Spies Who Loved Me Episode 2

Sophie (the source) texts Ji Hoon inviting him to the bachelorette party, before meeting the VIP, he must meet the bride, then he’ll learn who the VIP is and where the gift is. He must protect his source. The dress code is sheriff.

At the bachelorette party, Sophie rushes through the room. A Reum takes off after her. Ji Hoon takes off after her. Sophie heads outside. A Reum heads outside. As she runs after Sophie, a man knocks her down. A sheriff runs past her. Sophie turns the corner. The first man takes aim at Sophie. Ji Hoon comes up behind him. The man aims his gun at Ji Hoon. He hits Ji Hoon in the arm. Then the man takes after Sophie.

Fireworks go off. Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) sees the cowboy hat and picks it up. Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) picks up the veil. They stare at each other.

A Reum’s voiceover “that how we met again. On the island where we fell in love with each other. If karma brought us together the first time, then destiny brought us together the second time.”

We see Ji Hoon has a cut on his upper arm that is bleeding. Blood drips on the veil.

Ji Hoon makes sure A Reum is okay. She’s horrified at the blood on the veil and Ji Hoon’s injury. He lies the man had a knife. He claims it was a random guy or stalker. A Reum asks why Ji Hoon isn’t wearing a shirt. A phone rings. It’s Sophie’s phone. A Reum answers her friend’s phone. She’s informed that the stalker was caught. She tells Ji Hoon. She wonders if the man that followed Sophie worked with the stalker. Ji Hoon asks what Sophie does for a living. A Reum tells him she’s a scientist. Ji Hoon pockets Sophie’s phone when the security man arrives.

Peter (aka the stalker) is able to loosen the knots around his wrists. He’s able to dispatch the security guards and escape through the window. Ji Hoon and A Reum arrive to see the gaping hole in the window glass and two guards on the ground. They view the CCTV. A Reum spies Ji Hoon dancing for the party goers. Ji Hoon spies A Reum talking to her stalker but can’t see the man’s face. A Reum says she’ll search for Sophie. She notes her friend was acting strange and worries there might be another man. A Reum wonders if the stalker and man are working together. Ji Hoon says he’ll accompany her to Sophie’s lodging.

A Reum doesn’t want her ex to accompany her but he’s adamant. She rips part of her skirt and bandages his arm. They head out.

Peter worries about Sophie tell in shock that she betrayed him.

Sophie runs through the woods. The man pursues her.

Ji Hoon claims he’s been working on the island for a while. A Reum shares that Sophie is working on an eco energy project to mimic the sun’s power. They arrive at Sophie’s lodging. She’s not in the house. They find the wedding dress in Sophie’s bedroom has a footprint on the hem. A Reum searches her friend’s belongings. She finds Sophie’s passport and money. Ji Hoon examines the suitcase and surmises that Sophie didn’t pack for a honeymoon but to leave Korea. Ji Hoon finds a girdle in the suitcase and reminds A Reum about the time she wore a gridle and only a gridle, to work. A Reum scoffs that she was working to exhaustion. They bicker. Then they laugh. They note neither of them has changed in the last 5 years.

Peter enters Sophie’s lodging.

A Reum says they divorced because people don’t change. They hear a noise. They see a car drive away. Ji Hoon calls a police officer he knows. Instead he calls fellow Interpol agent Hwang Seo Ra, and provides Sophie’s name and passport number. Then he whispers her position. Loudly he asks the police officer to help him find her, then hangs up.

Sophie runs through the woods. The man pursues her. She falls down a ravine and hits her head knocking herself out.

Ji Hoon talks to a pawn shop owner who gets his local thugs to search for Sophie. A Reum asks how he’s acquainted with them. He claims they are soccer teammates. Ji Hoon gets out the first aid kit. She can’t help put notice when he takes off his vest. She cleans the wound. She notices the scars on his back. She realizes some scars are post-divorce.

Flashback…A Reum and Ji Hoon enjoy each other. She notices a scar on his back and asks where it came from. He claims to have fought a crocodile in the Amazon. She tells him not to do dangerous things.

Flashback…A Reum slaps Ji Hoon and demands a divorce. She’s outraged he went to a dangerous country and got bombed. His job to protect not only his wife but himself. She tells him not to regret these moments when he realizes what marriage should be.  She declares she’ll erase this marriage from her memory. She tells him to get out of her life.

Seo Ra arrives at the hotel where Ji Hoon is. She calls him. He says he’ll call back in 20 minutes. A Reum assumes he’s dating someone. Ji Hoon wonders if the stalker could be an ex. A Reum asks who he cheated on her with when they were newlyweds. Seo Ra overhears, enters and asks if they were talking about her. Its an awkward moment between the three of them. Seo Ra and A Reum irk each other. A Reum makes to leave. Seo Ra offers to get her a taxi. A Reum prefers to walk. She leaves. Seo Ra stops Ji Hoon from following.

Flashback…Outside the cover office A Reum gathers her courage to enter. She hears Seo Ra giggling. She hears Ji Hoon’s warm response. She grabs a flower pot and breaks it as she enters the room. Seo Ra and Ji Hoon aren’t fully clothed. She literally stuffs the plant in Ji Hoon’s mouth and tells him to eat dirt. She leaves. She cries when he doesn’t try and stop her.

A Reum murmurs he hasn’t changed at all.

Seo Ra learns that Sophie, the bride and A Reum’s friend, is Ji Hoon’s source.  Seo Ra is worried that Helmes would have sent an agent with a gun only if this were important. Ji Hoon believes Sophie is hiding. Seo Ra wants to question A Reum. She orders Ji Hoon to apologize and list 3 reasons why he’s sorry. Seo Ra tosses a gun and keys to Ji Hoon and send him on his way.

Chief Kang Tae Ryong and Analyst Kim Young Gu are woken by Seo Ra’s call. She reports she found Ji Hoon with his ex-wife. She says the source is a friend of Ji Hoon’s ex-wife. Chief Kang wants the ex-wife questioned and the source protected from Helmes. Seo Ra hangs up before Analyst Kim can offers his opinion.

A Reum walks home. Her phone is dead. Ji Hoon pulls up on a motorcycle. He gets off and apologizes. He says reminding of painful memories was rude. He apologizes for letting her leave. He apologizes for coming back into her life. A Reum is surprised. Ji Hoon’s phone rings and she tells him to answer. He learns a woman fell off a cliff. He hangs up. Ji Hoon suggests A Reum come with him to identify the woman. He offers a helmet. A Reum gets on the motorcycle. Ji Hoon takes her hands to circle his waist.

They arrive at the location. Ji Hoon says he’ll check it out first. He walks to the group of people. A Reum hopes if it is Sophie, she’s okay. Ji Hoon returns and says it isn’t Sophie. She leans against him in relief. She hopes Sophie is okay.

Ji Hoon takes her back to the hotel. He tells her not to worry. She chuckles this was an odd way to meet again. He smiles and agrees. He asks her to call if she hears from Sophie. A Reum heads into the hotel.

Back in her room, A Reum looks at the bloody veil. She charges her phone. She sees her husband called twice. She calls him and reports that Sophie disappeared. Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) assures her he’ll be there soon. Derek Hyun makes another phone call.

Director Ban Jin Min and Chief Kang discuss Sophie’s research area and the interest from many nations. Director Ban believes Sophie accepted the top dollar that Helmes offered. Ji Hoon gives Director Ban Sophie’s phone. Director Ban asks Ji Hoon is his ex-wife is still clueless about his profession. Ji Hoon confirms. Director Ban says Jang Dong Boo’s involvement means Felix is involved. He wonders why Sophie hasn’t contacted Ji Hoon. Director Ban suggests Ji Hoon didn’t earn Sophie’s trust.

Dream…A Reum runs through the woods. She finds Sophie and Ji Hoon together. Ji Hoon raises his gun and shoots Sophie.

Sophie wakes in the woods.

Derek Hyun drives with purpose.

Sophie makes her way to the road. She tries to flag down Derek Hyun but he doesn’t see her. Sophie takes a more direct approach and stands in the road forcing a tourist couple driving to stop.

Sophie calls A Reum and cries this isn’t the wedding day she imagined. A Reum assures Sophie everything will work out. Sophie says she shouldn’t have done what she did. A Reum tells her everything will be okay. Sophie says she trusts A Reum. She thought she could trust another but she’s not sure anymore. Sophie says the sheriff will save her. A Reum assures her friend she can help. Sophie says A Reum can’t trust anyone, even the person next to her.

Ji Hoon arrives at the hotel. He sees A Reum get into a taxi. A car follows the taxi. Ji Hoon follows too.

A Reum exits the taxi. Ji Hoon exits his bike and watches A Reum enters an amusement park. A Reum looks for Sophie. Ji Hoon follows A Reum.

Ji Hoon thinks that Sophie chose an amusement park so she can watch others approach. He spies Sophie on top of the castle. He flashes his sheriff’s badge so she sees him. She waves.

Ji Hoon approaches the castle. A child runs into him. Sophie heads down. She meets someone that makes her turn and run. Ji Hoon goes to the top of the castle but doesn’t see Sophie. He believes he spots a woman getting onto a bus that could be Sophie. But Sophie gets on the carousel. The man sits next to Sophie. She tells him they are both bad. Ji Hoon gets off the bus and hears a woman’s scream. A Reum hears the scream too. They rush to the carousel and see a dead Sophie. A Reum is shocked. Ji Hoon watches A Reum’s reaction. He closes his eyes.

A Reum gives her statement at the police station. She talks about the stalker.

Director Ban demands Ji Hoon explain why he failed to protect the source. Director Ban yells this isn’t the first time. Seo Ra recommends they find the killer first. Ji Hoon vows to get to the the bottom of this. He leaves. Seo Ra says this is hard for Ji Hoon to lose another source. Director Ban sighs.

A Reum leaves the police station. She opens her phone and sees the missed calls from her husband. She hears her husband has come. A Reum initially thinks it is Ji Hoon. But Derek Hyun walks down the hall. He hugs A Reum. She cries she had was a nightmare and Sophie died in front of her. Derek Hyun holds her.

Ji Hoon arrives at the police station. He sees Derek Hyun lead A Reum into his car. Dh glances at Ji Hoon before he gets int eh car. He buckles his wife in and drives away. Ji Hoon watches. Ji Hoon gets a call.

Derek Hyun draws A Reum a bath. He tells her to soak and relax. He steps out. Then he steps in and teases a bit.

Derek Hyun makes a call.

A Reum writes a text to Ji Hoon. She erases it. She cries for her friend.

Ji Hoon forces the island’s gun dealer to describe the gun drop. The purchaser had a bruised nail.

Peter calls Felix and declares he’ll get revenge if he had Sophie killed.

Derek Hyun tends his wife on the plane. She’s not responsive. He steps away from first class.

A Reum remembers Sophie’s advice to trust no one.

Ji Hoon and Derek Hyun run into each other on the plane. Neither acknowledge each other but of course they know who the other is.

Derek Hyun returns to his wife. A Reum forces a smile.

My Thoughts

If Sophie told A Reum something she decides to keep from her husband, things just got interesting. Writer Lee Ji Min implied that Derek Hyun was involved with Sophie’s death. Whether or not that is true, remains to be seen. A Reum isn’t over Ji Hoon and he’s not over her. But she’s married to Derek Hyun. What will continue to push them together now that Sophie is dead?

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) thought the police referenced Ji Hoon when they said her husband had arrived. That was telling. She thought of her ex before her current husband. All the flashbacks continued to establish the past marriage. We saw a breakup scene where A Reum demands the lying Ji Hoon get out and never come back.  I have to admit Derek Hyun offered her tender care. Does he care for her?

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) lost another source. We don’t know the backstory when Ji Hoon lost the first source, but it made an impact. Director Ban pointing out that Ji Hoon lost another source cut to Ji Hoon’s core. The chemistry between Yoo In Na and Eric is good but not great…yet.

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) could be Sophie’s killer. Is he good? Is he evil? It was obvious that Ji Hoon and Derek Hyun recognized each other even though they pretended not to.

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.


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2 comments on “Spies Who Loved Me Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I find it hard to believe Ji Hoon never told Ah Reum he worked for Interpol … now not knowing any specifics about the job I can understand.

    It seems Sophie’s stalker/coworker really cared about her and was not the one who murdered her.

    Ah Reum’s husband, Derek, is attentive to her and very observant, although he seems shady. Sophie warned Ah Reum about Derek … I HOPE he is not the killer. I wonder if Derek knows Ji Joon is employed by Interpol … does Ji Hoon know that Derek is a spy❓⁉️

    Where was Sophie’s groom all this time … was Sophie planning on leaving him or running away with him … is he a candidate for killer❓⁉️


    • Ah Reum’s husband, Derek, is attentive to her and very observant, although he seems shady. Sophie warned Ah Reum about Derek … I HOPE he is not the killer.
      I’d prefer him not to be the murderer either but it would make the choice for Ah Reum and Ji Hoon to reunite cleaner.

      Where was Sophie’s groom all this time … was Sophie planning on leaving him or running away with him
      Good point…he should have been on the island, the wedding was imminent.

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