Alice Episode 7 Recap

Alice Episode 7 Recap

Jin Gyeom’s voiceover “Don’t trust the future, bury the past, act in the present.”

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) open the door to her apartment and enters quietly. The lights don’t go on. She finds an equation on her wall and a dead cat. Tae Yi backs away right into the man that murdered her friend.

Jin Gyeom notices the lights don’t go on in Tae Yi’s apartment. He hears her scream.

The man knocks Tae Yi out with a substance on a handkerchief. He calls someone and declares things have gone well. He spins when Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) demands to know who he’s talking to. The two men fight. Jin Gyeom demands to know who the man is. He says he must kill Tae Yi in the future. He presses the button on his timecard and disappears out the window. Jin Gyeom rouses Tae Yi. He picks up the man’s phone and sees a single number in the history. Yoon Tae Yeon (Tae Yi’s sister) enters the apartment and screams.

At the hospital, Tae Yi tells her sister she’ll go to the police station and make a statement. She wants her sister to stay with their parents for the time being. Her sister leaves. Tae Yi’s hands shake at the memory of the attack. She drops a glass of water. Jin Gyeom enters her room and sees the broken glass.

Jin Gyeom takes her to the interrogation room and motions her to sit. Instead of sitting across from him, she sits next to him. She claims the room is too dark. She thanks him for saving her life. Jin Gyeom asks about her dead friend. Tae Yi notes he should have start with concern for her. Jin Gyeom apologizes and admits his focus is catching the culprit. He plays music to put her at ease. She doesn’t appreciate his timing. Jin Gyeom doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Tae Yi smiles faintly knowing he tried.

Officer Kim Dong Ho, Officer Hong Jung Wook, and Officer Ha Yong Seok along with the forensics team go over Tae Yi’s apartment. They don’t understand the wall of equations. Captain Go Hyeon Seok arrives and learns Tae Yi was the intended victim. He orders his team to investigate her coworkers. Officer Kim reports the suspects cell phone was found by Jin Gyeom who believes the number is associated with the boss.

Tae Yi looks at the equations on her wall. She doesn’t know what they mean. She doesn’t recognize the number on the suspect’s phone. Jin Gyeom reports the number doesn’t exist.

Flashback…Captain Go tells high schooler Jin Gyeom learns there was a number that didn’t exist in his deceased mother’s phone records.  He shows Jin Gyeom the text “you’ll brought this on yourself” that same number sent his mother on the day she was killed. Jin Gyeom doesn’t recognize the number.

Jin Gyeom tells Captain Go he’ll take Tae Yi home.

Jin Gyeom tells Tae Yi security is being ramped up around her apartment. He vows to catch the culprit. Tae Yi appreciates the sentiment but doesn’t know how he can do that to a suspect he can’t even sense. Jin Gyeom offers music as a balm. Tae Yi rejects the suggestion.

Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) tracks down Captain Go at his favorite eatery. She wants to know who the intended victim was. Captain Go won’t share the name. He leaves Officer Kim with Do Yeon. She sits next to the officer and compliments his muscles. She offers to introduce him to a pretty girl. She offers pictures. She tells him the name of the second victim is what she needs before she shows him the pictures. Officer Kim says it was a college professor that is rude. Do Yeon quickly guesses it was Tae Yi.

Jin Gyeom tells Tae Yi to call him whenever she needs an escort. She assures him his father can protect her. Tae Yi asks if the man that tried to kill her was a time traveler. She assumes so because she was researching time travel. She tells him about an idea that Einstein believed wrong but was discovered to be true years later. Tae Yi believes Professor Seok will succeed in time travel, his life’s research.

Flashback…Professor Seok tells Jin Gyeom he’s been trying to stop incidents like this for a decade with Jin Gyeom’s mother’s help.

Jin Gyeom asks Tae Yi if she knew a researcher named Park Sun Young. Recall Park Sun Young is the name his mother went by. Tae Yi doesn’t recognize the name.

Flashback…2010…Park Sun Young meets with Professor Seok. She asks if he believes in time travel. She gives him the book of the prophecy. She tells him it is a log of events written by someone in the future. She says this is the book of the prophecy. Professor Seok laughs and tells her to leave. She shows him the page that references him. The page refers to him trying to close the door to time. She asks if he’ll believe her if she can produce negative energy.

Professor Seok’s man reports Tae Yi survived the attack. Tae Yi takes Jin Gyeom’s call. Jin Gyeom wants to know why research personnel are being targeted. Professor Seok reports Jin Gyeom’s mother came to him 10 years ago to ask him to stop events that would happen in the future. Professor Seok says after his mother’s death he created a team that tried to stop time travel. Professor Seok believes his team is targeted for elimination. Professor Seok shares he has the book of prophecy. He declares Jin Gyeom should know about the contents. Jin Gyeom heads to the university.

Flashback…2010…Park Sun Young shows Professor Seok the college student Tae Yi. She says if anything happens to her, Tae Yi should continue her research. Park Sun Young says Tae Yi can stop time travel. She warns there will be dangers.

Professor Seok removes the book of prophecy from the safe. The lights flicker.

Jin Gyeom considers what he knows about his mother.

The man enters Professor Seok’s office. Professor Seok puts the book in the safe. The man approaches Professor Seok.

Jin Gyeom arrives at the university to find a man being taken on a stretcher. He rushes to Professor Seok’s office and learns Professor Seok is missing.

2050… Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am looks at a photo of the attacking man, Ju Hae Min. He asks Alice Agent Oh Shi Young how this time traveler got back to 2020. Agent Oh says JHM took the same path Lee Se Hoon took years ago. She wonders if the man they are looking forward called teacher is behind this. Team Lead Ki scoffs that teacher doesn’t exist. Agent Oh reports those attacked by JHM include Tae Yi. That gets Team Lead Ki’s attention. Agent Oh says it isn’t the same Tae Yi they knew from 2050 but another version. Team Lead Ki asks why this is the first he’s heard of this. Agent Oh says this Tae Yi isn’t the same one they know. He orders Min Hyeok extracted from 2020.

2020…Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father, though father and son don’t know this) sits in jail.

Officer Kim reports no one saw Professor Seok abducted as the CCTV were not recording. His home wasn’t touched. Jin Gyeom tells Officer Kim to keep Professor Seok’s research team safe.

Tae Yi eats at her adopted parents’ eatery. Her mother tells her to move home. Tae Yi asks her sister if she’s still thinking about quitting her job. The gets her mother’s attention. Her mother chides Tae Yi for getting someone to stalk her. Her father eats the last of Tae Yi’s food.

Tae Yi dreams…A little boy calls for Tae Yi. She catches up to him and tells him to run. A man with a knife pursues them. She puts Jin Gyeom in a closet and tells him to stay there no matter what.

Tae Yi wakes.

Jin Gyeom keeps watch outside Tae Yi’s parent’s home.

Tae Yi tries to work. She calls Jin Gyeom. She asks if she can go to her apartment. Jin Gyeom admits he’s outside her parent’s home. I claim he was passing by.

Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi enter her apartment. The lights still don’t work. Jin Gyeom believes the culprit broke them. They stare at the equations on the wall. Jin Gyeom asks if she knows what it means. She admits she’s lever seen equations like this. Someone enters the apartment. It’s Do Yeon. Tae Yi screams. Do Yeon screams. Tae Yi demands to know why Do Yeon is there. Do Yeon demands to know why Jin Gyeom is there. He says he’s investigating a case.

Outside, Do Yeon wants details. She says he’s acting odd. He promises to tell all later. Do Yeon says she knows just enough to be worried. Tae Yi overhears them argue. She wants to know the details. Jin Gyeom refuses to tell her. Tae Yi snaps he doesn’t have to be flat when he talks. She encourages him to add emojis to his speech. He tries. She laughs.

The next day, Tae Yi teaches her class. She smiles when she thinks of Jin Gyeom. He watches her from the hallway.

Captain Go’s wife asks why Jin Gyeom hasn’t been around. Do Yeon doesn’t want to talk about it. She encourages Do Yeon to be bold with Jin Gyeom. Do Yeon laughs that would never work with Jin Gyeom. Later she considers making a bold advance. Captain Go arrives home and hugs his wife. Do Yeon exits the bathroom and finds them cuddling.

Jin Gyeom drives Tae Yi home to her parents. She asks how he can catch the culprits when he’s with her all the time. He gives her a gun and basic instructions. Her father isn’t happy when he sees this. Tae Yi’s mother is happy to see Jin Gyeom and thanks him for saving Tae Yi. She offers to make food. Tae Yi gives him the look. Jin Gyeom accepts the food offer. He lies the stalker was caught. Tae Yi’s mother is relieved and heads to the kitchen. Jin Gyeom gets a call from Officer Kim.

At the police station, Officer Kim explains the culprit’s phone isn’t register but has a call history. He shows Jin Gyeom the locations of the calls. One of them is the orphanage Tae Yi was adopted from.

Tae Yi’s parents like Jin Gyeom and encourage her to date him. Tae Yi declares she’s not interested. Tae Yi’s mother says Tae Yi’s orphanage mother called.

Tae Yi visits her orphanage mother, a nun, who tells her a police officer visited asking questions about when she arrived in 1992, if she had a book with her, etc. Tae Yi asks for description. The nun shares the man asked about her biological father. Tae Yi is surprised. Jin Gyeom knocks and enters. Tae Yi is surprised and asks why he’s there.

Tae Yi shows him her class picture. Jin Gyeom shares his belief the man that visited the orphanage is the man that attacked her. She admits her mother dropped her off and lied she’d be back soon. Tae Yi shares her father died in 1992. She asks why she’s being hunted. Jin Gyeom tells her to never be alone. Tae Yi asks if the 1992 incident Do Yeon mentioned was her father’s murder. Jin Gyeom says it’s about the man in the holding cell at the station. Tae Yi wants to meet the time traveling that came to meet her.

Jin Gyeom asks Min Hyeok about the 1992 murder victim Mr. Jang. Min Hyeok says he knows nothing. Jin Gyeom says only Lee Se Hoon was arrested but there were 2 other suspects. Jin Gyeom shows Min Hyeok the CCTV photo of him and asks if he cut off Lee Se Hoon’s foot and killed Mr. Jang. He asks if he was the book of prophecy. That gets Min Hyeok’s attention. Jin Gyeom assumes Min Hyeok knew Park Sun Young. He asks if Jin Gyeom knows Professor Yoon. Min Hyeok asks why Jin Gyeom is protecting her. Jin Gyeom brings Min Hyeok to meet with Tae Yi.

Tae Yi asks if he knows her. He asks why he followed her. She asks Jin Gyeom for a moment alone. Min Hyeok tells her she’s doing dangerous things and he wanted to warn her. Tae Yi admits she’s envious that he time travels. She asks why he’s trying to kill her. That gets Min Hyeok’s attention. Tae Yi asks if they were once close. Min Hyeok claims he doesn’t know her. Tae Yi points out he seems to know her and it was be in the future. She says she can prove his existence. She stands. Min Hyeok tells her to stop her activities. Tae Yi takes that to confirm they are close in the future. She says they aren’t in her book and never will be. They lock eyes.

Jin Gyeom studies the pictures from Mr. Jang’s case file. He stares at Dr. Jang’s 5-year-old daughter and the notation she suffers stress from the attack. Jin Gyeom recalls how Tae Yi class picture from 1992. He realizes Tae Yi could be Dr. Jang’s daughter.

Tae Yi exits the interrogation room and tells Jin Gyeom the man is annoying and asks if he will hit him for her. Jin Gyeom tells her to wait in the hallway. Min Hyeok surprises Jin Gyeom with the information that man that is killing people is a rouge time traveler. He likely has spots from illegal time travel radiation. Min Hyeok tells Jin Gyeom not to believe what he sees when dealing with people from the future.

Officer Kim learns the spots did indeed have excess radiation.

The man flips through a notebook while a bound and gagged Professor Seok watches. He takes a knife and plunges it into Tae Yi’s picture.

Officer Kim confirms the spots had radiation. Tae Yi wants to stay at when Jin Gyeom says he’ll escort her home. She counters she wants to works on the equations and the three officers will protect her. He’s forced to agree. When Jin Gyeom nears the building exit he bumps into an older man who drops a book. Jin Gyeom gives him the book. The man gets into the elevator as Jin Gyeom exits.

A man is brought into police custody and put in Min Hyeok’s cell. Min Hyeok looks at Alice Agent Choi Seung Pyo. The police officers are startled when the cell is empty.

2050…Agent Oh and Agent Choi report to Team Lead Ki that Min Hyeok had a stop to make. Agent Oh admits she doesn’t know what Min Hyeok is thinking.

2020…The police let the older man down the hallway of the building.

Jin Gyeom looks at suspect sketches. He remembers the older man he bumped into. He remembers Min Hyeok’s advice not to believe what he sees. He turns his car around.

Jin Gyeom calls Tae Yi but she’s distracted when the older man enters the room. He asks if she’s Tae Yi. She confirms it. She asks who he is. He comments on the equation on the board. Tae Yi asks who he is. The man adds to the equation. Tae Yi sees the radiation spots on the man. She knows he’s from the future and there for her. The man removes his aging device. He walks menacingly towards Tae Yi who backs away. She asks why he’s doing this. The man says she saw something she shouldn’t have seen, the book of prophecy. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The man brandishes his knife. Min Hyeok arrives and knocks him down. He tells Tae Yi to leave. She exits the room.  The man stabs Min Hyeok and pushes him down. Min Hyeok asks why he’s killing someone in the past. The man says because of Min Hyeok the book of prophecy got into the hands of someone from the past. Tae Yi bursts in the room and tries to mace the man. That isn’t effective. He lifts her by the throat against the wall. Jin Gyeom bursts in the room and knocks the man down. They fight. The man shows his timecard and presses the button. He runs down the hall and disappears. Jin Gyeom follows but he’s gone. He returns to find Min Hyeok gone. He tells Tae Yi everything will be okay. She gasps in relief. Min Hyeok watches Jin Gyeom hold her from the hallway.

A man holds the book of prophecy and reads the section about Professor Seok. He sees there is a missing page. It’s Captain Go!

Flashback…Dr. Jang gives his daughter a page from the book of prophecy.

At the police station, Jin Gyeom looks at the group picture of the children from 1992. He looks at Dr. Jang’s daughter. It’s the same girl. Tae Yi IS Dr. Jang’s daughter.

The officers get chewed out about the prisoners escaping into thin air.

Do Yeon writes a story about the incident. Officer Kim calls her and says Captain Go isn’t at work. She suggests he search local bathhouses. She leaves to cover a story.

Jin Gyeom meets Tae Yi in the interrogation room. He sees her face. He knows this is taking a toll on her. He sits next to her, not across from her. He looks at Tae Yi and asks if she’s okay. Tae Yi doesn’t understand why reading the book of prophecy, a book she doesn’t remember, warrants her death.

Flashback…In prison Lee Se Hoon tells Jin Gyeom that reading the book of prophecy merits death or dismemberment.

Jin Gyeom asks if the man said anything else. Jin Gyeom tells her not to teach tomorrow and stick to him like glue. She asks if he’s asking her to move into a special place. She wonders why he’s protective. Jin Gyeom says she’s special. She wonders if it is romantic. Jin Gyeom says he doesn’t have romantic feeling for her but can’t explain why she’s special. She asks where they’ll stay.

Flashback…1992…the orphanage has an outing to an amusement park. A young Tae Yi watches Park Sun Young give her young son (Jin Gyeom) an ice cream cone. Park Sun Young turns and sees a young Tae Yi. Jin Gyeom walks to Tae Yi and touches the balloon she holds then gives to him. Park Sun Young takes a picture of the twosome.

Present…Jin Gyeom takes her to an amusement park. She gives Jin Gyeom a balloon.

We see the twosome side by side in the past and present.

Jin Gyeom takes Tae Yi to his old house. They stand outside the home.

My Thoughts

Tae Yi feels a connection to Jin Gyeom and trusts him.  Writer Kim Kyu Won put Tae Yi in peril and Jin Gyeom responded. Min Hyeok saved her too. Both men are protective of Tae Yi, who doesn’t realize her full importance to time travel. It’s the building trust between Jin Gyeom and his parents from different times that is unique. Tae Yi can’t help but feel Jin Gyeom’s constant support. Tae Yi saw Min Hyeok return to save her. She knows he’s from the future and told him at the police station. She wasn’t scared of Min Hyeok. But she knew the man stalking her meant her harm. I suspected Captain Go was more than he seemed. Are we to assume he’s the teacher? Has his involvement with Jin Gyeom been because of Tae Yi? Did Captain Go kill Tae Yi?

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) listened to his mother and treated her kindly. Jin Gyeom scores with me. He’s smart. He’s protective. He’s blunt. But he listens and learns. When Tae Yi pointed out he needed to inquire about her first before questioning, he remembered and did so later in the episode. When Tae Yi sat next to him not across from him to feel his support, Jin Gyeom notices and sat next to her later in the episode. Jin Gyeom’s interactions with a frustrated Do Yeon are level headed too. She’s jealous of the time he’s spending with Tae Yi without providing a reason why. Jin Gyeom is smart, capable, and calm headed. These are the exact qualities to sort out this tangled time travel weave. But Jin Gyeom has more…he has heart…though he guards against it.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) (Jin Gyeom’s mother) realized Jin Gyeom was her rock after she was attacked multiple times. Tae Yi asks Jin Gyeom if he liked her. Jin Gyeom stated he did not have romantic feelings but didn’t explain why he was protective. Jin Gyeom realized Tae Yi is Dr. Jang’s daughter. Does she still have the missing page from the book of prophecy her father gave her the night he was killed by Lee Se Hoon? The final scene was touching. Present day Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom give and receive a balloon. The young twosome did the same in 1992 and irony of ironies, it was Park Sun Young that took their photo.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) saved Tae Yi. He wanted not to get involved but he couldn’t let the 2020 version of the woman he loved be killed. He returned to save her. He saw Jin Gyeom hug Tae Yi. Is he wondering if their relationship is romantic?

The third song of the OST is “Star” sung by Lim Han Byul:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.



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3 comments on “Alice Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    So … Tae Yi 💳 did give the Book of Prophecy to Professor Seok 🦋 to work with him to prevent bad events. Hmm, I thought he was against the butterfly effect. I’m blown 🤯 away Captain Go seems to be the teacher❗ Was he the one that asked the nun questions❓⁉️ I’m also wondering if Captain Go had a hand in Sun Young’s 🤱💳 murder. Why is he wrapped up in this❓⁉️ Did Captain Go’s son’s death have something to do with time travelers❓⁉️

    I’m glad Min Hyeok 🕶 came to Tae Yi’s 💳 rescue, she might not have made it until Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 arrived. Min Hyeok 🕶 left a blood sample, I wonder if the run his DNA, if the will come up with Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 as his son … I wonder if Tae Yi’s 💳 DNA would show up as Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 mom❓⁉️

    I suspected Tae Yi 💳 could be the girl who witnessed her father’s murder and it looks like she is. I wonder if Park Sun Young🤱💳 had any inclination that the little girl she helped save in 1992 was herself. Tae Yi 💳 doesn’t seem to have any memory of the PTSD event. I suppose she may not remember

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m blown 🤯 away Captain Go seems to be the teacher❗ Was he the one that asked the nun questions❓⁉️ I’m also wondering if Captain Go had a hand in Sun Young’s 🤱💳 murder. Why is he wrapped up in this❓⁉️ Did Captain Go’s son’s death have something to do with time travelers❓⁉️
      I thought there was more to Captain Go but didn’t want him to be evil.

      Min Hyeok 🕶 left a blood sample, I wonder if the run his DNA, if the will come up with Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 as his son … I wonder if Tae Yi’s 💳 DNA would show up as Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 mom❓⁉️
      Good questions.

      I wonder if Park Sun Young🤱💳 had any inclination that the little girl she helped save in 1992 was herself.
      Yes how much did she know?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Another amnesia plot line, so probably not much. I didn’t get the feeling from the first episode that Tae Yi recognized her 1992 self, if my theory was right. Will something spark her memory or did she recognize her 1992 self❓⁉️


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