Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 14

Flashback…we see the missing person’s poster for Jung Mi Sook. The camera focuses on the tied-up woman in the forest. Do Min Seok tells Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon) that he must clean up his own mess per their agreement. Do Min Seok suggests Hee Sung throw her off the nearby cliff and turn himself in to the police. Hee Sung is shocked. Do Min Seok believes a good lawyer can plea down the charges. Hee Sung gnaws his nails. He suggests Do Min Seok tell his son to clean up his mess. Do Min Seok shoves the shank of his knife into Hee Sung’s belly. He pulls it away, flips the blade, and informs Hee Sung he’d be dead if Do Min Seok wished it. He warns Hee Sung never to mention Hyun Soo again. Do Min Seok says that Hee Sung must listen and follow his instructions. Hee Sung nods his agreement. Do Min Seok tells Hee Sung to make it happen. He leaves Do Min Seok to deal with Jung Mi Sook.

Hee Sung watches Detective Choi Jae Sub (Choi Young Joon) interview his mother Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak) about who killed the housekeeper.  Mrs. Baek names Do Hyun Soo. She claims they took him in years ago out of the kindness of their hearts as they missed their real son, and allowed Hyun Soo to assume Hee Sung’s identity.

Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) puts a knife to his wife’s neck. He tells her he won’t trust anyone ever again. Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) asks what he wants. He instructs her to raise her hands. Hyun Soo forces Ji Won to the desk to pull the cables on the CCTV.  Ji Won complies. Hyun Soo stares into the camera. She stares into the camera as she pulls the last plug. Hyun Soo drops the knife in relief and tells his wife he needs 3 days to sort things out. Ji Won doesn’t understand. Hyun Soo clarifies he put the knife to her throat so the police wouldn’t think she aided and abetted him. Ji Won yells at him for holding the knife to her throat. He attempts to cut himself and proves the knife is dull. Ji Won yells at him for threatening her. Hyun Soo yells he thought she’d realize that was an act. Ji Won can’t believe he expected that. Hyun Soo yells that he’s no idiot and wouldn’t muck up things like they appear to be. He’s disappointed she doubts him. Ji Won tells him to calm down. Hyun Soo says that isn’t easy. They stare at the knife in his hand. He puts it down. He hangs his head and apologizes. He reveals CEO Yeom has Jung Mi Sook. Ji Won is shocked. Hyun Soo says the police will arrive soon. Hyun Soo says he’ll catch the accomplice and return to her.
She handcuffs herself to her husband. The sirens wail.

Great scene. Hyun Soo is outraged. Ji Won is outraged. They both should be and neither backed down.

The police team arrives. Detective Choi, Team Lead Lee Woo Cheol (Choi Dae Hoon), and Officer Im Ho Joon (Kim Jin Woo) burst into the room. It’s empty. They find the CCTV but it is unplugged. Officer Im finds the last footage where Hyun Soo forces Ji Won to the desk to pull the cables on the CCTV.  Ji Won complies. She stares into the camera as she pulls the last plug. Hyun Soo stares into the camera too. The trio sighs in frustration. Detective Choi demands the footage be replayed. He notices the closet is open but closed in the video. They dash out.

Hyun Soo and Ji Won are hidden behind the closet. She urges him to turn himself in. Hyun Soo counters Jung Mi Sook will die.

The trio of officers leave 2 uniformed officers behind.

Ji Won asks why Jung Mi Sook will die. Hyun Soo demands to be uncuffed. He only wants 1 day to find Jung Mi Sook and the accomplice.  Hyun Soo asks Ji Won to trust him. Ji Won wants to come with him. Hyun Soo is reluctant but agrees. Ji Won says they need cash. They make their way into their apartment, get the money, and leave. Ji Won asks why there was space behind the closet. Hyun Soo wants the handcuffs removed. Ji Won knows he’ll leave her behind. Hyun Soo plays the trust card. Ji Won declares she knows how he thinks. As she removes her lanyard with her ID, Hyun Soo spins her away from a biker, whose tires rolls over the ID.

Back at the station, Team Lead Lee explains the situation to the Chief and Captain Yoon Sang Pil (Lim Chul Hyung). The Chief can’t believe that Hyun Soo was hiding in plain sight. He tells them to clean up their mess and storms away. Captain Yoon wants Team Lead Lee to confirm that Ji Won didn’t know her husband was Hyun Soo. Team Lead Lee remembers Detective Choi accusing Ji Won of lying to them. He does the same and tells his boss Ji Won didn’t know her husband was Hyun Soo. Captain Yoon briefs the teams and orders them to find Hyun Soo and their captive fellow officer Detective Cha.

Ji Won and Hee Sung take a cab. The taxi driver notices they are clasping hands. Ji Won lies that she can’t stand to be apart.

CEO Yeom Sang Cheol throws Jung Mi Sook in a cage and locks the distraught woman in. He asks her to repeat her conversation with Hyun Soo. CEO Yeom is dismayed to find out she revealed her identity. She swears she couldn’t tell the caller their location because she doesn’t know it.  Jung Mi Sook realizes she’s been here before.

Flashback…In the cage, Jung Mi Sook watches Do Min Seok hand Hee Sung the leash. He crouches to stare at her. She cringes away.

Jung Mi Sook tells CEO Yeom she’s been here before. CEO Yeom asks if she remembers. She declares they locked in this cage. She begs CEO Yeom to let her out. She realizes that’s the last thing he’ll do. He walks away.

Hee Sung tells his mother her performance was excellent. He tells her that the statue of limitations on the murders have expired. He can wake from his coma, and the family will go on. He says Hyun Soo will be found guilty and they will be free. He tells his mother her statement at the police station must be sincere.

Hee Sung takes a call from CEO Yeom who informs him they have business to settle. He shocks Hee Sung with the news that Jung Mi Sook is alive and with him.

Flashback…On a dark and rainy night, Hee Sung drives while speaking with CEO Yeom about his latest victim, Jung Mi Sook. He hits Hyun Soo.

Hee Sung realizes that Jung Mi Sook is indeed alive. CEO Yeom demands money. Hee Sung agrees.

Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak) (Hee Sung’s Father) is all smiles when a man, the chief of police, enters the private room. The chief’s smile vanishes.

Ji Won tells Hyun Soo to act natural for the CCTV. Hyun Soo grouses she’s failing to do so without his help. They arrive at a door.  Hyun Soo uses his access key.

Reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) brings Do Hae Sue (Do Hyun Soo’s sister) to his apartment to protect her. Moo Jin tell his reluctant guest that this is her for protection. He offers his bed. Hae Sue bemoans that she’s a burden. Moo Jin’s boss calls with news about Hyun Soo.

The police swarm and reporters report outside Hee Sung and Ji Won’s house. The police find the hairs planted by Hee Sung in Hyun Soo’s car. Ji Won’s mother can’t believe who her son in law really is.

Hyun Soo admits that he’s fed up with terrible things happening to him. Ji Won barks that she’s gone through that too many times lately. She admits she doubted him when she checked his fingerprint against the one found at the scene of the crime. She justifies that anyone one would have done the same. Hyun Soo reminds her she’s his wife, not just anyone. Hyun Soo admitted he was able to bear the assumption of guilt of everyone else but her. Ji Won counters that she can’t fully trust him when he won’t tell her everything. She admits she wanted to arrest him to keep him safe. She cries. Hyun Soo swears he didn’t kill the housekeeper. Ji Won hugs her husband. Hee Sung hugs his wife. They cry together.

Gosh, another stellar scene. The raw emotion and honesty of their pain, doubt, and hope hit the mark.

Mr. Baek lies that he didn’t know who Hyun Soo was when he agreed to let him pretend to be his son. He lies that he’s worried about Detective Cha.

When Moo Jin arrives at the office, his boss yells at him for working with Hyun Soo and NOT revealing who he was. Moo Jin counters they were working together. His boss informs him Hyun Soo has taken his wife as a hostage. Moo Jin believes there is more than meet the eye. His boss reveals the housekeeper’s hair was found in Hyun Soo’s car. She asks why he’s covering for a killer.

Hyun Soo tells his wife the accomplice must be the one that framed him. He mentions he called the owner of a car near the phone booth he went to on the night of the housekeeper’s murder. Ji Won can’t believe the accomplice overlooked that. She asks about Jung Mi Sook. Hyun Soo believes she told him the truth about her identity but couldn’t trust the police to blame him for everything and let CEO Yeom and the accomplice escape ensuring Jung Mi Sook’s death. Hyun Soo says his flight tells CEO Yeom that he’s not working with the police anymore. Hyun Soo informs his wife he’ll join forces with CEO Yeom.

CEO Yeom buys items and listens to the news reports about Hyun Soo escaping the police. He recalls Hee Sung telling him that Hyun Soo is handled. CEO Yeom shakes his head at Hee Sung’s trap. In his car, CEO Yeom is surprised to get a phone call from Hyun Soo. CEO Yeom chuckles at the predicament that Hyun Soo is in. He says the accomplice framed Hyun Soo neatly. Hyun Soo suggests they join forces. CEO Yeom laughs and asks what is in it for him. Hyun Soo assumes CEO Yeom still has Jung Mi Sook and hasn’t handed her over to the accomplice. CEO Yeom asks why he thinks that. Hyun Soo states the accomplice will kill him when they meet to exchange money for Jung Mi Sook. CEO Yeom boasts that no one fools him. Hyun Soo counters he has. Hyun Soo admits the accomplice fooled him. He suggests the CEO Yeom take the money while he gets the accomplice and Jung Mi Sook lives to see another day. CEO Yeom claims he needs to consider carefully. He asks for more concessions. Ji Won writes a note NOT to negotiate. Hyun Soo tells CEO Yeom he won’t get more than he’s offered and hangs up. CEO Yeom chuckles at the bold move. Hyun Soo wonders if CEO Yeom will accept his offer. Ji Won believes he will.

CEO Yeom puts food for Jung Mi Sook inside her cage. She ignores him. CEO Yeom wonders which man to choose. He flips a coin. Jung Mi Sook asks him to kill her instead of sending her to the blonde guy.

Flashback…Jung Mi Sook watches Do Min Seok walk away. Hee Sung takes a rock and smashes it into the back of Do Min Seok’s head. Jung Mi Sook manages to free her hands and feet. She runs away as Hee Sung bashes Do Min Seok repeatedly.

Jung Mi Sook says the man bashed his friend’s head with a rock and killed him. CEO Yeom didn’t know that Do Min Seok didn’t commit suicide. CEO Yeom stares at the flipped coin.

The master was killed by the student. CEO Yeom learned that Do Min Seok was murdered by Hee Sung. That had to change his opinion on who to trust.

Ji Won and Hyun Soo listen to the recording with CEO Yeom. Hyun Soo calls room service for towels.  Ji Won believes the recording will help. She believes if she stays as Hyun Soo’s hostage it will help convince CEO Yeom. Hyun Soo hugs his wife. He tells her he loves her. She asks why he sounds sad. Hyun Soo says she must return to her world. Ji Won asks what he means. Hyun Soo says she must continue to be his hostage. He handcuffs her to the furniture. Ji Won is outraged that he lied to her. Hyun Soo tells his wife he can’t risk her safety while he deals with the evil CEO Yeom. Hyun Soo believes Ji Won can help him best as a cop. He takes off his watch with the tracking device. As he turns to leave, Ji Won threatens this is the end if he walks out. She begs him not to go. Hyun Soo kisses her gently. He promises to return. He tells to wish him good luck. Ji Won tells the man she loves not to get hurt. She releases him. He walks away, to clear his name, and claim the life he wants. Hyun Soo smiles at the maid bring the towels to the door. He watches the police arrive at the hotel.

Hyun Soo calls CEO Yeom who clarifies Hyun Soo is working with him not the other way around. Hyun Soo asks where they should meet.

Hae Sue declares her brother didn’t kill the housekeeper. She believes he was framed by the accomplice. Moo Jin doubts it. He points out that no one can clear his name. Hae Sue snaps she doesn’t need a coward. She gets in the elevator and leaves.

Moo Jin rushes into his apartment and gets his phone and keys. The police arrive and declares he must come to the station with them and explain why he helped Hyun Soo.

Ji Won declares she does not need to go to the hospital. Team Lead Lee arrives and makes sure she’s fine. Ji Won says they aren’t looking at the housekeeper’s case correctly. She says Do Min Seok’s accomplice and the housekeeper’s killer are one in the same. Team Lead Lee takes her to the police chief and Captain Yoon. They listen to the phone call with CEO Yeom. They are surprised Jung Mi Sook is alive. Team Lead Lee wants to keep Ji Won’s return a secret. The police chief points out that Ji Won’s actions make her a suspect and not to be trusted. Captain Yoon says not trusting her is the bigger risk. Team Lead Lee points out it is either catch a serial killer or trust a seasoned cop. The police chief order Team Lead Lee’s team to make it happen.

Mr. Baek gives Hee Sung the money. Hee Sung claims CEO Yeom will leave the country. Mrs. Baek believes CEO Yeom will continue to blackmail them. The police chief calls Mr. Baek. He reports that Ji Won has returned. He tells Mr. Baek not to tell anyone. Mr. Baek assures him he’ll keep this information quiet. Mr. Baek tells his wife and son that Ji Won has been captured but Hyun Soo is on the loose. Mr. Baek says that Ji Won maintains that Hyun Soo didn’t kill the housekeeper. Hee Sung wants to know why. Mr. Baek doesn’t know. Mrs. Baek worries. Hee Sung considers.

Hae Sue arrives back at her apartment. She finds a man outside her door. She demands to know who the man is. The man runs. Detective Choi and Officer Im tackle the man and handcuff him. They assume the man is Hyun Soo. Hae Sue arrives and assumes the man is the accomplice. They remove the man’s hat to find a report that had previously harassed Hae Sue.

At the police station, the report tells Detective Choi there is no need for this. Detective Choi says they’ll take Hae Sue’s statement first.

Team Lead Lee returns Ji Won’s cell phone to her. She knows he’s disappointed in her deceptions. Team Lead Lee says they were too busy worry about her to be angry. Officer Im and Detective Choi burst into the room, relieved that Ji Won is okay. Hae Sue enters the room. Ji Won sees her ripped shirt. She offers her jacket and asks why Hae Sue is there.

The reporter declares he went to Hae Sue’s apartment to catch Hyun Soo. He points out the police where there for the same reason. From behind the mirror Ji Won tells Officer Im to ask about the reporter’s whereabouts last night. He reports he was with coworkers until 3am. Ji Won explains her husband received a phone call from the accomplice at 2:30am last night which lured him out of the house.

Hyun Soo can’t believe her eyes when a knock on the door reveals her daughter, Baek Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon). She goes to her daughter and hugs her. Eun Ha cries. Team Lead Lee reports her mother is in the hospital. Eun Ha wants to know where her father is.

Ji Won calls her mother in the hospital. She assures her mother she’s okay. She wants to know about her mother’s health.

Eun Ha asks Hae Sue who she is. Hae Sue smiles. Ji Won asks Hae Sue to take care of Eun Ha. Hae Sue agrees. She promises to keep her safe. Eun Ha promises to listen to Hae Sue. Ji Won assures Hae Sue that everything will work out. Ji Won tells Eun Ha that her father promised to return home to them and she believes that. Hae Sue tries to return Ji Won’s jacket. Ji Won waves her off telling her sister-in-law to return it after the dust settles when this is resolved.

Hyun Soo takes a bus to his destiny. He sees his father in the row over. His father tells him fleeing is the better option. His father says Hyun Soo isn’t a detective. His father says he’ll soon learn who he really is.

Hae Sue watches Eun Ha sleep as the taxi drives them home. She holds Ji Won’s ID. Moo Jin calls her. He’s at her place and found her abandoned suitcase. Hae Sue reports she’s with Eun Ha. Hae Sue says she’ll stay with Moo Jin after she gets some clothes for Eun Ha. Moo Jin says he’ll pick her up. Hae Sue declines the offer. She states the stalker was caught and she’ll explain once she arrives at his place. She apologizes about her harsh words. Moo Jin tells her it’s okay. She asks how the necklace is still pristine. Moo Jin is thrilled she’s wearing his necklace. They agree to meet at his place.

Hae Sue and Eun Ha exit the taxi at the house. Someone watches them enter the house. He’s wearing gloves. The CCTV is by his side. Hae Sue and Eun Ha enter the house. They get clothes for Eun Ha. Hae Sue hears a noise. Eun Ha wonders if it is her father. Hae Sue tells the little girl to stay in the room while she looks. She exits the bedroom to find the lights off. She sees the accomplice sitting on the couch. He asks if she’s Ji Won. Eun Ha hears a man’s voice and calls to her father. Hae Sue tells Eun Ha to lock the door and not to come out unless her mother tells her to. Eun Ha agrees. Hae Sue puts Ji Won’s badge around her neck. She walks to the accomplice. He stands. It’s Hee Sung. Hae Sue stares at his eyes. She recognizes his eyes. Hee Sung unmasks himself.

Flashback…Hee Sung gives a young Hae Sue the fish charm at her father’s funeral.

Hee Sung tells Hae Sue he didn’t’ want to do this, but he must eliminate her. He makes his way to Hae Sue. He looks at her badge. He says she must be eliminated. Hae Sue asks him not to hurt her daughter. Hee Sung claims he won’t hurt her, if she answers one question. Why does she believe Hyun Soo isn’t guilty? What mistake did he make when he killed the housekeeper? With tears on her face, Hae Sue firmly states that Hyun Soo cannot kill because he can’t hate. Hee Sung smiles. He pulls out his knife.

Ji Won and Officer Im retrieve the dashcam video from the car. The owner assures them it hasn’t been touched and the car hasn’t been driven since the night in question.

CEO Yeom drives Hyun Soo to his father’s cabin in the woods. Hyun Soo sighs at the sight of the cabin. CEO Yeom declares he only cares about the money.

Hae Sue falls to the ground clutching her stabbed bloody shirt. Hee Sung puts the knife next to her. He cuts off Ji Won’s badge. He leaves. Hae Sue watches him go.

Flashback…A young Hae Sue, Moo Jin and Hyun Soo play in the stream. They splash and have fun.

Hae Sue cries and passes out.

My Thoughts

Terrific episode. Writer Yoo Jung Hee tested our couple’s faith, CEO Yeom’s decisions, Team Lead Lee’s support of Ji Won, and a sister’s love. I LOVED the arguing between Ji Won and Hyun Soo before they came to consensus. Of course, she was angry that he put a knife at her throat. Of course, he was angry she didn’t trust him. She correctly pointed out that he lied. He countered that he did it to protect her. They talked it out. Then they worked together to call CEO Yeom. Hyun Soo decided he had to go it alone and take Ji Won out of harm’s way. Those scenes were full of anger, betrayal, hurt, and love. Our leads shone brightly. I loved when Jung Mi Sook informed CEO Yeom that the accomplice killed Do Min Seok. CEO Yeom isn’t stupid, he decided to work with Hyun Soo versus the accomplice who would surely try to kill him. Team Lead Lee’s support of Ji Won was clear. He reprimanded her in private and supported her in public. Finally, Hae Sue met her niece and faced her worst nightmare. Hee Sung believed he was stabbing Ji Won. Hae Sue offered herself as a sacrifice to save Eun Ha. While the situation seemed a bit contrived (Ji Won and Moo Jin letting Hae Sue go without an escort) it created the face-to-face moment between Hee Sung and Hae Sue. She saw Hee Sung’s face clearly from her memory of her father’s funeral and clearly in the present. She secured his word that he wouldn’t hurt Eun Ha. He secured her word that she’d sacrifice herself. And she did. Is she dead? I’m betting no.

Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) and Ji Won reestablished trust. Hyun Soo realized that the accomplice framed him. There were rocky moments between Hyun Soo and Ji Won, but they worked it out. When Hyun Soo handcuffed her to the furniture, she wasn’t happy but wished her husband well. The show has only touched on Hyun Soo’s visions of his father but the bus scene where his father urged him to flee was a good one. Hyun Soo’s choice was to face CEO Yeom and the accomplice alone to spare his wife and child. He wants to return to them and have the life where the past doesn’t drive their future. Can that be achieved?

Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) tested her faith in her husband. Ji Won had to doubt her husband based on circumstances and his actions. She didn’t turn off her brain when he declare he didn’t kill the housekeeper. Her stance was “prove me wrong”. He did a good enough job to regain her trust. While she didn’t like when he handcuffed her so he could face evil alone, she understood shielding her evil was the only acceptable option for her husband.

The behind the scene video of episode 12 and 13:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.







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16 comments on “Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Terrific episode indeed. I hope noona is not dead. I am worried about Mr. Baek Sr.’s police connections and his ability to manipulate the investigation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Baek Sr.’s police connections
      That seemed out of left field, though it worked to amp up the intensity.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I don’t understand why Dr Baek, who was suddenly chums with the police chief, warrants getting an update on the case when the Baek’s have made all efforts to divorce themselves from Hyun Soo. The police chief’s loose lips led to the attack on Hae Soo, which I hope will not be fatal. Poor little Eun Ha locked up the her bedroom until her mom comes.


  2. Nicola says:

    I dunno KJT, I did not like this episode at all. It vexed me even more to learn that when Hyun soo and Ji won walked into the Baek’s residence (from episode 13), they really were not playing the tag team role to entrap them and were merely freestyling. It makes that whole scene even more ridiculous and not well written given that Ji won at the end of the day is a Detective and should have been wearing her poker face. I also thought it strange that Ji won has not yet thought to look at the handwriting from the housekeeper’s note to Mrs. Baek (assuming she still has it in her possession) and compare it to the notebook’s. Another thing that bothered me, don’t you think Detective Choi should have asked Mrs. Baek where she got the cut on her forehead that was just glaring at us? Why did he just accept her tepid responses to his questions?
    I agree with you that Ji won sending Eun ha with Hae soo is so farfetched given that everyone is still on high alert until the case is tied up and there is serial killer on the loose who wants to harm her husband and his sister. Why not ask for police protection especially given that Team Lead Lee is supporting her? She is just not making good decisions lately as a cop. Certainly not compared to her intuitiveness that we saw in the beginning episodes. Could that be because of everything going on now and she is mentally exhausted or is that deliberate on the part of the writers?
    Do you agree with Hyun soo removing his watch so he could not be traced? I am sorry but Hae soo annoyed me to no end this episode. Why not turn around and high tail it out of there when she realizes the lock is broken or call Ji won before going in and why didn’t she scream when she realizes there is an intruder…I think Hee song owned this episode. The way he transforms himself into lunatic serial killer mode complete with dilated pupils was nothing short of brilliant. I mean I was scared too. So many other little things bothered me but I will stop here. What is the significance of Hee song cutting the ID badge off of Hae soo do you think?


    • Snow Flower says:

      Good points, Nicola. I think Hee Seong cut the badge because he anticipates a showdown with Hyun Soo and probably plans to use the badge to his psychological advantage (“I killed your wife!”)
      What I want to know is how did Ji Won’s laptop suddenly materialize in the hotel room? I did not see Ji Won taking it with her when she and Hyun Soo fled their house. I guess suspension of disbelief is a required skill for the drama watcher! I still like this drama despite the minor flaws. The suspense is palpable and the love story very moving.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      “don’t you think Detective Choi should have asked Mrs. Baek where she got the cut on her forehead that was just glaring at us?” -Nicola. That would be logical.

      I concur that Hae Soo and Eun Ha should have had police protection. Hae Soo should have taken up Min Joo’s offer to pick her up and she should have waited for daylight to pick up things for her niece.

      Snow Flower made a good point of the magically appearing laptop that came in handy for recording the human trafficker. I also agree Hee Sung kept the bloody badge to play psychological games with Hyun Soo.


    • beez says:

      @Nicola – girrrrl, all that you said and more! I noticed all the craziness and at other times,the leaps of logic Det. Cha was making as a cop. But I just decided to shove those things into a corner of my brain that I’ve labeled “K-drama tropes/Nonsense”. It’s a dark corner that I immediately seal of with mental cob webs in order to continue enjoying watching. 🙄😊


  3. Nicola says:

    Oooh I like that term “suspension of disbelief is a required skill for the drama watcher.” 😊 Did the show address how DSM died by suicide? I am thinking how did the coroner miss the blows to his head unless he fell off the cliff but even then….


    • Snow Flower says:

      Yes, DMS must have thrown himself off a cliff or something in order for his death to be ruled a suicide.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I had suspected Hee Sung killed Do Min Seok. I would think any good coroner could tell the difference between injuries due to a fall, which would have been likely postmortem, and the repeated bashing Hee Sung gave Do Min Seok with the rock.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beez says:

        @JT – Not if it didn’t help the story along. 😆

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jane Tilly says:

          True, sometimes basic logic is ignored to make plot points. However, in reality an experienced coroner would be able to tell the difference between repeated bashing with the same object from injuries sustained from “falling” (or pushed) off a cliff.


  4. Nicola says:

    I will miss the show though. I agree with you its still a good watch despite the hiccups 😊. What are we watching/reviewing after it ends?


    • Snow Flower says:

      KJT is recapping Alice. I am interested in it, but don’t have access to it yet. I heard that Lie After Lie was good. There is another suspense drama coming soon, its title is Kairos. The premise sounds interesting, but I don’t know yet where it will be streaming.


      • Nicola says:

        Too funny. After starting Lie after Lie 2 days ago, I wondered if it would be something KJT would be interested in but 3 episodes in, I am struggling with the over dramatization and predictability of the scenes. This may be due to my overly critical eye and high expectations (I need to work on that). LOL. I loved Lee yoo ri in My Father is Strange.
        To be honest, I do not do well with the SciFi/Fantasy genre and will sheepishly admit it is because I can’t follow or understand the science of the story lines but wanted to give Alice a try since I noticed KJT did the recaps. I am following along so far. I will watch anything with Joo Won.


  5. beez says:

    I wonder what made Original Hee sung suggest that Daddy Serial Killer have Hyun soo clean up his mess? Does that mean that Daddy Serial Killer had been using Hyun soo to clean up the aftermath of DSK’s killings? But I’m pretty sure Hyun soo is telling the truth that he didn’t know his father was a killer? Either way, Original Hee Song surprised me that he would make such a suggestion/demand and as much as I detest and have the general heebie jeebies about Daddy Serial Killer, I liked his reaction to the thought of getting Hyun soo involved. Made me think he might’ve actually had a bit of human being left in him somewhere to think he actually cared about his kids.


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