Alice Episode 10 Recap

Alice Episode 10 Recap

Tae Yi’s voiceover “Everything becomes clear once the right time comes. Time is the father of truth.”

2020… Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) faints. Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) holds her. He pulls up her sleeve and sees the time travel marks. Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) rushes to her side. Jin Gyeom glares at Min Hyeok who moves toward Tae Yi. Min Hyeok says Tae Yi time traveled. He has something to heal her. Jin Gyeom can’t say no.

Both men watch Tae Yi sleep. Min Hyeok tells Jin Gyeom to stay by her side. Jin Gyeom asks why Min Hyeok is helping Tae Yi. Min Hyeok says they have similar reasons. He shares he was with Tae Yi in 1992 and she decided to remain instead of returning to the future. Jin Gyeom asks why she’d stay. Min Hyeok says she was pregnant with Jin Gyeom, and stayed to give birth to him. Min Hyeok says Tae Yi gave up everything for Jin Gyeom. He tells Jin Gyeom to stay out of trouble for his mother’s sake. Jin Gyeom asks why Min Hyeok cares about this. Min Hyeok says he was her friend. Min Hyeok says he didn’t know Tae Yi had died or had given birth to a son. Min Hyeok apologizes for not protecting Jin Gyeom. He promises to catch the culprit. Jin Gyeom pulls his gun and says Min Hyeok is a suspect in his mother’s death. Min Hyeok points out putting him in jail will bring other agents which will endanger Tae Yi.

Min Hyeok leaves the house where his son and the mother of his child are. He looks into the night.

Jin Gyeom watches Tae Yi sleep.

2050… Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am pours Min Hyeok a drink. He apologizes for not knowing about Jin Gyeom sooner. Min Hyeok says Agent Oh knew things and said nothing. He asks for some time off. Min Hyeok says he will investigate Agent Oh. Team Lead Ki wonders if Min Hyeok will extract revenge. Min Hyeok points out he’s the one that let Tae Yi go when she was pregnant. He admits he could have tracked her down but didn’t. His pride was pricked by her decision and he couldn’t forgive her. Min Hyeok says he let her raise a child in an unfamiliar world which led to her death. Min Hyeok only wants to know who killed Tae Yi in 1992 then he’ll give the information to Jin Gyeom who can pursue justice. Team Lead Ki vows to protect Jin Gyeom. He promises to help anyway he can. Team Lead Ki asks if Jin Gyeom knows Min Hyeok is his father. Min Hyeok says he must find who killed Jin Gyeom’s mother before he can admit who he is to his son.

2020…The next morning Tae Yi wakes to find Jin Gyeom sleeping against the bed. She realizes he took care of her. She touches his hair. She looks at the necklace Jin Gyeom gave her for her birthday.

Flashback…2021…Tae Yi declares Jin Gyeom wouldn’t die easily.

Tae Yi checks her calendar. She vows to change everything and save Jin Gyeom.

Jin Gyeom wakes to find Tae Yi gone. He finds Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) staring at the birthday cake he got Tae Yi. He asks if she knows where Tae Yi is. Do Yeon says she went to meet someone. Jin Gyeom calls but Tae Yi doesn’t pick up. Do Yeon asks if yesterday was Tae Yi’s birthday. Jin Gyeom brushes that off. Do Yeon lists all the oddities that seem to have something to do with time travel. Now a woman that looks exactly like his mother has the same birthday. Jin Gyeom doesn’t respond. Do Yeon knows he won’t tell her. She vows to find the truth on her own.

Do Yeon meets with Tae Yi and says she wants to write an article on Professor Seok. She asks Tae Yi to cooperate. But she really wants to know why Tae Yi said they’d vacation in Spain together next year. Do Yeon asks if this happens in a parallel universe. Do Yeon suspects their relationship won’t evolve to vacation buddies, therefore it is parallel universe her. Do Yeon says she asking because of Jin Gyeom. Because Tae Yi looks like his mother and draws him to her. Do Yeon wants Tae Yi to stay away from Jin Gyeom. Do Yeon says the request isn’t out of jealousy, it is out of fear. Do Yeon says that Jin Gyeom has evolved during the last 10 years so that he realizes he made his mother’s life harder than it had to be. Jin Gyeom will stay by Tae Yi and protect her, which means danger. Do Yeon asks her to stay away. Tae Yi calls her a good friend. Tae Yi apologizes that she must stay with Jin Gyeom because he needs her. She must do what she can to help.

Nice scene.

Officer Kim reports on his attempt to find Dr. Jang’s wife. Officer Kim assumes Jin Gyeom knew that Tae Yi is Dr. Jang’s daughter. Jin Gyeom confirms. Officer Kim asks why Jin Gyeom didn’t tell him. Jin Gyeom says Tae Yi doesn’t know so he couldn’t share that fact. Officer Kim believes the woman that took Tae Yi to the orphanage was impersonating Dr. Jang’s wife. Officer Kim confirms Dr. Jang’s wife is dead and buried. Officer Kim suggests that Tae Yi should be told about her mother’s death. Jin Gyeom says he will when the time is right. Jin Gyeom remembers that Min Hyeok time traveled with a woman per witness reports.

Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom share a meal at the house. She pledges to make sure he eats well. She gives him supplements for his health. Tae Yi asks if Jin Gyeom has a bucket list of things to do before he can’t. Jin Gyeom asks why she’s asking. She suggests she pick items from bucket lists to see what interests him. He picks the boring ones. Jin Gyeom asks why she’s not wearing the necklace. She says she’ll save it for a special occasion. She suggests an amusement park.

At the amusement park, Tae Yi loves the roller coaster, Jin Gyeom hates it. She wears the necklace. A couple asks Jin Gyeom to take a picture of them. He complies. He suggests they have a picture taken. She agrees and leans in. She looks at the picture and realizes she saw it in 2021. She deletes the photo. Jin Gyeom asks what is going on. He knows she learned something in the future. Tae Yi wishes he’d give up searching for the person that killed his mother. Jin Gyeom asks if something happens to him. Tae Yi blurts he’ll be killed while searching for his mother’s killer. Jin Gyeom asks if she knows who kills his mother. Jin Gyeom says the only thing on his bucket list is finding out who killed his mother. He asks her to share what she knows.

Flashback…Professor Seok states Jin Gyeom was pursuing the last page in the book of prophecy. Professor Seok says Jin Gyeom wanted to know who killed his mother. But that pursuit got him killed. The person that killed his mother killed Jin Gyeom.

Tae Yi points out that Jin Gyeom has people that love him and he shouldn’t turn his back on that reality. Jin Gyeom walks away.

Jin Gyeom calls Officer Kim about the book of prophecy. He says it may identify who he’s seeking. Jin Gyeom wants to search for Professor Seok. He believes Professor Seok is still alive.

2050…Min Hyeok tells Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am that one of the agents sent a message the morning Tae Yi was killed in 2010. He asks which agent utilized that number. Team Lead Ki admits Agent Oh used the number. He points out that doesn’t prove she killed Tae Yi. Min Hyeok agrees and says he must find out if Agent Oh time traveled to talk to Lee Se Hoon in 2011.

2020…Lee Se Hoon is released from prison. Agent Oh watches him. He is followed. Lee Se Hoon senses it and hides in his motel room.

Jin Gyeom searches for Professor Seok. Lee Se Hoon calls him. He says if Jin Gyeom can protect him, he’ll tell him who killed his mother. The door to the motel room opens.

Min Hyeok drives through the city.

Officer Kim tells Jin Gyeom where Lee Se Hoon made the call from.

Min Hyeok gets to the motel first. He enters the room and finds Lee Se Hoon dead. He calls it in. Jin Gyeom arrives. Min Hyeok pulls his gun and then sees it is Jin Gyeom. He lowers the gun. Jin Gyeom accuses him of killing Lee Se Hoon. Min Hyeok says it wasn’t him but he’ll have to explain later. Jin Gyeom doesn’t believe him. Min Hyeok says he’s tracking the person that killed his mother. Jin Gyeom hits Min Hyeok and demands to know why he killed his mother. Min Hyeok runs. Jin Gyeom pursues. Min Hyeok grazes Jin Gyeom with his car and stop to make sure he’s okay. Then he drives away as Jin Gyeom fires on Min Hyeok’s car.

2050…Min Hyeok tells Agent Choi to review the CCTV noting Lee Se Hoon was killed just before he arrived. Agent Choi informs him that CCTV was deleted. Min Hyeok asks where Agent Oh is.

Min Hyeok enters the conference room where Agent Oh is. He demands to know if she set Tae Yi’s death in motion. She denies it. He declares in 2010 Agent Oh texted Tae Yi. Agent Oh asks if Min Hyeok believes she killed Tae Yi. Agent Oh snaps that Min Hyeok lied to her. She explains that Lee Se Hoon told her Tae Yi had the book of prophecy. So she met with Tae Yi (aka Park Sun Young in 2010) to learn the truth. But Tae Yi didn’t share the book. Agent Oh wanted Tae Yi to know her actions were dangerous and selfish. Min Hyeok asks if she killed Tae Yi. Agent Oh denies the deed though she wished her dead. Min Hyeok demands to know why. Agent Oh claims she was going to tell him but decided against because his life would be upended. Agent Oh can’t believe that one Tae Yi died only to have another Tae Yi rivet his attention. She wanted Min Hyeok but he is obsessed with Tae Yi. Agent Oh slides the CCTV footage of Lee Se Hoon since his release to Min Hyeok. She says he can choose to believe what he sees or not. She leaves.

As suspected, Agent Oh wanted Min Hyeok for herself.

Jin Gyeom tells Officer Kim he saw the suspect. Officer Kim counters Lee Se Hoon died 2 hours ago and it doesn’t make sense for the killer to hang around for 2 hours. That gets Jin Gyeom’s attention. Captain Go looks at Jin Gyeom who ponders the situation.

Captain Go looks the book of the prophecy. He feels the cut out last page. He puts the book away. He takes out a flip phone.

Captain Go’s wife remembers when she first met her husband. He claims not to remember. She shares a friend’s husband has stage 3 cancer. She admonishes her husband to stay healthy. She chides him for scratching the back of his neck.

Tae Yi visits her orphanage nun mother and asks if she bought a book or piece of paper with her. The answer is no. The nun says the other man asked the same question. Tae Yi points out Officer Kim in the team photo. The nun confirms he was the most recent visit. Then the nun points to Captain Go and says he was the one asking questions about her father previously.

Flashback…Captain Go asks the nun if Tae Yi remembers her biological father who died in 1992.

Tae Yi doesn’t believe her stating Captain Go is the captain. The nun admits she could be wrong.

Captain Go tries to resign.  His boss refuses to accept the notice. Captain Go says he wants a peaceful life.

Tae Yi asks if she can speak with Captain Go. She asks how he became close to Jin Gyeom. Captain Go wants to know why she’s interested. She wants to know how Jin Gyeom came to know Captain Go well enough that he moved into his home. Captain Go shares that Jin Gyeom was frame because of him. Jin Gyeom doesn’t find that sufficient to bring Jin Gyeom into his home. Tae Yi asks why Captain Go and his wife didn’t adopt children. Captain Go says they weren’t interested in adoption. Tae Yi asks why he visited the orphanage. Captain Go lies he didn’t visit the orphanage. He drops his phone and bends over to pick it up. Tae Yi sees the Sigma symbol behind Captain Go’s ear.

Troubled, she tells Jin Gyeom she’s seen the Sigma symbol before that Captain Go has behind his ear. She shares Captain Go went to the orphanage and asked about her father. Jin Gyeom believes it was related to the case. Tae Yi says it wasn’t. She tells him she’ll sleep at her parent’s house tonight.

The coroner tells Jin Gyeom that Lee Se Hoon had a capsule in his stomach which he suspects was poison. Jin Gyeom sees the Sigma symbol behind Lee Se Hoon’s ear. The coroner remembers Ju Hae Min had a Sigma symbol behind his ear. That gets Jin Gyeom’s attention.

Officer Kim reports CCTV footage was deleted but he secured the dash cam footage. Jin Gyeom reviews the dash cam footage.

2050…Min Hyeok review the CCTV footage. He sees Captain Go enter the motel.

Does Jin Gyeom see Captain Go enter the motel on the dash cam footage?

Min Hyeok tells Team Lead Ki that the man visited Lee Se Hoon in 2010 and conducted illegal time travel. Min Hyeok finds it suspicious he’s the ranking officer for Tae Yi’s case. Team Lead Ki wonders if Captain Go deliberately formed a relationship with Jin Gyeom. Min Hyeok believes so but doesn’t know why. Team Lead Ki says this needs to be reported to HQ. Min Hyeok asks for a bit more time. Team Lead Ki agrees he can have a bit more time.

Captain Go and his wife are surprised when Jin Gyeom stops by with a fruit basket for the work on his mother’s memorial. She urges him to stay for dinner. Jin Gyeom asks to speak with Captain Go outside.

2014…Captain Go sits next to Jin Gyeom in the public bath. Jin Gyeom says this is a new experience. Captain Go scrubs Jin Gyeom’s back. He tells Jin Gyeom he’ll help him go forward in life. He suggests Jin Gyeom call him dad.

Jin Gyeom asks Captain Go to pour him a drink. Captain Go is surprised but complies.  They drink. Captain Go says Jin Gyeom gets better and better as time goes by. Jin Gyeom pours himself another drink. He holds the dashcam footage. Captain Go asks if it is about the Lee Se Hoon case. Jin Gyeom decides not to show him the footage. He lies that he hasn’t found anything yet. Jin Gyeom thanks him for helping him mature. He asks Captain Go to stay by his side.

Nice scene.

Do Yeon parents suggest another man for their daughter. Do Yeon says Jin Gyeom is perfect. She gets a phone call from Captain Go.

Do Yeon arrives thrilled to drive Jin Gyeom home. She offers Captain Go a ride home too. Captain Go says he’ll walk. Do Yeon and Jin Gyeom depart. Captain Go watches them go. Jin Gyeom watches Captain Go in the mirror.

Do Yeon ask why Jin Gyeom drank with Captain Go. Jin Gyeom claims he felt like it. Jin Gyeom considers and then drops the dashcam footage out the window.

Jin Gyeom has a strong attachment to Captain Go if he’s willing to throw away evidence.

Captain Go gets a call from someone he calls sir.

2010…Captain Go visits Lee Se Hoon in prison. He wants information on Tae Yi. Captain Go says he is going to kill her. Captain Go enters Tae Yi (aka Park Sun Young) house with a gun in his hand.

Jin Gyeom tells Do Yeon he didn’t drink much. Do Yeon suggests they get a drink. She’s thrilled. Officer Kim calls Jin Gyeom and reports he’s found Professor Seok.

Tae Yi listens the news report about Lee Se Hoon’s death. She takes the flash drive she took from Jin Gyeom’s belongings in 2021. She sees Captain Go exit the motel Lee Se Hoon stayed at. She knows Captain Go killed Lee Se Hoon, visited the orphanage and has the sigma sign.

Jin Gyeom asks Officer Kim how he found Professor Seok. He reports there was an abandoned car at an amusement park that was rented to Ju Hae Min. Officer Kim believes Lee Se Hoon rented the car. He states Professor Seok’s DNA was found in the car.

Officer Kim and Jin Gyeom drive to the scene. Enroute, Jin Gyeom calls Captain Go. Seeing the call is from Jin Gyeom, Captain Go ignores the call. Captain Go calls the person and says he’ll take care of Professor Seok.

Officer Kim and Jin Gyeom arrive at the amusement park. Officers Hong and Ha says the car was there for a week. They agree to search for Professor Seok.

Jin Gyeom spots Captain Go’s car. He tells Officer Kim they should split up to search. Officer Kim agrees and goes another direction. Jin Gyeom confirms it is Captain Go’s car. Jin Gyeom searches. He finds the steps to the cellar. He goes down the steps. He turns off his flashlight and draws his gun.

Captain Go draws his gun to kill Professor Seok.

Jin Gyeom slowly opens the door. He sees….

My Thoughts

Captain Go is revealed to be one of Teacher’s assassins. Writer Kim Kyu Won delivered a gut punch to Jin Gyeom when he saw the dashcam footage of Captain Go leaving the hotel around the time Lee Se Hoon was murdered. He didn’t want to believe it. But he was compelled to pursue the truth. He drank with Captain Go and wanted to confront him, but couldn’t. Captain Go befriended him during a difficult time and acted as a surrogate father. Jin Gyeom was in denial that Captain Go could befriend him for ulterior motives and be willing to kill. The final scene implies that Jin Gyeom will see Captain Go draw his gun on Professor Seok. Will Jin Gyeom say anything before Captain Go shoots Professor Seok? Who is Teacher, the puppet master? Is it Team Lead Ki? Another terrific episode, full of moments, reveals, and emotion.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) didn’t want to believe his eyes and the dashcam footage. Jin Gyeom loves Captain Go and considers him a surrogate father. To entertain the idea that Captain Go is a liar, murderer and false friend was almost too much for Jin Gyeom. He sought some solace with alcohol. But he couldn’t work up the courage to confront Captain Go. In the amusement park, Jin Gyeom sent Officer Kim in an opposite direction to shield Captain Go from discovery. The moments between the two men were taunt. Captain Go’s easy smile hid the truth as it always has. Will Jin Gyeom be able to confront Captain Go before Professor Seok is killed?

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) (Jin Gyeom’s mother) realized Captain Go was hiding his actions. Tae Yi asked Captain Go about visiting the orphanage but he denied it. The sigma sign sported by Captain Go, Lee Se Hoon and Ju Hae Min ties these three assassins together. Teacher must be the puppet master. Jin Gyeom didn’t want to hear Tae Yi’s suspicions about Captain Go. Isn’t it interesting that Tae Yi found the dashcam flash drive in Jin Gyeom’s belongings in 2021 but we saw Jin Gyeom throw away the dashcam footage in 2020? Jin Gyeom was likely killed by Captain Go because of the dashcam footage in 2021. But without the dashcam flash drive, 2020 Jin Gyeom only has suspicions but no hard evidence. Tae Yi is more than suspicious of Captain Go. This must put her in danger.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) searched for Tae Yi’s killer. Min Hyeok expressed emotion that he didn’t pursue his child or Tae Yi once she gave him the goodbye letter. He got confirmation that Agent Oh wanted Tae Yi dead so she could have him for herself. That won’t work because he’s determined to find Tae Yi’s killer. Min Hyeok couldn’t hold a gun on his son. He told Jin Gyeom that he wants to find his mother’s killer too. Jin Gyeom has considered Min Hyeok a suspect in his mother’s murder so he didn’t believe Min Hyeok. But at the end of the episode, with the horrible suspicion that Captain Go was up to no good, Jin Gyeom realized Min Hyeok might be telling the truth. I look forward to our father and son acknowledging each other.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.




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6 comments on “Alice Episode 10 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 learned that Tae Yi shares a birthday with his mother. Is he connecting the dots of his maternity❓⁉️ Tae Yi 💳 said she remembered her birthday and her name … is Sun Young🤱💳, Tae Yi’s 💳 real name or possibly her biological mother’s name❓⁉️ Officer Kim Dong Ho 🏋️‍♂️ mentioned Dr Jang’s wife, but no mention of her name. Meanwhile we had Min Hyeok 🕶 discover Tae Yi🤱💳 is dead and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is his son. “I look forward to our father and son acknowledging each other.”-KJT. As do I ❣

    “As suspected, Agent Oh wanted Min Hyeok for herself.”-KJT. Yup, that wasn’t a stretch for us, but nice to have it confirmed. Agent Oh 👤 is definitely a foe for Tae Yi/Sun Young 🤱💳 and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨, but is it about her obsession with Min Hyeok 🕶 or is there another agenda❓⁉️

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 recognized Captain Go🍶🚔 might have removed the profile of Tae Yi’s 💳 kidnapper from the list of suspects … ooh … and then there was the black box recording of Captain Go🍶🚔 following the ex-con, who was subsequently murdered, that Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 disposed … why did Tae Yi 💳 find that USB in Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 house in 2021 … what changed the timeline❓⁉️ “Jin Gyeom has a strong attachment to Captain Go if he’s willing to throw away evidence.” -KJT. Is this why he was blinded into being apparently murdered by Captain Go 🍶🚔 in October 2020❓⁉️ Have there been enough changes for Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 to change his “fate”❓⁉️

    When Captain Go 🍶🚔 held the funeral ritual for Sun Young🤱💳, I wondered if he had a hand in her murder and was assuaging his guilt with the ritual. I’m having a difficult time believing this affable man could be the one who killed Sun Young🤱💳 and will kill him, even though everything points to Captain Go 🍶🚔 … there’s definitely something not right about him. Was Captain Go 🍶🚔 possibly promised an Alice-like experience to see his son who passed away or is it he being threatened❓⁉️ Was it Agent Oh 👤 extending the offer/threat or someone else❓⁉️ It looks like Captain Go 🍶🚔 is not the Teacher … how long has he been a minion for the Teacher❓⁉️ I can’t help but wonder if Min Hyeok’s 🕶 hyung, TL Ki, at Alice is really his friend or part of the Tae Yi🤱💳 murder conspiracy … I consider him as a possible candidate for the Teacher.

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is the one who stopped time. I suspect that since he was exposed to radiation ☢ in utero, that changed him physically … is that what allowed him to stop time❓⁉️ Tae Yi got a radiation ☢ rash, but Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 never got one when he travelled without the portal … is that due to his physical differences❓⁉️ Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 seems to show emotion only around Tae Yi 💳.

    How much of Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 lack of emotion is due to radiation exposure and how much is due to his biological parents❓⁉️ Min Hyeok 🕶 only shows emotion when it is about Tae Yi🤱💳 and before Tae Yi’s 💳 time travel this episode she was not been particularly expressive, except for irritation, frustration and anger. Tae Yi 💳 short time travel changed her.


    • but is it about her obsession with Min Hyeok 🕶 or is there another agenda❓⁉️
      Good question. I’d like it to be more than jealousy.

      Have there been enough changes for Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 to change his “fate”❓⁉️
      I hope so.

      Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is the one who stopped time. I suspect that since he was exposed to radiation ☢ in utero, that changed him physically … is that what allowed him to stop time❓⁉️ Tae Yi got a radiation ☢ rash, but Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 never got one when he travelled without the portal … is that due to his physical differences❓⁉️
      Jin Gyeom was born from two time traveling parents. Good point that he’s never had a rash. It is HUGE that he stopped time.

      How much of Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 lack of emotion is due to radiation exposure and how much is due to his biological parents❓⁉️
      Interesting observation about Min Hyeok and Tae Yi who themselves don’t gush warmth but irritation is easy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Have tou noticed there isn’t any episodes this week? I believe Chuseok, which is on Thursday, is the reason for no episodes. Ohhh just when I got caught up.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DramaDazed says:

    Kjt, I like your guess that Leader Ki is suspicious… we haven’t heard about the illegal traveler gang lately but access to technology and money is probably involved. Corrupt leaders are the bane of 2020. 😁 He probably has great interest in keeping time travel going and the prophecy book is about stopping it.

    It’s interesting to me that Jin Gyeom has a clue that he can stop time but hasn’t experimented with it. Yes, huge.

    I’m a little worried that Reporter Girlfriend is about to create and or be in danger.

    Anticipation, hallmark of good story.


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