Alice Episode 8 Recap

Alice Episode 8 Recap

Tae Yi’s voiceover “there are only 2 ways to live life – live as if nothing is a miracle or live as if everything is a miracle.”

Flashback…2010… Captain Go Hyeon Seok helps Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) move out of the house he shared with his recently murdered mother, Park Sun Young. He remembers rejecting her offers to do things together. Jin Gyeom promises the image of his mother that he’ll return on day. She says she’ll wait for him.

2020…Jin Gyeom stands in the house and watching Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) examine it. He tells her the police use it as a safe house.

At the police station, Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) hounds Officer Kim Dong Ho for Jin Gyeom’s location. Officer Kim declares he doesn’t know. She threatens to write an article negative to the police if Officer Kim doesn’t tell her where Jin Gyeom is. Officer Kim calls Jin Gyeom who assures his colleague that Do Yeon’s threats won’t come to fruition. They discuss the plan to keep Professor Seok’s research team safe. Jin Gyeom tells him to call if anything new is learned about the recent murders. Tae Yi seems to know which light switch to use. Jin Gyeom directs her to the master bedroom (which also his mother’s room). He offers to change the sheets. He takes her phone and turns it off. He says she must stay off line for the time being. She gives him an extensive list of the items she needs. Jin Gyeom points out she isn’t moving in to stay forever. She notes it may be awkward sharing the house.

Tae Yi’s adopted parents are outraged that their daughter was attacked. Officer Hong Jung Wook and Officer Ha Yong Seok assure them she’s okay. He asks them to call them should someone inquire about Tae Yi. The officers want to talk to Tae Yi’s sister. They note she has a new job because she wasn’t there when they went to the bank. Yoon Tae Yeon arrives home pretending she’s back from the bank job. She quickly realizes her secret is out and run out the door. Tae Yi’s mother orders the officers to go arrest her daughter. They take off after her.

They catch her and return her to her parents who chew her out for quitting and not telling them. The officers argue about which one of them should pursue Tae Yi’s sister.

Jin Gyeom is amazed by Tae Yi’s deft ability in building furniture in a flat box. She’s pleased with her efforts and suggest they eat. Jin Gyeom offers to cook. She’s not impressed when he shares he’s never cooked before. She calls him subpar and makes dinner herself. He tastes her food then suggests they order food. She tastes her food and agrees. They eat the takeout with relish. Jin Gyeom reaches for paper towels that Tae Yi can’t reach. They lock eyes. Tae Yi worries that Jin Gyeom might have feelings for her. When Tae Yi has an upset stomach, Jin Gyeom struggles to prick her finger to make her feel better. She ends up doing it herself.  She heads to bed but asks for the lights in the living room to remain one. Jin Gyeom offers to sleep in the living room. He asks how she was adopted. Tae Yi says her parents couldn’t conceive, adopted her, then got pregnant with her sister. Jin Gyeom notes that the odds are low an 8-year-old girl would be adopted. Tae Yi shares that initially her mother wanted a younger child, but she couldn’t look away from the unsmiling young Tae Yi. She admits she didn’t want to be adopted believing her mother would return to get her one day. Tae Yi wants a laptop to solve the equations left on her wall. Jin Gyeom urges her to take a break and relax. She closes her eyes. After she falls asleep, Jin Gyeom watches her sleep. He pushes a stray hair out of her face.

The next morning, Tae Yi wakes refreshed. She sees a bandage that Jin Gyeom put on her while she slept. She finds him asleep sitting up in the living room. She smiles at the sticky notes of information Jin Gyeom left her. Tae Yi writes a sticky note of thanks. She watches him sleep. Jin Gyeom wakes to find her watching him. She hits him and claims she called his name but he wouldn’t wake. She goes to her room.

2050…The doctor tends Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father though neither man knows it). Alice Agent Choi Seung Pyo and Alice Agent Jung Hye Soo report they don’t have the information needed. They leave when Alice Agent Oh Shi Young arrives. Min Hyeok says he must keep working the case. Agent Oh asks if he’s pushing himself because Tae Yi is involved. Min Hyeok clarifies he didn’t dump Tae Yi, she dumped him. He claims he doesn’t care about her. She just a woman from his past. Agent Oh believes the person called teacher is once again behind the latest attacks.

Flashback…The man brandishes his knife, stabs Min Hyeok and pushes him down. Min Hyeok asks why he’s killing someone in the past. The man says because of Min Hyeok the book of prophecy got into the hands of someone from the past.

Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am studies the photo of Ju Hae Min, the time traveler who works for teacher. Agent Oh says there’s a new victim that doesn’t appear to be connected to Tae Yi. Agent Oh wonders if Lee Se Hoon (time traveler in prison in 2020 for murdering Mr. Jang to obtain the book of prophecy) would know what teacher looks like. Agent Oh is sure that teacher is directing the recent activities to with goal to obtain the book of the prophecy. Min Hyeok offers to meet Lee Se Hoon.

After the meeting Agent Oh asks Min Hyeok if he thinks Lee Se Hoon took the book. Min Hyeok asks if Agent Oh trusts him. She says that’s not the problem. Min Hyeok asks if the timecard Jin Gyeom had has been analyzed. Agent Oh says it is badly damaged and will take same.

Jin Gyeom rereads the case file about Lee Se Hoon. He remembers Lee Se Hoon telling him the book of the prophecy will end time travel. He reflects on the other players in the investigation. Determining who the teacher is key per his evidence board.

At the police station, the team divides the list of suspects. They wonder where Captain Go is. Tae Yi’s sister arrives in a short skirt handing out flyers for her parent’s eatery. Officers Hong and Ha promise to order takeout frequently. She grouses since she’s the delivery person she’d prefer they dine at the eatery. She flounces out. Officer Kim finds Officer’s Hong and Ha interest in Tae Yi’s sister amusing. Captain Go Hyeon Seok returns to the station. The team asks where he’s been. Captain Go says he’ll be looking at some documentation. He declines the offer of food. The team leaves him to work solo as he requested. Captain Go takes the list of suspects and flips through the pack. He finds the page with Ju Hae Min. He pulls that page from the pack.

Professor Seok O Won bangs on the door and calls for help. No one hears him.

Flashback…2010…Park Sun Young shows Professor Seok the college student Tae Yi. She says if anything happens to her, Tae Yi should continue her research. Park Sun Young says Tae Yi can stop time travel. She warns there will be dangers.

Professor Seok takes out his rosary and begins to pray.

Captain Go’s wife shops and is surprised when Captain Go appears to help to carry the groceries. He suggests they grab a drink.

Tae Yi stands outside and looks at the house. She makes her way to the storage room on the roof. The door shuts behind her.

Jin Gyeom studies the evidence board in his room. He looks for Tae Yi. She’s not there.

Tae Yi examines the items in the storage room. When she goes to leave, the door is locked. She calls for Jin Gyeom.

Jin Gyeom hears her and rushes upstairs. He open the storage room. He tells her the door is broken and won’t open from the inside. The door shuts. He doesn’t have his phone and it is a steel door so battering it won’t work. He doesn’t want to yell for help lest she discovered. Jin Gyeom is sure that Officer Kim will find them. Tae Yi is freaked by the bugs. Jin Gyeom tries battering the door but to no avail.

Do Yeon’s parents walk by Jin Gyeom’s old house. They notice the lights are on. Do Yeon’s mother says he stops by to clean the house occasionally. Do Yeon’s father bemoans his daughter’s taste in men. He wonders if Jin Gyeom and their daughter are trysting as they speak.

Do Yeon’s mother calls her daughter and asks for her location. Do Yeon states she’s at work. Her mother shares that the lights are on at Jin Gyeom’s house. Do Yeon realizes that’s where Jin Gyeom is. She takes off without a word to her boss. He fishes the discarded article she wrote disparaging the police. He smiles as he reads.

Stuck in the storage room, Jin Gyeom admits he can’t sell the house because he lived there with his mother.  Tae Yi is envious of the memories Jin Gyeom has of his mother. She admits the only memory she has of her mother is in 1992 when her mother left her at the orphanage. She tells Jin Gyeom when she time travels, she’ll visit him in the future. She tells him to wait for her. He promises to do so. Noticing Tae Yi is chilled Jin Gyeom offers his sweatshirt. He struggles to get it off. He directs Tae Yi to pull the sleeves. His sweater and shirt come off leaving Jin Gyeom shirtless. At the moment Do Yeon opens the door to the storage container and is shocked by what she sees.

Do Yeon pretends to understands the explanation. She explains that she won’t leave this house. She tells Tae Yi they can share a bed. Officer Kim arrives. They decide to lessen the tension between the ladies by eating and drinking.

After enough alcohol is consumed the karaoke begins. Jin Gyeom observes the trio. Finally, he turns the machine off and says it is time for bed. The ladies demand Jin Gyeom sing. He shows them his dancing and singing skills. Everyone one enthralled.

The next morning Tae Yi wakes to find Jin Gyeom cooking breakfast. Do Yeon wakes to find the same. Jin Gyeom tells the ladies that last night’s activities let them bond. The ladies reject that statement. Jin Gyeom ladles the soup. The ladies taste and declare it dreadful. Officer Kim bursts into the room upset at the article disparaging the police. Do Yeon reads the article and immediately knows her article was pulled from her trash can.

Officer Kim tells Jin Gyeom he can’t find Professor Seok. The experts have no feedback on the equations on Tae Yi’s wall.

Tae Yi studies the equations.

Min Hyeok visits Lee Se Hoon in prison. He informs him tomorrow is release day. Lee Se Hoon sneers that the female agent took the book of the prophecy and received retribution. Min Hyeok asks what happened to Tae Yi. Lee Se Hoon tells Min Hyeok to ask Agent Oh. He surprises Min Hyeok when the news that Agent Oh visited him a couple of days ago.

2050…Agent Oh remembers 1992.

Flashback…1992…Agent Oh joins Tae Yi on the train. Tae Yi explains her choice is due to her pregnancy. Agent Oh is surprised by the news. She recommends Tae Yi not have the baby. Tae Yi declares she is choosing her child. Agent Oh says Min Hyeok will track her down. Tae Yi tells Agent Oh to claim she couldn’t find her. Agent Oh asks why she should lie. Tae Yi says she can’t tell her everything. Agent Oh tells Tae Yi to never return so Min Hyeok can move on.

2020…Tae Yi finds an article regarding the equation. She recognizes the cited author. She calls Jin Gyeom to take a look.

Jin Gyeom rushes to Ju Hae Min’s apartment. He finds him tied up and passed out. Jin Gyeom sees the evidence board with the knife through Tae Yi’s photo. He sees a photo of his house on the evidence board. He calls Officer Kim. The future Ju Hae Min attacks Officer Kim and knocks him out. Tae Yi finds Officer Kim on the floor. Ju Hae Min follows Tae Yi into her bedroom.

Jin Gyeom speeds back to his house.

Tae Yi screams.

2050…Agent Oh is dismayed when she is notified that Tae Yi and Ju Hae Min are together on the roof.

2020…Ju Hae Min approaches Tae Yi with menace. She backs into the corner of the roof. Ju Hae Min grabs her by the throat.

2050…Min Hyeok enters and sees the Agent Oh at the console. She hides the video behind another window. Min Hyeok asks what happened to Tae Yi.

2020…Ju Hae Min holds Tae Yi’s throat in his hand. He starts to push her over.

2050…Min Hyeok demands to know what Lee Se Hoon did to her.

2020…Jin Gyeom shoots Ju Hae Min in the leg. He spins and grabs Tae Yi to his side. He pulls out his timecard. He presses the button. Jin Gyeom shoots the card out of his hand. Ju Hae Min and Tae Yi fall backwards from the rooftop. Jin Gyeom yells. He looks to the ground. Ju Hae Min is dead and Tae Yi is missing. Jin Gyeom rushes to the ground. It’s confirmed Ju Hae Min is dead and Tae Yi is nowhere to be found.

2021…Tae Yi time travels. A man bumps her and hands her the timecard. Tae Yi rushes to the police station. She arrives but doesn’t recognize anyone. They recognize her. She asks where Jin Gyeom is. They remind her Jin Gyeom died last year. Tae Yi is shocked. She asks him to repeat that. She asks about Officer Kim. She asks about Jin Gyeom. She’s assured they’ll catch the culprit. Tae Yi declares Jin Gyeom isn’t dead. She said she spent the morning with him. Moments ago, he came to rescue her. She says he’s tough and wouldn’t die easy. She demands to see Jin Gyeom. We see the calendar. It’s October 2021.

2020…October…Captain Go drops the bloody knife. He hears Tae Yi sobbing over Jin Gyeom’s dead body. We see Tae Yi sobbing over Jin Gyeom’s bloody body.

My Thoughts

Jin Gyeom saves Tae Yi but can’t save himself. The death scene is flipped, this time Jin Gyeom dies in Tae Yi’s arms. Writer Kim Kyu Won once again put Tae Yi in peril and Jin Gyeom responded.  When Tae Yi time traveled to 2021, she learned Jin Gyeom was dead. The flashback to 2020 showed Captain Go holding the bloody knife and Jin Gyeom being cradled by a sobbing Tae Yi. Is Captain Go teacher? Did Captain Go kill Jin Gyeom?

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) finds protecting Tae Yi is a full-time job. Jin Gyeom is dogged and determined to save Tae Yi and figure out what is really going on. The odds are stacked against him. Teacher and Ju Hae Min are creating havoc for Jin Gyeom and the 2050 based Min Hyeok and Agent Oh. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Do Yeon, Tae Yi, Jin Gyeom and Officer Kim. Cute scenes!

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) (Jin Gyeom’s mother) is the key to time travel. Tae Yi worked on the equations. We learned Agent Oh lobbied for Tae Yi to return to the future instead of fleeing due to her pregnancy. She refused and requested Agent Oh declare she couldn’t find Tae Yi, which she did. The relationship between Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom is rebuilt with 2020 Tae Yi. She cares for him but not romantically, though Do Yeon can’t see that. I enjoy the push-pull between these two women.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) visited Lee Se Hoon. He was surprised to learn Agent Oh visited him too. He didn’t know that Agent Oh hid the video of Tae Yi being attacked by Ju Hae Min. No doubt Min Hyeok would have wanted to save her. But Agent Oh didn’t give him the chance to know Tae Yi was in peril.

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Alice Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Captain Go 🍶🚔 seems like such a nice person but it seems he is the teacher and that he kills Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨. Is it possible someone is using one of those ear devices to disguise himself as Captain Go 🍶🚔 doing the bad stuff❓⁉️ Now that Captain Go🍶🚔 (or whoever that was) has the Book of Prophecy, why hasn’t he killed Professor Seok 🦋 yet❓⁉️ Was Ju Hae Min Captain Go’s 🍶🚔 or the Teacher’s minion❓⁉️

    I’m curious about Agent Oh’s👤 agenda … is it personal, as in she is crushing 💕 on Min Hyeok 🕶, or are her actions for the greater good of Alice, as in trying to keep Min Hyeok 🕶 from being distracted from his obligations at Alice by 2020 Tae Yi 💳❓⁉️ Could Agent Oh👤 be working as a double agent for an illegal time travel group❓⁉️

    The people at Alice talk about legal vs. Illegal time travel … in many ways they seem like a private entity, but at times act as a government agency … which are they❓⁉️

    I feel a little sorry for Do Yeon 🙎‍♀️📰, she let the green-eyed 💚 monster take over whenever she sees Tae Yi 💳 with Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨. Do Yeon 🙎‍♀️📰 does not understand the dynamic between them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Captain Go 🍶🚔 seems like such a nice person but it seems he is the teacher and that he kills Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨. Is it possible someone is using one of those ear devices to disguise himself as Captain Go 🍶🚔 doing the bad stuff❓⁉️ Now that Captain Go🍶🚔 (or whoever that was) has the Book of Prophecy, why hasn’t he killed Professor Seok 🦋 yet❓⁉️ Was Ju Hae Min Captain Go’s 🍶🚔 or the Teacher’s minion❓⁉️
      Good questions that I’ve thought of too.

      Agent Oh’s👤 agenda … is it personal, as in she is crushing 💕 on Min Hyeok 🕶, or are her actions for the greater good of Alice
      I’ve wondered the same. Hiding the video of Tae Yi’s predicament was deliberate.

      The people at Alice talk about legal vs. Illegal time travel … in many ways they seem like a private entity, but at times act as a government agency … which are they❓⁉️
      I’d like Writer Kim to focus more on Alice give us the backstory, purpose, etc. We are half way through the series and know little about the series namesake.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “We are half way through the series and know little about the series namesake.” -KJT. Well said KJT, i know they can’t reveal too much too soon, but it’s a little frustrating.


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