Spies Who Loved Me Episode 6

A young A Reum looks into the mirror at midnight to see her future husband. She’s shocked to see two men. She’s further shocked when one of the husbands stabs the other.

At the wedding shop via ex-husband Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) spies the hidden camera that current husband Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) has planted in A Reum’s office. Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) screams when she sees a mouse. Ji Hoon rushes to her side. He asks about the cameras in the shop. Her office and the backdoor have cameras. Ji Hoon queries her on access to the store.

Peter and Jang Doo Bong discuss the offer for Peter work for Doo Bong and leaving Helmes now that Sophie has been killed. Peter wonders if he can trust Doo Bong. The answer is yes according to Doo Bong. Peter leaves.

Agent Hwang Seo Ra arrives to see Peter exit. She also sees a delivery truck arrive and Doo Bong’s men ready to unload the contents.

Director Ban Jin Min arrives at the office to her the audio of Doo Bong trying to recruit Peter per Chief Kang Tae Ryong’s explanation.  Doo Bong is pleased. Ji Hoon confirms he spoke with Sophie’s fiancée. The agents believe Sophie was working for Helmes.

Flashback… Sophie’s fiancée tells Ji Hoon and A Reum that Sophie’s ex-boyfriend worked for the UN, was an investor in her company, and dated her when they both lived in Houston.

Doo Bong encourages Ji Hoon to keep his head in the game.

Over breakfast, A Reum and Derek Hyun struggle if they should discuss Ji Hoon. Derek Hyun asks about him. A Reum claims she lent Ji Hoon money last night. She imagines asking her husband if he dated Sophie.

Flashback…2 years ago…Derek Hyun meets A Reum at a party. Sophie sees them talking and interrupts. She takes A Reum aside and tells her she’ll introduce her to a more suitable man. As the party winds down, A Reum finds Derek Hyun. They have a connection. The next day A Reum shows Derek Hyun her shop. They have a connection. They kiss. Derek Hyun shows A Reum his classic car shop. He surprises her with a trunk full of white roses, a new pair of scissors and a marriage proposal. Surprised, A Reum says they should discuss her first marriage. Derek Hyun says he doesn’t want to know or make her feel bad about discussing that failed relationship. A Reum admits she wants her second marriage to work. She wants to marry even though it will be a risk. Derek Hyun promises to be the right man for her. He says their story is ready to be told. A Reum accepts his proposal. They hug with smiles on their faces.

A Reum decides not to ask her husband about dating Sophie. She doesn’t want to talk about her first marriage and she doesn’t feel it is right to ask him about other relationships. Derek Hyun declares they will meet in their next life. A Reum smiles.

At the shop, Bae Du Rae and the others notice A Reum’s smiles as she sails into the shop.

A Reum models a dress for the charity event. Du Rae reminisces about the differences between A Reum’s weddings. The first one, Ji Hoon had no guests, while the second one, Derek Hyun had many guests.

Flashback…Chief Kang pays people to be Derek Hyun’s tribe and wishes his best agent well. He finds A Reum with her mother. He’s ready to walk A Reum down the aisle in lieu of her father. Unfortunately, his jacket snags and rips her sleeve. Du Rae is shocked when she enters the room and sees the torn sleeve. A Reum decides to rip both sleeves from the dress to eliminate the problem. Ji Hoon cries and apologizes for ruining her wedding. A Reum declares she only wants him at the end of the day. She offers her hand and smile. Ji Hoon takes it. They both tear up.

Flashback…The second one, Du Rae is appalled to find wine spilled on the wedding dress. She rushes out to get another dress. Derek Hyun arrives and sees the wine on the dress. A Reum says she’ll wear another dress. She wonders if someone spilled the wine on purpose. Someone watches them.  In a pretty dress, A Reum walks herself down the aisle.

Du Rae asks if A Reum didn’t walk down the aisle with Derek Hyun because she did so with Ji Hoon. A Reum denies it.

Derek Hyun overhears Sophie’s finance tell someone that a rumor is that Sophie was murdered.

Derek Hyun arrives at the bookshop were Peter is. Derek Hyun tells him to take responsibility. Peter admits he feels bad about involving Sophie. Derek Hyun counters it was Sophie’s choice. Peter says Sophie agrees to help because of love. He doesn’t think that Derek Hyun is capable of love. Peter notes that Interpol agents talked to Sophie. Derek Hyun asks about Doo Bong. Peter asks who had the most to gain from Sophie’s death. Derek Hyun claims he doesn’t know. He leaves.

Seo Ra asks Doo Bong if he knows a good lawyer. She claims to own land that she wants to develop but the needs a lawyer to take care her neighbor who is blocking her plans. Doo Bong calls someone and claims his lawyer wasn’t available. Seo Ra put her hand on Doo Bong’s hand and thanks him. He pulls away. Seo Ra flirts. Analyst Kim Young Gu stops listening and shakes his head.

Ji Hoon arrives at Sophie’s wedding shop deciding how to enter without a camera seeing him. He manages to avoid detection from the workers. He struggles to reach the camera in the ceiling to attach a bug. He manages to avoid detection as he leaves.

At his office, he hacks into Sophie’s office’s camera to find out who is watching. He wonders if one of A Reum’s staff is spying on her.

Seo Ra leaves a smiling Doo Bong behind as she leaves in a taxi. He gets a call.

Ji Hoon watches A Reum return to her desk and complain about her feet. He guesses she’ll want instant noodles.

Flashback…A Reum returns home and complains about her feet. Ji Hoon makes her instant noodles and rubs her feet. They clean up the kitchen together all smiles.

Ji Hoon watches Derek Hyun arrive in A Reum’s office. He offers her a sandwich. She puts a tuxedo jacket on him. She says he’ll look wonderful in the photos. Ji Hoon steps away from the video then urges himself to get a grip. Derek Hyun stares at the camera in her office. Ji Hoon stares at him staring at the camera. Young Gu calls Ji Hoon that Seo Ra needs him. He leaves.

Seo Ra isn’t happy to learn that Ji Hoon didn’t have her back. Young Gu says Ji Hoon is watching A Reum.  He asks Seo Ra if she’s faking her interest in Doo Bong. She declares she has to be convincing. Director Ban and Chief Kang arrive as they bicker. Director Ban wonders if there was a traitor among them who it would be. Ji Hoon arrives. Everyone can see he’s stressed by watching A Reum. Later he tells Seo Ra that A Reum wouldn’t be happy if she knew Derek Hyun’s man was following her.

Kim Dong Taek is irked at the positive press his half-sister Kim Dong Ran get about her business acumen. He learns their father will return to Korea the following day.  He declares he must to talk to his father when he comes home.

At the gallery, Kim Dong Ran flips a veil off one of the mannequins A Reum has styled. She’s not happy though tries to smile through the moment. Kim Dong Taek arrives with a painting for auction. The siblings walk together to the auction. When their father unexpectedly arrives, they both exit the auction and hurry to greet him.  They jockey for position to greet their father first. It gets physical. Kim Dong Ran wins. The press buzz about her father being seen with Kim Dong Ran in public for the first time.

Derek Hyun meets Kim Dong Taek outside the gallery. Kim Dong Taek complains that for 30 years his father didn’t acknowledge his half-sister. A Reum steps out for air and sees them talking. Kim Dong Taek worries his half-sister could be the favored sibling and be the heir. Kim Dong Ran appears next to A Reum and motions for her to keep quiet. They try to hear the men’s conversation. Kim Dong Taek complains that Derek Hyun can’t return the money he lent him. He orders Derek Hyun to get the scientific secrets that will propel his standing to the top. He leaves. Derek Hyun watches him go. The women duck to avoid detection. Kim Dong Ran tells A Reum that her half-brother and A Reum’s husband have more than a shared interest in classic cars.

A Reum calls Derek Hyun. He doesn’t answer. Instead she gets a text that says he’s in a meeting.

Director Ban is pleased with his target practice. Ji Hoon arrives. He tells Ji Hoon that dashcam footage of the night of Sophie’s murder has been obtained. He challenges Ji Hoon to a shoot match. Ji Hoon’s aim is sure. Doo Bong realizes he can’t best his agent. Ji Hoon leaves. Chief Kang arrives and complains about his eyesight. After Director Ban leaves, Chief Kang’s aim is sure.

Seo Ra primps for an outing with Doo Bong. Young Gu isn’t happy.

A Reum arrives at her husband’s car shop. She brings in a box she found outside the door and gives it to Derek Hyun’s employee, Tinker. When a customer arrives, Tinker steps away to engage him. A Reum realizes that Tinker has a similar profile to the man she saw in Sophie’s apartment. She remembers throwing a wrench at the man as he ran away. She clutches a wrench behind her back. Tinker returns and offers her coffee. A Reum accepts.  She sees the bump on the back of Tinker’s head. She drops the wrench.

Seo Ra sees Peter and Doo Bong’s aunt’s eatery. She remembers his face from the CCTV footage on the night of Sophie’s bachelorette party. Doo Bong enters and the microphone on the bead curtain gets dipped in the food. Young Gu cringes at the sound as he listens. Doo Bong introduces Seo Ra to his friend, an international lawyer.

Tinker picks up the wrench A Reum dropped. He tells her to be careful around the shop. A Reum says maybe Derek Hyun was delayed, so she’ll leave. They lock eyes. Derek Hyun arrives and breaks the tension. Tinker says his wife brought a package.  Derek Hyun looks at his wife.

Ji Hoon watches video from the day Sophie was killed. He’s shocked to see Derek Hyun in the parking lot of the amusement park.

My Thoughts

Ji Hoon and A Reum both wonder about Derek Hyun. Writer Lee Ji Min kept a balance between the mission of determining who killed Sophie and the pull and suspicions between our threesome. Everything we learn about Derek Hyun makes his activities more suspect. We learned that Chief Kang is likely the traitor among the Interpol team. The Kim brother and half-sister got physical when vying to greet their father first. Kim Dong Taek ordered Derek Hyun to get him the secret via espionage to give him an advantage. Besides the espionage, we learned more about A Reum and Derek Hyun’s courtship. His proposal was lovely. The contrast between the wedding was telling. Who spilled wine on A Reum’s dress?

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) watched her husband. I liked that Derek Hyun and A Reum talked about Ji Hoon, the elephant in the room, instead of ignoring him. I liked the backstory between Derek Hyun and A Reum. It appeared their first meeting and attraction was real not a ploy on Derek Hyun’s part. The roses and scissors in the trunk of the classic car was a unique (in a good way) proposal. While they suspect each other, their marriage is still solid at this point. Even though A Reum loves Derek Hyun, don’t you think Ji Hoon has the stronger pull on her heart? The alternative dress she wore to her wedding to Derek Hyun was lovely. Who spilled the wine on A Reum’s dress? Sophie? It was telling that she walked down the aisle solo letting Ji Hoon the only man that walked her down the aisle. She was a terrific sport when Ji Hoon tore her sleeve just before the wedding. She rendered the gown sleeveless and declared she only wanted him. It was a sweet moment.

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) was surprised to see Derek Hyun at the location of Sophie’s murder. Ji Hoon suspects Derek Hyun is more than he seems, but finding him in video on the day of the murder was unexpected. Director Ban mused that one of the team could be a traitor. It appears that Chief Kang isn’t the friendly loyal Interpol agent he pretends to be. Is he a double agent working for Derek Hyun? Ji Hoon deftly entered and exited A Reum’s shop without detection to plant the device to allow him to hack into the source monitoring A Reum’s office. How long until he realizes it is Derek Hyun monitoring his wife?

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) watches his wife and knows A Reum is not telling him everything. I enjoyed the backstory of their relationship. Derek Hyun seemed smitten with A Reum and she with him. Writer Lee is keeping it nebulous if Derek Hyun is a spy with evil intentions and actions or simply the spy on the other side of the fence. Is Chief Kang working for Derek Hyun or Doo Bong?

The third song of the OST is titled “Run To You” and is sung by Yoo Hoe Seung of N.Flying:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Spies Who Loved Me Episode 6
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I like OST selection “Run to You” by Yoo Hwe Seung. He has such a clear, resonating voice for someone so young looking.

    Young Ah Reum 👰✂️ seeing two husbands that one stabbed the other seems like an ominous vision … will that happen … if so, who will stab whom❓⁉️

    I enjoyed seeing Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ weddings, it gave more context to her marriages. Who was it that ruined her wedding dress for her marriage to Derek 🧥🤵❓⁉️ I also wondered if it was Sophie🧪👩‍🔬, as she is the only woman we are aware of being involved with Derek 🧥🤵. If so, was it out of jealousy or warning … or was there someone else involved with Derek 🧥🤵❓⁉️

    Doo Bong ⌚ seems to be suspicious of Seo Ra 💃 … does he know her true identity❓⁉️ I find it odd that Doo Bong ⌚, a red blooded male of dubious character, would push off Seo Ra’s 💃 advances.

    BOTH of the DK heirs are spoiled brats. Although Dong Ran 👩‍🦽👠 doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as Dong Taek 💰💩. Did Ah Reum 👰✂️ overhear Dong Taek 💰💩 ask Derek 🧥🤵 to get the nuclear fission secret❓⁉️

    Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ horror was palpable when she realized Tinker 🔧 is on one who broke into Sophie’s🧪👩‍🔬 apartment and nearly ran her over … does Tinker🔧 know he was made❓⁉️

    Last episode Derek 🧥🤵 clearly saw Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 looking at the hidden camera. Did Derek 🧥🤵 notice or recognize Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 putting a chip the next to the hidden camera or was it too dark❓⁉️ This episode Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 clearly saw Derek 🧥🤵 looking at the hidden camera. Does Derek 🧥🤵 know someone else is watching 👀 ❓⁉️

    Ah Reum 👰✂️ knows that Derek 🧥🤵 lied about not making it to the fundraiser, did she overhear Dong Taek’s 💰💩 espionage request? Ah Reum 👰✂️ also knows Derek’s 🧥🤵 associate Tinker🔧 broke into Sophie’s🧪👩‍🔬 apartment. Does Ah Reum 👰✂️ have a clue her husband put a hidden camera in her office and has had people following her❓⁉️ Would she be angry … is she in danger⚠️❓⁉️

    Has Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 been suspicious about Derek 🧥🤵 due to jealousy or does he have a clue Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ husband is involved in corporate espionage❓⁉️ Oh no … circumstantial evidence placed Derek 🧥🤵 at Sophie’s 🧪👩‍🔬 murder scene. I really don’t want Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ husband to be the murderer …


    • I enjoyed seeing Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ weddings, it gave more context to her marriages.
      Agree, it showed both relationships are valid, albeit different in their intensity.

      I find it odd that Doo Bong ⌚, a red blooded male of dubious character, would push off Seo Ra’s 💃 advances.
      This character has yet to resonate and seems more caricature than content.

      does Tinker🔧 know he was made❓⁉️
      If so, that isn’t good news for A Reum.

      I really don’t want Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ husband to be the murderer …

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