Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 12 Recap

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) steps inside the house and sees her parents standing there. They turn and look at her. Ji Ah calls to them. She hugs both of them. She worries they don’t know her, but they do. They cry and hug. Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) watches and smiles. He exits the house to let their reunion continue in private.

Vet Gu Shin Joo waits outside and tells Lee Yeon he and Lee Rang have done a good thing for Ji Ah. Lee Yeon is all smiles.

Ki Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji) drives Lee Rang whose is pleased that he and his brother have forged a new relationship. Yoo Ri doesn’t want Lee Rang to ignore her now. Lee Rang (Kim Bum) assures her that won’t happen.

Flashback…After saving her, Lee Rang gives Yoo Ri food and etiquette lessons for the world she lives in. She follows him. He teaches her to kill effectively.

They tease each other and smile.

Ji Ah’s parents see her wall of flyers about their disappearance. They hug their daughter. Her father finds the music carousel. They admit it feels like they’ve woken from a long nap. Ji Ah shows them the pressed flower with the save me request. Her father remembers waking once and being told if he wrote the message, he’d help save them. Ji Ah says that man didn’t save them. Lee Yeon saved them. Ji Ah smiles when she describes Lee Yeon. She calls him her boyfriend. The trio is happy to be together again.

At his apartment, Lee Yeon gets a video call from Lee Yeon. She teases his with the nickname puppy. She air kisses him. She’s all smiles. He loves her happy state. She thanks him for helping restore her parents. They wish each other good night. They are both all smiles.

Chapter 12 – Catching Tales

 The CEO drives home, upset that he almost died and was bested by Lee Yeon and Lee Rang. The Imoogi calls and the CEO is forced to admit he lost the ground cherries and Lee Yeon. The CEO swears he’ll be able to make everything right. The Imoogi tells him to come inside and face the consequences. The CEO drives away instead.

Ji Ah dreams she’s in the CEO’s house. She sees the nail and the housekeeper grabs her. She rushes into the bedroom at the end of the hall. The CEO is there and greets her. She asks why shes’ there. He points out this is her dream. He says they are bound by fate. He tells her they are part of each other.

Ji Ah wakes. She’s between her parents. She gets out of bed and looks at herself in the mirror. She doesn’t see the scales on her skin. She sighs in relief.

Lee Yeon wonders how to catch the Imoogi so Ji Ah isn’t hurt in the process. He looks at the ground cherry tree. He makes a call to the CEO. Desperate for the ground cherries he agrees to meet.

The next morning, Ji Ah gifts her mother with a new cell phone. She puts her number in the contacts. She tells her mother not to answer calls from anyone else. Her mother promises. Her father wants to have dinner with her boyfriend.

Lee Yeon drives Ji Ah to work. She describes her dream. Lee Yeon promises to catch the Imoogi. She asks if he’s free for dinner with her parents. Lee Yeon is pleased to have the title of boyfriend.

The Imoogi brings an injured kitten to Shin Joo who agrees to forestall closing the clinic to treat the animal. He tells the Imoogi the kittens wounds aren’t deep. The kitten tells him the Imoogi hurt him. Shin Joo realizes the man before him is the Imoogi.

At the Snail Bride Eatery, Ji Ah, Lee Yeon, and Ji Ah’s coworkers Pyo Jae Hwan and Kim Sae Rom meet for a meal. He asks them to get all the information they can gather about Imoogi so he can discover the weakness to defeat him with.

Shin Joo shakes as he treats the kitten. The Imoogi warns him not to try and hurt him. He says that he’s playing catch the tail with Lee Yeon. He tells Shin Joo that he’ll make an excellent hostage. Shin Joo declares he’d rather be killed than help endanger Lee Yeon. Instead the Imoogi whispers what Shin Joo will do when the Imoogi in “her” (Ji Ah) commands him.

Lee Yeon explains the intern is an Imoogi. Ji Ah leaves to shop for groceries with her father. Lee Yeon asks for advice on impressing Ji Ah’s parents. They take him shopping for a new look. Shin Joo is put in a trance like state. The Imoogi leaves without Shin Joo realizing it.

A nervous Lee Yeon arrives and is introduced to Ji Ah’s parents. He offers the small gift that Ji Ah’s coworkers recommend. It’s a car! Ji Ah declares Lee Yeon is generous when her parents stare at the offering in shock. As Ji Ah’s workers recommend, Lee Yeon is honest and brief in his answers. Unfortunately, he says he doesn’t find the food fabulous and earns a swat from Ji Ah. She kicks him before he reveals his age, claiming he’s 36. Lee Yeon’s candor at not having an education or job, doesn’t score either. Lee Yeon doesn’t understand why it isn’t going well.

The Imoogi goes to the Snail Bride Eatery for a meal. He puts the patrons to sleep and confronts the owner, the Snail Bride, who realizes he is an evil force. The Imoogi declares he’ll eat whatever Lee Yeon typically orders.

Lee Yeon admits he doesn’t have the typical credentials a desirable boyfriend would have. He declares he cares about Ji Ah. He says having Ji Ah in her life makes him connected and happy. Ji Ah admits Lee Yeon helped her see that she needed to engage the world. Ji Ah’s parents are pleased.

The Imoogi eats the food and declares she’s a decent cook. The snail bride doesn’t want Lee Yeon hurt. The Imoogi declares either he or Lee Yeon will die at the end of their relationship. He whispers to her just like he did to Shin Joo. She’s also put in a trance like state. The Imoogi leaves without her realizing it.

Ji Ah’s parents share Ji Ah’s baby pictures with him.

In the lobby, The Imoogi bumps into Yoo Ri. He says “I want him dead”. He walks away.

Yoo Ri enters Lee Rang’s apartment. She stabs him repeatedly.

After dinner, Ji Ah and Lee Yeon talk. Lee Yeon admits he’s thinking about marriage and babies. Ji Ah smiles. He wishes he were human so they could grow old together. Ji Ah pleases him when she slips on the matching ring to hers.

Lee Rang reaches out to Yoo Ri and asks why she’s done this. He falls to the ground. Yoo Ri wakes from the trance and sees the weapon and wounded before her. She can’t believe her eyes.

The Imoogi smiles.

Shin Joo tends Lee Rang’s wounds. Lee Yeon is there too. Shin Joo looks at Lee Yeon. He asks Yoo Ri what happened. She admits she did it though she doesn’t know why. Shin Joo gets her to calm down. Shin Joo remembers bumping into a man in the lobby who told her “I want him dead”. Lee Yeon knows it was the Imoogi. He tells Yoo Ri the Imoogi wanted Lee Rang hurt to send a warning to him. Shin Joo wants to tangle with the Imoogi but Lee Yeon tells him no. Shin Joo can’t guarantee Lee Rang will survive. Shin Joo suggests the ground cherries. Yoo Ri agrees. Lee Yeon states a soul is in a ground cherry and he promised to return them to Granny who will take them to the afterlife. They press Lee Yeon to save his brother.

The Imoogi smiles knowing Lee Yeon can’t kill people. But he must to save his brother.

Lee Yeon considers his options. He realizes the Imoogi is testing him. Lee Yeon states if he uses the ground cherries he’ll be dragged to the underworld. Lee Yeon declares he’ll catch the Imoogi instead and save Lee Rang’s life. Yoo Ri doesn’t agree with his choice. The little boy that is Lee Rang’s puppy greets him. Lee Yeon recognizes him from their meeting in the park. He asks why the little boy is there.

The Snail Bride complains about his approach to Ji Ah’s boss. He assures he likes her and wants to be a special person to her. She’s touched.

Yoo Ri and Shin Joo hold vigil over Lee Rang. She begs Shin Joo to convince Lee Yeon to get the ground cherry. Shin Joo counsels that they give Lee Yeon time to solve this. Yoo Ri declares this is Lee Yeon’s fault. Shin Joo counters that Lee Rang got involved with the Imoogi before Lee Yeon was in the picture. The little boy asks what’s going on. He knows Lee Yeon is a fox and Lee Rang’s brother.

Lee Yeon stares at the ground cherry tree and considers.

The next morning, Yoo Ri tends Lee Rang’s wounds with the help of the little boy. He explains he knows how to tend the wounded because his stepfather beat his mother. Yoo Ri tells him to take over vigil at Lee Rang’s side. He asks where she’s going.

As expected, Yoo Ri goes to Lee Yeon’s house and runs to the ground cherry tree. She takes ground cherries with her. Unfortunately, they dissolve on the way back to Lee Rang. She sobs at the fruitless act.

Shin Joo apologizes to Lee Yeon for letting Yoo Ri take the ground cherries. Lee Yeon finds it interesting the ground cherries dissolved. Shin Joo reports Lee Rang’s condition is unchanged. Lee Yeon tells him to watch over Yoo Ri, so she doesn’t create problems. He tells Shin Joo he’s playing chase the tail. The doorbell rings. Shin Joo exits as the CEO enters.

The CEO declares he can’t hide from the Imoogi. He wants the ground cherries. He promises to help Lee Yeon catch the Imoogi. Lee Yeon points out he can’t be trusted. The CEO declares not dying is more important than who he serves. He sobs he’ll be a better person. Lee Yeon takes the gun out of the CEO pocket. The CEO admits he tried to fool Lee Yeon.

Jae Hwan and Sae Rom research Imoogis. They worry happy endings never occur.

The Imoogi walks down the hallway and smiles.

Lee Yeon offers the ground cherry tree to the CEO if his information helps him defeat the Imoogi. The CEO shares the Imoogi can’t be killed but can be put to sleep. Lee Yeon knows that. The question is how to put the Imoogi to sleep. The CEO declares if Lee Yeon can reverse what woke the Imoogi, he can put him to sleep. He’ll need living people, the blood of the sacrifice, and the power of one close to a god. Lee Yeon realizes his old powers as the mountain spirit fit the bill. The CEO declares Lee Yeon’s power on that night, was the final piece that allowed the Imoogi to wake.

The Imoogi startles Jae Hwan and Sae Rom when he arrives while they research. Jae Hwan hits send on a text to Lee Yeon that Imoogi hate horse blood.

The CEO says the Imoogi won’t allow him to be trapped by Lee Yeon. The text from Jae Hwan comes in and Lee Yeon reads it. He tells the CEO if he needs the body of a living person, he’ll do.

Lee Yeon calls Hyun Ui Ong at the Afterlife Immigration Office (Granny’s husband). He reports to his wife that Lee Yeon believes he can catch the Imoogi. Granny says Lee Yeon can’t catch the Imoogi because he can’t do what is necessary.

Lee Yeon watches Lee Rang sleep.

Flashback…Lee Rang tells Lee Yeon that he abandoned him just like his mother.

Lee Yeon tells Lee Rang he’ll never abandon him and he’ll save him. He vows to catch the Imoogi.

The Imoogi video calls Ji Ah and shows her Jae Hwan and Sae Rom under his spell at the edge of a roof. He says if she goes a on date with him, wearing what he decides, he might save them. Ji Ah’s mother brings two boxes just delivered. It’s the outfit for her date.

The Imoogi waits for Ji Ah. She arrives in the outfit.

Flashback…Lee Yeon tells Ji Ah she doesn’t have to meet with the Imoogi. She decides she must meet with him.

Ji Ah calls the Imoogi a puppeteer. He smiles and says he’s missed her. He shows her Jae Hwan and Sae Rom on the rooftop. She asks why he’s fixated on her. The Imoogi says he can lead her to what he lost at birth. He tells of his birth, his snake appearance, how his father wanted to kill him, but he was locked in a trunk. Ji Ah says he was monster before life turned him into a monster. IL says he was tossed into a well of plague victims and was eaten.

Lee Yeon looks at horse blood from the Snail Bride and submerges his hands.

The Imoogi says a snake slide from a cave and was called the Imoogi. Ji Ah says he wants to be loved. The Imoogi promises to kill everyone she loves. TL promises a virus will eliminate happiness from the human race.

Shin Joo arrives at Ji Ah’s work and starts to track Jae Hwan and Sae Rom.

The Imoogi and Ji Ah walk after dinner. He asks how she feels about him. Ji Ah says Lee Yeon gets her love. The Imoogi grabs her shoulder. Lee Yeon arrives and pushes the Imoogi back. The Imoogi says he’s on a date and Lee Yeon is a third wheel.

Shin Joo tracks and finds the rooftop where Jae Hwan and Sae Rom stand.

The Imoogi gives the verbal command to Jae Hwan and Sae Rom to step off the roof.

Shin Joo grabs them and pulls them back as they move forward.

The Imoogi sees Shin Joo save them. Ji Ah smiles in triumph. Lee Yeon pushes the Imoogi back and tells him water is where he belongs. The Imoogi is stuck in a puddle. Ji Ah cuts her hand and blood drops into the puddle. Lee Yeon calls his powers.

Granny stands and declares Lee Yeon has it wrong.

Lee Yeon can’t believe the Imoogi still stands before him. The Imoogi smiles and states the primary piece of the Imoogi doesn’t lie within him.

Both men turn to looks at Ji Ah who hunches over in pain. TL walks away.

Ji Ah cries that she’s burning up. Lee Yeon hugs her. She pushes him back. He asks if she’s okay. Ji Ah smiles and turns. The scales on her face and neck are blatant. She smiles and tells him it’s been a while. The Imoogi tells him, this body is mine. Lee Yeon yells at the Imoogi to leave.

My Thoughts

The Imoogi wins a battle, but the war isn’t over. Writer Han Woo Ri balances the wins between Team Good and Team Imoogi. Lee Yeon thought he had the sure-fire way to put the Imoogi to sleep. But he either he didn’t account for or realize that Ji Ah might have the crucial piece of the Imoogi in her. His horror at the scales on Ji Ah’s face and neck felt real. History repeated itself. Once again, the Imoogi controlled the woman he loved. Write Han has made the Imoogi a credible villain. His secret weapon was being inside Ji Ah. That came to fruition this episode.

Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) refused to use the ground cherry to save Lee Rang. Lee Yeon realized if he used the ground cherries, he’d break a cardinal rule, and be dammed to the underworld leaving Ji Ah alone. He played it smart and won. The Imoogi didn’t stop pursuing what he wants…Ji Ah. This time Lee Yeon had a plan to stop him, but it didn’t work out. Instead he faced his worst nightmare, the woman he loved was embodied by the Imoogi. Was Lee Yeon wrong not to tell Ji Ah that a piece of the Imoogi was in her?

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) trusted Lee Yeon and followed his lead. Ji Ah reunion with her parents was sweet. They’d been in limbo while they were ground cherries. Her father remembered writing the save us plea on the pressed flower. Ji Ah hoped her parents would love Lee Yeon like she did. Unfortunately, Lee Yeon misspoke repeatedly based on his interpretation of the advice Jae Hwan and Sae Rom gave him. He admitted they helped each other engage in the world again and won her parents over. Ji Ah has had the handicap of not know that a piece of the Imoogi is in her. Her dream revealed the snake scales, but naturally she thought it was a nightmare, not a possibility. Ji Ah is smart, level headed, and able to handle what has been tossed her way. Did Lee Yeon do her a disservice by not telling her that she has Imoogi in her? Did the Imoogi’s fashion selections for Ji Ah impress you?

Lee Rang (Kim Bum) is not doing well. The Imoogi used his power of suggestion to tell Yoo Ri to stab Lee Rang. She did so, catching Lee Rang completely by surprise. He hangs on the brink of life and death. Yoo Ri tried to bring him ground cherries but they dissolved before she could offer them. I enjoyed seeing the backstory of Yoo Ri and Lee Rang. Lee Yeon is determined to save Lee Rang. Will he succeed?

The sixth song of the OST is titled “Love already bloomed in my heart” sung by Hynn.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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8 comments on “Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 12 Recap
  1. DramaDazed says:

    It took me a while to warm up to this drama…at first I didn’t get Lee Yeon and Ji Ah together but it’s working well. As said in other places, I also am glad to see the brothers click together. The little boy/puppy is sweet and sad and I am a little worried that Shin Joo is going to get his heart broken…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The commaderody between the bothers as a team is awesome. I 💗 seeing the work together and hope they get to continue doing so.

      “The little boy/puppy 🐶 is sweet and sad “-DD. It is sweet and sad. The boy 🐶 has brought out compassion and humanity in Rang 🐒🦊, which is always good.

      Yoo Ri 💰🦊 learned about living in the human world from Rang 🐒🦊 and while he may not be the best teacher, it seems her behavior has improved over time. Shin Joo🥼🦊 may get his heart broken by Yoo Ri 💰🦊, but he is a big boy … he can handle it and maybe he can teach her more about humanity.

      Liked by 2 people

      • JT and DD I agree with your assessments…The little boy/puppy 🐶 is sweet and sad “-DD. It is sweet and sad. The boy 🐶 has brought out compassion and humanity in Rang 🐒🦊, which is always good..

        I’ve enjoyed the relationship between Shin Joo and Yoo Ri. They are strongly connected out the brothers but their characters can carry scenes without them.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I was pleased Ji Ah’s🙎‍♀️🤳 reunion with her parents was real. I laughed when Yeon🌂🦊 inadvertently offended Ji Ah’s parents with his honesty while trying to impress them.

    OMO, Yeon didn’t inform Shin Joo🥼🦊 who Imoogi🐉 was❓⁉️ At least Shin Joo🥼🦊 figured it out with him from the animals. Sweet-faced Imoogi is anything, but sweet 🚫🍭!

    I’m really annoyed Imoogi🐉 keeps ordering people associated with Yeon🌂🦊 to do things … will they be compelled to obey … and then Yoo Ri 💰🦊 stabbed Rang 🐒🦊. Somehow I’m not surprised.

    Yoo Ri’s 💰🦊 lime green plexiglass heels were quite the fashion statement as she burgled Yeon’s🌂🦊 house.

    I wondered if the black clothes Imoogi🐉 sent Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 to wear on the date have some kind of enchantment ❓⁉️ “Did the Imoogi’s fashion selections for Ji Ah impress you?” -KJT. Not particularly it was black and boxy, except for the skirt. I would expect a man to pick out something sexier for a date … but then again, he isn’t a man. I didn’t like that Ji Ah 🙎‍♀️🤳 insisted going on the date with Imoogi, but she did buy time for her coworkers to be found and let Yeon🌂🦊 know what was going on.

    I had my reservations about the horse blood Yeon 🌂🦊 got from the Snail Bride 🐌 👰 as it seems the Snail Bride 🐌 👰 was compromised.

    Hmm … Imoogi🐉 wanted to be liked by human feelings, but threatening to kill everyone precious to Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 and then her … that doesn’t exactly evoke warm fuzzy feelings.

    Did Yeon🌂🦊 get fooled into helping Imoogi🐉 enter Ji Ah’s body🙎‍♀️🤳,was she born that wsy, or was it inevitable❓⁉️ “Was Lee Yeon wrong not to tell Ji Ah that a piece of the Imoogi was in her?” -KJT. Yes, in the sense that she has the right to know what is going on with her body, and no, because she is foolish and headstrong.

    The episode was titled: Catching Tales. By the end of the episode, despite Yeon and Ji Ah’s planning, it seemed Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 was the one who was caught … does she even have a tail❓⁉️ Imoogi’s 🐉 sweet-faced mask is definitely off.


    • Sweet-faced Imoogi is anything, but sweet 🚫🍭!…Imoogi🐉 keeps ordering people associated with Yeon🌂🦊 to do things
      He is not sweet. He is focused on getting Ji Ah for himself and defeating Yeon. It is a straight forward agenda.

      Not particularly it was black and boxy, except for the skirt. I would expect a man to pick out something sexier for a date
      The skirt had appeal. I felt like the subdued remainder of the outfit was typical and potentially respectful to Ji Ah.

      despite Yeon and Ji Ah’s planning, it seemed Ji Ah🙎‍♀️🤳 was the one who was caught
      A good twist for team good. They can’t win every time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rebekah Roberts says:

    Great recap! Thanks!


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