Alice Episode 14 Recap

Alice Episode 14 Recap

Tae Yi’s voiceover “One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”

2010… Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) rushes into his house. He finds his mother bloody and on the floor. He cradles and cries over his dead mother. 19-year-old Jin Gyeom enters the room. His hands are bloody. Jin Gyeom faces his 19-year-old self. He utters “it was you”. He demands to know why his 19-year self did this. He puts his hands around his throat.

Stuck in the storage room, Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) finds a picture frame with a picture of herself and a young Jin Gyeom in front of the carousel. Inside the frame, she finds the last page of the book of prophecy. She reads the final text “She opened the forbidden door of time and saw a world that was not meant to be seen. Her punishment is determined. As a price for opening the door of time, she will die by her son’s hand. The son will become the murderer and destroyer of all, and rule over time”.  Tae Yi shakes her head no. The door opens a man whose face is obscured by a long black hood steps into the room. Tae Yi backs away.

Jin Gyeom demands that his 19-year-old self tell him the truth while he chokes him.

The man in black chokes Tae Yi.

Jin Gyeom hears Tae Yi’s scream. He releases his 19-year-old self and rushes to the storage room. He finds Tae Yi. Unfortunately, the man in black is there and stabs Jin Gyeom. He goes for Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom tries to stop him.

That surprised me. Is the man in black another version of Jin Gyeom?

Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) can’t concentrate at work worrying about Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi.

Tae Yi’s parents berate Officer Kim Dong Ho for not finding their daughter’s body after the car accident. He demands the police search for his daughter. Tae Yi’s mother points out that Officer Kim’s partner is also missing. Her mother declares their daughter is okay. They bow to Officer Kim. Do Yeon arrives to see it.

Do Yeon brings Officer Kim coffee and comfort. He understands Tae Yi’s family’s fears. Do Yeon wonders if they time traveled. Officer Kim believes they did. Do Yeon believes they’ll be back.

Tae Yi’s family return to the eatery. They are surprised when the lights turn on.  They rush into the eatery. Tae Yi is there! They rush to her. Tae Yi confirms she’s there. Her sister sees blood on her. Tae Yi says it isn’t her blood. Tae Yi says Jin Gyeom was hurt and she must find him. She rushes out.

Do Yeon goes to Jin Gyeom’s house. She wonders where he is. She scrubs the door. She vows to make him pay for disappearing. She hears Jin Gyeom but he’s not there.  She sees blood dripping from a knife in him. He drops to the ground.

Do Yeon calls Tae Yi who arrives in the hospital while Jin Gyeom is in surgery. Do Yeon demands to know what happened to Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi says she doesn’t know, it was too dark and scary. The doctors say the surgery was a success. Both women are relieved. Tae Yi pulls out the last page of the book from her pocket.

Tae Yi keeps vigil next to Jin Gyeom’s bed. He wakes. He’s thankful she returned too. Tae Yi says Jin Gyeom is the time traveler. She believes the child from the book of prophecy is him. He has the power to control time. That’s why the time travelers targeted him and why his mother hid the last page of the book of prophecy. She shows him the last page of the book. Tae Yi says her mother knew how to stop time travel. Jin Gyeom tells her the last page isn’t true. He says the killer isn’t him, his 19-year-old self, but the man in black. He shows Tae Yi the knife. He says this knife killed his mother. Tae Yi points out that his mother was shot 10 years ago. Jin Gyeom counters his mother was stabbed this time. They wonder if it was another time dimension. Jin Gyeom notes even if that is true, the same killer killed his mother. Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang), Jin Gyeom’s father, watches his son sleep from the hallway. Do Yeon spots him as she returns to the room. Min Hyeok quickly departs.

That’s an interesting idea, the same killer no matter the time dimension.

2050…Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am asks Min Hyeok how his son is. Team Lead Ki says that Agent Oh won’t talk. Min Hyeok says they must find out why she tried to abduct Tae Yi. Team Lead Ki says Agent Oh’s feelings about Min Hyeok are what drive her. Min Hyeok doesn’t think it is that simple.

Flashback…Agent Oh remembers fleeing from the burning car with Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom.

Team Lead Ki arrives and says he has one thing she must do before she can return to work. Agent Oh believes that Min Hyeok may want to live in the past to be with Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom. Team Lead Ki doesn’t think so.

Tae Yi has the blood under her nails (blood she drew from the killer when she scratched his arm while he was choking her) swabbed for a DNA test. The analyst says the police should do the analysis. Tae Yi says it will help catch the killer.

Tae Yi enters the room where Sun Young worked on time travel and reads the more from the last page. “Her punishment is determined. As a price for opening the door of time, she will die by her son’s hand. The son will become the murderer and destroyer of all, and rule over time. Her destroyer son can only be killed by her invention. Only then will time start moving again”.

Flashback…Sun Young tells Tae Yi that when time travel is stopped everything resets. The time travelers disappear. Sun Young disagrees with Tae Yi’s statement that is what they want. Sun Young declares resetting is not an option. They’ve come too far.

Tae Yi wonders why resetting isn’t an option.

Officer Kim is surprised when Jin Gyeom appears. He hugs his partner. Jin Gyeom shows Officer Kim the knife plunged into him in 2010. It looks like a custom knife. They search for a vendor that might recognize the knife.  Finally, a vendor directs Jin Gyeom to a particular shop. The man says he bought it at auction and recently sold it. Jin Gyeom is surprised. The man says it was purchased 10 days ago. Jin Gyeom asks for a description of the purchaser. He won’t provide it and says the knife is one of a kind. Jin Gyeom reports the information to Officer Kim.

Jin Gyeom returns to his apartment to find Min Hyeok there. Jin Gyeom’s wound is bleeding. Min Hyeok advises Jin Gyeom to heal before he continues his investigation. Min Hyeok wants details of Jin Gyeom’s latest time travel stating he wants to help. Jin Gyeom considers then shows him the knife. Min Hyeok says he’ll look into it. Jin Gyeom says it is someone Min Hyeok works with. Min Hyeok agrees and says he’ll find out who. Jin Gyeom states he’s seen his mother die three times. He wants to catch the killer. Min Hyeok gives him medicine and tells him to take care of himself. Jin Gyeom says Min Hyeok means nothing to him. Min Hyeok leaves.

Jin Gyeom bandages himself using Min Hyeok’s medicine.

Min Hyeok visits Tae Yi’s (aka Sun Young) memorial. There’s a sticky note on the marker from Tae Yi asking him to see her.

Min Hyeok finds Tae Yi. She flashes back to their relationship in 2050. Min Hyeok asks if she’s okay. Tae Yi gets a grip and says she’s fine. She wants to know when Min Hyeok last saw Jin Gyeom’s mother. 1992 is the answer. Tae Yi shares that in 2010, Jin Gyeom’s mother was in distress about time travel and her son. Tae Yi suggests that Jin Gyeom’s mother probably wanted someone to share her burdens with, like Jin Gyeom’s father. She asks if Jin Gyeom’s mother ever contacted him. Min Hyeok says no. Tae Yi wants to know what was distressing her so much she wanted to stop time travel but gave up that pursuit. Min Hyeok admits he doesn’t know why Jin Gyeom’s mother left him.

Flashback…Min Hyeok tells Tae Yi that the time travel affected her baby and the return trip to 2050 will compound it. Tae Yi wonders if staying and giving birth isn’t an option. Min Hyeok says it is absurd and an abortion when they return to 2050 is the smart choice.

Min Hyeok asks Tae Yi if she’s having déjà vu since meeting Jin Gyeom’s mother. Tae Yi is surprised he knows this.  Min Hyeok states the quantum entanglement, when two versions of a person meet in the same time dimension, their memories become entangled. Tae Yi understand. Min Hyeok says it will be easier to hand in time. Tae Yi worries that Jin Gyeom met his 19-year-old self when they time traveled.

Jin Gyeom hears voices calling to him over time. He grips the knife. In the hallway the black hooded man stands. Officer Kim and Do Yeon get off the elevator. When they arrive at Jin Gyeom’s apartment the black hooded man is gone. When Officer Kim enters the apartment Jin Gyeom attacks him with the knife. Just before Jin Gyeom plunges it into Officer Kim, Do Yeon screams Jin Gyeom’s name. Jin Gyeom snaps back to reality. Officer Kim and Do Yeon stare at Jin Gyeom. He stares at his hand and wonders what is happening.

Outside Jin Gyeom lies he thought they were intruders. Do Yeon scoffs that he doesn’t lie well or often. Jin Gyeom doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves.

Do Yeon tells Tae Yi that in high school others feared Jin Gyeom but she didn’t. Do Yeon admits today she feared Jin Gyeom. She asks if time travel has changed Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi believes seeing his mother die again stressed Jin Gyeom’s coping abilities. Do Yeon asks if the knife is really his mother’s murder weapon. Tae Yi confirms this. Tae Yi considers then shows Do Yeon the last page of the book of prophecy. She believes there is double meaning. She takes the page back. Do Yeon says murderer and destroyer of all is a reference to time. Humans and the earth can’t avoid the ravages of time. Ancient texts call time the ruler of everything.

Tae Yi returns to Jin Gyeom’s house. He’s not there. She calls him. She knows but doesn’t know the voice of the man that answers. It is the 19-year-old Jin Gyeom from 2010! Tae Yi hangs up. Jin Gyeom enters the house. Tae Yi steps back. Jin Gyeom asks why she’s there. He asks if she’s okay. She sees the phone in his hand.

Tae Yi remembers Sun Young telling her she’s not the only woman that must pay for creating time travel. Sun Young also warned Tae Yi not to see Jin Gyeom for her life was in danger too. Tae Yi takes Jin Gyeom’s toothbrush for the DNA test. She cannot avoid his offer to take her home. She falls asleep on the way home. Jin Gyeom watches her sleep. Jin Gyeom exits the car to answer his phone. Tae Yi watches him and continues to pretend to sleep.

Jin Gyeom returns home and looks in the mirror. He wonders if he’s seeing himself. He notices his toothbrush is missing.

Tae Yi gives the toothbrush for the DNA match.

Professor Seok examines the sword. Team Lead Ki arrives and bows. He says Tae Yi has the last page of the book of prophecy. Professor Seok suggests it is time to get rid of them.

Do Yeon asks if the last page is about Jin Gyeom and his mother. Tae Yi doesn’t believe everything it says. Do Yeon doesn’t like the inference that Jin Gyeom killed his mother. Tae Yi admits learning that someone that looked like her (Jin Gyeom’s mother) exists. She suggests that Jin Gyeom’s mother’s killer is Jin Gyeom from another time dimension. Do Yeon cannot believe Jin Gyeom would kill his mother in any time dimension. Tae Yi notes Jin Gyeom is acting stranger. Tae Yi admits her memories and Jin Gyeom’s mother are co-mingling. She worries that if Jin Gyeom and the 19-year-old Jin Gyeom memories are co-mingling, this could change Jin Gyeom. Do Yeon remembers Jin Gyeom trying to kill Officer Kim. Tae Yi wants Do Yeon’s help to stop time travel. Tae Yi shares the stop will reset everything per Jin Gyeom’s mother. Do Yeon believes if Jin Gyeom’s mother refused to reset time travel, it had to do with Jin Gyeom. They discuss that Jin Gyeom was born in October 1992, 7 months after Dr. Jang was murdered. Tae Yi realizes Jin Gyeom’s mother was pregnant when she time traveled. Then she states Jin Gyeom’s mother gave up stopping time because the reset would eliminate her and her son, Jin Gyeom, who traveled time in vitro.

Officer Kim reports who purchased the knife. Jin Gyeom says he’ll go alone refusing Officer Kim’s offer to come with.

Min Hyeok reports Agent Oh is missing to Team Lead Ki. He isn’t surprised.

Jin Gyeom draws a gun and approaches Professor Seok’s home. He enters the dark house. Flipping on the lights reveals an empty room. Jin Gyeom hears the click of the gun behind him. It’s Agent Oh. She says resistance is futile because Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi can’t survive.

Tae Yi reads the DNA test which gives a 99% probability that Jin Gyeom and his mother’s murderer’s DNA matches.

Jin Gyeom turns and tells Agent Oh to leave Tae Yi alone. Min Hyeok arrives and puts a gun to Agent Oh’s head. He tells Jin Gyeom to find Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom leaves. Agent Oh turns to face Min Hyeok. She asks if he’s going to kill her. Min Hyeok lowers his weapon. He asks how they ended like this. He wishes time travel hadn’t been created. He says it ruins those in the past and present. He tells her not to return. Agent Oh wants him to return with her. Min Hyeok says he has things he must do here. Agent Oh points her gun at Min Hyeok and accuses him of staying to be with Tae Yi. Min Hyeok says he must catch a man and once he does, he’ll return. He says he must make up for mistakes. He doesn’t resent her. Agent Oh cries and lowers her gun. She thanks him for the sentiment. She apologizes for something unforgivable. She admits she knows who killed Tae Yi. Just as she’s about the name names, someone shoots her in the heart. Min Hyeok rushes outside, but the murderer has fled in a car. Min Hyeok rushes back to Agent Oh. She says the murderer was Team Lead Ki. She warns him to beware of Team Lead Ki. She admits she liked him. She apologizes for making him suffer. She gives him something Tae Yi gave to her before she died. Agent Oh dies in Min Hyeok’s arms. Min Hyeok calls to her but it’s too late.

Team Lead Ki smiles at a job well done.

Tae Yi arrives at Jin Gyeom’s house. The black hooded man watches from the street.

Jin Gyeom drives quickly. He sees spots on his arms.

Min Hyeok listens to Tae Yi’s recording to him. He pulls over. Tae Yi says “I’m not sure this message will reach you. If it does, can you do me a favor. I have a son. No, we have a son. His name is Jin Gyeom. I considered giving him your last name, but didn’t want Jin Gyeom to be too curious about his father. I’ve done a great job raising our son. He knows right from wrong. He fights for what is right, no matter what. Jin Gyeom might fight against you. Don’t resent him. Protect him. You are the only one that can protect him. Jin Gyeom will try and find Teacher. He should never meet him. If he isn’t stopped, the same thing will repeat. I apologize for running away. Back then, I had no choice. I couldn’t tell you before I ran. I wish I could hear your voice. You must have hated me. It was hard for me to do”. Min Hyeok cries “I’m sorry, I should have come to you”. Tae Yi cries “I’ve missed you. You’d be shocked at how much I’ve aged”. Min Hyeok cries “You’ll always be beautiful to me”. Tae Yi cries “take care of Jin Gyeom.” Jin Gyeom cries “I’ll take care of him at all costs.”

Great scene!

Jin Gyeom arrives at the house to find Tae Yi there. He asks if someone came by. Tae Yi says she knows who killed his mother. She says she had to find out on her own. She gives him the DNA results. She says it is the 19-year-old Jin Gyeom she suspects. Tae Yi says she’s the only one that knows the results.

Jin Gyeom turns his head and seems to communicate with someone else. The man in the black hood stands outside. Jin Gyeom turns a malevolent stare towards Tae Yi. He says it is her turn now. He pulls the knife. Jin Gyeom puts the knife above her head.

Flashback…the man in the black hood stands in front of Sun Young knife raised. He plunges it in Sun Young.

Sun Young and Tae Yi lock eyes as the knife is angled to strike.

The man in the black hood stands outside the house and waits.

My Thoughts

Co-mingling changes Jin Gyeom and effects Tae Yi. Writer Kim Kyu Won almost gelled the twist of 19-year Jin Gyeom hearing voices from other time dimensions and the effects of time travel. We learned when two people encounter each other in the same time dimension, co-mingling of thoughts and intent occur. Therefore, Jin Gyeom became violent this episode. He attacked Officer Kim. He prepared to harm Tae Yi. For her part, Tae Yi didn’t want to believe the Jin Gyeom was overwhelmed by his co-mingling. She learned Jin Gyeom’s DNA was on the knife that killed his mother in 2010. Writer Kim’s explained why Jin Gyeom’s mother, Sun Young (aka Tae Yi), decide not to stop time travel. It would eliminate all time travelers, which would eliminate Jin Gyeom who time traveled invitro in 1992, the night Dr. Jang was killed. That begs the question Min Hyeok once asked Team Lead Ki – why were Tae Yi and Min Hyeok sent to 1992 on the night Dr. Jang was murdered? The references to Teacher have disappeared the last episodes but the reference was made again. Previously, Professor Seok appeared to be Teacher. Is Teacher and the black hooded man the same man or different? Professor Seok has always been open about showing his face, therefore garbing himself in the black hood doesn’t compute.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) tried to kill Officer Kim and is poised to kill Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom had the spots appear just before the violence erupted. The spots have always implied time travel, but it appears to be something else or more with Jin Gyeom. The flashback showed the black hooded man killing Sun Young. The DNA test matched Jin Gyeom’s DNA to his mother’s murderer. Is the black hooded man Jin Gyeom from another time dimension? Joo Won did a terrific job in the subtle switch from caring Jin Gyeom to knife welding Jin Gyeom.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) couldn’t believe Jin Gyeom would hurt her…will it cost her? The flashback showed Sun Young was killed by the man in the black hood. The DNA match revealed it was Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi didn’t realize that 2020 Jin Gyeom was being strongly affected by the co-mingling with 2010 Jin Gyeom. Like Jin Gyeom’s mother, she didn’t want to believe the last page in the book of prophecy, that the son would kill his mother. Will that belief cost Tae Yi the same way it cost Sun Young?

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) heard Agent Oh dying accusation that Team Lead Ki killed Jin Gyeom’s mother. The stoic Min Hyeok finally had a scene that delivered an emotional punch. Listening to the recording of Tae Yi admit she was sorry, missed him, but proud of their son was touching. She asked Min Hyeok to protect their son. Does this telegraph that Min Hyeok will die protecting Jin Gyeom from Team Lead Ki and Alice?   

The 5th OST song is one we’ve waited for, “Don’t You Forget” sung by Noel:

I rank this episode as almost excellent, 9.5 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “Alice Episode 14 Recap
  1. Hahanzyy says:

    Seeing stoic MH wept and cry is very heartbreaking… KSY’s portrayal of his emotions in that scene is really good


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “Don’t You Forget” is a good song, but the video portion showing Nell “singing” seemed a little Milli Vanilli to me. Their shallow breathing belied them actually belting out the strong tones I heard.

    Holy Cow❗ Getting the full verbiage of the prophecy makes a difference. But how can the mother kill the son, if the son kills the mother❓⁉️ Bad Professor Seok ⚫🦋, who told Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 last episode that his mother, Sun Young 🤱💳, had to die must have been referring to that prophecy … does that mean he has seen the last page of the prophecy already❓⁉️ I believe this prophecy must be why we have multiple versions of the characters.

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 was stabbed with a sword. It looks mighty similar to the sword on the back side of the last page of the Book of Prophecy, but no one has shown us what is written on that page. I wondered if the black hooded figure was another version of Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 and Tae Yi’s 💳 DNA 🧬 test results confirmed it. How can black hooded Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 seem to control present day Jin Gyeom by just being in the vicinity … was he ⚫🥋🚨 using the voices❓⁉️

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎊 that I was sad to see Agent Oh Shi Young 👤 die, but I was glad she came clean about the culprit before passing away … although this conflicts with the theory of hooded Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 being the killer and “the son kills the mother” prophecy. That location of the confrontation looked a lot like bad Professor Seok’s ⚫🦋 hideaway … is it an Alice safe house❓⁉️

    Sun Young’s🤱💳 recording to Min Hyeok 🕶 was heartbreaking 💔. I’m glad to see this dad step up to protect his son. “Does this [protecting Jin Gyeom🥋🚨] telegraph that Min Hyeok will die protecting Jin Gyeom from Team Lead Ki and Alice?” -KJT. It could, but I hope not. It was refreshing to see Min Hyeok 🕶 show such emotion.

    Present day Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is a good person … I believe he or Min Hyeok 🕶 will snap out him of it or before he seriously hurts Tae Yi 💳 … right❓⁉️


    • Getting the full verbiage of the prophecy makes a difference
      Yes it does.

      It looks mighty similar to the sword on the back side of the last page of the Book of Prophecy, but no one has shown us what is written on that page.
      Similar thought in my mind. What does the text on the page with the sword say?

      How can black hooded Jin Gyeom ⚫🥋🚨 seem to control present day Jin Gyeom by just being in the vicinity … was he ⚫🥋🚨 using the voices❓⁉️
      Is he time traveling from 2050? Is he the head of Alice trying to keep his empire?

      I’m glad to see this dad step up to protect his son.

      Present day Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is a good person
      Yes, other incarnations can be evil, but 2020 Jim Gyeom is and must stay good.

      Liked by 1 person

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