Ji Ah he would soon control her. Ji Ah and Lee Yeon agreed to fight together to save each other. Meanwhile Lee Yeon made a deal with Granny agreeing to become the Imoogi’s forever host if Ji Ah lives. Lee Yeon then made a deal with Terry to eliminate Granny if Ji Ah lives. Working to save Lee Yeon, Lee Rang made a deal with the CEO to kill Ji Ah. Gunshots rang out at the end of the episode, who was shot? Writer Han has every character affected by the outcome of the finale two episodes. Everyone has skin in the game.

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) made promises to keep Ji Ah alive. Lee Yeon is willing to do what it so that Ji Ah will live. He is willing to sacrifice himself so the Imoogi occupies him forever.

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) had more control this episode. She called the Imoogi forth deliberately and heard the prediction that in 2 days she’d be only a shell and his forever home. I’m assuming Ji Ah knows that Lee Yeon is planning to sacrifice himself. Does she have a plan to save Lee Yeon?

Lee Rang (Kim Bum) is determined to save the 2 people he cares about. The CEO accepted Lee Rang’s offer to kill Ji Ah. The CEO pointed out Lee Yeon would never forgive him. Lee Rang was willing to live with Lee Yeon’s disdain, as long as Lee Yeon lived. Lee Rang is determined to save Yoo Ri too.

The eighth song of the OST is a ballad titled “My Destiny” sung by Miyeon.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, “living with you for eternity is the biggest punishment” – Ui Ong 👨‍🏫⚰ to Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰. If “This is the way it is supposed to be” – Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰, why did Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰ manipulate the list … shouldn’t Ji Ah’s death have just happened❓⁉️

    Thank goodness Ui Ong 👨‍🏫⚰ saved Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 (🚚 + 🇰🇷❌🚶‍♀️ = ☠), Rang 🐒🦊 is NOT a good babysitter … even with the little boy

    While I 💗 Yoo Ri 💰🦊 for liking Shin Joo🥼🦊 enough to save him, it put Ji Ah’s 🙎‍♀️🤳 parents at risk … when did Imoogi 🐉 put up the nooses❓⁉️

    How is it Jae Hwan 📹 and Sae Rom✍ haven’t caught the plague that killed everyone on their floor at work❓⁉️ … and then Sae Rom✍ got sick. What is the significance of coughing up an Imoogi🐉 egg like the CEO 🏮🈲️ and TL Choi, are they doomed from the internal damage … are they carriers of the plague, like Typhoid Mary❓⁉️ How in the world 🌎 did an egg get in them❓⁉️ Why is it some people die instantly and other lie in bed sick, like TL Choi and Sae Rom ✍ … do all infected people have an egg in them❓⁉️
    WOWSER, TL Choi was the Snail Bride’s 🐌 👰 husband in his former life …

    When Rang 🐒🦊 said Yeon🌂🦊 would not forgive him for sending the CEO 🏮🈲️ with a gun, if Rang 🐒🦊 sent him after Ji Ah’s 🙎‍♀️🤳 Imoogi … YUP, he did. If Yeon🌂🦊 can’t kill Young Imoogi🐉 with a sword, will the CEO 🏮🈲️ be able to kill old Imoogi🐉 with a gun❓⁉️

    It seems like Yeon🌂🦊 and Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 both seem to be willing to sacrifice themselves for each other’s happiness, but I don’t think either would be happy without each other. What was up with the last scene❓⁉️ When did the rainy day ramen happen … or was it a fantasy ❓⁉️

    Liked by 1 person

    • shouldn’t Ji Ah’s death have just happened❓
      My take was sometime during the day, so it not happening the second the date was inputted was okay with me.

      WOWSER, TL Choi was the Snail Bride’s 🐌 👰 husband in his former life …
      That caught me by surprise too.

      will the CEO 🏮🈲️ be able to kill old Imoogi🐉 with a gun❓⁉️
      He can kill the host body (Ji Ah) and without another body to jump to, would the Imoogi die?

      What was up with the last scene❓⁉️ When did the rainy day ramen happen … or was it a fantasy ❓⁉️
      Thanks for the heads up, I stopped watching at the gun shots. Sweet scene. Sunshine and rain.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        So young Imoogi’s🐉 body must be different than Ji Ah’s 🙎‍♀️🤳 if Yeon’s 🌂🦊 special sword didn’t kill Terry🐉. I think you are right that if old Imoogi🐉 has no place to go, if Ji Ah dies, Imoogi🐉 would be gone too.

        Liked by 1 person

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