Spies Who Loved Me Episode 5

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) returns to the wedding shop via ex-husband Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric). Current husband Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) drives up just as they get there. He brings a smile and a bouquet of flowers. He notices the window display has 2 grooms. The light in the display bursts. Derek Hyun and Ji Hoon stare at each other and then nod at each other. Derek Hyun states he met the other man at the shop recently. Derek Hyun asks Ji Hoon if his wedding plans are proceeding. A Reum says he’s not a groom but was one once. Flustered she introduces the men, as husband and ex-husband. Derek Hyun offers his hand. Ji Hoon shakes it. They stare and glare. A Reum says Ji Hoon asked a favor of her. Derek Hyun suggests dinner. Ji Hoon declines. Derek Hyun insists. Ji Hoon agrees.

The threesome arrive at the eatery. Derek Hyun declares this is his favorite spot for great food. A Reum and Ji Hoon order the same entrée. Derek Hyun asks what the favor was. Ji Hoon lies that he needs money for tooth implants. A Reum plays along. Derek Hyun asks where Ji Hoon lives. He claims he sleeps in his office. Ji Hoon shares the story of besting crocodiles in the amazon. When Derek Hyun steps away he leaves his phone on record. Ji Hoon alerts A Reum and they manufacture a conversation to match the tooth story. A Reum wonders why both men are so good at pretending. Ji Hoon ducks in to the bathroom leaving Derek Hyun to pay. A Reum returns to the table to get her scarf. Ji Hoon tells her to wait for his call.

Outside, Derek Hyun and Ji Hoon admire their respective vehicles. When A Reum joins them, Ji Hoon knows it is time to go. Derek Hyun plugs in his phone to charge in the car. He murmurs that her ex-husband isn’t what he imagined. He makes a joke to break the tension. He admits he doesn’t like knowing she has memories with someone else. He says while it was a bit awkward it was okay to meet her ex. A Reum admits marrying Ji Hoon was a mistake and running into him was unexpected. She says her marriage may have been a failure but Ji Hoon isn’t and so she listened when he called her for the favor. Derek Hyun takes her hand. A Reum apologizes. Derek Hyun asks that she not see him much in the future. A Reum agrees knowing she will be working with Ji Hoon to catch Sophie’s murderer.

Analyst Kim Young Gu reviews the CCTV.  Agent Hwang Seo Ra notes the criminal was bold. Ji Hoon arrives and tells them at A Reum’s current husband, Derek Hyun, was monitoring the building. He shares they all had dinner together. That surprises Young Gu and Seo Ra. Ji Hoon believes Derek Hyun hired someone to follow him. Ji Hoon isn’t happy that he’s sporting a loser image.

Seo Ra and Ji Hoon leave the office while the hired guy watches and photographs them. Seo Ra suggests they provide a show. She leans in close like she’ll kiss Ji Hoon (while Young Gu watches and groans) then slaps him. Ji Hoon grovels and hugs her. Young Gu can’t bear to watch.

Tinker (who works for Derek Hyun) gives him the photos and information about the next leading scientist (Sophie’s finance) in the field now that Sophie is dead. Derek Hyun notices Ji Hoon’s teeth are fine. He sighs.

Young Gu investigates Derek Hyun and reports to Ji Hoon. Derek Hyun is handsome, wealthy, fit, dedicated, and a classic car buff, and the perfect husband. Young Gu guesses Ji Hoon is jealous. Ji Hoon declares he isn’t interested in his ex-wife.  Ji Hoon counters that Young Gu has every detail decided for a future life with Seo Ra. Ji Hoon tells him emotions makes work complicated. He gives Ji Hoon classes with a built-in camera.

Jang Doo Bong is pleased to see Seo Ra in the jewelry store. She puts a watch on his wrist. She imagines putting handcuffs on him. Doo Bong asks what she does for a living. She hesitates then says she wants to trust him.

Seo Ra takes Doo Bong to her office which also happens to be her hotel room. She has packages of money she tantalizes him with. When Ji Hoon arrives with the gear from Young Gu, Doo Bong rifles through her suitcase. She returns with two watches and asks which on is fake. He literally puts his hand in the way so she won’t smash one of the watches.

Chief Kang Tae Ryong sends Ji Hoon info about Sophie’s finance. There is concern from other countries about Sophie’s death.

At the wedding shop, A Reum wonders why Derek Hyun recorded her conversation with Ji Hoon last night. The courier, Ji Hoon, arrives as planned.  She leads him to her workroom. Ji Hoon notes her husband is sharp. A Reum declares her husband is a gentleman. She reports someone broke into the store last night. Ji Hoon reports Sophie’s finance has disappeared. A Reum notes that the honeymoon location was a tax haven for the rich. They banter. When her assistant Bae Du Rae almost finds them, a piece of lace falls between them, they lock eyes. Ji Hoon leaves.

Doo Bong cooks with flair. Seo Ra takes the opportunity to slide a device on the bead door. She manages to distract him when he comes up the stairs.

Sophie’s finance arrives in the country. Peter sees him get in the cab. Peter follows in another cab.

Du Rae reminds A Reum that she warned Derek Hyun could be a handful as he hides his emotions. Du Rae won’t compare Ji Hoon and Derek Hyun. She reminds A Reum that Derek Hyun is supportive of her.

At the gallery Kim Dong Taek is irked when his half-sister Kim Dong Ran tells him to turn off his phone and stop recording their conversation. She shows her phone is off. He complies. He relishes reminding her that her mother is his father’s mistress. She counters that their father loved her mother. She says she’s smarter. He’s the guy that can’t lead to company from loss to profit. He stands in anger. Du Rae and A Reum hide and watch as they’ve arrived with wedding dress choices for Dong Ran. She points out that her marriage will bring status and cash to the family. Angry Dong Taek grabs a vase poises to strike Dong Ran. A Reum and Du Rae rush forward. A Reum introduces herself as Derek Hyun’s wife. Dong Taek smiles and drops the vase. He tells A Reum he’ll call Derek Hyun and they can do dinner. He leaves. They rush to Dong Ran. She’s not happy with their timing. She tells A Reum that the dresses they’ve brought are to donated. A Reum maintains a smile.

Dong Taek calls Derek Hyun and demands to know if he’s found out who killed Sophia. Derek Hyun tells him to stay calm and patient. Dong Taek says he met his wife while she brought a wedding dress to his sister. Derek Hyun doesn’t like that.

Ji Hoon arrives at the conference. Everyone on the team is working it. Derek Hyun welcomes an American scientist to the conference. Director Ban talks to the American CIA POC. Director Ban wants Harrison. The CIA POC scoffs that Director Ban is naïve to trust his agents. Director Ban reiterates that Harrison must be interrogated.

Derek Hyun thinks the scientist is hitting on him. He shows his wedding ring. Director Ban sees them walking down the hall.

Ji Hoon alerts Chief Kang that Sophie’s finance has arrive. He in turns notifies Director Ban. Young Gu and Seo Ra join in the search. Ji Hoon alerts A Reum that Sophie’s finance is in town. She tells him Sophie’s remains are in Bundang.

The scientist likes watching Derek Hyun change clothes at the spa. They have massages in the same room. When the scientist falls asleep, Derek Hyun exits, dresses, and searches the scientist’s computer in his room. His cohort transfers the data while the scientist sleeps. They find a password protected file that is meeting notes. Derek Hyun rushes back, undresses and is in room enjoying tea when the scientist wakes. When the scientist puts his hand on Derek Hyun’s leg, he assures him he loves his wife. Derek Hyun assures him he loves his wife too.

Ji Hoon arrives at Bundang. A Reum is right behind him. Sophie’s finance cries at her marker. Ji Hoon and A Reum find him.

He thanks A Reum for being a good friend. She asks him why he left the country so quickly. He claims that Sophie’s parents wanted radio silence about her death. He doesn’t believe Sophie took drugs. He shares they shared their work and everything. He saw they even invited her ex-boyfriend to the wedding. He describes a good-looking guy, that worked for the UN with a passion for classic cars. A Reum’s eyes widen in surprise.

Derek Hyun arrives at the classic car front company for his spy activities. He listens to a private call between the scientist and another. The scientist raves about Korean cosmetics. Derek Hyun sighs. He wonders why this scientist was sent.

Ji Hoon asks A Reum if it bothers her that Sophie had a relationship with her husband. A Reum observes Sophie didn’t like her husband. Sophie thought A Reum was too good for her husband. Ji Hoon agrees.  She ignores Derek Hyun’s call.

Derek Hyun tracks A Reum’s location. He sees the address.

A Reum tells Ji Hoon that her second husband is hiding things just like he did when they were married. Ji Hoon counters that everyone meets others before finding their soulmate. A Reum chuckles that Ji Hoon used to be her soulmate. Ji Hoon chuckles that he was banned from the marriage mart when she divorced him. They both laugh.

Peter stands outside Doo Bong’s aunt’s eatery.

Young Gu brings Chief Kang and Seo Ra food. Seo Ra teases him that she’s more than her looks. She shares that Doo Bong used to be a cop.

Doo Bong plays mahjong with his friends. Peter arrives. Doo Bong dismisses his associates. Young Gu and Seo Ra listen as Peter turns over the game table. Peter declares that his heart is broken. Doo Bong asks if Peter truly loved Sophie. Peter declares the last time he saw Sophie was at her bachelorette party. Seo Ra realizes the man is Sophie’s stalker. She grabs her gun and tells Young Gu to inform Ji Hoon.

A Reum asks Ji Hoon for advice on where to install security cameras. He considers where security cameras might already be installed. With the special glasses VG gave him, he finds a bug in the chandelier. Derek Hyun watches Ji Hoon staring up into the camera.

My Thoughts

Thank goodness, A Reum suspects her husband is more than he seems. Writer Lee Ji Min wisely had A Reum realize that her sweet kind husband, may have hidden and secret depths just like her first husband did. I appreciate she’s not being made a fool with a mid-series shock to learn the truth about Ji Hoon’s profession and later Derek Hyun’s profession. We wondered and learned more about Derek Hyun’s truth. He’s working on opposite sides from Ji Hoon, but is he evil? I’m enjoying the chemistry among our three leads. I’m enjoying the lightness and humor Writer Lee injects into the script and characters. This show is an easy watch.

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) realized that Derek Hyun has secrets. Last episode she was shocked by Ji Hoon’s reveal that has was an Interpol agent. This episode she didn’t lose it when it was revealed her husband had hidden activities. She remembered Sophie warning her against Derek Hyun. She learned Sophie dated Derek Hyun and that didn’t faze her. Is her ability to stay calm and cool with the possibility that Derek Hyun has a secret profession evidence of shallow depth of feeling for Derek Hyun or is it secret fatigue?

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) realized Derek Hyun put surveillance on him. That wasn’t shocking to Ji Hoon, he wouldn’t be happy if A Reum were involved with Derek Hyun while married to him. Both men took the measure of each other when A Reum formally introduced them. They survived the awkward dinner. Ji Hoon realized Derek Hyun left his phone to record their conversation. Ji Hoon realized Derek Hyun had surveillance cameras in her shop. What will Ji Hoon do to the camera in her shop? Will he notify A Reum?

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) has A Reum and Ji Hoon under surveillance. He put a tracking app on A Reum’s phone and a camera in her shop. He put his man to watch Ji Hoon. Derek Hyun realized Ji Hoon’s claim about money for dental work is a lie. He’s right to distrust Ji Hoon. Who wouldn’t question an ex’s motives? I was a bit surprised when the scientist put the overt moves on Derek Hyun all the while claiming he loved his wife. To be fair I’ve seen plenty of male characters make a move on female characters while protesting their actions were innocent when they weren’t. But I’m not sure what the point of this is. Derek Hyun isn’t going to dabble with the scientist whose actions are harassment by many standards.

The second song of the OST is titled “Only You Don’t Know?” and is sung by Lee Min Hyuk:

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Spies Who Loved Me Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It’s been so long since I watch an episode I was wonder how Ah Reum 👰✂️ knew Ji Hoon 🏍🤵was an agent and then I remembered his boss made him a liaison for Interpol to her

    Derek 🧥🤵 leaving his phone on the table in record mode clearly shows he does not trust his wife in addition to Ji Hoon 🏍🤵. Which of course is a no brainer, as evidenced by ji Hoon 🏍🤵 showing up in Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ office dressed up, scoping out the camera. Does Derek🧥🤵 really know who Ji Hoon🏍🤵 works for❓⁉️ Ah Reum👰✂️ seemed to open her eyes about her husband as the episode moved on … Derek 🧥🤵 is not as perfect as he seems. Was Derek 🧥🤵 Sophie’s🧪👩‍🔬 boyfriend in Houston❓⁉️ Why did either on of them tell Ah Reum 👰✂️ … if Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 was a true friend she should said something … wouldn’t she❓⁉️

    It sounds like Derek’s 🧥🤵 group did not want Sophie🧪👩‍🔬 dead, or was that just Peter🧪👨‍🔬 and Kim Dong Taek 💰💩❓⁉️

    Why is Seo Ra 💃 trying to get from Jang Doo Bong ⌚ … is it simply he is a suspect in Sophie’s🧪👩‍🔬 death❓⁉️


    • if Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 was a true friend she should said something … wouldn’t she❓⁉️
      Was Sophie a true friend?

      It sounds like Derek’s 🧥🤵 group did not want Sophie🧪👩‍🔬 dead, or was that just Peter🧪👨‍🔬 and Kim Dong Taek 💰💩❓⁉️…Why is Seo Ra 💃 trying to get from Jang Doo Bong ⌚ … is it simply he is a suspect in Sophie’s🧪👩‍🔬 death
      Jang Doo Bong’s intentions are murky at this point.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I hope we get a little more clarity soon, because Doo Bong ⌚ appears to be a losing player in this espionage game, who is superfluous … or are we just being led to think he is superfluous … ❓⁉️

        Liked by 1 person

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