Flower of Evil Episode 15 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 15

Flashback…a young Moo Jin dares to film inside Do Min Seok’s cabin. He finds the cage with the dog leash hanging from it. He pans the camera to see something moving inside a plastic bag. Do Min Seok appears and coolly notes his own children won’t darken the door. He lies that the plastic bag contains an elk. Moo Jin decides to believe him.

Do Hae Sue (Do Hyun Soo’s sister) asks Reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) how the necklace is still pristine. Moo Jin is thrilled she’s wearing his necklace. They agree to meet at his place.

Hae Sue falls to the ground clutching her stabbed bloody shirt. Believing Hae Sue is Ji Won, Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon) cuts off Ji Won’s badge which Hae Sue wore to validate his incorrect assumption. He leaves. Hae Sue watches him go.

CEO Yeom Sang Cheol brings Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) his father’s cabin in the woods. Hyun Soo sighs at the sight of the cabin. CEO Yeom declares he only cares about the money. Hyun Soo presses him for the accomplice’s identity. CEO Yeom refuses to provide that until he’s safely out of the accomplice’s reach. CEO Yeom warns Hyun Soo not to betray him or CEO Yeom and the accomplice will kill him and Jung Mi Sook. They exit the car and head to the cabin.

Moo Jin goes to Hyun Soo’s house to surprise Hae Sue by picking her up. He calls her from outside. She doesn’t answer. Moo Jin sees blood on the wall and finds Hae Sue bleeding out on the floor. He calls for help.

The team study the CCTV camera about the housekeeper’s last day of life. They don’t know Mrs. Baek is dressed like the housekeeper to make them think the housekeeper was alive longer. Team Lead Lee Woo Cheol (Choi Dae Hoon) and Detective Choi Jae Sub (Choi Young Joon) puzzle that the autopsy’s time of death is before the last activities of the housekeeper. Team Lead Lee believes the CCTV. Detective Choi decides to interview the local delivery person. Before he can leave, Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and Officer Im Ho Joon (Kim Jin Woo) arrive with the black box footage of the pay phone where someone called and lured Hyun Soo out the night of the housekeepers’ murder. The video proves a man used the pay phone booth in the time window Hyun Soo said he got a call. Team Lead Lee doesn’t understand why the man didn’t check parked cars for dash camera.  Ji Won agrees it is strange. The team gets a call notifying them about the stabbing at Ji Won’s house.

They arrive. Ji Won asks where her daughter is. The paramedics say her daughter wouldn’t open the door for anyone but her mother. Ji Won goes to her daughter’s door and tells her to open the door. She assures her daughter she’s safe. Baek Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon) and falls sobbing into her mother’s arms. She says a thief was there. Eun Ha relays that Hae Sue told her not to open the door for anyone but her mother. Eun Ha asks where Hae Sue is.

Moo Jin waits outside the operating room. He remembers Hyun Soo telling him to never leave his sister alone.

Hee Sung arrives at his mother’s pharmacy. He selects the drugs he needs.

CEO Yeom takes Hee Sung’s call. Hee Sung says he has the money. He asks where they should meet.

Hyun Soo calls to Jung Mi Sook who is inside the cage in his father’s cabin. She’s frightened. He tells her who he is. He tells her the accomplice is coming for her because she’s the only survivor and witness. Hyun Soo says he wants to catch the accomplice. He locks the cage door and gives her the only key to gain her trust and make her safe. Jung Mi Sook asks if he’ll really help her. Hyun Soo says he will. She doesn’t believe him. She says CEO Yeom lied to her. She asks why he’d help her. Hyun Soo says he too doesn’t understand why life has put him at this moment in time. Jung Mi Sook takes the key.

At the hospital, Ji Won watches her daughter sleep. She tells her mother she must go. Her mother doesn’t want her to leave. Her mother blames Hyun Soo. Ji Won tells her mother that Hyun Soo deserves an embrace.

The police watch the CCTV video showing a man stalking Ji Won’s apartment then entering. They decide to leak false information. Captain Yoon Sang Pil (Lim Chul Hyung) agrees to talk to the reporters.

Ji Won stands next to a waiting Moo Jin. He bemoans that he failed to keep his promise to Hyun Soo not to leave Hae Sue alone. Ji Won shares that Hae Sue didn’t fight to protect Eun Ha. Ji Won vows to get him. The doctors exit the surgery. They saw the injuries are bad and the chance of survival is 50 / 50. Moo Jin remembers Hae Sue wanted Mr. Baek to provide the list of volunteers that worked at the hospital between 1992 and 2000. Moo Jin shares Eun Ha believe the accomplice was a one of the volunteers. He leaves to find the list. Officer Im calls Ji Won and informs her they’ve leaked that she’s dead. Ji Won is taken aback.

Hee Sung is pleased by the false report. He arrives to find CEO Yeom waiting outside the cabin. Hee Sung approaches with the money in a briefcase. CEO Yeom motions Hee Sung to follow him into the cabin. He leads Hee Sung to the basement where Jung Mi Sook waits in the cage. Hee Sung considers it an aphoristic. He crouches and tells Jung Mi Sook it has been too long. He asks if she remembers him. She trembles in fear. Hee Sung smiles. He gives CEO Yeom the briefcase. CEO Yeom open it. The stacks of money are an aphoristic to CEO Yeom. He thumbs the money and sniffs it. He doesn’t know he’s inhaling rat poison that Hee Sung sprinkled on the money. Hee Sung smiles at CEO Yeom’s consistent need to sniff money. CEO Yeom hands Hee Sung the key to the cage and starts to walk away. The rat poison begins to take effect. CEO Yeom hurries away after wiping blood from his nose.

Hee Sung asks Jung Mi Sook they always meet like this. He says she won’t escape from him this time. She looks behind Hee Sung where Hyun Soo waits.

Ji Won watches the CCTV showing the man stalking her at her house. She realizes she was the intended victim. She’s surprised the man didn’t know what she looked like and mistook Hae Sue for her. Team Lead Lee wonders if there is more than one killer.

Detective Choi interview the delivery man that took food to the housekeeper’s apartment. Detective Choi notes the victim had a hearing impairment. The delivery man says the woman didn’t have a hearing impairment because he knocked and she answered the door.

Ji Won wonders if someone is working with the accomplice. Detective Choi calls and asks for the last meal the housekeeper ate per the coroner’s report. The ingredients in the delivered food don’t match the contents of the housekeeper’s stomach. Detective Choi states the housekeeper didn’t die after eating the delivered dinner, she died after eating lunch. They wonder who impersonated the housekeeper. Ji Won believes Mrs. Baek did to protect the killer, her son Hee Sung, who is the accomplice they’ve been searching for. Ji Won declares the accomplice didn’t consider the dash cam video because 15 year ago when he went into a coma, that technology wasn’t common. Ji Won declares Hee Sung woke from his coma.

Hee Sung tries to unlock the lock. The key doesn’t work. He gets angry and assumes CEO Yeom cheated him. He tells Jung Mi Sook to come to him. He can’t reach her. She holds a knife up to protect herself. Jung Mi Sook stares at Hyun Soo heading towards Hee Sung. Tipped off, Hee Sung opens his knife and spins. Hyun Soo takes the dog leash and puts it around Hee Sung’s neck. They struggle. Hyun Soo strangles Hee Sung until he passes out. Hyun Soo hits Hee Sung. Then he sees who Hee Sung is. Hee Sung smiles and says hello. Hee Sung chuckles that Hyun Soo must have wanted to know who the accomplice was. Hee Sung can’t believe his eyes.

Moo Jin goes to the Baeks and tells them that Hae Sue was stabbed. They feign concern. Moo Jin asks for the list of volunteers that Hae Sue requested. Moo Jin shares he’ll check the list personally. Mr. Baek says he’ll get the list. Moo Jin gets a call from Ji Won. She tells him to get out of the Baek’s house. Ji Won says the Baek’s son, Hee Sung is the suspected accomplice. Ji Won tells Moo Jin that the Baeks have been aiding their son and cannot be trusted. Ji Won says the police will arrive soon. Moo Jin lowers the phone. He asks Mrs. Baek where her son is. Ji Won tells Team Lead Lee they must go to the Baeks right now without the warrant. She says Moo Jin is going to blow it and they must save him.

Moo Jin starts searching the house for Hee Sung. Mrs. Baek follows him and tells him to stop. Mr. Baek shreds his son’s volunteer paperwork. Moo Jin finds the empty hospital bed where Hee Sung lay in a coma. Mr. Baek finds him in the room. Moo Jin says their son isn’t in a coma. Mr. Baek decides he must stop Moo Jin. He grabs a syringe. He tells Moo Jin he can’t leave. Moo Jin yells this is futile. Mr. Baek yells he’s willing to sacrifice on the hope his son may change. Mr. Baek says Do Min Seok changed his son. Mr. Baek believes he can change back. Moo Jin shares he found a plastic bag with something alive in Do Min Seok’s cabin. He pretended to believe Do Min Seok’s claim the bag held an elk. Moo Jin says he couldn’t face the truth then. But he knew it wasn’t an elk but a human. Moo Jin tells Mr. Baek he knows his son had murder in him before he met Do Min Seok. Moo Jin says Do Min Seok made it flourish but it was always there. Moo Jin tells Mr. Baek that his son won’t get better. Moo Jin stops Mr. Baek from stabbing himself. Moo Jin tells Mr. Baek he has to stay alive to see the truth. He leaves. Mrs. Baek kneels next to her husband. They look into each other’s eyes. She tells him they both knew it wouldn’t end well. She wonders why they couldn’t admit it sooner.

Good scene. Moo Jin had moxy and moral might, while admitting to lying to himself to avoid the truth.

Hee Sung asks Hyun Soo what it feels like to know the truth. Hyun Soo understands it was a trap. Hee Sung warns Hyun Soo not to get smug that he’s caught him. Hee Sung boasts that Hyun Soo will always be in his shadow. Hyun Soo looks at Jung Mi Sook who shakes her head no. She asks why Hee Sung did that to her. Hee Sung says he doesn’t regret it. He muses he’ll become famous and might write a book in prison. He rambles that Do Min Seok taught him how to make murder art. He’s thrilled at his future. Hyun Soo leans close and tells him to stop trying so hard. Hyun Soo says he can’t be provoked. Hee Sung says his cell phone is in his pocket. He tells Hyun Soo to call the police and request an ambulance.

Flashback…Do Min Seok tells Hee Sung that Hyun Soo is a different kind of person and a failure in his eyes. Do Min Seok tells Hee Sung he’s the best work he’s ever done.

Hyun Soo retrieves Hee Sung’s cell phone. As Hee Sung planned, Ji Won’s badge falls out with it. Hee Sung watches as Hyun Soo sees his wife’s badge. Hee Sung says that’s his latest souvenir. Shocked, Hyun Soo asks why Hee Sung has the badge. Hee Sung smiles. Hyun Soo doesn’t want to believe it. Hee Sung says his home was nice especially the model boat. Hyun Soo orders him not to lie to him. Hee Sung says Do Min Seok turned him into a murder and now he’ll return the favor. Worried by the turn of events, Jung Mi Sook tells Hyun Soo to call the police. Hyun Soo yells he doesn’t believe it.  In a sing song voice Hee Sung recites “Eun Ha don’t open the door for anyone but your mother”.  Hyun Soo reels. Hee Sung says it was a touching moment. Hyun Soo backs away. Hee Sung says he didn’t harm Eun Ha because he doesn’t hurt children. Hyun Soo calls his wife. Ji Won doesn’t pick up the unknown number. Hyun Soo cries. He calls the emergency number and asks to be connected to his wife’s team. He’s told he’ll get a return call. The phone rings. The officer asks what he has to report. Hyun Soo asks if the victim was Ji Won. The officer confirms it and says she’s dead. Hyun Soo is gutted. He asks about the child. The officer says the child is safe. Hyun Soo sobs in agony. Hee Sung watches him fall to his knees in grief. He says he’ll win if Hyun Soo kills him or turns him over to the police. Hyun Soo sees the knife on the floor. He picks it up. Hyun Soo tells Jung Mi Sook to tell the police he killed Hee Sung. Jung Mi Sook begs him not to do this. Hyun Soo says he’ll mutilate Hee Sung so that he can’t be identified. He walks to Hee Sung knife in hand. Hee Sung starts to feel fear. Hyun Soo clutches the knife and moves to Hee Sung to plunge it. Hee Sung kicks up his feet and pushes Hyun Soo backwards. Jung Mi Sook grabs Hyun Soo and yells at Hee Sung to run for his life. Hee Sung scampers out of the cabin. Hyun Soo pulls free of Jung Mi Sook’s grasp and smiles ready to hunt his prey. Jung Mi Sook tells him not to do this. Hee Sung runs into CEO Yeom’s body as he exits. He runs for the woods. Hyun Soo follows knife in hand.

Ji Won demands the Baeks reveal where their son is. They claim not to know. They say Hee Sung went to meet Hee Sung. Incensed Ji Won yells that are his accomplices. Ji Won declares Hee Sung must be with her husband as they speak. Mrs. Baek says her son has a mental disorder and won’t hurt Hyun Soo. Team Lead Lee asks for the license plate of the car, which they provide. Officer Im bursts in and reports a man called to confirm Ji Won’s death. Team Lead Lee shows them the phone number (recall Hyun Soo called from Hee Sung’s phone). Mrs. Baek says her son has a cell phone she doesn’t know the number to. Officer Im reports the man asked about the child. Everyone finds that strange knowing Hee Sung would know that Eun Ha was okay. Ji Won checks her phone and sees the missed call matches the number Team Lead Lee showed the Baeks. She realizes it was her husband that called the police. She realizes Hyun Soo believes she’s dead. She calls the cell phone. Jung Mi Sook decides to open her cage to answer the cell phone. Ji Won identifies herself. Jung Mi Sook can’t believe it. Ji Won asks if this is Jung Mi Sook. Knowing time is short, Jung Mi Sook pleads with Ji Won to come and save Hyun Soo.

Good scene!

Moo Jin waits outside the ICU room for Hae Sue. He asks the nurse how Hae Sue is doing. The nurse asks his relationship. The nurse won’t tell Moo Jin anything because he’s not a blood relative.

Hyun Soo steadily walks in the woods pursuing a fleeing Hee Sung. Hyun Soo finds Hee Sung and stabs him in the shoulder. Hyun Soo grabs Hee Sung’s foot and slices his thigh. Hyun Soo tells Hee Sung to run for his life. Hee Sung calls Hyun Soo a psychopath and flees. Hyun Soo pursues him calmly. Hyun Soo imagines his father walking in front of him. He follows his father’s image.

The police arrive at Do Min Seok’s cabin. The officer reports Hyun Soo is pursing Hee Sung. Another officer says Jung Mi Sook is waiting to speak with her. Ji Won approaches the woman. Jung Mi Sook says that Hee Sung told her husband that he killed her. She gives her the badge. Jung Mi Sook says if her husband kills Hee Sung, he is blameless. Ji Won says murder cannot be justified. She thanks Jung Mi Sook for surviving.

Hee Sung runs to the cliff. Undoubtedly the same cliff he intended to throw Jung Mi Sook off all those years ago. Hyun Soo pursues Hee Sung to the edge.  Hee Sung stands to face Hyun Soo. Hee Sung strikes Hyun Soo. Unfazed, Hyun Soo grabs Hee Sung by the throat and forces him to the ground. Hyun Soo straddles Hee Sung at the edge of the cliff. Hee Sung tells him to kill him. Hee Sung says the endless pain will transfer to Hyun Soo. Raising the knife, Hyun Soo puts it to Hee Sung’s throat, then prepares to stab. Hee Sung smiles.

Ji Won screams for her husband. The police arrive. Ji Won tells her shocked husband the police will handle it. Hyun Soo can’t believe his eyes. He asks Ji Won if it is really her. Ji Won assures him it is. Hyun Soo sees his father to the side. Ji Won yells at her husband to drop the knife and step away from Hee Sung. Hyun Soo cries that Hee Sung said she was dead. Ji Won says it was part of their plan. Hyun Soo looks to the vision of his father.

Ji Won steps to her husband. Detective Choi orders her back. Team Lead Lee declares Ji Won’s safety is number one. He orders Officer Im to shoot if necessary.

Ji Won approaches Hyun Soo. She tells him it is over. She tells him to come to her. Hyun Soo shakes his head. He says he sees dead people. Ji Won cries. Hyun Soo sobs he can’t believe she’s real. Ji Won tells him to come to her. Hee Sung laughs. Hyun Soo looks to Ji Won. He lowers the knife. He looks to Ji Won. He pushes back from Hee Sung. He looks at Ji Won. She opens her arms. Hyun Soo looks at the knife. He tosses the knife. He steps towards his wife. Tears fill her eyes. She can almost hug him.

Team Lead Lee directs the officer to arrest Hee Sung and leave Hyun Soo alone. Hee Sung sits up and pushes the officer away. He has a gun. Hee Sung aims the gun. Hyun Soo turns and sees the gun. He throws himself on Ji Won. The gun goes off.

In the hospital ICU, Hae Sue opens her eyes. The nurse calls for the doctor.

Officer Im shoots Hee Sung.

Ji Won sees Hyun Soo has been shot. She touches the blood on his face. She keens in pain. Hyun Soo’s eyes close.

Dream…Hyun Soo and Ji Won are in bed. They wake and smile. He asks how long he’s been there. He says this feels like the sea but he can’t hear the waves. Ji Won tells him not to ask questions and forget everything. She thanks him for doing his best. She says it is time to rest. Hyun Soo says he caused her grief. Ji Won says she loves him and every moment was worth it. She tells him not to worry about her. Hyun Soo says this is a quiet place. Ji Won says it is just the two of them. Hyun Soo smiles and says it is paradise. Ji Won smiles. Hyun Soo says he’s tired. Ji Won tells him to rest. She hugs him. Hyun Soo smiles and closes his eyes.

My Thoughts

Another terrific episode. Writer Yoo Jung Hee pushed Hyun Soo to the limits. He believed Hee Sung when he said he killed Ji Won. The bloody badge made Hyun Soo call Ji Won with trembling fingers. She didn’t pick up the unknown number. Hyun Soo called the police who confirmed his wife died but the child survived. Overcome with pain, Hyun Soo decided Hee Sung had to die. He pursued and cornered Hee Sung at the cliff. Hyun Soo literally couldn’t believe his eyes when Ji Won and the police arrived. She managed to convince him it was really her and to step away from Hee Sung. As the police went to retrieve Hee Sung, he produced a gun and aimed it at Hyun Soo. Sensing danger Hyun Soo spun, saw the gun, and shielded Ji Won from the incoming bullet. Officer Im redeemed himself for his earlier hesitation and fired at Hee Sung. Ji Won stared in horror at the blood on her husband’s face. Hyun Soo closed his eyes and dreamt of a peaceful place where only he and Ji Won shared a soft bed. One episode to go.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
1. Hee Sung is dead.
We’ve got enough information on this guy. Nothing redeeming about him. Officer Im’s bullet was meant to kill.

2. Hyun Soo survives. No way Hyun Soo dies. Won’t happen. This show is constructed on the premise of redemption. Hyun Soo will live.

3. Hyun Soo, Ji Won, and Eun Ha become a close family. Now the lies are gone. Hyun Soo can love freely. Ji Won has no more doubts. Eun Ha finally gets her parent’s time devoted to their family.

4. Hae Sue survives and moves forward with Moo Jin. This separated wounded high school couple will get a second chance. They will attend a family dinner with her brother, wife and niece.

Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) almost murdered the man he believed murdered his wife. Hyun Soo unhinged when he believed Ji Won was dead. Hee Sung declared he killed his wife. The police confirmed it. Hyun Soo took no prisoners and hunted Hee Sung in the woods. Am I a terrible person for enjoying the moment when Hee Sung realized that Hyun Soo would indeed kill him? Hee Sung hiding a gun and shooting at Hyun Soo was a bit much, but it created the live or die cliff hanger for Hyun Soo. Writer Yoo inserted Hyun Soo’s hallucinations of his father perfectly in the episode. The first when he was hunting Hee Sung and the second when he was trying to determine if Ji Won was real or an illusion. Lee Joon Gi uttered the “I see dead people” with the perfect mix of anguish and shame.

Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) didn’t realize her husband thought she was dead until it was almost too late. She stuck by her man though she told Jung Mi Sook there was no justification for murder, even someone as worthless as Hee Sung. While I’m not sure I believe that, I do believe that murder would have changed Hyun Soo forever. Ji Won begged her husband to come to her. He did. But Hee Sung’s bullet forced him to shield her with his own body.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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16 comments on “Flower of Evil Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jay says:

    Hee sung got the gun from the officer who tried to arrest him. He didn’t have it on him.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Snow Flower says:

    Wow! Lee Joon Ki has been terrific in this drama, but he really outdid himself in this episode. The preview shows that Hyun Soo is alive, but not quite himself. Has he lost his memory? We will have to wait and see. I also think that everything will work out in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicola Nichols says:

    What a ride this episode has been.⭐⭐⭐. So I am torn on who should get Outstanding Lead actor for this episode. Neither Hyun soo or Hee song disappointed. Both were phenomenal. KJT I agree wholeheartedly with your wish list. It is going to be hard waiting for episode 15 and then moving on past it. 🙁

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I wondered why Hee Sung 🧮 didn’t take Hae Soo’s 🎬🎨🖌 thumbnail as a souvenir. Hee Sung 🧮 doesn’t seem to have any issues with memory, cognitive or physical abilities and/or his ability to mastermind covering his crimes (except being unaware of cars having dash cams) after a 15 year coma … is it just me or does anyone else feel like we have to suspend logic when in comes to Hee Sung’s 🧮 post-coma abilities being honed so soon after he became conscious❓⁉️

    Hee Sung 🧮 was a master manipulator, he knew EXACTLY what buttons to push Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 and he took delight in getting the desired rage.

    “Am I a terrible person for enjoying the moment when Hee Sung realized that Hyun Soo would indeed kill him?” -KJT. If you are a terrible person, than I am too. I think it was the satisfaction of Hee Sung 🧮 feeling just a SMIDGEN of the terror he put his victims through. I don’t think Hee Sung’s 🧮 terror was from the threat of being killed as much as the threat of a slow, agonizing death. The scenes between Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 and Hee Sung 🧮 were GRIPPING, they were both AMAZING. It seemed like shades Jang Hyuk and Ahn Nae Sung going against each other in “My Country”.

    Hee Sung 🧮 said his crimes were beyond the statute of limitations and he would go on to live life unimpeded, assuming his framing if Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜for murdering the housekeeper worked. Why is it Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 is still a fugitive for the murder of the village foreman … isn’t that crime as old as the serial murders … wouldn’t it be past the statute of limitations❓⁉️

    KJT, your wish list was syscinct and on point. I only other thing I would add was Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 survives WITHOUT seeing his dead murderous father any more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicola says:

      is it just me or does anyone else feel like we have to suspend logic when in comes to Hee Sung’s 🧮 post-coma abilities being honed so soon after he became conscious❓⁉️
      Me too…I so agree.

      Didn’t Hee sung use a whole lotta chutzpah when he told Hyun soo to not hit him because it hurt??? I didn’t think he was playing either. He really wanted him to stop.

      Why is it Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 is still a fugitive for the murder of the village foreman … isn’t that crime as old as the serial murders … wouldn’t it be past the statute of limitations❓⁉️
      I think he meant as an accessory to the crimes maybe (which he is banking on cannot be proven) and in the meantime Hyun soo is being fingered for everything. His whole logic is way out there though.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I had a friend in college who took a 20′ fall during spring break and was in a coma for 8-9 months. It took him months after being concious to communicate understandably, granted he had a head injury

        Yup, Hee Sung is a murderous bully, who whined when he lost control.

        Liked by 1 person

        • beez says:

          @JT – I think your friend’s condition is more likely the true experience for something like that but Show made sure to remind us it’s just a Kdrama by having a second case of amnesia among the lead characters. In fact, I’m surprised we only got 2 cases of Kdrama amnesia this time around since amnesia is so convenient for purposes of creating drama. 😆 😆 😆 (In truth I was very pissed at the decision to give Hyun soo partial amnesia.)

          Liked by 2 people

      • beez says:

        @Nicola – I found that amusing when Original Hee Sung told him to quit hitting him because it hurts. As if that’s not the whole purpose of hitting his beautiful face. (Sorry, I couldn’t use the word “face” without mentioning how evil-pretty he is) 😆

        As to Hyun soo being wanted for the village head man’s murder, it’s my understanding that S. Korea has finally done away with the statute of limitations on murder fairly recently.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Snow Flower says:

    Is it possible that Hee Sung became conscious much earlier and was exercising in secret? I can totally imagine him roaming the house at night scoping the situation…I know it is very far-fetched and the housekeeper would have noticed, but why not?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Interesting theory Snow Flower, I don’t doubt that Hee Sung 🧮 started skulking around the house at night at night as soon as he was able (the housekeeper wasn’t live-in, as she had her own place) … the question is … when was that❓⁉️

      I recall Daddy Baek had Hee Sung hooked up to machines to exercise … so his muscle wouldn’t be atrophied, but it was not weight bearing exercise … so he HAD TO BE WEAK. The first time we saw Hee Sung 🧮 get out of bed he genuinely fell. I would bet the moment Hee Sung 🧮 woke up, he pushed himself to be mobile … how else could he slake his thirst for blood.

      I have an issue with Hee Sung 🧮 being so INCREDIBLY AGILE, not just in body, but in mind (he was mighty quick coming up with a plan to frame Hyun Soo 🧍‍♂️🗜) in such a short time after becoming conscious after a 15 year coma. I can’t help but think a coma would impact his memory as well as his cognitive and reasoning skills.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Snow Flower says:

    Another instance when we have to suspend our disbelief. I still don’t understand how he became comatose after being stabbed in the abdomen, but I guess that is another example of going along with the story.

    Liked by 1 person

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