Alice Episode 15 Recap

Alice Episode 15 Recap

Jin Gyeom’s voiceover “Time passed is time lost, and cannot be kept even if you had infinite chances.”

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) studies the DNA test results. Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) arrives at the house to find Tae Yi there. He asks if someone came by. Tae Yi says she knows who killed his mother. She says she had to find out on her own. She gives him the DNA results. She says it is the 19-year-old Jin Gyeom she suspects. Tae Yi says she’s the only one that knows the results. Jin Gyeom turns his head and seems to communicate with someone else. The man in the black hood stands outside. Jin Gyeom turns a malevolent stare towards Tae Yi. He says it is her turn now. He pulls the knife. Jin Gyeom puts the knife above her head. Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) Jin Gyeom’s father enters and flies at his son knocking him down. He demands to know what is going on. Jin Gyeom goes after Min Hyeok with the knife. Jin Gyeom gets Min Hyeok prone on the floor and Min Hyeok struggles to stop Jin Gyeom from plunging it into him. Tae Yi calls his name. Jin Gyeom doesn’t stop. Jin Gyeom’s mother calls his name. He turns and sees his mother in the living room. But it is an illusion, Tae Yi is there. Jin Gyeom stands and struggles to grasp what just happened. He drops the knife. He flees. Tae Yi tells Min Hyeok she’ll go after him.

Jin Gyeom arrives at his apartment shaking with what he almost did. He stares at himself in the mirror. He wonders if he was his mother’s killer. He demands to know how his 19-year-old self could kill his mother. He sees the malevolent smile of the 19-year-old version of himself. He smashes the window. Jin Gyeom puts a gun to himself ready to end it. Tae Yi pulls the gun away and demands to know what he’s doing. Jin Gyeom declares it can’t be him. Tae Yi assures him it isn’t him. Jin Gyeom can’t believe he tried to kill her. Tae Yi dismisses it has an after effect of time travel. She assures him that he’s kind, loved his mother, loved Captain Go, and has protected her numerous times. Jin Gyeom cries. Tae Yi hugs him. She tells him he didn’t kill his mother.

How much pain would have feel thinking you killed your mother, the woman you loved and for whom you centered your life to find her killer?

Min Hyeok stands outside the apartment. The man in the black hood approaches. Min Hyeok asks who he is. The man turns away. Min Hyeok follows. The man disappears.

Min Hyeok tells Jin Gyeom that a black hooded man is following him. Min Hyeok suspects the black hooded man is making Jin Gyeom act with violence. Jin Gyeom isn’t interested in Min Hyeok’s help. Min Hyeok points out that the black hooded man killed his mother and intends to kill Tae Yi through him. Min Hyeok says he can help.

Tae Yi watches father and son chat.

Min Hyeok tells Tae Yi that he’ll check on her. He advises her not to be with Jin Gyeom until he returns to normal. Tae Yi counters that’s why she needs to be with Jin Gyeom plus she trusts him. She believes Jin Gyeom won’t easily forgive Min Hyeok but one day he will. Min Hyeok thanks her for the sentiment.

Alice Agent Choi Seung Pyo tells Min Hyeok he can’t find the black hooded man who they believe is a rouge time traveler.

Flashback…Agent Oh tells Min Hyeok (after she’s shot) that Team Lead Ki isn’t to be trusted.

Min Hyeok tells Agent Choi to track Team Lead Ki’s recent movements. As Agent Choi leaves the room, Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am is at the door. Team Lead Ki asks where Min Hyeok went yesterday. Min Hyeok says there isn’t anything to worry about. Team Lead Ki presses. Min Hyeok says someone is hurting Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi and he’ll stop that person no matter who it is.

Officer Kim Dong Ho shows Jin Gyeom the prints from Professor Seok they found. Officer Kim shares Jin Gyeom’s prints were also found. Jin Gyeom points out he visited yesterday. Officer Kim counters that there were too many prints for a single visit. Jin Gyeom assumes his 19-year-oldself was here.

Tae Yi looks at the last page of the book of prophecy. “Her destroyer son can only be killed by her creation. Only then will time start moving again”.  She scratches the back of her neck, where a faint sigma symbol imprint is.

Tae Yi meets with Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) who shares her belief that creation is used as a religious term. Tae Yi knows Do Yeon is c concerned and vows to find out what creation is referring to. Tae Yi believes she can find out because of her connection to Jin Gyeom’s mother. Do Yeon asks what Tae Yi’s feelings for Jin Gyeom are. Tae Yi admits her feelings for Jin Gyeom aren’t clear.

Jin Gyeom returns to his apartment and finds Min Hyeok there. Min Hyeok reports that the black hooded man was not a member of Alice. Jin Gyeom points out Agent Oh threatened him. Min Hyeok insists he’d know if it where an Alice agent. Jin Gyeom believes Professor Seok is a factor.

Flashback…Professor Seok asks Jin Gyeom why his mother tried to destroy time travel that she created and hurt us.

Min Hyeok says he’ll look into Professor Seok. Jin Gyeom tells him to leave if he has nothing else to say. Min Hyeok can only leave his son behind and leaves.

Team Lead Ki bows to Professor Seok and reports Min Hyeok is making his move. Team Lead Ki says he didn’t expect this. Professor Seok believes Min Hyeok wants to act like a father for once in his life. Team Lead Ki reports Jin Gyeom is investigating the house where Professor Seok stayed. Professor Seok wonders how much Jin Gyeom will figure out.

Jin Gyeom returns to his house. He hears someone making noise above him. He heads to the storage room. He enters and finds Do Yeon going through items. She informs him she read the last page of the book of prophecy and wants to determine what creation means. She states she also went through Captain Go’s apartment. She asks if there are additional items from his mother. Jin Gyeom says there aren’t additional things. Do Yeon finds the gloves she gave him for Christmas.

In the house, Jin Gyeom offers Do Yeon a beer. He gets one for himself. He drinks. Do Yeon is surprised. She asks what he’s keeping from her. Jin Gyeom says he never thought her a nuisance. Do Yeon asks if Jin Gyeom can stop the investigation. She wants him to run away with him and live a normal life. Jin Gyeom says it is too late for that fantasy. Do Yeon admits she likes him. She doesn’t need him to like her back, but wanted him to know so she can keep liking him. Tae Yi watches from the window and decides to step away.

Tae Yi finds her mother prepping food at the eatery. Tae Yi lies nothing is wrong. Her mother suggests they eat together. They enjoy a meal. They enjoy people watching in the park. Her mother shares her father made a scene at the police station when she was missing. Her mother says she might not be her birth mother but she’s a precious daughter. Her mother believes she’ll be an even better mother. The sigma sign on Jin Gyeom’s neck itches.

Flashback…Tae Yi is pregnant. Tae Yi gives birth.

Tae Yi cries. She tells her mother she has to check something. She leaves.

Tae Yi arrives at her office and looks at the last page of the prophecy. She considers the word creation. She realizes that Jin Gyeom is her creation. She touches her neck. She reveals the sigma sign. She remembers Jin Gyeom’s mother had the sigma sign. She calls Jin Gyeom.

Flashback…Jin Gyeom’s mother tells Tae Yi she wanted to free her from this fate. Jin Gyeom’s mother says she’s not the only one that has to pay the price for opening the door of time.

The man with the black hood steps into her office. She tells Jin Gyeom to be good to Do Yeon as they are perfect for each other. Jin Gyeom asks why she’s saying this. He sees his mother tell him he’ll be an amazing man. Jin Gyeom rushes out of the house. We see Tae Yi’s phone on the floor of her office. Jin Gyeom rushes in the office and finds the phone.

Professor Seok tells Team Lead Ki that Teacher has stated everything is ready for tonight. Team Lead Ki asks what to do with Min Hyeok. Professor Seok gives him a look.

Agent Choi reports Team Lead Ki was near the house when Agent Oh was shot. He draws a gun on Min Hyeok. He says Team Lead Ki has ordered those who suspect the existence of time travelers must be brought in and everyone close to them. Should staff members interfere, they will be locked up. Min Hyeok says Team Lead Ki is overstepping his authority. Min Hyeok raises his hands. Then he disarms Agent Choi and asks where Team Lead Ki is.

Officer Kim walks home and feels someone there. It’s an Alice agent. The man tells him to come with him. He turns again to find Team Lead Ki pointing a gun at him. Team Lead Ki shoots.

Min Hyeok enters Team Lead Ki’s office. It’s empty.

Officer Kim bleeds. He calls Jin Gyeom.  Team Lead Ki takes his phone and drops it, and crushes it. He puts his gun to Officer Kim’s head. He fires.

Jin Gyeom arrives to finds Officer Hong and Ha along with forensics.  They inform him Officer Kim is missing. Min Hyeok calls Jin Gyeom and informs him that Alice is rounding up everyone that knows about time travel. He tells Jin Gyeom to flee because he the one Alice wants the most.

Jin Gyeom calls Do Yeon. He asks where she is. She says she’s at a café by her office. She admits she’s alone in the café. He tells her to leave the café.  Do Yeon exits the café. Jin Gyeom says he’s almost there and to go where there are people. Do Yeon asks if she’s in danger. Jin Gyeom admits he doesn’t know how he feels about her but if something bad happens to her he’ll be upset. The lights to out. Do Yeon hears footsteps. She tells Jin Gyeom she should have confessed her feelings sooner. She tells him not to come. The man approaches her. It’s Team Lead Ki. Do Yeon runs. The doors are locked. Team Lead Ki raises his gun. A shot rings out. It’s Jin Gyeom. He’s shot Team Lead Ki. He rushes to Do Yeon. He apologizes for taking too long. She rails at him for coming because he might have been hurt. Jin Gyeom hugs her and thanks her for staying alive. He tells her everything will be okay.

Jin Gyeom tells Do Yeon to stay at the police station to be safe. He says he must go. Do Yeon tells him to save her but not get hurt or she’ll kill him. Jin Gyeom’s phone rings.

Jin Gyeom arrives at his apartment where Min Hyeok is waiting. Jin Gyeom grabs Min Hyeok and demands to know what is going on. He demands to know where Tae Yi is. Min Hyeok says he’ll find her. He wants Jin Gyeom to hide. Jin Gyeom demands to know where Alice is. Min Hyeok says going there is suicide. Jin Gyeom won’t allow Tae Yi to be unprotected. Jin Gyeom asks for Min Hyeok’s help. He notes Tae Yi was Min Hyeok’s lover. Father and son glare at each other.

At Alice, Tae Yi wakes in a guestroom. The doors are locked.

Min Hyeok tells Jin Gyeom it will take 10 minutes. Jin Gyeom readies his gun. Min Hyeok hands him a capsule to allow the time travel. Jin Gyeom takes the capsule. Jin Gyeom says he’ll kill whoever killed his mother.

Professor Seok enters Tae Yi’s room. He introduces himself. Tae Yi says he looks like the Professor Seok she knew. Professor Seok says Jin Gyeom’s mother was on his research team and they were close. He believes that’s why Jin Gyeom’s mother reached out to a past incarnation for help in researching how to stop time. Tae Yi asks what it was like to kill his past incarnation. Professor Seok say it was necessary to protect time travel. He says she should understand that. Tae Yi asks if people believe in the book of prophecy. He shows her the last page. Tae Yi scoffs that scientists believe in the book. She quotes the last page “Her destroyer son can only be killed by her creation. Only then will time start moving again”.  Tae Yi says the son’s death and time don’t correlate to each other. Professor Seok smiles. He says this is 2050. He notes time travel is accessible in just 30 years. Tae Yi asks how Jin Gyeom and Teacher are related. She asks if they are one in the same. Professor Seok tells her a monster kidnapped a boy from his mother. The mother pleaded with the monster for her son’s life. The monster says if the mother solves a riddle, the boy will live. The riddle was “will I kill your child or not”? The mother said the monster will kill her son. This locked the monster into not being able to kill the son as the riddle would be true and he’d have to let the boy live. Tae Yi says that is a flawed cliché paradox question. Professor Seok says all questions have flaws and all questions have answers. Professor Seok says the monster decided to kill the mother. The monster let the boy live. But he made the boy into a monster like himself. Tae Yi says Teacher knew what was on the last page of the book of prophecy. She asks why it wasn’t made known before now. Professor Seok states it was more important for Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom to know, not them.

Min Hyeok and Jin Gyeom arrive at Alice. Min Hyeok tells Jin Gyeom to follow him. Min Hyeok says his mother’s final request was to stop him from entering Alice. Min Hyeok says Jin Gyeom can’t win. He asks Jin Gyeom to wait outside while he retrieves Tae Yi. Then he wants Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi to flee. Jin Gyeom says he doesn’t have time for this. He staggers. He realizes the pill was intended to disable him. He looks at Min Hyeok who apologizes. Min Hyeok says for once, he’ll be a father to his son. Jin Gyeom grabs his father. Then he passes out. Min Hyeok seethes knowing this is it.

Min Hyeok finds Professor Seok. He requests to talk to Teacher. Professor Seok denies the request and states Min Hyeok can talk to him. Min Hyeok ask why Tae Yi was brought there. Professor Seok says it was for the last page of the book of prophecy. Min Hyeok asks what will happen to Tae Yi. Professor Seok asks why Min Hyeok cares about someone in his past. Professor Seok says Teacher values Min Hyeok. Professor Seok wants to know where Jin Gyeom is. Then only expulsion will be his only penalty. Min Hyeok lies he doesn’t know where Jin Gyeom is. He states he’s not interested in Alice anymore. He puts his gun on the floor. Professor Seok says he’ll out process Min Hyeok today.

Min Hyeok looks at his gun with determination. He goes to Tae Yi and assures her Jin Gyeom is someplace safe. Min Hyeok says he’ll get her out, get her to Jin Gyeom, so she can run away with Jin Gyeom. Min Hyeok says he’ll buy them time to escape. Tae Yi wants Min Hyeok to come with them. She doesn’t want him in danger. Min Hyeok thanks her for the sentiment. He leaves.

Min Hyeok draws his weapon on Professor Seok and declares Jin Gyeom isn’t coming. Besides that, not everyone can enter Alice. Professor Seok counters that Min Hyeok doesn’t know about Jin Gyeom’s special abilities. Professor Seok reveals that Jin Gyeom can go anywhere he wants, any time he wants. Min Hyeok is stunned.

Jin Gyeom drives across a dam bridge, through winding roads and arrives at Alice.

Min Hyeok lowers his weapon. He begs for his son’s life. Professor Seok scoffs it is too late to act like a father. Professor Seok says it is too bad that Min Hyeok didn’t take advantage of the chance to leave. He shoots him in the leg. Professor Seok says Min Hyeok won’t be able to protect anyone. Tae Yi runs into the room. Min Hyeok blocks Tae Yi. Min Hyeok tells Professor Seok he has the last page; he can let Tae Yi go. Professor Seok counters the last page shows they don’t need Tae Yi alive anymore. Min Hyeok moves in the path of the bullet that Professor Seok fires into his chest. Tears fill Min Hyeok’s eyes. Tae Yi cries and tells him not to speak while she puts pressure on the wound.

Tae Yi asks Professor Seok why killing to safe time travel is necessary. Professor Seok points out that she was the one who fervently believed that time travel had to be created. He points his gun at Tae Yi with wild eyes. A shot rings out. Jin Gyeom stares at Professor Seok and shoots again. Professor Seok falls to the floor. He looks at Jin Gyeom and says he’s finally come. Jin Gyeom asks why Professor Seok has to do this. Professor Seok say it was done for Jin Gyeom. Professor Seok gasps the Teacher is waiting for Jin Gyeom. He dies.

Jin Gyeom walks to where Min Hyeok is bleeding out. He kneels next to his father. He takes his hand. He asks why. Jin Gyeom says he needs more time to forgive him. Min Hyeok apologizes.

Awk! Tears!

Flashback…Min Hyeok tells Tae Yi to get an abortion when they return to 2050. Then the moment shifts, Min Hyeok agrees to live in this time with her and their baby. Tae Yi smiles. Min Hyeok promises to make his baby and Tae Yi happy.

Tae Yi watches in horror as Min Hyeok dies. Jin Gyeom releases his father’s hand. He stands. He pulls Tae Yi to her feet. Jin Gyeom tells her to leave. Tae Yi doesn’t want to leave. Tae Yi declares Jin Gyeom is the creation. If he dies there is no hope. Jin Gyeom doesn’t care who he is. He can’t leave the person that killed his mother in this place without retribution. They hear footsteps. They hear breathing. The black hooded man walks the hallway,

The black hooded man appears. Jin Gyeom points his gun at him. Jin Gyeom says they finally meet again after 10 years. He asks why. Why did he kill his mother? He yells the question. He pulls the trigger. Nothing happens.

The black hooded man says a long time ago he asked an old man the same question. Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi look at each other. The man moves toward Jin Gyeom who backs up. The man touches Jin Gyeom’s face.

He pulls back his hood. Jin Gyeom stares in shock. He asks who the old man is. The old man says just like him he tried to kill the old man. Jin Gyeom yells he’s not a monster. The man points a gun at Jin Gyeom. He says he tried to deny he’d become a monster, but now he’s the old man in the scenario.

Flashback…Professor Seok tells Tae Yi the riddle was “will I kill your child or not”? The mother said the monster will kill her son. This locked the monster into not being able to kill the son as the riddle would be true and he’d have to let the boy live. Professor Seok says the monster decided to kill the mother. The monster let the boy live. But he made the boy into a monster like himself.

Tae Yi rushes in front of Jin Gyeom. She tells the old man the creation isn’t only Jin Gyeom. The creation is also himself. Tae Yi says even though they come from different time dimensions they have the same mother. Tae Yi states if Jin Gyeom is killed, the prophecy is fulfilled and the door of time will close. The man looks at Jin Gyeom. Jin Gyeom looks at the sigma symbol on Tae Yi’s neck. He remembers seeing it on his mothers’ neck. He murmurs mother. Tae Yi knows what will happen next. She recalls Professor Seok statement that the monster killed the mother. She cries. The old man shoots Tae Yi. She falls to the floor.

Jin Gyeom holds his mother. He promises to undo everything. She tells him not to. She wants him to run away. Jin Gyeom declares it has to end there. Tae Yi says time doesn’t have a beginning or end but a person has a beginning. It has been stopped. Tae Yi reaches to touch Jin Gyeom’s face…she dies.

Flashback…Jin Gyeom’s mother dies in his arms.

Jin Gyeom holds Tae Yi and sobs and yells his pain.

The old man says the woman sacrifices her life for him every time.

Jin Gyeom puts Tae Yi on the floor. He stands and walks to the old man. Jin Gyeom says he’s killed a woman the sacrificed for him. The old man says one day he’ll thank him. He touches Jin Gyeom’s face and claims they both saved each other. The old man says he can control time but he’s suffocated by it too.

Jin Gyeom removes his hand and states he won’t become like the old man. He replies this is Jin Gyeom’s chance to seize time. Jin Gyeom declares he could care less. Jin Gyeom declares he’s going to reset everything.  He’ll save everyone killed because of the old man. Then he’ll kill the old man. Jin Gyeom says the old man started this and he’ll end it.

The old man puts his gun to Jin Gyeom’s head. Lights flash. Jin Gyeom is gone!

My Thoughts

Felt like a finale in many ways. Writer Kim Kyu Won revealed the black hooded man was an old man who had his mother killed by the previous Teacher. Frankly not knowing the old man made the reveal anticlimactic. I wondered – who is this guy? But the concept that there have been multiple Teachers, each one turned into monster when the current Teacher kills his mother is an interesting idea. I’m not sure what Tae Yi’s statement to the old man “they have the same mother” implies. Tae Yi isn’t the old man’s mother, so it must be figurative not literal. We end the episode with Jin Gyeom time traveling away from the old man. One only episode remains.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) finally met Teacher. The black hooded man wasn’t Jin Gyeom from another time dimension, nor was it Professor Seok or anyone we knew. Jin Gyeom was taken aback, who was this old man? The story that the old man’s mother had been killed too didn’t move Jin Gyeom at all. With both his parents dead (shout out to Joo Won for imbuing those scenes with emotion), Jin Gyeom declared he would reset time and save everyone that the Teacher had directed killed. But wasn’t the time reset previously explained as eliminating all time travelers, which would eliminate Jin Gyeom himself?

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) sacrificed herself for her son…again. Last episode the flashback showed Sun Young was killed by the man in the black hood. This episode the old man killed Tae Yi and she knew it would happen, just as Professor Seok told her. Sacrificing her life for her son was worth it.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) died knowing Jin Gyeom acknowledged him. Min Hyeok not only protected Jin Gyeom but also Tae Yi. We all wondered if he’d die in this pursuit. The answer was yes. It was a good scene with our leads as Min Hyeok bled out and connected with Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi. I especially liked when Jin Gyeom told his father he hadn’t had enough time for forgive him yet. Acknowledgement but not absolution was the perfect note to end on between father and son.

What’s on my wish list for the final episode?

A reset is a must. As noted, the previous explanation stated resetting time eliminated time travelers which would include Jin Gyeom, Tae Yi, Captain Go, etc. But the cycle must be broken. Jin Gyeom must stop himself from becoming the next Teacher. I look forward to Writer Kim’s end solution for this intertwined complex paradox of a story.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.



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4 comments on “Alice Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It had to be terrifying for Jin Gyeom to realize bad Professor Seok ⚫🦋 and the teacher ⚫🥋🚨 were targeting those who were aware of time travel. Kim Dong Ho 🏋️‍♂️ is missing, presumed dead … I hope he really isn’t gone. It was a relief that Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 disposed of Team Leader Ki 👨‍🏫 before he eliminated Do Yeon 🙎‍♀️📰. I’m not so sure Do Yeon 🙎‍♀️📰 will be safe in an empty police station with rouge time travelers and Alice staff, for that matter, on the loose.

    It was freaky for Tae Yi 💳 developed an Omega on the back of her neck and experienced Sun Young’s🤱💳 memories. Omega is the end of the Greek alphabet, which signifies “the end”. Does that mean the end of Tae Yi 💳 or the end of time travel❓⁉️ The appearance of the omega symbol helped her and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 recognize she IS the same person who (will / did) give birth to Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨.

    I found it odd that Jin Gyeom🥋🚨 trusted Min Hyeok🕶 enough to blindly take the pill💊 that turned out to be a sedative. I 💗 Min Hyeok🕶 for acting like a dad. I choked up and cried as Min Hyeok🕶 lay on the floor, Tae Yi pressed his wound, Jin Gyeom held his hand and life ebbed out of him 😢.

    “How much pain would have feel thinking you killed your mother, the woman you loved and for whom you centered your life to find her killer?” -KJT. I thought Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 pain was palpable, even though it was not him that personally killed Sun Young 🤱💳.

    It makes much more sense that a senior citizen Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 is the teacher rather than a teenaged Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨.

    I don’t understand why senior Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 took Tae Yi to Alice instead of killing her on the spot … was he intending on keeping her alive❓⁉️

    Did Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 gun run out of bullets or did his gun not work since it was out of it’s time period❓⁉️ Senior Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 had a pistol from an earlier time period that was working … what was the difference❓⁉️

    I think this is the shortest wishlist I’ve seen, but I completely concur a reset is a must. Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 parents are from different time periods … will Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 exist after a reset❓⁉️


    • It was freaky for Tae Yi 💳 developed an Omega on the back of her neck and experienced Sun Young’s🤱💳 memories. Omega is the end of the Greek alphabet, which signifies “the end”. Does that mean the end of Tae Yi 💳 or the end of time travel❓⁉️ The appearance of the omega symbol helped her and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 recognize she IS the same person who (will / did) give birth to Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨.
      Good points.

      I 💗 Min Hyeok🕶 for acting like a dad. I choked up and cried as Min Hyeok🕶 lay on the floor, Tae Yi pressed his wound, Jin Gyeom held his hand and life ebbed out of him 😢.
      It was a good scene for our trio.

      It makes much more sense that a senior citizen Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 is the teacher rather than a teenaged Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨.

      Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 parents are from different time periods … will Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 exist after a reset❓⁉️
      He shouldn’t if a reset eliminates time travelers. We shall see.

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  2. fujiwarasai says:

    Can someone explain why Tae Yi left Minhyuk when he wanted to have the baby? Or is it him wishing he made that choice?


    • The DramaBeans recap was a bit clearer in this scene:
      Min-hyuk gasps that he’s sorry, then looks at Tae-yi, remembering the day that he and his Tae-yi found out she was pregnant and he told her to abort the baby.

      He imagines what might have happened if instead, he’d agreed to stay in the past and raise their child together. He promises to make both of them happy and his Tae-yi smiles, and Min-hyuk passes away gently into his happy ending


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