Alice Episode 13 Recap

Alice Episode 13 Recap

Jin Gyeom’s voiceover “There is nowhere better than here.”

2010…Park Sun Young (Kim Hee Seon) returns home to find her son Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) studying. He notes he already said hello to her in the living room. She goes to her bedroom and is stunned to find herself face to face with herself from another time dimension Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon). She asks why Tae Yi is here. Tae Yi asks her why she pretended to be her mother before leaving her at the orphanage.

Flashback…Sun Young tells Tae Yi that she’ll live her and her unborn child in this house. Tae Yi likes to work high level math equations. She also draws. Sun Young is taken aback when she recognizes a drawing from the Book of Prophecy. Sun Young rushes into her bedroom and checks Tae Yi’s drawing against the original. Tae Yi confirms she drew that drawing and another. Sun Young flips to the other drawing. Tae Yi shows Sun Young the bloody night gown she wore the night her father was shot. In the pocket is the last page of the book of prophecy. Sun Young confirms it is the last page lining it up to the ripped remnants in the book. She reads the final text “She opened the forbidden door of time and saw a world that was not meant to be seen. Her punishment is determined”.  Sun Young asks Tae Yi is she read the entire book. Tae Yi confirms she did but admits she didn’t understand it. Sun Young hugs her and assures her she doesn’t have to understand it.

In the storage room, Sun Young sets fire to the last page.

Sun Young takes Tae Yi to Hope Orphanage and tells her this is where she’ll be living from now on. Tae Yi gets upset when Sun Young says living together puts her in danger. Tae Yi grabs Sun Young and cries that she doesn’t want to be separated. Sun Young cries but leaves Tae Yi behind.

2010…Tae Yi says she tried to forgive her for leaving her. She asks if the book of prophecy was why she abandoned her. Tae Yi asks where the last page is. Sun Young says she burned it. Tae Yi declares that page was from her father. Sun Young says her father would understand why she burned the page. Jin Gyeom knocks on the door. Sun Young exits her bedroom. Jin Gyeom asks if someone is in the room with her. Sun Young denies it. She exits to cut up fruit for her son. Jin Gyeom knows there is someone in the room. He opens the door and sees Tae Yi. He faints.

Jin Gyeom wakes and remembers the car accident where Agent Oh left Tae Yi in a burning car and he almost pulled her out before time traveling with her. He asks a driver what year it is. He’s told 2010. Jin Gyeom faints.

Sun Young looks at the sleeping 19-year Jin Gyeom. He has red sores from time traveling. Tae Yi thinks he needs a doctor. Sun Young says the doctors can’t help him. Sun Young asks why Tae Yi didn’t tell her that Jin Gyeom time traveled with her. That surprises Tae Yi. Sun Young gets a phone call from the hospital saying her son is in the emergency room.

The officer looks at Jin Gyeom’s wallet while he sleeps.

Sun Young asks Tae Yi to go to the hospital and persuade Jin Gyeom to return. She doesn’t want him to worry about her death. Tae Yi assumes the last page reveals who killed her. Sun Young says is doesn’t matter and Jin Gyeom needs to abandon his search for who killed her. Tae Yi points out that Jin Gyeom’s career as a police officer is because he wanted to find out who murdered her. Sun Young says she can’t meet Jin Gyeom or she might weaken.

Tae Yi arrives at the hospital to find Jin Gyeom gone. The officer says he woke and left. Tae Yi asks to borrow the officer’s phone.

Jin Gyeom arrives at his house. He sees the 19-year version of himself sleeping in his bed. Sun Young calls to him. He rushes to his mother and hugs her. She forces herself to push him away. She says he can’t be here. She says his presence makes things dangerous. She says catching the culprit that kills her won’t change her death but it will change things in the world he lives in. Jin Gyeom points out tomorrow is her birthday and he’ll stay for that. She tells him to leave.

19-year Jin Gyeom wakes and hears his mother’s phone ring. He answers the phone. Tae Yi pretends to be his mother and asks if he’s okay. She asks if anyone strange stopped by. Jin Gyeom tells her not to worry, everyone thinks his classmate killed herself. Tae Yi doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Jin Gyeom realizes he’s not talking to his mother but the woman he saw that looks and sounds exactly like her. Tae Yi hangs up. Sun Young enters the house. She checks Jin Gyeom’s arm, there are no red sores. Sun Young gets a message about a funeral. Jin Gyeom asks if its bad news and returns to his room.

Jin Gyeom stands outside the house. Tae Yi arrives. He’s surprised that she time traveled too. He tells Tae Yi that his mother is avoiding him but he doesn’t know why. Tae Yi asks if he ever passed out in high school. Jin Gyeom says he did not. Tae Yi speculates they are in a difference time dimension than the 2010 one they expected.

Jin Gyeom notes there are two of him in this time dimension. He knows Professor Seok was there on the day his mother was killed. He gives her a key to a hotel and leaves to find Professor Seok.

Studying 19-year Jin Gyeom hears voices. He turns around but no one is there. He listens and says okay. He leaves the house. Tae Yi watches him go.

Do Yeon sees a man in a dark coat as she goes up the stairs to the roof and lay flowers at her friend’s memorial. 19-year Jin Gyeom joins her. She asks if her friend said anything before, she died. Jin Gyeom says she wanted him to save her.

Flashback…19-year Jin Gyeom pushes the girl off the roof.

Jin Gyeom walks toward Do Yeon. He asks if she wants to be saved too. He walks away.

Do Yeon walks home. Tae Yi follows. She claims to be Jin Gyeom’s aunt. She asks if Jin Gyeom has been acting odd lately. Do Yeon doesn’t want to talk about that or what Jin Gyeom said to her on the roof. She walks away. She screams. Tae Yi rushes to her. A flip phone is next to her.

Jin Gyeom learns that Professor Seok was killed the previous evening.

Sun Young pays her respects at the memorial.

Tae Yi calls Jin Gyeom to let him know Do Yeon is in the hospital. He arrives. She says he can’t go in the room. Tae Yi says Do Yeon was attacked from behind. She gives him the flip phone he found.

Sun Young returns home. She calls her son’s flip phone, which Jin Gyeom now has. Sun Young asks her son where he is. Jin Gyeom doesn’t answer and hangs up. Sun Young wonders what is going on. She redials but the phone is off.

19-year-old Jin Gyeom returns to the house and finds his phone outside. He sees someone in the shadows. He smiles. He goes in the house. Jin Gyeom watches his younger self enters his house.

Sun Young asks her son where he was. She asks if his phone is broken. He says no and enters his room. He hears voices calling to him. He puts his hands over his ears but the voices continue. He sees red sores from time travel on his arm. He smiles.

Tae Yi urges Jin Gyeom to tell Sun Young. Jin Gyeom declares his younger self would never hurt Do Yeon. He shares that in this time dimension, Professor Seok is dead. He notes Professor Seok got the book of prophecy from his mother. He plans to search Professor Seok’s office.

Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom search Professor Seok’s office. Tae Yi remembers that Professor Seok’s staff recognized her when she first time traveled. They find a secret room where Sun Young worked on time travel. They find the book of prophecy. They read the door of time is opened, a child will control time travel, but it will cause him pain not happiness, for he will suffer immeasurable loss. Tae Yi flips to the end of the book. The last page is missing.

Flashback…a young Tae Yi draws a picture from the last page of the book.

Tae Yi tells Jin Gyeom she’s seen the last page of the book. She writes what she remembers from the last page “as a price for opening the door of time, she will die by her son’s hand”.  Tae Yi looks at Jin Gyeom.

Sun Young sleeps. 19-year Jin Gyeom enters her room and flexes his hand over her throat. He does nothing and stands. Sun Young sighs in relief. Jin Gyeom asks if she was faking sleep. Sun Young sits up startled. Jin Gyeom smiles. He leaves her room.

Jin Gyeom refuses to accept those words. Tae Yi says the last page said those words. Tae Yi says that she doesn’t suspect Jin Gyeom but rather his 19-year-old self. Jin Gyeom yells there is no way he killed his mother. He hears voices. Tae Yi doesn’t hear them. Jin Gyeom hears the voices again. He holds his ears. He sinks to his knees and yells for the voice to stop. Spots appear on him. He screams.

The next morning, 19-year Jin Gyeom rejects his mother’s offer of breakfast and leaves the house. Sun Young gets a phone call and rushes out.

She goes to Tae Yi’s hotel room where Jin Gyeom is sleeping. Tae Yi explains that Jin Gyeom heard voices all night and just fell asleep. Sun Young clarifies Jin Gyeom was hearing voice of people living in different time dimensions. Sun Young says every time Jin Gyeom time travels something bad happens. Tae Yi utters the words from the last page. She asks if Jin Gyeom will kill her. She asks if Sun Young tried to stop time travel to stop her son from killing her. She hands her the book of prophecy. Tae Yi wants to know how to stop time travel. Sun Young says it can’t be stopped. Tae Yi points out Sun Young created time travel. Sun Young insists she can’t stop time travel. She says Tae Yi’s mother was the first to find the book of prophecy. Tae Yi is taken aback. Sun Young says Tae Yi’s mother was a time traveler.

Outside, Sun Young tells Tae Yi at 19 she invented time travel. She heard there was a book that describe the end of time travel. She couldn’t believe the end of time travel was described when she had just invented it. Sun Young says Tae Yi’s mother found the book and left with it. Sun Young doesn’t know why Tae Yi’s mother left with the book and went to 1986. There Tae Yi’s mother married Dr. Jang, Tae Yi’s father. Tae Yi’s mother died giving birth to Tae Yi. Sun Young time traveled to 1992 to find the book. But Dr. Jang was murdered and the last page was missing. Sun Young decided to raise Tae Yi as her own daughter. She shares she grew up as an orphan too. That’s why she invented time travel. She only remembered her father’s face but the 1992-time travel allowed her to find her father. Tae Yi gasps in shock. Sun Young says her mother found the book of prophecy and her father was Dr. Jang. The orphaned little girl was herself. She decided to change her fate. She didn’t want the woman who opened the door of time to pay the price the book stated she would pay. Sun Young tells Tae Yi to forget everything she’s learned and avoid Jin Gyeom. Sun Young gives her the location where her parents are buried.

Tae Yi visits the cemetery and visits her parent’s grave. The marker says they surpassed time and sleep together.

Jin Gyeom wakes in the hotel to find his mother there. He tells her he’s okay.

Sun Young makes Jin Gyeom a feast. He says it has been 10 years since he ate her food. He digs in and cries. He tells her the food is yummy. He says he could never kill her. He says he’ll find the real culprit. Sun Young tells him not to worry. Jin Gyeom vows to protect her then he’ll leave. His mother says being his mother was the happiest time in her life. She says Jin Gyeom turned out great even without her. She knows she need not worry about his future.

19-year-old Jin Gyeom is taking a test. He hears voices. He gets up and leaves the school room. He meets Professor Seok who bows to him.

Jin Gyeom follows his 19-year-old self. He goes to the bakery to get the cake for his mother. Jin Gyeom sees Professor Seok who takes off running. Jin Gyeom chases him.

Tae Yi leaves the cemetery.

Jin Gyeom and Professor Seok chase each other through the streets.

Tae Yi arrives at the house. She hides when 19-year-old Jin Gyeom arrives and puts the cake on the table. He goes into his room. When he exits, he sees someone in his mother’s bedroom. Sun Young returns home and finds the cake and the birthday card from Jin Gyeom. She asks him to light the candles on the cake.

Sun Young finds Tae Yi in her room. Tae Yi demands to know why Sun Young lied about being able to stop time travel. Tae Yi says when Professor Seok found her 10 year ago, he wanted Tae Yi to continue Sun Young’s research. Sun Young pulls Tae Yi into the storage room.

Sun Young confirms she found a way to stop time travel. But the consequences were bigger than she expected. She explains that when time travel stops, everything resets. Time travel and time travelers disappear. Tae Yi declares this is what they want. Sun Young says it isn’t. She locks Tae Yi in the storage room.

Professor Seok points a gun at Jin Gyeom who easily disarms him. Professor Seok laughs at the situation. He tells Jin Gyeom when he knows everything, he’ll find this moment funny too. Jin Gyeom says Professor Seok killed his mother. Professor Seok says he didn’t but her death is inevitable. Professor Seok tells Jin Gyeom to accept the truth. Jin Gyeom punches Professor Seok who slides to the ground.

Tae Yi hears Sun Young’s scream. She searches the storage room for tools to get out. She knocks over items. She finds a picture frame with a picture of herself and a young Jin Gyeom in front of the carousel. Inside the frame, she finds the last page of the book of prophecy.

Flashback…Sun Young blows out the corner of the last page after she lights it.

Jin Gyeom rushes into his house. He finds his mother bloody and one the floor. He cradles and cries over his dead mother. 19-year-old Jin Gyeom enters the room. His hands are bloody. Jin Gyeom faces his 19-year-old self. He utters “it was you”. He demands to know why his 19-year self did this. He puts his hands around his throat.

My Thoughts

The voices and time travel effects changed everything. Writer Kim Kyu Won gave twisted the story by having 19-year Jin Gyeom kill his mother due to the voices he heard from other time dimensions and the effects of time travel. Sigh. I don’t like this twist. Why? Because the voices telling Jin Gyeom to do things and he doing them seems silly. 19-year-old Jin Gyeom suddenly being menacing, killing the girl on the rooftop, threatening to kill Do Yeon and hurting her, then killing his mother…all because of voices and the effects of time travel seemed flimsy. Let’s see if Writer Kim can sell it better next episode. What did work for me was the reveal that Sun Young realized Tae Yi was her, the orphaned child, and she decided to take care of her. We finally learned what the last page of the book of prophecy said. The reveal that the last page stated the son would kill the mother made things interesting. I didn’t mind that, but the WHY Jin Gyeom changed was the stretch. The final reveal that stopping time travel made everything reset, eliminating time travel and time travelers, would eliminate Alice, which appears be why the find the book of prophecy and murders to eliminate those working on stopping time travel began. Writer Kim should make this gel in the remaining 3 episodes of this series.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) was horrified to learn he killed his mother. Jin Gyeom couldn’t fathom that his 19-year-old self would kill his mother. He clung to the belief that Professor Seok killed his mother. 19-year-old Jin Gyeom had Professor Seok distract Jin Gyeom so he could kill his mother. Jin Gyeom found his bloody lifeless mother on the floor. But this time, the 19-year-old Jin Gyeom appear his hands bloody from the kill. Enraged, Jin Gyeom put his hands around his younger self and demanded to know why.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) aka Park Sun Young are different version of the same person. Sun Young, former Alice agent, time traveled to 1992, found her younger self orphaned when Dr. Jang was murdered. Sun Young told Tae Yi that their mother found the book of prophecy and fled to 1986 to begin again. Future explanation on this plot point needs to be forthcoming.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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7 comments on “Alice Episode 13 Recap
  1. melissa m hilburn says:

    Thank you for explaining that. My mind is spinning on a time travel loop….Who is what?? Have mercy


  2. edisoncheam says:

    Am I the only one curious about Tae yi’s mother? The name written on the tomb was, An Si Yeon….


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m trying to get this cacophony of duplicate (or more) versions of characters and timelines straightened out.
    The timeline changed due to Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 and Tae Yi’s 💳 time travel, which changed 2010 Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 into a psychopath, who injured Do Yeon, and killed the high school student and his mother, Park Sun Young 🤱💳. I concur the dramatic change in 19 year old 2010 version of Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 seemed to be a stretch. But then again schizophrenia patients have been known to become violent after hearing voices. What is up with the radiation ☢ rashes coming and going on the two versions of Jin Gyeom❓⁉️

    Is the writer using the “different dimensions”, in order to keep the “butterfly 🦋 effect” from directly impacting our 2020 characters❓⁉️ Yet … the 2020 version of Professor Seok 🦋, who was recently murdered, was all about eliminating time travel, so there would be no butterfly 🦋 effect … so where is butterfly 🦋 effect on 2020❓⁉️ It was mentioned in an earlier episode that life experiences make people who they, which to a degree makes sense. Many other time travel dramas have had memories changed, either consciously or unconsciously … there has been no mention of changes in memory on this series, even though changes were taking place in 2010. For instance, Sun Young 🤱💳 was stabbed in her house by 2010 psychopath Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨. I wonder who killed 2020 Jin Gyeom’s mom in 2010 … it cannot be Jin Gyeom, unless it was a version from a different dimension.

    The “Teacher” or “Master’s” REAL IDENTITY is still clouded as we saw a version of Professor Seok 🦋 call Jin Gyeom “Teacher” or “Master” as he bowed to the high school student in this episode. What version of Professor Seok 🦋 killed the 2020 version of Professor Seok 🦋❓⁉️ was it the same one who killed the 2010 version of Professor Seok 🦋❓⁉️ ✳ AACK❗ TUGGING ON MY HAIR ✳ … It is enough to drive me cRaZy 🤯.

    Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 grief at having to relive his mother’s death without being able to stop it YET AGAIN, was palpable. Discovering that another dimension of himself did the deed had to be shocking. Tae Yi 💳 was STUNNED to find out that Sun Young 🤱💳 was not only the woman she believed to be her mother, but an older version of herself. I don’t understand the relationship of the picture on last page of the Book of Prophecy to its verbiage … how does the snake threatening Alice in Wonderland respresent to the son killing the mother❓⁉️


    • What is up with the radiation ☢ rashes coming and going on the two versions of Jin Gyeom❓⁉️
      Are those from time travel or something else?

      I wonder who killed 2020 Jin Gyeom’s mom in 2010 … it cannot be Jin Gyeom, unless it was a version from a different dimension.
      The inferred murderers include been Professor Seok, Team Lead Ki, and Captain Go.

      The “Teacher” or “Master’s” REAL IDENTITY is still clouded as we saw a version of Professor Seok 🦋 call Jin Gyeom “Teacher” or “Master” as he bowed to the high school student in this episode.

      Tae Yi 💳 was STUNNED to find out that Sun Young 🤱💳 was not only the woman she believed to be her mother, but an older version of herself.
      Writer Kim’s script made this point clear. It made sense.

      I don’t understand the relationship of the picture on last page of the Book of Prophecy to its verbiage … how does the snake threatening Alice in Wonderland respresent to the son killing the mother❓⁉️
      The importance of the book of prophecy, it’s meaning, and impact has been a drum Writer Kim has beaten the entire series, yet it is still murky.

      Liked by 1 person

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