Would I Date Him? Flower of Evil

This time on “Would I Date Him?” I reflect upon the leading man from the series Flower of Evil.

Our candidate: Flower of Evil’s Do Hyun Soo portrayed by Lee Joon Gi, is a craftsman, husband and father whose life is built on lies.

Background. Do Hyun Soo is man with a hidden past and a manufactured present. As the truth is revealed, everything he holds dear is put in jeopardy.

His pluses:

LOYAL. He loved his wife. He loved his child. Believing himself incapable of love, he didn’t realize that his every action proclaimed his love for the women in his life.
PROTECTIVE. Hyun Soo wanted to guard his wife and daughter from his past. He took risks to find the truth and keep his life together. The odds were never in his favor but he didn’t stop trying shield his family.
CLEVER. Hyun Soo managed to gain advantages even with blind spots, lack of knowledge and opponents who knew everything.

His minuses:

BAGGAGE FROM THE PAST. His father was a serial killer and messed with his head. He believed himself incapable of love. He took the blame for a murder his sister committed. He was mistreated by the village. He took over another man’s identity (at the request of the man’s parents no less). These are things you don’t dust off at the end of the day. They stay with you, though they may lessen with time and love.

Is he my next date?
NO. 👎 Hyun Soo has positives but his past is permanent wound that would be a challenge to deal with.

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15 comments on “Would I Date Him? Flower of Evil
  1. beez says:

    I totally agree with you on this one, kjt. “More trouble than he’s worth” might be the category I’d place him in, at least if I’m judging before entering a relationship. Now, HOWEVER, if, like Det. Cha, you’re already in a relationship with a hottie who looks and kisses AND draws your bath water like Hyun soo (all while wrapped up in the cover package of Joon ki), well…

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    • Snow Flower says:

      I agree with beez and KJT. In real life, someone like Hyun Soo would not make a good dating partner. He would have to sort his issues before starting to date. However, I understand Det. Cha too and admire her for her faithfulness and courage.

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  2. Victoria Son says:

    I definitely agree.

    Tbh, I feel like some women may get the wrong takeaway from their relationship in the show. To them, it could be seen as justification to stick with that emotionally unavailable, toxic guy in their own lives. They think, “I can change him…”

    The difference is, this guy in the show wanted to change for himself, and I think that point is overlooked in real life relationships like this.

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    • I feel like some women may get the wrong takeaway from their relationship in the show. To them, it could be seen as justification to stick with that emotionally unavailable, toxic guy in their own lives. They think, “I can change him…”
      “Don’t Try To Change Him, He’ll Change Himself If He Loves You” and “Don’t force him to change, inspire him instead” are good advice. Women deserve to be happy in their relationships. Happiness is the prize.

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  3. Jane Tilly says:

    UMmm … he’s married.

    He has a long history of lies and deception, which don’t bode well for getting involved with him, even if he were single.


  4. Snow Flower says:

    He is perfect…for Detective Cha!

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  5. beez says:

    @JT, DramaDazed & Snow Flower – fantasy buzz killers! 😠😡😂


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, you didn’t say if you would date him or not.


      • beez says:

        I labeled him “more trouble than he’s worth”. But since he is wrapped in Lee Joong ki’s body, if he racked on a few pounds of muscle and if he were really persistent…

        Heck, you know me, JT, with my tendencies to fall for bad boys – I’m just as likely to fall for the Newly Awakened Serial Killer. Whew! He’s gorgeous! 😆

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        • beez says:

          Especially when his evil brain is working. Why can’t they look like that when they’re not plotting evil?

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        • Jane Tilly says:

          I concur Lee Joon Gi needs a few pounds on him … admittedly i might go out with him once,, if he were single and i didn’t know him well … but that’s A LOT if BAGGAGE!

          I agree with you that Hee Sung was gorgeous … ad could use a couple of pounds himself,, but the relationship may not last that long … or at least you may not … him being a serial killer and all.

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