Flower of Evil Episode 12 Recap

Flower of Evil Episode 12

Flashback… Gong Mi Ja (Nam Gi Ae) (Hee Sung’s Mother) makes her son’s bed. She finds a box under the mattress. She opens the box and is surprised to find a knife next to a stack of pictures of women bound and gagged. There’s a box within the box which she opens. Horrified, Mi Ja sees fingernails from the victims lined up in the box. She spots her son digging a grave in the pouring rain. Mi Ja makes her way to her son. She sees a man laid next to the grave. She asks her son what he’s doing. Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon) explains the man jumped in front of his car, his father wouldn’t answer his phone calls, so burying the man on their property is the only option he can perceive. Mi Ja can’t believe it. Hee Sung spies his knife in his mother’s hand. She hides the knife. He asks if she went through his things. She denies it. Hyun Soo stirs. Hee Sung directs his mother to go inside. He drags Hyun Soo into the grave and begins to bury him alive. Mi Ja must stop her son. She plunges the knife in his side. Hee Sung is shocked. Mi Ja tells her son he’s too scary to handle. Hee Sung struggles to stay upright. He asks his mother why she had to be home. He collapses. Mi Ja sobs her anguish.

Hee Sung says secrets are normal and sometimes people find out. He grabs the deaf housekeeper’s face and asks if she really can’t read lips. He asks if she’s every told anyone about their family. She writes a note that she’s never told anyone. Hee Sung ask if he can trust her.

Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak) (Hee Sung’s Father) shows his wife the phone he found in their son’s car as he cleaned it after the accident.

Flashback…When the phone rings he answers. CEO Yeom Sang Cheol demands his money. Mr. Baek asks who is speaking. CEO Yeom realizes this isn’t Hee Sung. Mr. Baek identifies himself as Hee Sung’s father. CEO Yeom declares Hee Sung owes him money.

Mr. Baek tells his wife he met CEO Yeom once to pay off Hee Sung’s debt. Mrs. Baek wants to know what the debt was for. Mr. Baek says their son paid CEO Yeom to find someone. Mrs. Baek asks if it was Do Hyun Soo. Mr. Baek believes so. Mrs. Baek asks if CEO Yeom knows about Hee Sung’s condition. Mr. Baek says he lied that Hee Sung was studying abroad. Mrs. Baek can’t believe her husband ordered Do Hyun Soo disposed of. Mr. Baek says it was either Hyun Soo or their family, only one can survive.

Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) and his wife, Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won), exit their home and meet Detective Choi Jae Sub (Choi Young Joon) as agreed. Ji Won asks why Detective Choi is alone. He asks for a cup of coffee. Inside, Detective Choi thanks Hyun Soo for informing on CEO Yeom which helped them break the human trafficking. Detective Choi asks if Hyun Soo learned who his father’s accomplice was. Hyun Soo says things didn’t go as planned and CEO Yeom didn’t reveal the promised information. Detective Choi asks why Hyun Soo killed the village foreman all those years ago.

Do Hae Sue (Do Hyun Soo’s sister) is surprised to learn from Reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) that Ji Won knows all.

Flashback…Ji Won tells Moo Jin that Hyun Soo is gone.

Hae Sue calls Ji Won but Moo Jin snatches the phone and disconnects. Hae Sue declares she’s going to the police to confess.

Detective Choi asks why Hyun Soo killed the village foreman. Ji Won declares it wasn’t Hyun Soo. The husband and wife look at each other. Hyun Soo confesses he had no motive. Detective Choi reviews that the village foreman’s neck was slashed with a sharp weapon, there was sign of struggle, and a button from Hyun Soo’s high school was found near the body.

Moo Jin blocks Hae Sue. She declares she must take responsibility. Moo Jin counters Hyun Soo and Ji Won will handle it. He claims to understand her guilt. Hae Sue declares she doesn’t feel guilty after the mistreatment of her brother that the village foreman instigated.

Flashback…The village foreman demands his followers bring Hyun Soo to their camp daily to exercise the ghosts of Hyun Soo’s father from him. The village foreman encourages his followers to batter Hyun Soo.

Flashback…Hyun Soo tells Hae Sue that he can see their father. Hae Sue tries to tell her brother their father isn’t there. Hyun Soo is convinced he’ll kill like their father did.

Hae Sue points out that Moo Jin abandoned Hyun Soo just like everyone else did. She declares no one is blameless about what Hyun Soo had to bear. Moo Jin is forced to agree. Hae Sue cries her brother wasn’t a demon but a human.

Detective Choi asks questions about the obvious clues Hyun Soo left after the murder. Ji Won stands and aside. Detective Choi leads to the conclusion that someone else killed the village foreman. Hyun Soo declares he is the murderer. Detective Choi thanks Hee Sung for the coffee. Hyun Soo and Ji Won can’t believe their ears. Detective Choi slides Moo Jin’s voice recording to Hyun Soo and leaves. Ji Won takes off after Detective Choi. She asks why he’s leaving. Detective Choi says he knows there’s more to the story of the brother and sister who became the focus after a tragic death. He says he doesn’t want to open up that case again. He drives away.

Ji Won returns to her husband. Hyun Soo asks why Detective Choi did that. Ji Won states Detective Choi won’t pursue Hyun Soo because he believes Hyun Soo isn’t a bad person. Tears fill her eyes.

Hyun Soo and Ji Won pick up their daughter Baek Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon). Father and daughter cry when they are reunited. Hyun Soo takes Eun Ha to school. He tells her he loves her. She returns the sentiment.

Ji Won calls Detective Choi and says she’ll quit once things settle. Detective Choi tells her to think long and hard about quitting, then come back to work and help solve crimes. Ji Won is surprised.

Hyun Soo holds Ji Won hand as he drives her to the police station. Hyun Soo says he remembers holding Eun Ha the first time. He muses she’s brought many happy first times to his life. Ji Won walks into the station.

Inside, Ji Won wishes the team a good morning. Captain Yoon Sang Pil (Lim Chul Hyung) snaps it isn’t a good morning. Detective Choi explains that Ji Won had a sick child yesterday and doesn’t know what happened. Officer Im Ho Joon (Kim Jin Woo) explains that CEO Yeom escaped from the hospital. Ji Won is shocked. Captain Yoon hands out supplements to the team. Detective Choi declares they must catch CEO Yeom. Team Lead Lee Woo Cheol (Choi Dae Hoon) notes CEO Yeom has a burner phone that he conducts business with. Hyun Soo calls Detective Choi and asks to speak with him privately.

Outside the police station, Hyun Soo waits from Detective Choi. He recalls CEO Yeom suggesting that someone close to him ratted him out. Detective Choi gets in the car to chat. Hyun Soo says he lied earlier to protect Ji Won. Hyun Soo explains CEO Yeom received a phone call just before he was going to provide the evidence of his father’s accomplice that changed everything. Hyun Soo says that person told CEO Yeom that he was working with the police. Hyun Soo suggest they talk somewhere else.

CEO Yeom eats and watches the news about his escape.

Hee Sung watches the news about CEO Yeom’s escape. When his mother enters the room, she begins to exercise his legs. Hee Sung says he was in a coma for years and woke to realize that Hyun Soo will realize the truth of his family and destroy them all.

Moo Jin assures Hae Sue things will sort themselves out. He urges her not to turn herself into the police. Moo Jin admits he likes Hae Sue. He hails her a taxi. As taxi driver pulls away, Hae Sue asks him to take her to the police station.

Hyun Soo tells Detective Choi that CEO Yeom was promised money to kill him. Detective Choi asks who the person is.

Flashback…Mr. Baek promises Hyun Soo money if he disappears.

Hyun Soo tells Detective Choi he’ll secure the evidence using himself as bait. He says he’ll need Detective Choi’s help.

Hae Sue arrives at the police station to confess to the village foreman’s murder. Moo Jin calls her. She tells him she’s about to confess to the police. She hangs up on the sputtering Moo Jin.

Hae Sue enters the room and tells Ji Won she’s here to tell all. Ji Won interrupts and says she has the list of victims to review. She tells Hae Sue to follow her.

On the rooftop, Hae Sue says she knows Ji Won knows about Hyun Soo impersonating Hee Sung. She declares he did that to save her. Hae Sue declares she killed the village foreman. Hyun Soo took the blame. Ji Won reveals that Hae Sue doesn’t have to look after Hyun Soo. Ji Won declares Hyun Soo is her responsibility. She declares she will stay by Hyun Soo’s side no matter what. Ji Won says Hyun Soo loves her and didn’t want her to endure the fallout from the killing. Ji Won tells her not to confess. Ji Won tells Hae Sue to honor Hyun Soo’s choice to accept the blame. Ji Won tells Hae Sue they discussed the victim’s names who Hae Sue didn’t recognize. Hae Sue thanks Ji Won for standing by her brother. She vows to repay Ji Won for the loyalty.

Hyun Soo tells Detective Choi that Ji Won is trying to overcome the challenges he gave her. He worries it will overcome his wife. Hyun Soo promises to tell all once he’s got the man that wanted CEO Yeom to kill him. Detective Choi wants to know the identity of the man. Hyun Soo says he must be discrete or he won’t be able to capture the man.

Using his burner phone CEO Yeom calls Mr. Baek’s burner phone and demands money. He promises to kill Hyun Soo. Mr. Baek doesn’t believe CEO Yeom can do it. CEO Yeom swears if Mr. Baek will lure Hyun Soo to a designated location, he’ll kill him. Just then Mr. Baek sees Hyun Soo is calling him. He hangs up on CEO Yeom to speak with Hyun Soo. Mr. Baek agrees to meet Hyun Soo tomorrow night.

Moo Jin bursts into Hyun Soo’s workroom and declares Hae Sue went to the police to confess to the village foreman’s murder. Moo Jin wants Hyun Soo to stop her. Hyun Soo returns his sister’s necklace to Hae Sue. He tells Moo Jin to go to his sister.

Moo Jin is waiting for Hae Sue when she returns home. He chides her for making him worry. Hae Sue says they dated years ago but time has changed things. Moo Jin gives her the necklace. He admits he still likes her. He walks away. Hae Sue stares at the necklace from long ago.

On the rooftop patio, Ji Won finds Hyun Soo thinking. He apologizes for disturbing her sleep. Hyun Soo admits he couldn’t sleep. He holds his wife’s hand. He asks how her day was. Ji Won smiles and says it was decent. She smiles and puts her head on her husband’s shoulder.

The next morning, the housekeeper reads lips as Mr. Baek tell his son that Hyun Soo is coming to the house tonight. He warns his son to stay out of sight as Hyun Soo believes Hee Sung is still in a coma. Hee Sung asks about Hae Sue. Mr. Baek says he’ll handle her later. He says CEO Yeom will dispose of Hyun Soo. Hee Sung agrees that CEO Yeom must kill Hyun Soo. Mr. Baek tells his son to stay out of sight and let him handle it. Mr. Baek tells his son he’ll study abroad. Hee Sung turns and sees the housekeeper watching. He tells his father it is important that no one know what happens here tonight.

With the team watching, Ji Won asks CEO Yeom’s henchman where CEO Yeom would stay to elude the police. The henchman reveals CEO Yeom received a call from someone offering money to kill Hyun Soo. Ji Won eyes widen in shock. Detective Choi sighs.

Ji Won exits the interrogation room to warn Hyun Soo. Detective Choi stops her and says they have to talk somewhere private. Ji Won declares someone wants to kill her husband. Detective Choi admits he knows. Ji Won asks what that means.

Ji Won can’t believe that Hyun Soo asked Detective Choi not to reveal that someone offered CEO Yeom money to kill him.

Hae Sue goes to her brother’s shop and tells him about the green bracelet the accomplice was wearing. She reveals the bracelet was worn by volunteers for the hospital and asked Mr. Baek for a list of volunteers. Hae Sue wonders if the accomplice was Mr. Baek. She shares she’s going to have another hypnosis session tomorrow. Hyun Soo tells her he’ll find out the truth tonight.

The police team wraps up their day. Hyun Soo calls Ji Won and offers to pick her up.

Mrs. Baek looks at pictures of a young and innocent Hee Sung. She murmurs she ruined him. The housekeeper knocks and signs she has something to tell her. The housekeeper gives her a letter of resignation. The housekeeper demands money for her silence. Mrs. Baek is surprised when the housekeeper signs that she knows more than anyone thinks.

Ji Won and Hyun Soo decide to walk home in the rain. Hyun Soo admits lies he told her doing their relationship. Ji Won declares she doesn’t want confessions about the past, she wants to concentrate on their future. She kisses him. She holds his hand. She cries. Hyun Soo asks if she’s okay. Ji Won says she is. He hugs his wife. She admits she’s not okay. She’s worried about the mess they are in. Hyun Soo rubs her back. Ji Won says knowing he kept another secret from her hurt the most.

Mrs. Baek demands the housekeeper says what she knows. The housekeeper signs that Mrs. Baek stabbed his son to stop him from killing the man he hit that raining night. Then the Baeks had that man impersonate their son who was in a coma. Mrs. Baek begs the housekeeper not to do this. She restrains the housekeeper from leaving. They struggle. Mrs. Baek hits her head on a table. Hee Sung enters the room. He stares at the housekeeper upset at seeing his mother hurt. The housekeeper warns Mrs. Baek to send her the money. Hee Sung shocks both women by standing out of his wheelchair. He tells the housekeeper he was right that she couldn’t be trusted. He approaches the housekeeper. She runs. Hee Sung pursues and drags her down the hallway. He pins the housekeeper the ground and strangles her. He sighs in relief when the housekeeper goes limp. Mrs. Baek calls her husband to come home ASAP. Hee Sung overhears her and approaches. He stares at his mother. He takes her phone and tells his father that mother cut her head and needs stitches. He hangs up. Hee Sung tells his mother he had to protect her. He puts the phone on the counter. Mrs. Baek sobs.

Mr. Baek leaves his office in haste. He’s surprised to find the housekeeper dead on the floor when he gets home.

He demands Hee Sung explain himself. Hee Sung states the housekeeper knew too much. Mr. Baek hits him and reminds him that Hee Sung will destroy them all. Mr. Baek yells that Hee Sung wanted a normal life. Mrs. Baek enters the room and shares the housekeeper was going to ruin their lives and Hee Sung saved them. She promises to make their son better. Mr. Baek points out their son can’t be fixed. Hee Sung says he has an idea.

Hyun Soo calls Mr. Baek that they’ll have to meet another evening. He asks Mr. Baek if he can stay at their summer house for a day. Mr. Baek agrees and asks when Hyun Soo will arrive. Hyun Soo says he’ll be there at 10pm. Hee Sung enters the room with the housekeeper’s scarf and smiles.

Mr. Baek calls CEO Yeom with Hyun Soo’s location and tells him not fail.

Detective Choi hears Hyun Soo his wife where he’ll be that night and that CEO Yeom will try and kill him.

Hyun Soo tells his wife the same. She’s shocked that Mr. Baek will try and kill him. Hyun Soo is sure that Mr. Baek will send CEO Yeom to dispose of him. Hyun Soo shares Detective Choi and the local police will be near the summer house to catch CEO Yeom. Ji Won states that once CEO Yeom is captured, he’ll reveal Mr. Baek hired him to murder. Hyun Soo declares he’ll get the truth from Mr. Baek. He tells his wife, who he really is will be revealed to the world when this is over. Ji Won declares she’s ready. Hyun Soo stands to leave. Ji Won says she won’t let him go alone.

CEO Yeom gets in a car to make his way to the summer house.

Hyun Soo and Ji Won arrive at the Baek’s home.

Mr. Baek and Hee Sung load the housekeeper’s body (in a suitcase) into the trunk of the car.

Ji Won rings the doorbell. Mr. Baek is shocked to see Ji Won and Hyun Soo. He tells Hee Sung that Hyun Soo is there. Hee Sung sighs.

The door opens to the house. Ji Won and Hyun Soo look at each other, ready for the next step in their plan, the plan they will execute together.

My Thoughts

The backstory is revealed. Writer Yoo Jung Hee revealed that Mrs. Baek found her son’s secret stash of victim’s photos and fingernails. On the heels of that horrific discovery, she finds Hee Sung trying to bury Hyun Soo alive in their yard. Can you imagine if you found someone you love digging a grave in YOUR yard to bury someone? When you demand to know what is happening, they murmur if only you hadn’t been home. Mrs. Baek couldn’t let her son do it and stabbed him with the knife he used on his victims. Presumably that lead to a comatose state for Hee Sung though that wasn’t explicitly stated. Hee Sung realized that the housekeeper, while deaf, could read lips and knew more than his parents suspected. He was right. The housekeeper blackmailed his mother before leaving the house. She and Mrs. Baek struggled. Hee Sung finished off the housekeeper. It was the first time we saw the bloodlust consume and control Hee Sung. It wasn’t pretty. Mr. Baek returned home to find a dead housekeeper, a son the murdered again and a wife that promise to fix their son. Mr. Baek reverted back to the original plan of killing Hyun Soo. He called CEO Yeom and offered a one-time chance providing the location that Hyun Soo gave him. CEO Yeom took off for the location. Mr. Baek couldn’t believe his eyes when Ji Won and Hyun Soo stood on his doorstep as he and his son wrestled the housekeeper’s body into the trunk. Dreadful day for the Baek family all around. Now Hyun Soo and Ji Won intend to pressure Mr. Baek but they don’t know that Hee Sung is there, functional and the accomplice. This is getting good!

Baek Hee Sung aka Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) admitted the truth to his wife and Detective Choi. Hyun Soo was surprised when Detective Choi didn’t arrest him. Hyun Soo decided that Ji Won couldn’t handle the knowledge that Mr. Baek offered CEO Yeom cash to kill him. Silly man. Your wife is a police officer who handles difficult situation all the time and has been loyal to you. I was relieved when Hyun Soo admitted all to Ji Won. I was proud of Ji Won when she declared she’d go with him to face Mr. Baek.

Detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) was surprised when Detective Choi didn’t arrest her husband and protected his identity. Detective Choi realized that Hyun Soo didn’t kill the village foreman and was protecting his sister. Detective Choi didn’t see the point in imploding Ji Won’s family for a crime that wasn’t committed by Hyun Soo knowing he’d claim it to protect his sister. I was surprised when Detective Choi did the about face just like our couple was. Now Ji Won and Hyun Soo face the Mr. Baek. Little do they know the secrets the Baeks are keeping from them.

Behind the scenes video of episode 11 and the behind the scene special episode 11.5:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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9 comments on “Flower of Evil Episode 12 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Oh my. I am wondering about the Baek family dynamic. How did Hee Sung become a serial killer? The mom said that he was an angel and it was her fault. The dad seems to be good at cleaning after his son. Can anyone get into a coma after being stabbed in the abdomen? I am not a medical specialist, so I don’t know. Maybe there is more to that backyard scene that has not been revealed yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How did Hee Sung become a serial killer?
      Hopefully we’ll learn more next episode.

      Can anyone get into a coma after being stabbed in the abdomen?
      Why he went into a coma has not been fully clarified. Will it be?


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I think we were all surprised Detective Choi 🕵️‍♂️ didn’t arrest Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜. It’s good for Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 and Ji Won 🕵️‍♀️ to have a friend in Detective Choi 🕵️‍♂️.

    The original Hee Sung’s 🧮 plan to deal with hitting Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜was to bury him alive❓⁉️ It takes a serial killer… Seems mom, Gong Mi Ja 👩‍⚕️💊, had the right idea to stab her son, if that’s what it took to stop another killing. Does Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 have any memory of the original Hee Sung 🧮 burying him❓⁉️ Does the original Hee Sung 🧮 remember that his mom stabbed him❓⁉️

    The housekeeper pushed her luck too far in gathering blackmail ammo against the Baek family. Knowing what this family was capable of; why didn’t she make her threat in a public place or better yet, just LEAVE and then go into hiding❓⁉️ “It was the first time we saw the bloodlust consume and control [the original] Hee Sung.” -KJT. It almost makes me wonder who was the master in his relationship with Do Min Seok. I’m so disappointed Mi Ja 👩‍⚕️💊 was in on the plan to cover up this murder … I was just starting to have hope for her… mommy doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to change her homicidal son 🧮.

    Hee Sung/Hyun Soo🧍‍♂️🗜 was smart enough to figure out Baek Man Woo 👨‍⚕️ offered the human trafficker payment to eliminate him. Overall his plan sounds good, but the original Hee Sung 🧮 being out of his coma (and much more able bodied than expected) and/or the dead housekeeper may be the unaccounted for variable/s to foil the plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DramaDazed says:

    Some of this episode was too intense for me, I had to scroll a bit.

    JaneT my take on Baek mom is that she stabbed Son because she is afraid for her OWN life, not that she cares what else her son has done.

    It’s quite an interesting writer that can combine the true love of JiWon-HyunSoo with the horrors of gruesome murder and human trafficking and pull it off, but I think it is working here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s quite an interesting writer that can combine the true love of JiWon-HyunSoo with the horrors of gruesome murder and human trafficking and pull it off, but I think it is working here.
      Well said.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Snow Flower says:

      Yes! Without the love story this would be just a police investigation drama. It is the husband-wife love story with its ups and downs that makes this drama very special.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jane Tilly says:

      You may be right DD about Mama Mi Ja acting out of self preservation, which leaves me a bit puzzled when she turns around and acts like she can teach him to be a better person … I suppose the is plenty of denial in the mix.

      I concur the writer and actors have pulled off quite the feat of pulling us into Ji Won-Hyun Soo romance admist the gore and mayhem of murder and human trafficking.

      Liked by 1 person

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