Flower of Evil Review

Synopsis. Flower of Evil is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about couple whose marriage is built on a lie; the husband is pretending to be someone he isn’t.  As things unfold that wife’s loyalty to her husband is tested as she’s forced to answer these questions – is my husband a liar? is my husband a murderer? should I ditch him? Meanwhile the husband battles his own past demons and must answer these questions – can I find the threatening cohort of my dead serial killer father? can I save my marriage while trying to find the truth? can I continue to protect my sister? can I ever feel love?

What I liked.

A couple tested in an interesting way. Writer Yoo Jung Hee made our couple the centerpiece in a drama with serial killers, human trafficking, identity switches, and liars everywhere. Writer Yoo never lost sight that the twists, turns, and reveals were the ultimate test for this couple. Their survival or implosion was the crux of the story.

Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi). Hyun Soo’s marriage was built on a lie, having assumed another man’s identity, with the approval of the man’s parents. His past was unknown to his wife and he wanted to keep it that way. But lies never stay hidden forever. What Hyun Soo assumed about himself was wrong. What the world assumed about him was wrong. His only option was to find the truth (fraught with danger) and deal with the consequences (easier said than done). Lee Joon Gi had a tricky path to walk with this character. Was he misunderstood or a monster? Could he love or was pretense his only option? Could he escape the pull of his past? With all those questions, would you root for this husband? You could. That is the magic of Lee Joon Gi. We saw Hyun Soo’s heart even if he was oblivious.

Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won). Her faith in her husband was shaken with the reveals that would have sent most running. But Ji Won’s heart believed in her husband, their love, and their family life. While the truth unfolded Ji Won’s ethics were tested, marriage was stressed, career almost crumbled, and yet she battled for her man, marriage, and family. Her resolve was amazing. She never came off as a love struck idiot. Rather Moon Chae Won imbued her with determination to find the truth while recognizing the truth could implode her future.

What I didn’t like.
Had to suspend logic at times. Writer Yoo built a layered story that teetered several times. A writer’s less than logical choice(s) forces viewers to accept or deny the subsequent story ripples. This lessens my enjoyment and heightens awareness that impending plot points may be lacking.  In addition, the final episode’s focus was a drawn out longer than needed.

Would I recommend 
Flower of Evil
? Yes.  Our leads had the chemistry and skill to breath life into this couple’s battle for survival under stressful circumstances. Reader Snow Flower put it best “The love of Hyun Soo and Ji Won was truly the heart of the story. I can interpret the name of the show as a reference to the love story. That such a deep love could blossom even amid deception and tragedy shows that evil cannot last forever and it takes a beautiful flower to break evil’s shackles“.

. This drama’s OST had 3 vocal tracks and 42 instrumental tracks.  Dramawiki has the OST details (link). My favorite song was Psycho sung by DOKO.
Listen to the tracks of the OST:

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6 comments on “Flower of Evil Review
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Aw, thank you for including my comment in your review, KJT! I agree with you that it was a very good and emotionally satisfying drama, despite the logical stretches. I am willing to forgive the logical lapses because of the excellent acting performances and the great emotional pay off.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Excellent review of Flower of Evil❗

    I concur that the suspensions of logic were annoying in an otherwise well written drama, however the excellent acting, especially between Hyun Soo and his serial murderer father’s cohort were amazing … it was the best acting of seen of all of the primary cast members. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Flower of Evil, NO squandering of your precious Kdrama viewing time in this drama.

    Thank you for including the OST link, I look forward to listening to it. 42 instrumental tracks is amazing. there must be some short ones in the mix.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Snow Flower says:

    Here is a piece for piano I composed recently. it was inspired by Flower of Evil. It is my musical review of the drama!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kay says:

    I absolutely loved this series 🙂 Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won were fantastic. Romance, mystery, suspense, and a roller coaster of emotions. Such a great watch! Glad you enjoyed it too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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