Alice Episode 9 Recap

Alice Episode 9 Recap

Jin Gyeom’s voiceover “Time is like coins in life. Those are the only coins you have and you decide how to spend them.”

2021…Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) time travels 1 year into the future. She rushes to the police station. She arrives but doesn’t recognize anyone. They recognize her. She asks where Jin Gyeom is. They remind her Jin Gyeom died last year. Tae Yi is shocked. She asks him to repeat that. She asks about Officer Kim. She asks about Jin Gyeom. She’s assured they’ll catch the culprit. Tae Yi declares Jin Gyeom isn’t dead. She said she spent the morning with him. Moments ago, he came to rescue her. She says he’s tough and wouldn’t die easy. She demands to see Jin Gyeom. We see the calendar. It’s October 2021.

Tae Yi calls Jin Gyeom and learns his number doesn’t exist.

She rushes to Jin Gyeom’s house. Everything is shrouded. With tears in her eyes, Tae Yi falls to her knees.

Flashback… Stuck in the storage room, Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) admits he can’t sell the house because he lived there with his mother.  Tae Yi is envious of the memories Jin Gyeom has of his mother. She admits the only memory she has of her mother is in 1992 when her mother left her at the orphanage. She tells Jin Gyeom when she time travels, she’ll visit him in the future. She tells him to wait for her. He promises to do so.

Tae Yi cries that she came to see him. Why isn’t he there? Why didn’t he keep his promise to wait for her?

2020…Jin Gyeom watches Ju Hae Min be loaded into an ambulance. Recall Ju Hae Min and Tae Yi fell from the rooftop where he held Tae Yi hostage. Jin Gyeom calls Tae Yi. She doesn’t pick up. He doesn’t realize she’s time traveled to 2021.

Jin Gyeom rushes to his house where the GPS locator indicates her phone is. The house is empty. He doesn’t realize she is there but in another time dimension.

2021…Tae Yi sobs over Jin Gyeom’s loss.

2020…Jin Gyeom walks through the house wondering where Tae Yi is. He sees her thank you sticky note. He writes a note asking if she’s in the house.

2021…Tae Yi sees Jin Gyeom’s note that he’s in the house. Tae Yi murmurs that he’s been waiting for her.

2020…Jin Gyeom writes another note.

2021…Tae Yi reads Jin Gyeom’s note not to be scared, no matter what year she’s in, he’ll save her. Tae Yi believes he’ll find and save her. Tae Yi exits the house.

2020…Jin Gyeom exits the house.

2021…Tae Yi walks the streets. She ends up outside her parent’s eatery. Yoon Tae Yeon (Tae Yi’s sister) drives up on her scooter after making deliveries. Her parents make her a meal. Tae Yi looks at the calendar. She asks if it is really 2021. Her father asks if something is wrong. Her sister chides her for abandoning her vacation to Spain with Ms. Kim after only 1 week. Her parents support her choice. Her father says it’s been a year since Jin Gyeom died. They urge her to eat and rest.

Her sister and Tae Yi go to her apartment. Tae Yi tells her sister she’s going to rest. Her sister suggests drinking together. Tae Yi finds a necklace at her desk. She opens her laptop and sees a picture of herself and Jin Gyeom. She’s wearing the necklace on the desk. She reads the articles about Jin Gyeom’s death, and learns he was found dead at home.

2020…Jin Gyeom studies his evidence board. Officer Kim Dong Ho reports the CCTV show Tae Yi falling from the rooftop but not hitting the ground. Jin Gyeom makes to leave. Officer Kim stops him declaring he wants to find Tae Yi too. He wants the inside scoop. Jin Gyeom doesn’t want to share. Officer Kim is adamant feeling guilty about Tae Yi’s situation while under his care. Jin Gyeom relents and tells Officer Kim that two pictures of Tae Yi are really a picture of his mother and a picture of Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom shares at first, he thought they were the same woman but realized they were different people when he saw both of them in 2010. Officer Kim doesn’t understand. Jin Gyeom says there are time travelers. They may look like you. Just like Tae Yi and his mother. Officer Kim doesn’t believe him. Jin Gyeom says Tae Yi is probably in another dimension.

2021…Tae Yi looks at the timecard. She finds Professor Seok O Won and asks to use the lab to research something. He asks how her trip was. She assumes he means Spain. Professor Seok clarified he meant her time travel. Tae Yi is taken aback. Professor Seok explains she came to him 1 year ago. He says she will return to 2020, but she can never time travel again. Tae Yi is upset at her situation, the sameness yet everything is different. She asks why Jin Gyeom died. Professor Seok asks if she knows about the book of prophecy. He says it explains about the beginning and end of time travel. Tae Yi says that isn’t relevant and wants to know who killed Jin Gyeom. Professor Seok states Jin Gyeom was pursuing the last page in the book of prophecy. Professor Seok says Jin Gyeom wanted to know who killed his mother. But that pursuit got him killed. The person that killed his mother killed Jin Gyeom. Professor Seok says the last page in the book of prophecy disappeared in 1992. He knows who kept the last page. Tae Yi asks who that was. Professor Seok points to her and says she kept the last page. Tae Yi is surprised. She doesn’t remember. Professor Seok agrees that her memory prior to 1992 is gone, therefore she can’t save Jin Gyeom. Professor Seok warns her not to search for Jin Gyeom as it will put her in danger.

At Jin Gyeom’s house, Tae Yi looks through a box of mementoes. She holds his police cap, badge, a picture of them, something falls out of his wallet. It is a flash drive. She connects it to her phone. It contains a video of Captain Go. She looks at the picture of Captain Go and Jin Gyeom.

2020…October 5… Captain Go Hyeon Seok reads the book of prophecy. “The child born of time will eventually take control of time.” Captain Go heads to the basement where he’s keeping Professor Seok captive. Professor Seok is surprised that Captain Go is his jailer. Captain Go asks if Professor Seok has the book of prophecy, specifically that last page. Captain Go puts a gun to Professor Seok’s head. Behind Captain Go’s ear is a Sigma tattoo.

At the morgue, Officer Kim tells Jin Gyeom the corner reports that Ju Hae Min died from the fall. Jin Gyeom wants him investigated. Officer Kim understands per Jin Gyeom’s theory, this man is a time traveler. He agrees to investigate. Jin Gyeom puts a location tracker in Ju Hae Min’s mouth. He tells Officer Kim that the other time travelers will retrieve the body. Then he’ll learn their location.

2050…Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father though father and son don’t know this) asks why Alice Agent Oh Shi Young visited Lee Se Hoon in jail. She claims to find the book of the prophecy. Min Hyeok knows she saw Tae Yi. Agent Oh admits it was a chance meeting. Min Hyeok is interested in details. Irked, Agent Oh reports that Tae Yi is married to a kind man in the past. She asks why Min Hyeok is questioning her about this again. Min Hyeok wants the year she met Tae Yi. Agent Oh reports 2011. Min Hyeok strides away. Agent Oh snaps that he’s supposed to be over her.

Alice Agent Choi Seung Pyo reports an illegal time traveler died from a fall and a wormhole opened near his body and someone time traveled this afternoon. Min Hyeok asks why he’s learning about it now. Agent Choi believes the monitor missed it. Min Hyeok isn’t happy. Agent Choi reports Agent Oh was the monitor.

Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am asks Agent Oh how she missed the event. She apologizes. He asks if she knows where the body is. Agent Oh confirms stating retrieving the body should be straightforward. Team Lead Ki says they must retrieve the body. Agent Oh states she’ll handle it. She leaves.

2020…Officer Kim arrives at the morgue after learning the body is missing. He calls Jin Gyeom. Checking his tracking app, he heads towards the body’s moving location. Agent Oh and Agent Choi drive with the body in the back of the car. Jin Gyeom isn’t far behind. Agent Oh spots him in the mirror and tells Agent Choi to speed up.

2021…Tae Yi cries at Jin Gyeom’s memorial marker.

2020…Jin Gyeom pulls into a parking lot. He exits the car. The body isn’t moving per the tracking app. Agent Oh put s a gun to his head. She tells Jin Gyeom it won’t be that easy to find their location. Jin Gyeom wants to know where Tae Yi is. Agent Oh warns him to stop looking for Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom recognizes her from a past encounter at his mother’s funeral. He asks how she knew his mother. Agent Oh orders him not to look for Tae Yi. She points out Tae Yi isn’t his mother. Jin Gyeom doesn’t care. He vows to protect her. Agent Oh scoffs he’s just like Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom spins her to the wall and demands to know where Tae Yi is. They fight. She shoots him in the arm. Agent Oh declares this is his mother’s fault. She aims the gun at his head and pulls the trigger. The bullet flies through the air but stops just before it reaches Jin Gyeom.


2021…time freezes as Tae Yi cries.

2020…time freezes. Jin Gyeom sees the suspended bullet and frozen Agent Oh. He moves away.

Tae Yi’s voiceover “The child born through the door of time, will one day rule it”.

2020…Jin Gyeom sees everything is frozen. He hears a high-pitched sound. Time starts. Blood pours from his nose.

2021…Time unfreezes. There is no longer a memorial to Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi is gone.

2020…Jin Gyeom cringes from the pain in his head. He wipes the blood from his nose. His phone rings. Officer Kim says they’ve found Tae Yi’s location. Agent Oh can’t believe that Jin Gyeom is gone.

Jin Gyeom rushes to the memorial spot that holds nothing. Tae Yi is crying. Jin Gyeom call her name. She sees the memorial is gone. She runs and hugs him. She thanks him for appearing again. She cries. Jin Gyeom gently hugs her and tells her everything is okay. He looks at the memorial maker of his mother. He collapses. Tae Yi sees the gun wound in his arm.

2050…Min Hyeok bursts into Team Lead Ki’s office upon learning that Jin Gyeom disappeared from Agent Oh sight. She says he didn’t time travel. He disappeared.

2020…Tae Yi brings Jin Gyeom water and tells him to rest per the doctor’s orders. He asks why she was at the ossuary. He asks if she traveled through time. She claims it was a weird dream. Jin Gyeom says she traveled through time. Tae Yi admits originally, she wanted to time travel to see her mother again. Tae Yi says the experience taught her that the present reality is all that matters. Going forward in time separated her from those she loved. Jin Gyeom points out she could meet new people. Tae Yi says that relationship is an illusion. She warns him not to time travel to revenge his mother. Jin Gyeom tells her that’s his business. Tae Yi counters he’s in her life now and she cares about him. Jin Gyeom asks if she saw him in the future. Tae Yi lies that he was doing well in the future. She wants to sleep and leaves the room. She looks at the sticky notes that Jin Gyeom wrote her. She pulls them off the wall and compares them to the ones she pulled off the wall in 2021. She sighs. Tae Yi looks at the flash drive. She looks at the calendar. She remembers details of the time travel. She remembers Professor Seok telling her Jin Gyeom’s pursuit of his mother’s killer is why he died. Tae Yi cries.

2050…The coroner extracts a device behind Ju Hae Min’s ear. She tells Min Hyeok dimension traveling device is how Ju Hae Min time traveled without detection. Min Hyeok asks if a pregnant woman time travels will the baby gestate to maturity. He learns it is possible but the baby’s DNA would be altered. The child would have physical and mental differences.

Flashback…Agent Choi reports what he’s found about Jin Gyeom. Agent Choi says Jin Gyeom can’t feel emotions.

He’s told the child wouldn’t live long.

2020…Jin Gyeom returns to the spot where he encountered Agent Oh. Where time stopped. He remembers the first time that time stopped when the truck bore down on him.

Tae Yi is sure Professor Seok is still alive and goes to see him.

Jin Gyeom studies his evidence board. Officer Kim reports that Tae Yi is looking for Professor Seok. Jin Gyeom puts a sketch of Agent Oh on the board. He says she knows his mother and Tae Yi. He asks Officer Kim to find Dr. Jang’s wife who didn’t die in childbirth but took her daughter to an orphanage. Jin Gyeom wants to determine why time travelers visited Dr. Jang.

Jin Gyeom and Officer Kim arrive at the police station. Officers Hong and Ha report the list of fingerprints included descriptions of the attacker’s appearance. They wonder where the list is. Officer Kim recalls Captain Go has the list.

Jin Gyeom finds Captain Go in the hallway. Captain Go asks if his arm is okay. Jin Gyeom claims it was nothing. Captain Go notes his wife won’t be happy to hear he was injured. He notes tomorrow is Captain Go’s mother’s death anniversary. Jin Gyeom starts to ask Captain Go a question but checks himself.

Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) reads that a witness’s comment the man that fell from the rooftop had a woman with him that disappeared during the fall. She interviews the witness who explains he and his 2 friends witness an altercation between a man and woman on a nearby rooftop. They saw the man and woman fall from the rooftop but only the man hit the ground, the woman disappeared.

Tae Yi arrives at Jin Gyeom’s house and finds him struggling to wash his hair with his injury. She helps him. He asks about her search for Professor Seok. She sidesteps answering. Do Yeon finds them once again with Jin Gyeom shirtless. Tae Yi and Do Yeon glare at each other while Do Yeon blow-dries Jin Gyeom’s hair. Do Yeon states now that the man that attacked Tae Yi is dead, she can return to her home. Tae Yi counters they know nothing about the attacker. Do Yeon tells her to go home. The women bicker. Jin Gyeom rolls his eyes. He tells both women he will sleep on the sofa. Do Yeon refuses to leave requiring the women to share a bed. Do Yeon asks where Tae Yi was yesterday. Tae Yi replies she won’t believe her. Do Yeon promises to listen with an open mind. Tae Yi says that in a year, they’ll vacation together in Spain. Do Yeon declares the statement ridiculous. Tae Yi asks Do Yeon when she fell for Jin Gyeom.

Flashback…2010…Jin Gyeom stares at a picture of his mother on his phone. Do Yeon arrives at the house and calls to him to open the door. She throws a rock through the window to get his attention. Jin Gyeom opens the door. Do Yeon demands to know why he didn’t show up at the play. Jin Gyeom says he quit drama. She orders him to attend tomorrow. She puts food on the table. She tells Jin Gyeom since it’s is late, he should see her safely home. He points out she came her alone. Jin Gyeom agrees to walk her home. Do Yeon is all smiles.

Do Yeon tells Tae Yi the moment you fall in love is the fastest moment in time. Do Yeon says she fell for Jin Gyeom before she knew it happened.

The next morning just as Do Yeon exits the house, her parents walk past. Everyone is startled to see each other. Her father demands to know what happened. Do Yeon claims she didn’t sleep at the house last night. Her parents don’t believe her and demand an explanation when they arrive home.

Tae Yi’s sister returns to the eatery after making deliveries. Officers Hong and Ha are there eating and stand when she enters. Tae Yi’s sister declares they shouldn’t eat there everyday because the food is greasy. Her mother snaps they’ve been getting negative comments about her delivery from customers. Her father orders her to make another delivery.

Tae Yi’s sister is surprised to find Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom in the house she’s delivering food too. She assumes something is going on between them. Tae Yi explains there isn’t any romance. Her sister asks if she’ll come over later noting it is Tae Yi’s birthday. Tae Yi says she’ll be over.

Jin Gyeom asks if today is her birthday. He thought it was in the summer. Tae Yi explains the orphanage gave her the summer birthday. But her real birthday is today. She explains she only remembers 2 things her name and birthday from the pre-orphanage time. Tae Yi has irritated skin from her time travels.

Jin Gyeom drives Tae Yi to her parents. She says she’ll spend the night there. Jin Gyeom wishes her happy birthday. She teasingly asks where her present is. She asks if he’s heading back home. Jin Gyeom states he has somewhere to go too. They part ways. As Tae Yi walks into her parent’s eatery, Agent Oh watches her.

2050…Min Hyeok is shocked to read the family registry which reveals Jin Gyeom’s mother is Park Sun Young. He rushes out of the room.

2020…Min Hyeok arrives at Park Sun Young’s memorial marker. He sees the face of the woman he loves. He sees the picture of her son Jin Gyeom and Park Sun Young. Needless to say, Min Hyeok is shocked to confirm what the registry revealed. He remembers her telling him that she was carrying a child via her farewell letter. He cries and falls to his knees. He apologizes to the woman he loved.

Captain Go, his wife, Do Yeon and Jin Gyeom honor Jin Gyeom’s mother. Jin Gyeom bows to his mother. Captain Go stares at her picture. Do Yeon tells Jin Gyeom she won’t be sleeping at his house. She wants to know if he’ll be alone tonight. He confirms it.

Tae Yi celebrates her birthday by blowing out the candles on her cake. She gives gifts to her family. They are surprised to get gifts. Tae Yi says she traveled and realized family is precious.

Jin Gyeom sits alone in the house. Tae Yi comes in. He’s surprised to see her. She asks why he has a cake. At the table Jin Gyeom lights the candles. Tae Yi asks if he’ll sing to her.

He remembers singing for his mother.

Jin Gyeom sings for Tae Yi. She smiles and expresses her pleasure. She blows out the candles. Jin Gyeom smiles. Tae Yi notices. She tells him to smile more often. She asks if he wants food and drink. Tae Yi suggests they go together.

As they walk, she mentions a present again. She says for his birthday, he’ll only get a cake. Jin Gyeom offers her a jewelry box. Tae Yi smiles in pleasure. She opens the box and sees the necklace. She remembers seeing the necklace in the future.

She faints. Jin Gyeom holds her. He pulls up her sleeve and sees the time travel marks. Min Hyeok rushes to her side. Jin Gyeom glares at Min Hyeok.

My Thoughts

The emotional connect continues to strengthen between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi. Writer Kim Kyu Won continued to build and deepen their feelings for each other. I was a bit surprised by her copious tears in the future, I didn’t think she had that depth of feeling. But she does. He does too. It is satisfying. Min Hyeok learns that he’s Jin Gyeom’s father…finally! Terrific episode, chock full of moments, reveals, and emotion.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) is determined to protect Tae Yi in whatever time and form she is. Jin Gyeom continues to impress with his sleuthing out the truth. He realized the time traveling agents from the future are part of an organization. He took Officer Kim into his confidence about his theory. They worked well together. When he gave Tae Yi the necklace, tears filled my eyes. When time stopped and the bullet from Agent Oh froze in the air…that was huge! Jin Gyeom is the fulfillment of the prophecy “The child born through the door of time, will one day rule it”.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) (Jin Gyeom’s mother) cares for Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi realizes it isn’t romance, but the relationship matters. The birthday scenes with her family, Jin Gyeom’s memorial to his mother, then celebrating Tae Yi’s birthday with her. How touching that he bought the same cake. How touching that he sang Happy Birthday to her. How touching that he gave her the necklace. But Tae Yi realized that was the necklace she wore in the future, the future where Jin Gyeom died. She couldn’t escape the effects of the time travel and collapsed into Jin Gyeom’s arms. The sticky note exchange between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi was clever. It was an excellent touch when Tae Yi brought the notes back from 2021 and they matched the notes from 2020.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) finally realized he is Jin Gyeom’s father. Min Hyeok has been on the periphery throughout this series. I didn’t understand why he didn’t try and find out if his child was born. Yes, Agent Oh lied that she couldn’t find Tae Yi, but goodness, this was his child. Why didn’t he check it out himself? Regardless, the family registry revealed that Park Sun Young was Jin Gyeom’s mother. Shocked, Min Hyeok time traveled to 2020. He stood at Park Sun Young’s memorial. He saw the picture of Jin Gyeom and his mother. He fell to his knees sorry that he didn’t know, sorry that he wasn’t there, sorry at all he missed. He went to Jin Gyeom’s house and when Tae Yi collapsed, he rushed forward. Can Min Hyeok help Tae Yi? Will Jin Gyeom trust him? Will Min Hyeok reveal who he is?

The fourth song of the OST is titled “From You” and sung by N.Flying:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.



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4 comments on “Alice Episode 9 Recap
  1. Hahanzyy says:

    About Min Hyeok, I remember there was one episode in his conversation with the other guy in Alice, that MH did try to find the child but was told that the child TR carried died and TR had since then happily remarried to another guy


    • Yes, I think you are correct. Thanks for the remembering the details.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Looks like the false information came from officer Oh. Min Hyeok has caught her in a lie about her running into Tae Yi/Sun Young in 2011, when Tae Yi/Sun Young was murdered in 2010. I’m thinking more and more officer Oh ordered the hit or did the deed herself. Who is the teacher … Captain Go, Officer Oh or are there more unknown variables❓⁉️


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 learned that Tae Yi shares a birthday with his mother. Is he connecting the dots of his maternity❓⁉️ Tae Yi 💳 said she remembered her birthday and her name … is Sun Young🤱💳, Tae Yi’s 💳 real name or possibly her biological mother’s name❓⁉️ Meanwhile we had Min Hyeok 🕶 discover Tae Yi🤱💳 is dead and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is his son. I can’t help but wonder if Min Hyeok’s 🕶 hyung at Alice is really his friend or part of the Tae Yi🤱💳 murder conspiracy

    Officer Oh is definitely a foe for. Tae Yi/Sun Young🤱🥋 and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨, but is it about her obsession with Min Hyeok 🕶 or is there another agenda❓⁉️ Not much about Captain Go🍶🚔 this episode other than Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 recognized he might have removed the profile of Tae Yi’s 💳 kidnapper from the list of suspects. When Captain Go 🍶🚔 held the funeral ritual for Sun Young🤱💳, I wondered if he had a hand in her murder and was assuaging his guilt with the ritual. I’m having a difficult time believing this affable man could be the one who killed Sun Young🤱💳 and will kill him … there’s definitely something not right about him. Was he possibly promised an Alice experience to see his son who passed away❓⁉️ Was it Officer Oh extending the offer or someone else ❓⁉️

    Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 is the one who stopped time. I suspect that since he was exposed to radiation in utero, that changed him physically … is that what allowed tim to stop time❓⁉️ Tae Yi has a radiation rash and Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 never got one when he travelled without the portal … is that due to his physical differences❓⁉️ He seems to show emotion only around Tae Yi.

    How much of Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 lack of emotion is due to radiation exposure and how much is due to his biological parents❓⁉️ Min Hyeok 🕶 only shows emotion when it is about Tae Yi🤱💳 and before Tae Yi’s 💳 time travel this episode she was not been particularly expressive, except for irritation, frustration and anger. Her short time travel changed her.


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