Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 13 Recap

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) is horrified when the scales appear on Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) on her face and neck. She smiles and tells him it’s been a while. After 600 years, Lee Yeon faces his enemy in the body of the woman Lee Yeon loves. Lee Yeon asks where Ji Ah is. The Imoogi tells him, she’s in the body and in agony. Lee Yeon asks who the other guy that the Imoogi inhabited was. The Imoogi says if Lee Yeon had let Ji Ah be sacrificed on the island, he wouldn’t been split in two. The Imoogi says they’ll unite when the time is right. Lee Yeon asks when that will happen. The Imoogi states unification occurs in Lee Yeon’s body. Lee Yeon asks what’s with the obsession over his body. Lee Yeon wonders if the Imoogi not only grows fast but ages fast too. That hits the mark. The Imoogi declares if he’d become the dragon then he would have had Lee Yeon’s mountain powers. Lee Yeon murmurs the Imoogi wants revenge.

The Imoogi states Ji Ah will fade away. Lee Yeon vows to kill him. The Imoogi counters that will kill Ji Ah and saving Ji Ah will cause Lee Yeon’s death. The Imoogi asks if Lee Yeon will save himself or Ji Ah. Lee Yeon says that’s not what either of them want. The Imoogi strikes Lee Yeon and grabs him by the throat. The Imoogi declares Lee Yeon won’t touch the body. But the Imoogi can’t really hurt him. Lee Yeon realizes that Ji Ah’s body is weaker than the male body.

Refusing to concede the Imoogi grabs a metal stake and puts it in Lee Yeon’s chest. Lee Yeon’s covers Ji Ah’s hand and says she’s all he needs. The Imoogi orders him to give up his body and die. Lee Yeon stares into Ji Ah’s eyes and tells her to come back to him as he’ll always be waiting for her. He tells Ji Ah that he’s hers until death do them part. Ji Ah takes control of the body and says his name. She sees the stake in his chest. He pulls it out. She cries and begs him to kill her so she can never hurt him. Lee Yeon hugs her and assures her everything will be okay.

Chapter 13 – The Other Imoogi

Vet Gu Shin Joo (Hwang Hee) saves Ji Ah’s coworkers, Pyo Jae Hwan and Kim Sae Rom, from jumping off the roof under the Imoogi’s mind control. Lee Yeon calls. Shin Joo listens and states he’ll be there ASAP.

The CEO drives with the ground cherry tree next to him. He laughs that he only needs the ground cherries, not the Imoogi or Lee Yeon. Hyun Ui Ong appears in the back seat startling the CEO. Ui Ong says he’s taking the ground cherries. The CEO shoots him. But that does nothing to Ui Ong who is dead already. He chuckles he’ll meet the CEO soon enough.

Shin Joo finds Ji Ah applying pressure to Lee Yeon’s chest wound. Outside Ji Ah looks at the blood on her hands, the scales on the skin, and cries.

Shin Joo worries the Imoogi will take over Ji Ah’s body again. Lee Yeon believes a split Imoogi could be its undoing. Lee Yeon says the Imoogi in Ji Ah’s body is similar to the one from his past life. Shin Joo asks how he can help. Lee Yeon tells him to ask the Snail Bride about the fortune teller who has the fox bead.

At the Afterlife Immigration Office Granny tells her husband to get food. He leaves. She looks at Ji Ah’s record on the computer screen. She believes she must eliminate Ji Ah to stop chaos. She stops before she enters a death date.

Ji Ah apologizes to Lee Yeon. She looks at her hands and murmurs she hurt him. Lee Yeon takes her hands and say that wasn’t her. Ji Ah looks at him. Lee Yeon asks if she’s okay. He suggests food and drink. Ji Ah worries the Imoogi will take over her body again. She doesn’t want to endanger her parents. Lee Yeon says he’ll take her someplace where it will be just them.

As they drive Lee Yeon assures Ji Ah that Shin Joo will watch over her parents. They stand at the beach. Ji Ah remembers when they first met. Ji Ah wishes they’d started dating then.

The CEO is startled to see the Imoogi in front of his car. He gets out and falls to his knees. The Imoogi reminds the CEO he saved him long ago. He yells at the CEO for helping Lee Yeon. The CEO begs for mercy. The Imoogi states the CEO is no longer crucial and will become miserable. He strokes the CEO’s head. Red splotches appear. The Imoogi tells the CEO to turn himself in.

Lee Yeon suggest they play a game to forget their situation. He suggests they pretend they are a normal couple. They chuckle. They pretend Ji Ah returns home. Lee Yeon grouses she’s late again. They play bicker. Ji Ah says she loves him. Lee Yeon says he loves her. She kisses him. Ji Ah wishes they could have an ordinary life. Lee Yeon hugs her. Ji Ah wishes he were human and they were married in a world without the Imoogi. They hug.

They make love.

Lee Yeon watches Ji Ah sleep. He vows to protect her. He says she must live no matter what else happens.

The Imoogi says the world is dark. He promises Lee Yeon he’ll understand that soon.

The next morning, Ji Ah sips coffee on the deck. Her phone rings. She answers. The Imoogi declares he won’t be nice anymore. Ji Ah declares she pities him as he’s unable to give or receive love. The Imoogi states her body is a ticking time bomb. He tells her to look at herself. Ji Ah sees the scales on her face and neck. The Imoogi says when her body is covered in those scales, she will kill Lee Yeon with her own hands. Ji Ah cries. The Imoogi hangs up. Ji Ah looks at the sleeping Lee Yeon. She wishes things were different.

Ui Ong asks his wife if she’s lost it thinking about altering Ji Ah’s death date. Granny declares the real Imoogi lives in Ji Ah. They must destroy it. Ui Ong points out Ji Ah’s sacrifice will crush Lee Yeon. Granny knows this and that’s why she’s taking the action Lee Yeon cannot. Ui Ong counters that what will happen is still unknown. He points out that they lost their son due to a similar assumption of the future. She altered their son’s wife’s death date and their son took his own life. Ji Ah says they stopped a pandemic. Ui Ong snaps their son, Bok Gil, can’t be reincarnated. Granny states a larger calamity awaits. Ui Ong vows to stop her. When she alters Ji Ah’s death date, they are finished.

Lee Yeon wakes and finds himself alone in the bed. He sees a note from on the table. It reads “I write this as I watch you sleep. I’m returning to Seoul. We can’t run away and escape our destiny. I’m on the beach. Let’s walk together.”

Lee Yeon finds Ji Ah on the beach. They clasp hands. Ji Ah tells him to help her float. Lee Yeon vows to give her a normal life. Ji Ah refuses a normal life if she’s alone. Lee Yeon knows he can’t make that promise.

The little boy (Lee Rang’s puppy reincarnated) watches Ki Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji) request the Imoogi save Lee Rang. The Imoogi asks what she can offer. Yoo Ri offers her life. She wishes a sleeping Lee Rang a good life. The Imoogi declares she won’t physically die, but her life is over because she’s coming with him. He puts a ground cherry on Lee Rang’s chest. He tells Lee Rang that when Yoo Ri calls to him, she’ll have an Imoogi in her, and he’ll become a slave. The Imoogi tells the hidden boy that hiding can make the darkness permanent. He leaves.

The CEO arrives at the police station. He turns himself for the murder of the housekeeper’s body that was found mummified. The CEO says there are four more bodies. The police ask why. The CEO says he did it for longevity. He scratches his head.

Lee Yeon walks Ji Ah to her house. She notes the Imoogi strengthens when she bleeds or it detects danger. She says she wants to spend time with her parents before things worsen. She notes the scales are covering her body and she doesn’t have long. They hug. Lee Yeon says he’ll go see the Snail Bridge. He asks she bring her coworkers over when she’s done with her parents.

Lee Rang wakes. The little boy cries that Yoo Ri left with the scary man. He cries she’ll never come back.

Lee Yeon asks the Snail Bride what she’s learned. She says an afterlife judge is rumored to leave his post when he’s bored. Lee Yeon wants more detail.

Ji Ah gives her parents gifts. They love the clothes. Ji Ah hides the scales.

Yoo Ri drives the Imoogi. He notices she’s taking a different route. She stops by to see Shin Joo. She plants a desperate kiss. Shin Joo is pleased. She tells him they are breaking up. She tells him not to wait for her or look for her. She says she’s bored of him. Shin Joo doesn’t believe her. She snaps he doesn’t know her. She doesn’t like his Mr. Good guy image. Shin Joo says he’ll do what she wants. Yoo Ri snaps she doesn’t want him. Shin Joo gives her a back hug and declares he won’t let her go. She breaks his hold and leaves. Shin Joo cries. He follows her. She tells him not to bother. She walks away firmly. The Imoogi watches with interest.

Shin Joo cries to Lee Yeon that Yoo Ri broke up with him. Shin Joo declares he was planning to propose. He sobs. Lee Yeon wonders why Yoo Ri broke up with him. Lee Rang arrives and declares the Imoogi took Yoo Ri. Thrilled to see his brother awake, Lee Yeon hugs him. Shin Joo asks what he meant. Lee Rang says Shin Joo exchanged her life for his and now is with the Imoogi. Lee Rang has to punch Shin Joo to stop him from leaving. Lee Yeon promises to save Yoo Ri. Lee Rang says he’ll kill the Imoogi, after all the Imoogi has tried to kill him twice. Shin Joo chastises Lee Rang for leaving the little boy home alone. Lee Rang smiles that he left the child with plenty of distractions in toys.

Lee Yeon and Ji Ah bring Jae Hwan and Sae Rom to the apartment. Lee Rang suggests Ji Ah should recluse herself because she has an Imoogi inside her. Lee Yeon refuses. He notes they’ve all been touched by the Imoogi. Ji Ah says the main spirit lives in her. Lee Rang suggests she kill herself. Ji Ah notes she liked him asleep. Lee Yeon warns them to stick together so the Imoogi can’t pick them off one by one. Ji Ah shares the Imoogi stated he plans to kill everyone. Then a virus will spread and no one will be happy. Lee Yeon has a new plan.

The Snail Bride brings a box into the eatery.

Lee Yeon reveals the fortune teller that has Ji Ah’s fox bead, is an afterlife judge. With a dagger that slays sins. Shin Joo reveals the Snail Bride has it. Shin Joo believes the sin slayer dagger will slay the Imoogi’s spirit but not hurt Ji Ah. Lee Yeon says they’ll use the sin slaying dagger tomorrow.

The Snail Bride puts the sin slaying dagger in a box.

Lee Rang and Lee Yeon chat. Lee Rang says food tastes better since he’s woken. He asks if Lee Yeon was scared, he might die. Lee Yeon admits he was. Lee Rang notes Lee Yeon is being kind. When Lee Rang touches his chest, Lee Yeon flinches. Lee Rang guesses the wound was inflicted by Ji Ah. He asks what happens if Lee Yeon fails to slay the Imoogi. Lee Yeon says he’ll need him.

The CEO grouses about being in a cell. He scratches and notices his body is covered with sores. A police officer scratches sores in the bullpen.

Ji Ah, Sae Rom, and Jae Hwan enjoy a meal together. She tells them to avoid her while the Imoogi is in her. Sae Rom reminds Ji Ah of her kindness to her in the past. Jae Hwan agrees they must do what they can to save Ji Ah. She tells them to go back to work.

Lee Yeon learns the CEO turned himself in.

Ji Ah’s boss finds himself at the police station. He attempts CPR on the police officer with the sores who has passed out on the floor. A bloody ball comes out of the officer.

Lee Yeon tells the Snail Bride they need to move out on their plan.

The Snail Bride closes the eatery. Lee Rang sets a perimeter with talisman and blood. Shin Joo brings an animal. Lee Yeon and Ji Ah arrive. They hold hands as they enter. Lee Yeon states they don’t have much time. They need to get the Imoogi in Ji Ah’s body today. The plan is simple. Ji Ah lures the Imoogi with her blood and Lee Yeon will stab the Imoogi with the sin slaying dagger. Lee Yeon doesn’t want anyone in the room, so the Imoogi won’t jump into their bodies. Lee Rang asks the obvious question, what if the Imoogi enters Lee Yeon’s body. Lee Yeon says that can’t happen if he’s conscious. Shin Joo shows the snake he brought. That will be who the Imoogi occupies. Ji Ah is ready.

Lee Yeon and Ji Ah enter the room. The Snail Bride shuts the door after giving Lee Yeon the sin slaying dagger. She wishes them good luck. They nail the door shut from the outside. Lee Yeon asks Ji Ah is she’s ready. She asks him to tie her to a chair so she can’t hurt him. Lee Yeon thanks her for trying to protect him. Lee Rang says he doesn’t believe this will work.

In the room Lee Yeon hugs Ji Ah before he ties her to the chair. He reassures her that the Imoogi’s soul will be hurt not her. Ji Ah asks if Lee Yeon’s soul can be killed. Lee Yeon says it can. The Imoogi smiles. Lee Yeon knows it’s the Imoogi that asked that question. He goes to grab the knife, but the Imoogi has it. The Imoogi declares Lee Yeon’s soul will die. He stabs Lee Yeon. He falls to the ground.

Lee Rang knows something is wrong but Snail Bride and Shin Joo won’t let him go to Lee Yeon.

Lee Yeon is unconscious on the floor. The Imoogi wonders if he’s pretending. The Imoogi throws a chair on Lee Yeon who doesn’t flinch. The Imoogi removes the scarf and the skin scales. It appears the Imoogi begin to pull at the skin at the neck.

Terry (the other Imoogi) grabs his neck in pain. Yoo Ri wonders what is going on.

The Imoogi pulls a small item out of Ji Ah’s neck. He places it in Lee Yeon’s mouth. He smiles and says an old home for a new one. Lee Yeon spits out the item and stands. He assumes the item is how the Imoogi jumps from body to body.

Flashback…the Snail Bride tells Lee Yeon the sin slaying dagger can’t be retrieved because the fortune teller is missing. Lee Yeon tells her to get a fake wooden dagger. Lee Yeon says he’ll slay the unslayable with it.

Lee Yeon tells the Imoogi they should change the game.

Terry tells Yoo Ri to pull over.

The Imoogi realizes the sin slaying dagger was a fake. Lee Yeon confirms that. Lee Yeon says he knew that Ji Ah was out of control long before the Imoogi “took over”. The Imoogi says the object won’t stop him from taking over Ji Ah’s body another day. He’ll keep coming until Lee Yeon gives him what he really wants, Lee Yeon’s body. Lee Yeon asks if he can plant the Imoogi soul with the object. He moves to the snake. The Imoogi says he won’t leave Ji Ah’s body in good shape. The Imoogi says Ji Ah will always be his hostage. Lee Yeon says his other part (Terry) wants Ji Ah more than anything. The Imoogi declares Terry is only fragments. Lee Yeon notes Terry doesn’t think that way. The Imoogi guesses Lee Yeon wants to pit him against Terry. The Imoogi says it won’t happen. Lee Yeon asks if the Imoogi knows what Terry is doing. Ji Ah grabs her head and passes out.

Terry seems to get it together. He declares the others are imbeciles.

Granny stares at Ji Ah’s record. She puts the date of death as today. She sighs. Ui Ong tells her the chaos she believes to avert is inside her. Ui Ong says he’s no longer her husband. Granny order him not to walk away. Ui Ong stares at her.

Terry walks down the street. Everyone he passes falls down and passes out.

Ji Ah wakes and looks at Lee Yeon. She wants to be with him until the end. Lee Yeon takes her hand. He says it is time to end the fight.

My Thoughts

We have two Imoogis, one old, one young, each a part of the other, but with slightly different goals. Writer Han Woo Ri revealed the Imoogis want either Ji Ah (Terry) or Lee Yeon (old Imoogi). I was surprised when the sin slaying dagger turned out to be a fake. Lee Yeon knew he was stepping into the room, not with Ji Ah in control but the Imoogi. Of course, the Imoogi struck out to kill Lee Yeon’s soul. But the sin slaying dagger was harmless. The item that Lee Yeon assumed allowed the Imoogi to move to a new body was extracted from Ji Ah and put in Lee Yeon’s mouth. The lines up with the old Imoogi’s end goal of living in Lee Yeon. Terry felt that extraction. He seemed to know the old Imoogi pursued his own agenda. What’s next? Will the two Imoogi’s try and take both Ji Ah and Lee Yeon? Can they each live in the body they covet?  Are the itchy sores the virus Terry foretold?

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) step a trap using a fake sin slaying dagger. Lee Yeon is willing to do what it takes to extract the Imoogi from Ji Ah. Will he sacrifice himself so the Imoogi occupies him instead? Their lovemaking scene had a bit a heat. This is a good couple.

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) was trusted longer than expected. Once again Ji Ah impresses with her ability to deal, this time she was logical that the Imoogi must be extracted and she was willing to sacrifice. But Lee Yeon devised a plan that partially worked. Terry wants Ji Ah. He feels she’s a debt that has never been paid. The old Imoogi is in Ji Ah’s body. Granny has set her death date. I’m assuming Granny hit enter and the date is set. If Ji Ah dies at midnight, will the old Imoogi escape into another body?

Lee Rang (Kim Bum) woke because Yoo Ri sacrificed herself. The Imoogi accepted Yoo Ri’s offer of herself for a ground cherry to wake Lee Rang. The young boy overheard it. Did he tell Lee Rang? I liked Yoo Ri’s impulsive stop at Shin Joo’s office to kiss him then break up with him. Terry said that Lee Rang would become his slave.

The seventh song of the OST is a ballad titled “Stay With Me” sung by YooA.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was amazing how Yeon 🌂🦊 talked Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 into taking control over Imoogi🐉 … how long will Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 be able to control the Imoogi 🐉within❓⁉️

    It was sweet of Yoo Ri 💰🦊 to offer herself to save Rang🐒🦊, but DANG IT that seriously messes with Yoo Ri 💰🦊 and Shin Jae 🥼🦊 getting together.

    Imoogi 🐉 soliloquy “No matter how many times I get reborn, it’s dark everywhere” … hmm … do you think there could be a correlation between you and the darkness Imoogi 🐉 … you know … with all the dissecation, death, destruction and dastardly mayhem you cause❓⁉️

    Did Imoogi give the TVC CEO 🏮🈲️ the plague to spread it, is CEO 🏮🈲️ spreading the plague as he walked down the street or both❓⁉️ I didn’t trust the Snail Bride 🐌👰 with the horse blood, but is the method to kill Imoogi 🐉, was it suggested to the Snail Bride 🐌👰 by Imoogi 🐉❓⁉️ That wooden dagger looks dangerous enough to be fatal. Luckily it was Imoogi 🐉 who was fooled by fake dagger and gave away the secret that he can move into another body by putting a scale in the mouth if the potential host. I was glad Yeon 🌂🦊 correctly anticipated what Ji Ah Imoogi 🙎‍♀️🤳🐉would do.

    Does Pal Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰ think she can resolve things by killing Ah Eum 🙎‍♀️🤳❓⁉️ Pal Ui Pa 👩‍🏫⚰ doesn’t deserve her sweet husband, Hyun Ui Ong 👨‍🏫⚰ , if she unnecessarily kills Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳. Is Imoogi 🐉 Pal Ui Pa’s 👩‍🏫⚰ brother the underworld god❓⁉️


    • Yoo Ri 💰🦊 to offer herself to save Rang🐒🦊, but DANG IT that seriously messes with Yoo Ri 💰🦊 and Shin Jae 🥼🦊 getting together
      I’m a fan of this secondary couple too.

      do you think there could be a correlation between you and the darkness Imoogi 🐉 … you know … with all the dissecation, death, destruction and dastardly mayhem you cause❓⁉️
      for the Imoogi it is inconceivable

      Is Imoogi 🐉 Pal Ui Pa’s 👩‍🏫⚰ brother the underworld god❓⁉️


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